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    S10.E14: Sinister Showdown, Part 2

    I agree that Rob probably won because he was the most consistently good all season (the one time he was off -when Mel was sent packing - his overall record probably saved him there too). It looks like he did get the underdog/winner's edit from last episode (when he thought he was over his head), but I can't disagree with the results. I thought Melissa's possessed victim (with the branches sticking out of his head) wasn't that scary and perhaps because he was overlit, Walter's well-made demon/monster looked more like a gourd man than was intended. Rob's two make-ups (which were re-worked more than the others to the director's specifications) were both "on" target. One of the problems I had with the challenge though was that it really was the luck of the draw in which director, with which different vision the 3 were going to get. Different people mesh differently. Last season, even though there were different scripts, Patrick directed each short film. Even a matter as slight as an approach to lighting the make-ups (which is out of the contestants' hands) could make a difference (I guess that was why the judges were there for the shoot). And yes, it was nice to see the models acting. Makes me hope they do more of that in the future. Matt and Megan looked pretty good. So, at least 8 months before next season.. I guess the show got the message and doesn't want almost every contestant in a season to be a newbie make-up school grad again.
  2. Mr. Simpatico

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I don't really think any actress - past or present - really typified "girl next door" more than Joan Leslie (well maybe Dawn Wells/Mary Ann comes close). She was as cute as a button but seemed very unglamorous (and was apparently very sweet person and a lifelong devout Catholic in real life). I remember the film Hollywood Canteen, a for charity WWII propaganda piece of perfectionary (which was filled with WB stars, since the other studios wouldn't allow theirs to appear - even though all types were at the real Canteen) Ann Sheridan originally went on suspension rather than appear in the lead since she didn't believe it was realistic to show a regular G.I. falling in love and getting involved with a real movie star (and it was against the actual Canteen's roles). So Joan Leslie filled in, playing "Joan Leslie" (and I believe her real sister played her real sister, though her on-screen parents were actors) having a romance with Robert Hutton's "Slim". Ann Sheridan was right. It was unbelievable. The only movie actress I could see pulling it off was Joan Leslie. She's also a great example of the Hollywood "Star" system at its best and worst, in manufacturing and discarding actors. By the time she was 20, Joan had been the leading lady of Gary Cooper (Sergeant York), Jimmy Cagney (Yankee Doodle Dandy), Fred Astaire (The Sky's the Limit) and the object of Humphrey Bogart's affection in High Sierra. All these actors were old enough to be her father. She was also paired with Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson and the above mentioned Robert Hutton in several lesser films. Yet by 1947 at age 22, she was gone from Warner Bros, billed fourth in Two Guys from Milwaukee, and was out of work for over a year since Jack Warner had blackballed her for getting out of her contract legally. She eventually had to sign with the near-Poverty Row studio Eagle-Lion and then did several westerns for Republic. By 1957 (age 32) she did her last film (a supporting role in the Jane Russell bomb in The Revolt of Mamie Stover) and basically retired to raise her family (though she did a memorable episode of Murder, She Wrote in the 80s playing the spinster sister of fellow spinster Teresa Wright). And yet not only was she incredibly photogenic but could sing, dance (and keep up with Astaire) and had a great flair for comedy. Take a look at her impressions of Cagney, Ida Lupino (both of whom she worked with): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH3L2DBPju0 I never felt she did anything wrong. She didn't owe Bogart's Mad Dog Earle anything. That was all him projecting. He didn't see what was in front of him - Ida Lupino's character - until the end. Ironically, when Raoul Walsh remade High Sierra into a western in 1949, Colorado Territory, with Joel McCrea and Virginia Mayo, he had the Joan Leslie-analog character played by Dorothy Malone, actually curry the hero's favor and more actively betray him, rather than just being a girl with a deformed foot. Speaking of which, two of my favorite of Leslie's former WB contractees, Dorothy Malone and Janis Paige are still with us (and they are older than Joan). I now worry about them. It seems especially in the last couple of years a lot of old Hollywood has past.
  3. Mr. Simpatico

    S09.E12: Death Becomes Them

    If I was a contestant on the show I would pick Megan every time and fight people over getting her. You KNOW she's going to sell the make-up even if it's so-so (and the contestants in the last several seasons who also watch the show have known that going in as well). Thought Ben's was the best though, and the model completely sold the creepy side. I knew Ben was in as soon as Ve was creeped out. I have no idea how Evan made it over Scott (who had the better overall make-up of the final 3) or Jordan (who thought outside the box the most and who seemed to do more work in the last hour). At least this time they didn't have the semi-finalist losers go through the faux ritual of having them being filmed packing their kit, only to return minutes later when the finale starts.
  4. Mr. Simpatico

