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  1. I was intrigued by the background of Daveed Diggs and wondered if he actually decorated his home like that. Then he mentioned that he was in Canada shooting a film, so that is obviously a rental house. And that made me
  2. This is pretty funny. The Ladies Of ‘The View’ Calmly Weighed In On Jeffrey Toobin’s CNN Return While Meghan McCain Raged On Twitter
  3. Sara has been heading down the road of word salad blathering and today was one of those days. I don't even understand what she was trying to say but didn't care enough to rewind.
  4. I get colds frequently and they last a long time. Since COVID I have not been sick, no cold, no flu. I have heard this from so many of my friends and family as well. MeAgain got sick, so sick she is in bed instagramming about it and asking for advice. I think we already know this from things she has said, but she obvi was not wearing a mask and staying away from others--otherwise, how did she get sick? She was so happy to dump her mask and go to the casino and, I don't know, lick people's tongues? She just wants to live life to the fullest!
  5. I think this will be the story. It's the only way that Nina can stay in the frame. Sonny has to defend Nina so she has a place in Wiley's life. And in the same breath he will decide he really can't stand Snarly. She won't like that and will attempt to push him aside. If it doesn't go this way, what was all of this torturous Nixon Falls shit and Snarly as Queen Mob Boss all about?
  6. Wait, what? I totally missed that. But isn't not-Chloe dead in a well (that's going to be tough to explain, Maxie)?
  7. IIRC, this show was supposed to be different from shows like the View and all others, and it was all to be about moms, etc. I recall the cast appearing on Larry King Live, telling him that they would not talk about pop culture and celebrity gossip of the day. Even he was skeptical. That lasted about five minutes.
  8. That is exactly it! How weird he is as EJ. And especially when we consider he was burned to almost death, and had years of painful recovery, and this is how he turns out? I would have expected a little bit more of a world weary EJ than this guy. I don't buy him as nuEJ at all. It's like they are trying to replicate James Scott, but that EJ is long long gone.
  9. Even better, thanks @After7Only!
  10. I am convinced that this is all a conspiracy between Tara and Ashland against Abbotts/Newmans. Sure, Ash was blase that Pricktor forced his hand whilst having a heart attack, but that isn't something you just get over. And Tara is probably being forced because he found out about the relationship with Kyle. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense but something else must be going on. Why bring on Burgi only to kill him off?
  11. I never watch VYD but for some reason I left it on today and only caught a minute or so. It was device you put between your seat in your car and the console, so that things don't drop down there. What a great invention! I may have to order that. I do the post-it note thing. But still, why was his camera angled such that it landed right on his handiwork. It had to be intentional at least for one other viewer. 👀
  12. And what doesn't make sense is that logistically he would have had his laptop positioned in a specific way to catch him doing the deed. Which makes me think it was intentional just not intended for the whole group. 👀 I think the fact that they had the female anchor have to describe what he did was more offensive than what he did. And if I were Jeffrey Toobin, I would never show my face or any other body part on a camera ever again. He is just going to be laughed about and mocked by everyone, including his colleagues.
  13. True story. Many years ago a colleague of mine who worked in gov't was flown with senior officials via helicopter to a meeting in another smaller city. It was winter and this was in northern Canada. She was wearing a business suit with skirt and heels. The helicopter had to make a crash landing on a frozen lake. She was dressed so wrong it was not even funny. After she told me that story I never flew wearing heels ever again and usually don't even wear sandals! And I definitely dress casually in case of emergency and because it is more comfy!
  14. That is so strange! It's not an age thing as Vivian and Maggie's wardrobe's are featured. No idea why that would be. I don't know if she is on Twitter but you could reach out to her there.
  15. That's my point, even if I didn't have time to check in at the hotel, I always brought a change of clothes in my carry on, and changed at the airport! But maybe I am just that weird. I travelled a lot on business, sometimes going from a full day meeting, to the airport, hang around at the airport for the two hours, sit on a plane for 4 or 5 hours, rent a car or get a cab. It's hours. And I do find it grungy to be doing all of that and maybe it is just me, but all of that running around, makes me want to change. Sally had no such schedule, she didn't even have a meeting scheduled with Eric. So
  16. I get that, I travelled a lot with my work, too. It's not like Sally was working to a deadline and had to be at a meeting. She just shows up there wearing her stinky dress! 🤣
  17. They were on the reality show Dirty Soap, and I distinctly remember that her mother was on the show, and was hard on BB, for unknown reasons. It was kind of funny but bizarre. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2011/10/03/dirty-soaps-nadia-bjorlins-mom-on-brandon-beemer-if-you-get-married-and-have-children-i-w
  18. Which he will, since they have been mentioning for weeks now. Morgan and Sonny both have amnesia cause they don't want to go back to the compound and the She-Beast.
  19. It certainly didn't look like a B and B set. And who goes to the airport and boards a plane wearing the same outfit they wore all day? To sit on a plane for four hours and then meet Eric Forrester? Ick.
  20. I grew up on a farm and worked on the farm for ten years. And I hate bugs of any kind! This cicada thing would make me insane! I watched news coverage of it and started to feel the bugs on my neck. I am with Whoopi on this one.
  21. Wow, so Sally is suddenly in LA? Yes the time zone works in her favour, but still. So, I surmise that Tara and Ashland are doing a great con on the Abbotts and the Newmans. That is why Tara looked so upset to hear that he was going to bed Victoria.
  22. I think that's probably it, and why Naya always looks like she might pass out. If so, did she kill him to ensure that her secret never came out? I am not even marginally interested in this storyline, but there should be some sort of big reveal based on how it is going. I guess it will be that Imani will continue as a character and sibling rivalries ensue.
  23. Good catch, I had forgotten that they were a RL couple!
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