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  1. JennDear77

    S04.E18: Walk of Shame

    And why on the back of an envelope? Things are so bad he doesn't even have his own masturbation notebook? I was dying. Jess' hair didn't look great straight, but I did love how confident she was with it at the start of the episode. I liked that Jess didn't have sex with Bear Claw, because I feel like Jess could be arrested for that. bear Claw felt extra "special" in this one where he's just been kinda weird in his other appeances. I also love how he calls Cece "Sessy" and pretty much ignors her because he loves Jess. The woodland creature musical was funny. I loved having Genzlinger and May join in at the end. May being totally keyed into the emotion of the scene was funny.
  2. JennDear77

    The Duggars: In the Media and TLC

    I've made Oreo balls (they were called "truffles" in the recipe I used) and people freak out over them. Chocolate covered strawberries seem to be a really popular thing in Arkansas. I see them on party blogs by people in that area quite a bit. Are strawberries super cheap there for some reason?
  3. I don't even know why I'm posting this since pretty much everyone hates this show but...I like it. It's fluffy, pretty, waste of time tv. I liked Jeanene Garofolo's character but having her just take off to Portland with her ex-husband was just dumb. I didn't think I would like the character they created to replace her but I've always enjoyed that actress and I do like the character of Jo. I think she's hilarious and her daughter being so opposite to her is fun to watch. I totally agree about Jake-the dude looks like shit. I like Delia, I can't believe she's only 33. I don't mind Will being 40 in real life, he looks young to me so sure I'll buy that he's 28. I actually thought the baby jewelry idea was a good idea, I'm sure there are actual companies that sell that stuff that make a ton of money in places like LA. The brother storyline was one too many for me. It was enough to keep up with all the women and kids on the show, they just kind of stuck the guys in here and there and they never really felt like part of the show. But overall, I like the show and I'd recommend it to friends. Having said all that, if they didn't make a season 2 I'd understand. As much as I liked the show I don't care to see 13 episodes of Jake hiding his love child while lying to Abby.
  4. My friend was just in Target and Jessa was behind her, looking very pregnant. This is the second time she's seen her at Target, probably making use of her gift cards!!
  5. The photographers are a husband & wife team in NWA, they are not fundies. They do "boudoir style" shoots I'll bet Amy did one and the pictures will come out soon. Or she'll do one for their anniversary and she'll show one or two less racy shots and say "the rest are for my husband's eyes only!" I follow the photographers' blog and I see this over and over with their clients.
  6. JennDear77

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    I have a friend who saw Anna at Target on Sunday. She took a pic but it's from the back. She had two sister nannies with her.
  7. JennDear77

    Seasons 1-3: High School Years

    Holy crap thank you. I was always super annoyed at his delivery/acting style/whatever the hell he was doing. I don't know if the actor was doing those things purposely to make the character very geeky freshman or if that guy really can't control his facial movements and that's how he speaks.The woman who played his mother annoyed the crap out of me too.
  8. JennDear77

    Jump the Shark Moments: "Donna Martin Graduates!"

    A JTS moment for me is Donna and Brenda spending the summer in Paris. Brenda had moved in with Dylan after being forbidden to see him by Jim...but somehow they decide sending her to Paris is a great idea. And they have the money for that kind of thing even though they're not supposed to be super rich. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the Paris epispdes when they first aired (I was 13 when the show began so I was hooked from the start) but looking back now it just seems like such bullcrap. I also had a crush on Dean Cain/Rick so that was nice.
  9. JennDear77


    She got pretty boy crazy too, once Dean came to town. She wanted to give up Chiton for him!
  10. Yes, I HATED how lorelai tried to involve herself in Luke's love life but STILL wouldn't admit she had feelings for him, ever. She had the balls to ask him not to date that other Chilton mom, then she freaks out because Nicole was at the diner and Luke didn't tell her beforehand. I do give her one concession for when Luke loaned her the money for the Inn, she asked if she needed to also thank Nicole since as far as she knew, they were married. So her acknowledging Nicole in that transaction was actually respectful, if Luke and Nicole were even together at that point. So much of their relationship happened off screen. It was annoying.
  11. He didn't even know about Max until her bachelorette party, he was off playing house with Sherry during Jason and does Alex even count? I agree they should have been venting on Lorelai. I thought the fight was for laughs too, it reminded me of the fight between Mark Darcy and Hugh grant (I forget his character's name) in Bridget Jones' Diary.
  12. JennDear77

    Funny moments - what are your favorites?

    I saw another one recently that I never caught before. When Rory is sitting with the Puffs the first time Paris walks by with her tray...then slowly walks backwards to do a double take at Rory sitting at their table. I've seen that episode plenty of times but I have a habit of just listening while I do other things, so I actually SAW this bit of silent comedy and it cracked me up.
  13. Here's what I never got about Richard In Stars Hollow. In The Bracebrodge Dinner he describes how he quit his job and he was so happy about it, he was smiling in the office and all jovial at the dinner at the Inn. But then in RISH, he's mad that he's not working anymore. Did I misread his actions at the dinner or was it just crappy writing?
  14. JennDear77

    Gilmore Girls in the Media

    I still think of Doyle as the whiny Jonathan on Buffy. I liked him on Mad Men too though. He's just so talented.
  15. JennDear77

    Gilmore Girls Bests and Worsts

    Loved reading everyone's answers! 1. Who are your five favorite characters? Lane, Kirk (except when he was being an asshole to Luke about buying the Twickham house), Luke, miss Patty, Michele and bonus Gil. And Brian. 2. Who are your five LEAST favorite characters? LIZ AND TJ ESPECIALLY TJ Babette, Anna, Lorelai 3. What are your three favorite romantic relationships throughout the series? Kirk/Lulu, Paris/Doyle, Lane/music 4. What are your three LEAST favorite romantic relationships throughout the series? Lorelai/everyone, Rory/Jess, Liz/TJ (I really hate them) 5. What are your five favorite non-romantic relationships? (Friendships, familial relationships, etc.) Luke/Lorelai, Emily/Rory, Babette/Miss Patty, Rory/Paris, Madeline/Louise 6. Name one hypothetical romantic pairing that you might have liked to see. Sookie/Joe from the Deer Hill Lodge 7. Rank all seven seasons from favorite to least favorite---no ties :) Super hard to say, but 7 is my least fave because of the married to Chris arc. Waste of time IMO but oh well. 8. If you could keep just 15 episodes, they would be___ Cannot choose! Also can't remember all the titles, some of them are kinda long 9. I would love to hang out with pre-Davy Sookie, Lane...pretty much all the townies except Taylor and Bootsie.