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  1. It’s brand new and was just filmed in August. It’s based on a novel with the same name published by Hallmark in 2018. The most recent movie with a similar plot was Netflix’s Knight Before Christmas from last year. I think Hallmark’s previous time traveling movies have had the woman as the time traveler.
  2. Each of the Peanuts holiday special will be available to stream for free for a 3 day period on AppleTv.
  3. This is so true and I think that’s part of the insidiousness when it’s included in cartoons. I’ve had a similar experience. I’m Asian and as a kid I loved the Siamese cat song from Lady and the Tramp. When I heard they were removing it from the remake I was disappointed. Then I watched it again and discovered it was Peggy Lee singing and I understood but didn’t think it was that bad. Then I watched a video pointing out the similarities between the cats and Mickey Rooney playing a Japanese man and now I can’t even stomach watching the song. I understand that reason for thinking it’s not that bad and it doesn’t bother me much. The thing that really bothers me is the people who are not affected and yet think they are the final arbiter on what’s racist.
  4. Didn’t that one include a teenage pregnancy and adoption aspect? That seems to be the go-to plot point of the recent HoF movies. I’m actually very surprised that The Christmas House hasn’t been announced as a HoF movie.
  5. I saw that the complete list is now posted on the Hallmark website and it is crazy to look back on the old titles. They started with Opera and Shakespeare and now it’s cookie cutter romances. It’s also interesting that this looks to be the first year without a HoF movie since 1952. I’ve seen speculation that they might just slap the HoF label on their most expensive Christmas movie. I really hope they don’t do that. The new CEO said that she used to love the old HoF movies so I’ve had a little bit of hope that they might bring the quality back.
  6. She’s the only Hispanic/Latino member of the Young Avengers. Marvel has been moving all those pieces into place so I would be very surprised if this isn’t another step in that direction.
  7. I mostly enjoy her movies but I can’t stand her in those promos and specials. She always comes across as so phony.
  8. It’s depressing how many comments I see online questioning what in those movies could possibly be racist. Or comments that “it’s not that bad.”
  9. I wouldn’t consider that site to be credible. In the last week they also posted that Marvel was abandoning theatrical releases and will CGI Chadwick Boseman into future movies.
  10. It is. New movies start at $149 and go up to $349 depending on the location.
  11. The shows head writer also reacted to the news on Twitter. It’s unofficially official.
  12. It’s their second controversy over a vacation in Greece during the pandemic. In August they had to apologize when they were photographed breaking social distancing guidelines.
  13. I agree. I was leaning that way but the last performance sealed it. I tend to pay more attention in the visual clues because there are fewer red herrings involved. There have been several clues that point to Tori’s songs. Crossed out smile —> Unbreakable smile Flying Clocks —> Time Flies Rainbow frog —> Rainbow Connection performed with Kermit Rainbow feathers —> cover of Colors of the Wind
  14. It’s been interesting seeing how theaters near me are adapting. Most of them are regal and are closed. The other two are both closed mornings. One is offering private screenings starting at $100 and you can stream your own movie. If they are still doing that it December it would be tempting to try and watch Soul on the big screen.
  15. Yes, it’s high but not unusual. EPs are the people responsible for getting a show on the air. There are so many because it covers a wide range of responsibilities. Studio execs, financial backers, stars who helped get a show made, people who have some interest in a aspect of the project, etc. It can range from a honorary acknowledgment to the person of runs the entire show. I have a family member who is listed as an executive producer on a few independent movies because they invested in the production company. One of those films has 36 executive producers listed on IMDb. The harder it is to get a project made or the more complicated it is the more EPs involved.
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