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  1. Din: Are you a Jedi? Luke: I am THE Jedi.
  2. In Outlander-adjacent news, Lieutenant Babyface (Tom Brittney) will be replacing James Norton as one of the leads in Grantchester, on Masterpiece Mystery later this month. I'm excited to be seeing him again, especially in a starring role.
  3. I should clarify myself because that statement sounds pretty harsth and personal. I have nothing against the actor or his talent. It's just that Hickey nauseates me, and the actor's face is so iconic, I doubt I'll ever be able to separate him from the character.
  4. Why would anyone make a tv show where everyone dies? Why? And why would they fill it with such terrific talent that I can't not watch it? I have other questions, too. The question of Bridgens lying down has been answered, although would he do that if he were the only medical? Why did Blanky want 40 (?) forks? Did he want to give the beast something to use while it ate him? If I ever see Adam Nagaitis in anything else, I will probably throw up.
  5. Icemiser69: Heh. Good luck with that. (I believe Captanne and SoSueMe already something similar--animals are always part of the food chain. Incidentally, the dog is named Neptune, the cat Fagin, and the monkey Jocko.. or Jacko? I noticed him right away in ep 1. Charles Edwards. He'd been in a lot of things, including a great show with Martin Clunes as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle involved in a real mystery, Arthur & George. He played Doyle's stalwart secretary. Oh my God, the music during the death scene was amazing! I need to find the who scores this show.
  6. Well freakin' done , Matt Roberts! Yeah, Toni Graphia helped write, but Matt also directed. I absolutely enjoyed it! Margaret & YinTien Cho sail off to Martinique, Lord John Grey shows his commanding side, Claire & Jamie have true underwater hair. Shit. Now I think I'll need to read "Drums of Autumn," even tho' I swore "Voyager" would be my last. (Incidentally, as a former Navy officer, what Lord John says is/was true. The Navy was much more "lax" about promotions. I myself wore Lieutenant insignia for a few months even though I was a Lieutenant Junior Grade. Not qui
  7. My favorite is Brotherhood of the Blade. You get a marvelous insight into LJ, both as a gay man and as a dedicated soldier.
  8. Just let me get the "important" stuff out of the way first. I am just finishing up with the Lord John novels and novellas and highly recommend them. In fact, I'm going to reread them all when I finish and might even attempt to do a "read-along" (podcast or blog series) about them. David Berry is truly terrific. He also plays a gay man in the 1950's in the Australian tv series A Place to Call Home, but he's completely different, Still handsome, but rather weak (the character, not Berry). As for the actual episode, this contained two of the ickiest scenes from the boo
  9. The "riff raff" was Lesley & Hayes from Ardsmuir. They're the two who checked the traps while Jamie escaped. I too wondered how they Came to be in Edinburgh after supposedly being sent to the colonies.
  10. OMG, that was a massive sob-fest! Wonderful, but heart-breaking on so many levels. More thoughts after I sleep on it and get my eyes & sinuses under control.
  11. Does Lord John Grey ever learn of Jamie's rape by Black Jack Randall. I know in the books he does see Jamie's scars because in Voyager (which is as far as I've read) Jamie is flogged for the tartan. But does he ever learn how Jamie got the scars (if it's in Voyager, I don't remember) and the rest of the story?
  12. Oh man, that blond queue was the bomb, blowing in the wind, being all sexy. But I'm okay with the brown curly queue (hee!) too.
  13. Ahhh, the scene that took my breath away! Of Jamie & Claire galloping off to Lallyboch. That actual scene wasn't in the episode, but there were other scenes (& aerials) of them on their way, but never galloping. I remember specifically looking for it because it was so beautiful in its meaning that my heart actually ached!
  14. I think I'm in the minority because I sort wanted the tartan/flogging scene. Not that I wanted to see Jamie flogged again, but because of the toll it took on LJG. He maintains his composure, does his duty, then returns to his office and vomits. That, perhaps more than any other scene showed me the kind of man he was.
  15. I freakin' LOVE Lord John Grey!!!! that is all.
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