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  1. I really would be interested in specific shows because I would like to check them out. In my experience the plain Jane who gets the hot guy usually perpetuates the Hollywood ugly trope. I suppose this show also fits that trope. They absolutely can if they want to but there would be no reason to adapt Miranda if you wanted to completely change that aspect. Maybe they will be flexible enough to diverge if it’s obvious it’s not working but I would be very surprised if they do.
  2. Me, too. I think that is the crux of my issue with Zoey and Simon talking. He’s a good person genuinely helping her but not long ago he was singing “Are you gonna be my girl.” Zoey needs a friend to talk to who can understand and doesn’t want to sleep with her. Exactly. Both this guys need to deal with their issues before Zoey can be in a functional relationship with either of them. They are both too intense right now which is the last thing Zoey needs.
  3. I like Simon and Zoey. I would be fine with them in a relationship eventually. For now I feel like they have too much baggage individually and together to even maintain a friendship. He needs to deal with what happened with Jessica and she needs to deal with her grief. In my opinion they are codependent. Their relationship being unbalanced plays a part in that. Absolutely, which I why I don’t think Zoey should be with anyone right now. It seemed obvious. I hope the use it to show Maggie’s not ready to move on and maybe let it be a lesson for Zoey. I completely agree. I thought they were both wrong and they were both right at points. Too me it just showed that neither of them are ready to be in a relationship right now. I’m not too hard on Max for it because he did come around in the end and had a mature reaction. Max needs to work on his insecurity and neediness. I also liked that Zoey finally talked to him after being in avoidance mode all episode. I hope we see a similar mature conversation between Zoey and Simon soon. One thing I really appreciate about the show is that I feel these emotional issues are all deliberate and end up acknowledged eventually.
  4. Dani

    Soul (2020)

    Yes, absolutely. Why can’t kids movies have heavy, dark parts? Kids have to deal with heavy and dark things. Pixar makes movies that make heavy concepts approachable and understandable for kids. Do kid’s movies have to be exclusively for kids?
  5. I didn’t say that it is their whole relationship but it is the foundation of their relationship. She was attracted to him before but they weren’t friends or even friendly before she heard him sing and approached him. He clearly saw their bond as something special while he had no clue where her insight came from. He had an emotional affair with her in large part because if that bond and this idea that she was the only one who could understand his grief. In my mind their relationship is fundamentally unbalanced in a way that is extremely unfair to him. I’m less certain than you that they aren’t going there. I would be very surprised if they don’t go there even the Max is most likely the endgame. To me it’s not that it’s a secret alone but the nature of Simon and Zoey’s specific relationship. I also didn’t say that it invalidated the relationship but it does make the relationship problematic.
  6. I have noticed they are using he/him more frequently this season. All this talk made be curious and I rewatched the episode with Mo’s church and the pastor described Mo as genderfluid. There was also the episode where Simon meets Mo and he asks Zoey directly about Mo’s gender identity. Simon: Your boy Mo’s going to be great at the SPRQ Point party. But, he is a boy, right? Zoey: He doesn’t believe in labels.
  7. Alex Newell is gender non-conforming and prefers he/him. I’m assuming the same is true for Mo since the character is based heavily off of Alex.
  8. Simon believes (because she allows him to believe) that she has some deep, intuitive understanding of him. He has no clue that she had the same understanding of Lief or George because she can literally hear people’s deepest feelings. Their entire relationship is built around that. He doesn’t really know Zoey but he thinks he does.
  9. Dani

    Justice League (2017)

    Because they still should want people to watch and a 4 hour runtime makes that extremely unlikely. It’s great for the people who love the other Snyder movies and bad for everyone else.
  10. My guess is so that we could understand how it feels for Max. It’s not the first time we go out of Zoey’s perspective during a song but it is the first time we didn’t see anything she did.
  11. I hate that the show makes it seem like people who are grieving can only find comfort with other people who are grieving. What Zoey is doing is understandable but they did the exact same thing with Simon and Jessica last season. Neither Simon or Zoey even attempted to let their partners into their grief. Simon and Zoey’s relationship is unhealthy. I really wanted to know what song Max was singing but I loved that we saw that scene completely from Max’s perspective. Zoey was using helping Maggie as a way to avoid her own feelings. Maggie being better means Zoey can’t deny what the real problem is.
  12. When I say “entire plot” I mean it’s the overarching plot of the show not that it’s the only plot. Neither Call Me Kat or Miranda is saying that a woman is incomplete without a man. Miranda was about showing that an unconventional woman can see themselves as attractive even if most of the world will never affirm it. It about challenging stereotypes. The hot gay best friend just perpetuates stereotypes. Where? I can only think of a handful of stories that have done it and it is rarely the main story or treated as a love story. The reverse has been done to death. I don’t like the casting choice either. If the chemistry isn’t there they should have went with a different actor. Changing the role to make the relationship platonic doesn’t work for the show. I am willing to give it more time because I did think they had some chemistry in the second episode.
  13. Non-compete clauses aren’t legal in California. Kevin Feige confirmed Marvel doesn’t have them when Josh Brolin was playing Cable and Thanos. James Gunn said the same when there was discussion over his Suicide Squad. I imagine it’s the same for DC. I agree. I’ve felt like he would be a great Superman if they gave home a decent character to play. I’ve liked him in every non-DC movie I’ve seen him in.
  14. She did say that she learned partway through that she was supposed to spit it out. He’s dead. That’s what made Kay decide to quit her job and open the cat cafe. They couldn’t. A quirky woman who is not conventionally attractive finding love with a gorgeous guy such been in love with for years is the show’s entire plot.
  15. There’s another one to add the list, David Sutcliffe (aka Christopher from Gilmore Girls). Never not stupid was right.
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