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  1. Boob's "protectiveness" is all for the cameras, and he does it with a wink and a nod; he's a big joker, that one (and, I think, a genuinely caring parent). Jerrick definitely needs to keep the facial hair. Yikes! Dill could tell us that, but not him; is that part of "staying sweet"? And the fakety-fake, "Ooooh, I just don't know! I'm evaluating and praying!" got old, as no one was buying that. I want to like Dill, but she's always seemed too ready to be disingenuous in order to ingratiate herself; to go along in order to get along. Of course, that may have saved her bacon, too; she woul
  2. Jen very calculatingly moved her parents to Houston (in fact, to their house), ostensibly to help raise their future kids, and the business was started to give them something to occupy them until the kids arrived. I do believe that Jen (not Bill) deliberately keeps his extended family at arm's length, so to speak. It happens all the time; the dominate partner's parents get to be the "main" grandparents, while the more submissive partner's must make do with leftovers. Already Bill has given up his home city, his house, his dog, his family, and an active role in his business to accommodate Je
  3. Bill clearly adores his family and looked forward to many "family reunions" when they were building the house, or so he said, but I can entirely imagine Bill's family not being made to feel welcome at the Klein's Texas mansion and perhaps even a little snobbishness from the Arnold side. Jen was very obviously (again, to me) "done with that" after the entire tribe descended one Christmas; in fact, Bill had to extend a make-up spa weekend at the beach to assuage her, as she was "so exhausted" afterward. And, of course, lately we've had the famous excuse of cancer and being "immuno-compromised,
  4. How many people were at that "press conference"; five? Sort of like that bell-ringing ceremony, with three. I thought it was very gracious of "Grandma Barbara" to give Jen such a lovely compliment, considering that she's ensured that Bill's family is out in left field. Again, it's clear it's going to be Bill/Will and Jen/Zoey from here on out, as this is clearly the "girly-girl" Jen has always wanted (with the added bonus that she's so incredibly tiny that Jen can -- literally -- control her) and Will has been cast aside by Jen like a forgotten toy. She was rejected by him on nationa
  5. I don't even think those were "fan" pictures... Wasn't it the "group shot" of the conference participants (or perhaps the keynote speakers; Jen was not the sole speaker, although they tried to spin it as such, but rather just the final one)? D'oh; she should know to expect that if she attends every year. Although I wouldn't wish cancer on my worse enemy, there IS such a psychological phenomenon as "secondary gain" from even the worst illness or injury, and Jen is loving the attention and adulation this is getting her, in my humble opinion. I'm ready to start a drinking game every time I he
  6. Only in one spot did I find Bill's speech rather affected, and that was when they were lounging around on the hospital bed complimenting each other on a job well done getting through the chemo (we all remember the dialogue, which I hope wasn't scripted). "I'm so proud...of what you've done..." (she submitted to treatment) He seemed to be affecting a pseudo-British accent? Almost a little James Mason. Maybe tongue-in-cheek. Re: vocabulary, I believe he's just articulate. If anyone has "small person syndrome" and tries to overcompensate for size, I'd nominate Jen with her constant insisten
  7. I would hardly call this "a visit to see Grandma." Apparently the purpose of the trip was for Jen to appear (again) on Dr. Oz -- a crucial step in her covert ambition to have her own TV show or at least a spot on someone else's -- and "Grandma Barbara" just happens to live nearby on Long Island. It would be hard to avoid that visit... Even then, SHE had to come to their hotel room to meet her granddaughter! Where was the rest of Bill's family? Only his father, stepmother, and one brother (along with his family) live in Florida I liked "Grandma Barbara's" crack about needing angel w
  8. Question for the speech pathologist: I've heard that Mandarin sounds more like singing that speaking, LOL, and some of the sounds Will makes seem to have that quality... Am I crazy?
  9. Between treating her for four years as if the world revolves around her, then telling her the world doesn't revolve around her, and telling her it wasn't her turn when it WAS her turn (at least according to both Josie and Jordyn), that is gonna be one confused kid!
  10. Guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  11. Okay, so I called the "introversion" wrong... Must be the J! INTJ here.
  12. Rhonda isn't trying to get pregnant; Rhonda is the one with the "cancer scare" who wants to adopt; Nonie is the one who's trying to get pregnant. See? Even WE can't keep them all straight; how can Brady be expected to?
  13. For one thing, they look almost exactly alike...
  14. Introversion isn't "abnormal" or an indication of a traumatic upbringing (not to say Jessa didn't have one, but)... It's simply a personality style... She may even be an INTJ on the Meyer's Briggs scale, which makes her intellectual (I know, right?), judgmental, and reserved... Personally, I like her more each week! Ben's in for a long life, however...
  15. Sorry; "Jordyn" (see? I don't even know how to spell that poor girl's name).
  16. Hola, everyone! Well, Boob had no control over that initial INTENSE first (side) hug... Jerick grabbed hold of Dill and wasn't about to let go... Dill was being a bit coy there, with her cool "nice to meet you, too" and was probably dreading Boob's reaction to so much PDA. It looked as if Jerick could have hung onto Dill all day long!!! Never been the biggest Dill fan, but she is glowing with happiness (why all the fakety-fake "well, I just don't know if he's the one or not"? Oh, yeah; this is TLC...), and he's clearly over the moon for her. So I guess miracles happen -- even in Duggarl
  17. Oh, and Zoey and Will were adorable, but that goes without saying; they sure hit the jackpot with the adopted kids!
  18. "100 pushups a minute"? I call fakety-fake. Is there a reason why it must always be Bill with Will and Jen with Zoey? Is it because she's small enough for Jen to be able to lift, turn, carry, and control her every move (although she sent the poor kid down the slide with her legs doing the SPLITS; good thing Zoey is so limber, or that could've been a problem) or simply because Jen -- news flash! -- has always wanted a daughter NAMED ZOEY with whom to do "girly" things? The pairing off is getting to be a regular thing. What happened to the all- important "Mommy and Will Time"? Of course Je
  19. Zoey looks perfectly fine (in fact, perfectly proportioned; just tiny). But Will appears to have very bowed legs; they'll no doubt want to correct that surgically at some point. I'm no expert in dwarfism, but I believe most with this type have surgeries to straighten the legs.
  20. As Brady himself admits, it's hard for him to keep track to who is owed what!
  21. Is it just me, or did it seem Dill was seriously chasing this Jerick? Like, halfway around the world??? Seemed a bit "forward" to me to go running after him (to prompt a courtship, obviously) rather than wait for him to come to her. Pushy much, Dill? But apparently it worked! At any rate, it gives Michelle a chance to "spend time with Jessa (her daughter)."
  22. Wha---? Must've fallen asleep! Doesn't sound like I missed much...
  23. Again, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it's another form of dwarfism in Zoey's case; not primordial (because they have distinct facial features as well as, I think, some intellectual impairment, which Zoey clear does not), but perhaps the type that afflicted Tom Thumb and his wife... They were simply miniature -- albeit normally formed and developed -- people.
  24. "Love ya!" Isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about, after all?
  25. Well, Will IS a dwarf, so I would expect him to be much smaller than an average-sized child of three months... He never looked thin, malnourished, or deprived in any of his old photos or videos... He always appeared very happy, healthy, and well cared for in China... However, I doubt if he's "morbidly obese" even now, despite all of Niah-niah's cookies and chocolates. Wonder why he needs the C-pap?
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