    S09.E11: Beyond The Expanse

    I agree. Maybe it shouldn't have been that skin tone, but human skin definitely wouldn't have evolved into fish tones in the period of time. Of all things Stevie shouldn't have been penalized for that. I'm not sure what Ve was thinking. But I'm guessing Stevie went home because Ben was better overall this season (I think his idea was fine but the actual work was a mess). On the other side Scott would've been totally gone if he had kept his original idea and the Westmores saved him by coming back a second time.
  5. Mr. Simpatico

    S09.E03: Under The Lake

    I think Clara would work for me more if the show/Moffat acknowledged more cleanly that she is a smug, arrogant know-it-all (or thinks she does at any rate). She's been written this way since the whole "Impossible Girl" thing (which has been dropped quickly and never acknowledged since) started. It's never entirely clear what the heck the Doctor sees in her. If she's not "the Impossible Girl" anymore what makes Clara special to the Doctor (as we clearly are supposed to believe). I know Moffat (and Davies before him) has this thing about Doctors being attached to their first companions after regenerations (Amy, Clara) or the directly previous companion (i.e. Rose) but that was never the case in Classic Who (who both writers are fans of). For instance, Two didn't have much of a pang at Polly/Ben leaving (and they were the first companions to witness his regeneration) and Six at first was disdainful and obnoxious to Peri. It doesn't HAVE to be that way, Moffat! And it's not like JC's fault. I still believe either Dalek!Oswin or Victorian!Clara would have made better companions and they were played by the same actress. I did like this episode though. It had an old-school feel of being a self-contained (in the olden days when the show was half-an-hour it would have been a three-part serial) adventure. It was weird to see a tough, female, pilot/leader called Cass, willing to die for her crew and have the Doctor not even raise an eyebrow considering that name and background has significance to him (i.e. "The Night of the Doctor" also written by Moffat). It's not like's it a common name? On the plus side, I do think this season they've finally gotten a personality down for Capaldi's 12 (though the sonic sunglasses are dumb). He has the older no-nonsense and not caring what anyone thinks of 1, the thirst for adventure and braggadocio of 3, and the arrogance of 6, and occasionally the guilt of whether he is a "good man" of 9 (although why we don't know since this incarnation knows he saved Gaillfrey). If you go by multiples of 3, he makes perfect sense. I think Capaldi's Doctor is what Colin Baker's could have been with a better outfit and the support of the BBC. A jerk with a heart of a hero.
  6. Mr. Simpatico

    S09.E10: Freak Show

    Can't disagree with anything this week. I would have given it to Ben's Peacock and sent Meg's Inside Out Man home. I think Nora is a cinch to make the final 3 but I'm not so sure about who else. Evan seems like low hanging fruit at this point. It's just seems like a matter of time. I wonder if we would have gotten better make-ups if it hadn't been random (and the contestants had been able to choose) or if they had been given more leeway in choosing their own character from a Freak Show. Nora was right when she was talking about how many times can you see the same Lobster Guy on the show and though the make-up was bad (I did laugh at Glenn's "Party City" comment) "Inside-Out Oscar" was going to be tough for Meg in any case.
  7. Mr. Simpatico

    S09.E01: The Magician's Apprentice

    I don't blame the actors (and Capaldi's the best thing about the show currently) but anyone can see the Moffat and the writing team are to blame for the flaws. Every other episode is about timey-wimey stuff (hey remember when the Doctor just explored space and time without being responsible for every single thing in that universe/time period) with an over-reliance on pressing the reset button so nothing bad ever really happens. How many times has the Earth ALMOST been destroyed or Clara seemingly killed but actually....not dead after all? And that's just in the last few years. Making the Doctor all of a sudden responsible for Davros is like that as well? Why does the backstory of every villain HAVE to involve our protagonist? Maybe Davros is evil...because he is evil. Speaking of which I just can't take Missy seriously as a threat or an ally or anything or the show asking us to do so. It's not MG's fault. The dialogue is basically asking her to ham it up (this is not Jon Simm/Eric Roberts level but far ahead of Ainley). Delgado's Master was cold-blooded, deadly and had charm. Every Master incarnation since then has just gotten crazier and more over the top hammy and generally the actors have been TOLD to act that way (certainly Ainley and Simm said as much). Except for the brief moment of Derek Jacobi's Prof. Yana I don't think we've seen a Master that wasn't a self-parody of a villain since Delgado. When we go within minutes of Missy casually killing innocent UNIT officers just for kicks and giggles and then becoming Clara's ally and traveling companion and casually trading barbs on how she's the Doctor's BFF, while at the same time the show want us to think there is a serious moral conundrum in letting Davros, the genocidal creator of the Daleks, responsible for the deaths of untold billions, live - then it's the show/writing itself that has a moral conundrum.
  8. Mr. Simpatico

