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  1. Dani

    The Royals

    That’s part of the problem but it’s also really bad photoshop. There are shadows on Harry’s sweater that abruptly stop at his neckline. The light on her is inconsistent with the light on him. Plus the position he is in just isn’t natural for him to have his hand on her shoulder like that. Sitting like that he should be a few inches behind her and would require him to be leaning forward but he’s not. It’s because they overexpose her face removing the natural shadows.
  2. Each movie has lines about Cassie being Scott’s partner and growing up to be a hero very much in line with how Monica was handled in Captain Marvel. Also Feige has said that they were deliberately planting seeds for Young Avengers with Ant-Man. As @calliope1975 said you here the kids calling out to Wanda for help. They’re part of the story isn’t over. Given how they aged in WV them being kids isn’t a barrier at all. Are you sure you’re not making assumptions about what format people are expecting? I am expecting some combination of younger, more inexperienced heroes that is m
  3. America Chavez is being introduced in Multiverse of Madness. Hulking is the only one completely missing. They’ve been dropping hints for Cassie to become Stature since Ant-Man. I would be shocked if it doesn’t happen in Quantumania. It’s not just the comic Young Avengers characters that make many think they will be introduced but the number of younger heroes overall. The MCU has never stuck with the comic accurate lineups. Characters like Riri Williams and Kamala Khan could easily be part of a YA line-up. I have the complete opposite feeling. With them aging up Cassie and i
  4. Dani

    The Royals

    There’s so much wrong with the composition of that first photo it messes with your eye. I guess they wanted them to be the same height but the lack of contrast on his pants makes it look he is scrunched down rather then leaning against the table. The way he is half behind her makes her look disproportionately wide. The shadows are completely wrong. Based on the setting and contrast between their clothing I’m guessing that they needed different lighting for the differences in skin tones and clothing. Then did a piss poor job of blending the two together in the final image. Actually to may be mo
  5. Ahh, yes the badly photoshopped picture to body shame Brie. A couple key points. First, the original picture of Tom was actually photoshopped to make his butt bigger to try and make Brie look worse. Second, the photo swapped parts were disproportionate to make Brie look worse. In addition, a flat ass often has zero to do with how good of shape a person is in. Flat asses run in my family. It doesn’t matter how good or bad shape we are in. It is always flat. Brie can literally push a jeep. She is in amazing shape. What else was she going to say to that question? The reaction t
  6. Wut? Brie’s in amazing shape. When did she tout herself as “the most powerful hero of them all”?
  7. One great thing about movies is that they don’t have to appeal to everyone. What one person finds lame others will often love. Captain Marvel is the perfect example. A large portion of the Marvel fan base think it’s just okay at best and then there are many others who really connected with it. You don’t see the appeal in Young Avengers but there are other people who it will love it. Those people should get to have superhero movies that appeal to them.
  8. At this point we are looking at a minor team up ever other movie. I don’t think a Young Avengers movie means we won’t also get the buildup to epic Avenger movies every few years. It seems like we are seeing Marvel move into more genre specific superhero movies that appeal to different subsets than makes up their base. A Young Avengers movie is a good way to bring in a younger, more female and more progressive group than they would get traditionally.
  9. It came out during his divorce from Denise Richards. She said she found images of “very young girls” and boys that “looked underage” on his computer. She had printouts she said came from his computer. He says she lied and that he turned his computer over to the FBI.
  10. But if he was viewed as predatory (which he is) would he even be able to attempt to rehabilitate his image in the same way? The fact that he has mostly been able skate on his worst behavior and be labeled “crazy” really downplays what he has done. It’s bizarre to me that there are conversations about if Alice Ripley is a pedophile but Sheen has been actually accused of the crime and escapes the label entirely because he’s unhinged. In many ways it reminds of the Archie Hammer story where most people and the press focused on the sensationalism of cannibalism rather than the serious abuse
  11. I think the Corey Haim accusation became public knowledge post-#MeToo and one of the HIV lawsuits was right around that time but didn’t get much attention. I don’t know that it wouldn’t surprise anyone when you really dive into the details. Multiple domestic violence incidences and child porn allegations as part of his divorce. His erratic behavior damaged his image but he has still escaped being labeled as much more than crazy. Even now, there is this story and at most they mention his drug and alcohol issues playing a role in ending the marriage. By and large his press right now i
  12. The fact that her freedom from her mom came with her dad allowing her to drop out of school makes me think “normal parenting behavior” is probably accurate. Plus, Charlie “winning” Sheen is the poster child for fucking awful choices. How has he avoided #MeToo given his history of beating women, knowingly exposing women to HIV and pedophile accusation?
  13. Yes and it still ongoing. All but a handful of states have proposed legislation to raise the minimum marriage age. Six have banned child marriage entirely.
  14. Without Dormammu eating the universe Dr Strange’s actions wouldn’t have created a paradox and the universe wouldn’t have been undone.
  15. I guess my question is what in that fits the definition of bitch. Are you using it as a general insult for horrible people? My question wasn’t really if it would be used to insult men but if it’s used in the same context. Does it have the same definition across the board? Truthfully, I’m not sure where I fall on the subject. There are clearly situations where it feels apt but then I hear people (not you) use in such an obvious sexist and hateful ways that it makes me question using it at all.
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