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  1. I'm glad I came here before I watched the episodes.  I've been watching heavy spoilers, and wasn't thinking too highly to begin with.  I too was very excited about a reboot, though I thought the casting of Trash, Tom, Mother Abigail and NIck were spot on in the original.  The actor who played Tom was perfect in looks and attitude.  I was really hoping that they would do a MUCH better job in casting Nadine, Flagg, Harold and Frannie.  All great actors, just not the people for those roles.  Totally agree with all the points made above about those actors.

    My favorite part of the book and the OS was the spread of the disease, I lost interest once everyone was in there respective locations.  Looks like I'll pass on this one.

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  2. Wow....she freaked me out there for a minute, fooled me totally with her but. First time a lead has done that.  Totally agree Chris let Zac know he as the winner when he got out of the car with that nod. There stress and emotion is freaking me out.  Are they really happy? Their words to each other are awesome, but she LOOKS unsure.

    are these her happy tears?  I want them to make it if he really is all that that he seems.  Her yes is the most sincere yes I've heard from any woman on this show.

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  3. Her "date" with Ben she's wearing what she was wearing when her dad came to talk her out of a proposal.  This is being shown in weird order. 

    I do like it when the lead cuts the 2nd place before the rose ceremony.  I don't like them going through the humiliation of the fake proposal.  I know TPTB want the drama of not knowing who is picked.  Maybe they could show it right before the winner steps out of the car?  I was typing...did she tell Ben she fell in love with Zac?

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  4. That was a majorly frankenbitten ITM.  Glad the tears were because of memories her dad brought up, and not angst over another guy.

    Zac, "I am the one thing in life I can control!  I am inimitable I am an original."

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  5. The look she was giving Zac while introcucing him to her parents was so sweet!  What's Dad gonna say when he learns about his druggie past.  Ooooh......here it comes.  Dad is not going to be happy.  Zac just seems so "together," adult, confident.  I hope it really works if she picks him (which it looks like she is)

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  6. He left West Point?  Why?  I thought he was in the military for 12 years or something.  Hmm...I may be wrong.  We all know Zac is the winner at this point (unless Brendan mysteriously shows up), but they are giving Ben a ringer right now.  I'm laughing at myself, because I remember T's dad from when she was a contestant.

    Okay, so, they said nice things about him.  He's definitely not winning.

  7. Once again, she is calmer sending someone home that she had really strong feelings for and a good connection with, than she did sending someone home we saw her have 2 whole sentences with.

    How can Zac not know he's the winner at this point.  You don't pick the person you already sent home and who you know has issues over the person who has been open with you the whole time.

    Now I want to know what the problem with Ivan was.  His he muslim?  Is she?

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  8. I'm sick of people being allowed, told to come back.  And I really hate the way Ben grabs her neck to keep her from leaving so he can kiss her.  He's done that before.

    In the tradition of all previous meet the parents, whoever her parents hate is who she'll pick....right?

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  9. I really hate Rachel's hair that way. She's had it that way for a long time.  oooo, that "zac has been really interesting to me" was totally frankenbitten.

    Rachel did ask real questions, unlike Jo Jo. 

    Shouldn't they know that Brendan left since the other 2 came back from their dates and he didn't?

    If I was Zac, and she said I Love you to me, I would have asked if she had feelings for other guys too.  He sounds so hopeful.

    Dirtypop, all other seasons have 3 days between fantasy dates. Tayshia's were back to back.

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  10. I think she was in shock.  Has anyone left of their own volition before the fantasy card got handed out?  Really want to know since I only started watching with Jo Jo.  She has been saying since their first date that she sees Brenden as her husband, so he must have been her number 1, though her chemistry with Zac is off the chart.

    Yeah, she's crying, but she acted more upset when Blake left. 

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  11. They really had her fantasy dates back to back? At lest in other seasons there was 3 days between dates.  ick....I would not want to know everything they just found out from Ivan.

    I like that T talked about what THEY talked about making it clear it wasn't just sex.  She stayed up all night with Ivan, and now she's going straight to Zac?  I hope she got a nap.

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  12. At no time did I see Ben say to T or to the camera that he saw T as his wife or the mother of his children.  His deer in the head lights look in the car just astounds me.  He did not learn his lesson from waiting  to long to talk to her on the one on one.  Ben obviously didn't know the rules in bachelor dating, the contestants have to say the L word first, and than know they won't hear it  until the engagement.

    This really was a great group of guys T got. I can totally get the angst here.

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  13. EllenB - YES!!!! That's it exactly!!!! Thank you

    oooh...Zac looked nervous when Ivan got the rose, like, "why is she choosing the young black guy, total opposite of me?"

    Love the 3 guys standing there like, "um...what do we do now?"  Okay, she's not nearly as torn up about sending Ben home as she was with Riley and Canadian guy (which I still don't get why she was so torn over sending him home).  Oooo...she's not happy with his "it is what it is."

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  14. No, it's not the date commercial with the wrinkly shirt.  It's somebody like Arnold Schwaregegar or something like that.

    Ugh...And now Ben has to short of pants on.  And I don't like the way Brendan dresses either, though I understand what he's wearing tonight because I remember him wearing it before and T commenting on it.

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  15. OMG!  I recognize his sister, I loved her on Top Chef.  I don't know, I kind of find it a little cringey that his sister needs to tell him that he loves T for him to realize it.  She's hair fidgeting, not a good sign. I need a long shot of them to see her body language.  If he can't say it in that moment, he doesn't love her!  ick...the neck grab to pull her back.  No look back again by T.  Not a top choice.

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  16. Mr. Riplet came up during Ivan's parents visit and until the bro walked in.  He was saying how his brain cells dropped in just those few moments.  I tried to explain to him that this particular group of men and the lead have actually been a nice change of pace because they are articulate, confident and have actual conversations that aren't filled with "likes" or just spending all the conversation time talking about how hot the other person is.  IT has been refreshing this season to hear these real conversations.

    I loved T using her fingers to move Ivan's head over when he didn't see his brother walk in.  I think T was uncomfortable around Ivan's brother.  HEr body language is not as into Ivan as it was with Brendan and Zac.  I think she sees what a great guy Ivan is, but isn't as into him as the previous 2. She didn't look back at him at the end of the night the way she did with Brendan and Zac.  Not her final choice.

    I sometimes wonder if the lead actually sends their 2nd choice home 3rd or 4th so they don't go through the embarassment and heart breakof the final rose ceremony.

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  17. Her body language is totally into him.  some of her facial expressions with Zacs parents though looked like she was faking it.  I didn't pay enough attention to her visit with Brendan's parents cause I personally don't find him attractive so don't pay that much attention when he's on.

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