    S09.E08: The Gauntlet

    I would have loved to have seen The Gauntlet on another season (maybe the All-Star one? with Laura, Tate and Roy) with stronger contestants. There have actually been several really good challenges this season but the final quality of the make-ups....eh. Here it was clear (like with Nora) who was going to be on top and who wasn't. I knew as soon as Stevie and Evan were praised in the final that it was going to be Jasmine (although I hadn't realized how similar Meg's make-ups were until it was literally shown to us and its obviously something the judges have picked up now too). Heck, they didn't even bother to show some of the make-ups (beyond a blink and you miss it) in the first two challenges or the judges response to them.
  9. Mr. Simpatico

    S09.E07: All That Glitters

    This is a very good point. I think they should have either gotten a special group of models (young boys or specifically feminine looking men) or had a gender switch of transforming the female models into some of Shakespeare's male characters. Pretty much all the make-ups were pretty bad (though I probably would have sent Evan home rather than Ricky), Meg's worked mostly I think because she got to do a scary otherwordly make-up (which is in most of their wheelhouse sculpt wise) and not just a Ophelia or Lady Macbeth "regular" woman. I did like that BUT...maybe because I am a bit of a Joan of Arc fanatic but that make-up was one of those that impressed me least. WTF with the scar across the face? There have been so many pictorial/sculptural/media versions of Joan of Arc from her time to our own that I thought Kevon lucked out beyond the rest of them. She WAS an actual historical figure so we do know a bit of what she looked like - dark hair, short, stocky build (perfect for a MAN!), and she was a teenager. The thing was Joan wasn't a woman trying to look like a man (though she was accused of that by the English), she cut her hair short because long hair got in the way of battle and the page-bowl cut (which Kevon didn't give her) was type of the day for the military and she wore men's clothing because it prevented her from being molested. Her fellow soldiers and the enemy never confused her with a man. If I was Kevon I would have highlighted the two most obvious feminine things about Joan that could have been made with make-up - the fact that she was only 17 (so would have looked like a young boy with a very smooth face - not a badass scarred adult man) and by historical accounts had a very feminine body (with "beautiful breasts" as one comrade put it) and that could have been made with prosthetics. I know that's nitpicky but his Joan looked like a generic soldier with bad hair and bad skin. A wasted opportunity. I was surprised that Jasmine was the ONLY one of the contestants who seemed to dramatically alter the body shape of their male models to look like a woman's (in this case a pregnant one). Maybe they were all spooked by the judges going off on Jordan's fabrications from Star Trek week?
  10. Mr. Simpatico

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    I'm not sure what is going on here. I can't believe Pratt really thinks this storyline will ever have people "rooting" for Victor to "protect" his family when they are only in danger because of his actions. That's delusional and the writing is saying something different. In any other scenario this would be an end game for a character (see what is going on with Avery and how Jessica Collins is being written) or at least such an issue that the character would have to disappear for awhile because it is so evil (like James Stenbeck on As the World Turns or Stefano De Mera on Days) but this is Eric Braeden we're talking about here. Just like with Sonny on GH who has committed a zillion crimes, we know Victor will not really do any real jail time for long. So how can Pratt think anyone will "root" for Victor. He's not REALLY going to be punished and EB seems, for whatever reason, to be unable to play Victor as anything as the usual smug lying a-hole. There's NEVER been any signs of desperation about his family's danger or real regret over what he has done. That whole "confession" scene with Paul was Turd at his finest. Even when learning (not for the first time) Jack was unarmed he still blames Jack. He will probably continue to defend himself once he learns Jack wasn't Marco after all. The only real enjoyment in this storyline will be the Schadenfreude of Victor's various enablers once the truth comes out - which is not limited to Victor's offspring. Why the heck is Paul so apologetic about arresting Victor? Has Paul forgotten (like the rest of Genoa City) what Victor did with Paul's sister Patty also has a part of a revenge plot against Jack? The person I'd really like to see wake-up is Dummer. Her treatment of Jack - who has suddenly become the worst person ever in her mind the minute she found out she was a Newman again - despite the fact the he has arguably treated her better and loved her more than her real blood relatives is really, really inexplicable. She's not even torn about Victor vs Jack (maybe that's HK's line readings). She's pro-Victor 100%. But since we know Pratt views Dummer/HK as the main young "heroine" of the series I'm pretty sure she will never get any comeuppance or have to confront her own treatment of her stepfather. The show will certainly never bring up a reaction from Dummer about the realization that her saintly grandfather set up her own mother to be raped repeatedly by a total stranger pretending to be Jack. As for the other things. I really love Marisa too. I hate the fact they seem to be tying her up to yet another Newman (why?), although Noah is probably the least offensive Newman on the canvas (to the point I can't believe he's Nick's son). If they can't pair her with an Abbott (how about Vyle - after he dumps Summer) she should at least remain in Jack's orbit instead of immediately becoming part of Team Newman (since that's how it always happens). Also, I've said before but it can't be said enough. This storyline would never work, would never even be the slightest bit believable is MS was still playing Phyllis. I can't even picture it. GT is killing it. I really believe this Phyllis loves Jack over anyone else - something MS never tried to sell (because she disliked Phack v.2 and wanted to be put with Nick or any other younger actor again). It's almost like this Phyllis is another character than the one who threw over Jack so many times to jump Nick's bones and so desperately wanted Summer to be Nick's that she did not inquire too deeply into to the DNA results. I can't even see GT's Phyllis with Josh Morrow.
  11. Mr. Simpatico

