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  1. Now I am curious what the difference between cocoa and hot chocolate where you because based on my understanding hot chocolate is more work than hot cocoa. Where you are is cocoa actually made starting with the beans? Here it is usually just a powdered mix combined with water or milk and extremely easy to make.
  2. Most people I know exclusively say hot chocolate. Hot cocoa appears on some menus and powered drink mixes. To me if someone just says cocoa they are usually referring to the baking powder.
  3. Is this a regional thing because I have only ever heard people call it hot chocolate or hot cocoa? If someone just says chocolate or cocoa it is a completely different thing.
  4. I really do not understand this train of thought. Because one actor of a different race played a character nearly 30 years ago there’s no reason to have a problem with it today.
  5. They may have changed it for the show but in the comics he is Jacques Duquesne.
  6. I enjoyed Nine Kittens but I didn’t think it was anywhere near as well written as the first. There was too much focus on other characters and not enough of Zach and Marilee. That movie is actually on tonight.
  7. I’m not sure I understand what the character being created by a Japanese man makes. I’ve heard comments that Mario is stereotype for years. There are people who would have concerns about a movie being made no matter who was voicing him.
  8. I can’t say I’m outraged but I have no desire to hear Chris Pratt doing a stereotypical Italian accent. I also can’t say people are taking it too seriously since I’m not part of the group impacted. I do know what it is like it have to repeatedly see stereotypical depictions of my race so I always hesitate to say someone else shouldn’t react negatively. The author of that article completely loses all credibility, for me, when they tried to compare this to the completely unrelated reaction to Karen Gillian’s costume in Jumanji.
  9. Because it was buried in rubble.
  10. Personally I’m glad they went the breakup route with this sequel than their normal one of throwing a stupid conflict or a wedding at the couple. That has ruined virtually every sequel they have made. Plus, it’s believable to me that those two would have a bumpy road since he was a complete commitmentphobe in the first movie.
  11. I’m curious to see if you end up liking it more as you keep watching. I could not stand Emily and have never made it through the movie but it’s so popular I wonder if I would like it if I kept watching. The have them on Hallmark Movies Now and are airing Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade on December 1 for some stupid reason.
  12. The argument she had with Armand directly points to her being shady. He accused her of building her company on a lie and threatened to expose her. It seemed so obvious to me that they are making her look suspicious that I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a red herring. They did say that the suit and sword were found at the Avengers compound so they knew there was some connection to the Avengers. The watch they tracksuits were looking for also came from Avengers compound.
  13. Yes, he is dead. He sold Avengers Tower in the first Spider-Man movie. It is a big part of the plot and really just a call back here.
  14. We’re barely into her origin story. This is like criticizing Tony for still being a selfish jerk 30 minutes into Iron Man. Kate isn’t trying to be a rich superhero. She is just a young woman with a lot of skills who was concerned that her future stepfather is shady and worried about her mom. We have no idea if Kate was supportive of her mother wanting to date. That’s not what happened in this episode. She wasn’t supportive that her mother got engaged without telling her to a man who is shady and lying. Should Kate really be blindly supportive when she knows what she knows?
  15. On rewatch I notice that the bell tower she damaged was Stane Tower. Nice Easter egg for Iron Man.
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