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  1. Dani

    Mulan (2020)

    Yeah. It’s a great value for some people and a really bad one for others. The piracy on this movie is going to be crazy. That alone may keep it a one time thing.
  2. According to the Hollywood Reporter the setting will be present day. I assume that mean post-Endgame.
  3. I usually hate VOD but I find this idea intriguing. I’d rather pay $30 for a movie and have access for a couple of months than $20 for a 2 day rental. Definitely not as wide an appeal as a movie ticket but a pretty good deal for families and repeat watchers.
  4. Maybe because he know his siblings have such a low opinion of Klaus and/or are too self involved to notice. He literally jumped into Klaus and said “I’m Ben” and got no reaction. Even though Klaus talks about possession in the elevator right after.
  5. Perfectly said. It’s the definition of privilege. I’ve even seen some like Ashton Kutcher double down about how their also talking about their support people. So clueless. It probably won’t happen but I love it if some of the celebrities who had super awkward interviews with Ellen came forward. Ellen has had a ridiculous number of moments where she put her guests in uncomfortable situations.
  6. I was really referring to lesbian, gay and bisexual roles. This whole discussion is going off topic but I find it interesting that the conversation of LGTBQ representation comes up over Ellen Page but not Robert Sheehan or Marin Ireland. I don’t mean that to criticize anyone because it also occurred to me when Vanya went in that direction.
  7. I wondered about this when watching the first season. Was Five there to shoot Kennedy? Seems likely but Kennedy is clearly still alive when he returns to 2019. Was he just there as a precaution or was he there to kill someone else?
  8. One thing I really liked about Carl and Sissy’s story there was no real villain. They were both miserably unhappy before Vanya. Vanya was simply the catalyst that made Sissy realize that she wanted more. I tend to side more with Sissy because at the time Carl had so much more power than her. He knew it and he used that power to try and force her to do what he wanted. I do think he is judged too harshly for some of is actions, like taking Harlan. But I also think he is not judged harshly enough for other things he did. If you take away Vanya’s powers (which he didn’t know about) his drive with her and calling his brother play out very differently. The audience knows that Vanya actually held all the power in those moments but Carl thought he was interacting with someone more vulnerable than him.
  9. Is that demand really all that prevalent outside of Transgender roles and characters based on real people? This season UA has three LGTBQ characters and two of them are played by straight actors. Has there been criticism because Robert Sheehan is not LGTBQ?
  10. Personally I didn’t get the sense that Carl particularly cared about Sissy or Harlan as much as he wanted to maintain control. He was a pretty classic bully. My opinion of him really tanked once he used is state trooper brother like his personal enforcer.
  11. I wonder if her religion had anything to do with it. She’s a pretty devout Jehovah’s Witness. That combined with her mental health struggles may have burned some bridges.
  12. For Mulan the $30 gives you the movie as long as you’re a subscriber. So that should be approximately 3 months exclusive access which makes it a better value than it first appears.
  13. Thanks. That matches what I heard when HBO Max launched. I ended up subscribing directly and side loading it on my Fire Stick. It works well but is a pain when there’s an update. Thanks for posting this. I think I may end up getting that rather than replacing my Firesticks like I had been planning. I love TiVo’s interface.
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