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    I would be all for this - especially if its then said the heart they gave Victor was a baboon heart. It would explain so much!
  12. Mr. Simpatico

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    One of the things about the pacing of this storyline is that aside from Phyllis, no one else is remotely interested if Jack is right in the head. And Farko has made several mistakes - there are things he clearly knows nothing about (like what he told Dummer after she was revealed to be Nick's after all) or things like saying he took off to see the World Cup (soccer!) when he was a kid. Also, the real reason Jack always loses - and along with PB's acting, why I always think of Jack as the "Good" to Victor's "Bad" - is that he has a deep conscience (that shows itself in Ghost John! so even the writers know it) that Victor does not have (Victor walks around with an Abbott heart and still tries to destroy them). When Jack's schemes blow up, he always goes out of his way to make amends (even financially - remember how he payed back out of pocket those investors who were with him and Adam in trying to take over Newman) and is visibly contrite and remorseful. Farko is not. He plays at being sorry but it's insincere (and I think its a mark of PB's skill that viewers can tell if the subtle difference while in-universe they can't). But nobody in GC seems to think anything is wrong with Jack - and believe Victor instinctively - even members of Jack's own family (and I do consider Dummer to be his family even though she no longer seems to). Think about, for over a year, Dummer has lived with Jack, thought of him as her father (and he has ALWAYS treated her as such) and yet at the first suggestion there might be something havey-cavey about the merger Dummer thinks Jack is behind it. What an ungrateful wretch! Farko clearly loathes Dummer for being such a twit even though she can't see it (though I believe Farko actually hates them all for being so stupid - he's a stand-in for the viewers!). As I mentioned this is what the show gets from having no new Abbotts (outside of Jack and absent Traci) who don't have deep-ties to the Newmans and their interests. No one really has their heart in going against Victor (and after he's done all these years shouldn't they?). I've always though the biggest mistake the producers ever made (including the killing off of John, which having Ghost John! back so often is basically an admission of) was the killing of Colleen - who had no ties to the Newmans at all - in a plotline that had no long-term positive effects (getting Colleen's heart didn't really change Victor at all). We have a situation here in GC that the closest person to Jack who seems to trust him the most and his goals is....Adam Newman (and if you think about it Adam does often seem more like Jack's son than Victor's). I know PB hated the Luan storyline but this would actually have been a great storyline to bring back Keemo (and perhaps give Keemo's kids - which would give the Abbotts a bi-racial next generation on canvas - right now its just Vyle who isn't an infant).That would have really taken Victor AND Farko off the rails since I'm pretty sure Victor doesn't know squat about the state of Jack's relationship with his other son and couldn't prepare the doppleganger for it.
  13. Mr. Simpatico

