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  1. I've heard yesterday that SaRa's leaving Grey's and had to do some quick catching up with this past season in order to understand things better. And, honestly, I don't think I do... Let me just start this by saying that I'm shocked, heartbroken...and majorly, majorly pissed! Ten years on this show and THAT was her last season? her LAST episode and her LAST scene ever?! One whole minute of screen-time? And that was the best thing they could come up with?!!!! smh We've known this character for ten years, watched her grow into this warm, kind, big-hearted, smart, vulnerable, loving per
  2. I haven't watched this show in ages but it was impossible to ignore the #RipMcDreamy hashtag and the outcry on Twitter, so here I am. I only just watched the episode and honestly I'm still a sobbing mess. And I'm shocked. I've never in a million years thought that this show had the guts to kill either Derek or Meredith. Their romance has been beautiful to watch and also pivotal to this show. What happened?! And do I really want to know at this point? I just...I'm speechless. I can't believe it. This was brutal to watch. (and it's not lost on me that SR is still an incredibly vindictive
  3. So happy that JM won, well deserved. And I loved her speech so much, bravo lady! But I'm so sad that Josh didn't win...He's the best and should've won. I don't like TV Academy, they really do seem like a conservative bunch. Giving the Emmys to the same people over and over again, how exciting. Meh.
  4. Woo-Hoo! Huge congrats to Uzo, so well deserved. She's undoubtedly done some incredible things with this role, what a talent. Love that they won the Emmys for the Casting and Editing as well. It's clear they have their momentum which makes me feel much more optimistic about their other noms. *fingers crossed*
  5. This is an interesting spoiler. *finally* I'm wondering why did he change his mind about visiting her? Did something (possibly good or bad) happen or what? Whatever it is I know I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping for more Piper flashbacks, I'm really curios about those years after she left Alex/before she met Larry. Like what did she do back then? I remember that couple from Piper's Furlough ep, they've said that she was always in newspapers, always achieving etc. It would be nice to see those things flashed out in flashbacks.
  6. So Josh submitted Hitting The Fan for the Emmys. It was truly a great ep for him although I still feel like The Decision Tree would be a slightly better choice. Don't know. I just want him to win this. JM made a good choice by submitting The Last Call, her strongest ep in the last two years Imo. CB had a great plot in Outside The Bubble so I was a bit surprised she picked The Last Call instead. Wishing them all the best, hope there'll be at least two wins for TGW this year.
  7. You know I've never given it much thought (cause frankly I didn't care much) but now that you've mentioned it I just can't unsee it. Poussey was an ok, likeable character to me in season 1, but then in season 2 she's been acting very Mary Sue-ish like, becoming quite uninteresting and one-dimensional. Since this is not a daytime soap opera we're watching, it kind of put me off this character. The whole reason I find Piper so engaging and root for Red, Suzanne and others, is because they're all such real, complex and relatable characters. I like seeing flawed human beings in tv shows and I like
  8. Whoops! My mistake, it wasn't intentional at all. I must've been in a hurry or something. :) The truth is I am genuinely glad the show, or better yet, the phenomenal acting on this show still gets recognized by the Television Academy. No matter how I feel about the certain plot lines, I still enjoy the acting so much. This cast continuous to shine and deserves all the awards (especially JC and CB, imo). It's great that they are getting recognized.
  9. He really was. Not that he wasn't before but there's something very special and kind of raw about his season 5 performance. I guess he was particularly inspired by knowing he was leaving soon. I'm wondering which ep did he submit? Was it Hitting The Fan, which was obviously a great ep for him and all. But I did like him better in The Decision Tree, and thought he was superb there. I think that Josh gave one of the greatest performances I've ever seen on Tv. With all due respect to the other contenders in this category, I think the award should definitely go to Josh.
  10. I've just read the news. Twelve Emmy noms? Wow, well done show! Congratulation to everyone who got nominated. Hoping for Schilling to win in the lead actress category because it would be so well deserved. It's a tough category to win though, what with Julia Louis-Dreyfus competing, but I think if anyone can beat her it's definitely Schilling. She was just splendid in season 1. Aduba's and Kate Mulgrew's performances deserve some more recognition too. Good luck to all the nominees. ETA. I forgot to mention earlier, the girl who plays Pennsatucky (I'm sorry I couldn't remember her
  11. I'm glad the show scored few Emmy noms today. Congratulations to everyone who got the nod! And please, please, please let this be the year in which the amazing and incredibly talented Josh Charles finally gets the award and recognition he deserves. *crosses fingers*
  12. Things I would love to see happen in season 3: 1) Piper taking center stage again. I want to see her involved in prison politics, to have an initiative and help change things for the better. To see her evolve and be more in a proactive mode, you know. Taylor Schilling definitely needs to have a lot more screen time than she did in season 2. She's such a talented actress (and complete revelation to me honestly) who simply shines on screen so I think the show needs to stop wasting her talent and start using it again, for their own sake. Why would they want to keep the Ferrari in the garage,
  13. I'd like to join all the good people here, who love Piper Chapman. Piper is by far my favorite character. She's smart, educated, honest, funny, resourceful ..., and yes, she can be self-centered at times but that doesn't make her a horrible human being. She's got flows, so what? We all do, so I don't hold it against her. I think she's a good person who happens to be little bit messed up. I can't wait to see her continue to grow, to finally find herself and feel good in her own skin. I want to see her evolve and take charge of her life. Hope we get to see it happen. Also, Taylor Schilling,
  14. I can't get over the fact that Will is gone and there'll never be spoilers about him anymore. *sigh* Peter and Alicia kind of deserve each other. I'm not impressed by either of them. This, on the other hand, is good news.
  15. Loved reading the articles, especially the one about Phenomenal women on OITNB. It sure gives a great insight from the actors behind these roles. I'm intrigued as well. Because from watching this promo alone one would think Piper was still the lead character in S02, with other characters only supporting the storyline (which we all know is not the case). There may have been some backlash from viewers and Netflix is now responding to that by putting together this new promo in order to get people watch the new season. I think? All I know is that I was quite dissapointed with some of the
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