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    I wonder if having the Moustache arrested (which we know will never stick) in front of his family is one of those things Pratt thinks will have us rooting for Victor. Nah. Go Farko! I think PB must be having so much fun, he gets to do things Perpetual Loser Jack would never be allowed to do to Victor and yet Jack as a character is still intact. The worst part is - I look at that table of Newmans and I can't see a single one who will turn their backs on Victor when this is discovered (at least not long-term). Victor pulled the SAME EXACT crap with Patty that ended up in Colleen (aka Abby's sister) being killed (and Victor conveniently getting her 20 year old heart waiting list be damned) and Abby is still at that table and even though she was raised more Abbot/Carlton seems thoroughly Newman. Dummer too is a disgrace - and I'm so happy she's not an Abbott after all - since there is no person in the world (including her "parents") who loves her more (and has shown that love in the last few years) than Jack and yet she is ready to think the worst of him, turn his son against him, and run to Grandpire in a milli-second. I get it - it's Fack, but nobody else knows that. It seems that nobody - including the rest of the Abbotts - trusts Jack on this. Even Billy and Kyle are hesitant. Against VICTOR! Phyllis and Ashley too! Which is why Victor always wins - he gets the benefit of the doubt Jack never gets - even when it's not Jack! Part of the problem with killing off Abbotts to provide Newmans with body parts is its the ones they chose - Colleen and Delia - with no connection to the Newmans and could have been the ones to agree to Farko's shenanigans - Colleen in particular (in my head she would be have been the next generation of Newman-hating Abbotts). Ashley has a child with Victor (and still carries a torch for him). Billy has TWO kids with Victor Jr. and is basically her lapdog. Abby? Yeah, we know which family she would choose. Kyle is whipped by Dummer,despite that her Nicki killed his mom and Victor threw his mom from an ambulance and treated her like trash (while Nick used her for sex). Outside of Jack and Traci, all the Abbotts are invested/sympathetic with the Newmans. Meanwhile the Newmans keep on populating - even Jack's long-lost "son" is actually a Newman! Also - Kyle is so upset to find out he has a brother? I know Keemo is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named but he already has a half-brother out there he seems to have no interest in (has any incarnation of Kyle even mentioned Keemo?). One would think Gnomie would be happy to have a sibling of some kind (like he thought Dummer was). I know she gets some criticism but I think GT is a far superior Phyllis for what this storyline calls for. I can't imagine in a million years MS's Phyllis being so into Jack that she cares about his past loves or if Kyle is hurt (heck, MS's Phyllis tried to seduce FrankenKyle from Dummer). By the time she left MS seemed not to be able to stand Jack, so her protestations of love in the script seemed false. But I believe GT's Phyllis really thinks Jack is the love of her life (though based on Pratt and Phelps' interview something tells me they are going to skim lightly with Victor's role in Phyllis being repeatedly raped by Farko). It's ironic that we finally get a Phyllis in love with Jack, at a time when I wouldn't mind Marisol (who I think will be around awhile) being tied romantically with Jack when this is done (despite the vast age difference - which didn't prevent Victor and Sabrina). The only time Jack has had a young "trophy" wife (something men in his social station and wealth often have) was Sharon and even there Jack came second best in her affections to Nick (and eventually third after his own brother). I would love to see Jack returning and being fed up with the lot of his family and friends for their acceptance of Farko (and presumably forgiveness of Victor). Especially Dummer (though that will never happen).
  14. The weird thing is that Cogman and D&D are supposedly huge fans of the books (so they always say). The Northern storyline and Manderley are usually held to be the absolute best thing about ADWD. Wylla Manderly confronting the Freys, Wyman telling Davos he has a fleet built and Rickon's whereabouts, Frey pie and "It could have been worse, he could have been a Frey" are some of the greatest 7Hells!Yeah moments in the entire series. So what do these uber-fans do? Cut it and have Sansa raped (not going into whether Roose - a character who was warned Ramsay about his treatment of a fake Stark - is chill with this) and basically give Sansa ALL of Jeyne Poole's storyline (presumably including being rescued by Theon and Brienne replacing Mance and the Spear-Wives). None of this benefits Sansa. None of this benefits the narrative of the show. Having her learn from LF how to destroy the Boltons has been replaced by making her a sexual pawn and victim - again. With all due regards to Sophie Turner (who's making the best of things) and her seemingly positive thoughts on this, there is no way anyone involved with the show should be proud of this storyline. It's insulting to the source material AND the character of Sansa.
  15. Mr. Simpatico

    S05.E04: The Sons Of The Harpy

    There is no logic in the Ellaria plot. Revenge on little girls is NOT the Dornish way. GRRM said it. Heck, Show!Oberyn said it. Why they just couldn't go with the crowning of Myrcella idea is beyond me (but why they ditched Arianne entirely but still kept the Sand Snakes is beyond me). The treatment of Mel bugs too. I'm not a huge fan of the character. But she doesn't have sex with every dude she meets in the books. But on the show she is all about sex to get what she wants - Stannis, Gendry, Jon. She hasn't even made advances in the manner towards Jon in the books (even though we know she's interested in him). It's ridiculous. Oh, and another bit of foreshadowing I didn't mention. Meryn Trent is going to Braavos. Hmmm, I wonder if there happens to be a girl there who wants to kill him?