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  1. There are six episodes so they are probably going to reveal that in episode 6. We could probably just watch episode 1 and 6 and get the complete story.
  2. I find the story fascinating but the format of the show it’s starting to bother me. They are jumping around in a way that feels manipulative. Uncle Jerry’s ex-wife was talking about how their relationship ended after the incident with her sons while they were in California and she was a cop. But she already described in the first episode that they were together for years after that. This is already a convoluted story and they are making it even more so. Same thing with Gloria’s story last week not really matching this episode. She won in 1997 and they made it seem like Jerry Colombo was taking most of the money until they got caught. But Jerry Colombo died in 1998. Maybe it’s deliberate and they are going to pull it all together but I’m getting pretty skeptical. Yeah. That was the point when I decided everything they said was complete crap. Several things seemed odd to me so I read a little bit about the accident and
  3. He was convicted of 1st degree sexual assault and 3rd degree rape. The judge does not decide at sentencing where to send someone. That’s up to the Department of Corrections. I wonder if his health issues and notoriety might get him sent to a more secure prison rather than a nicer one. DOC won’t want to deal with the fallout if something happens to him the way the Federal Bureau of Prisons is over Epstein.
  4. How? Have they addressed any social injustice issue at all?
  5. He is less prominent after this episode. The next two episode focus more on the people involved than the FBI investigation.
  6. True but the skating timeline on this show makes zero sense. Supposedly Kat was an amazing technical and artistic skater at 19 but she never passed her senior test. If she was really that good she should have already been to the olympics. You just have to go along with the show on those details.
  7. I agree. She told her father and the rest of her family is already overwhelmed. She started to tell Max and only stopped when she discovered he was in love with her. I would be very surprise if he doesn’t find out before long. It’s not like she decided to confide in her random neighbor. Mo was the first person she saw after it happened for the first. She only knocked on the door because she thought it was happening again and was trying to figure out what the hell was going on.
  8. AoS’s final season will be finished before the Disney+ shows are released. AoS isn’t on Disney+ because of ABC’s deal with Netflix. I imagine it will show up on Disney+ as soon as they can. AoS is a strong streaming show and 100+ episodes will a be a big boost to their Marvel content.
  9. 2017-18 Live+3 Season Ratings For Season 5 Agents of Shield doubled its rating in the 18-49 demo in 3 days. It was 2nd in increase percentage for the season. There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent list for season 6 but looking at a few weeks it appears AoS reached the same point in 7 days. Not surprising since it had moved to summer at that point.
  10. His lawyers said that he was in a car accident in August and had to have back surgery in December.
  11. For me just showing a more complete picture is enough to explain it. It’s like the reconciliation episode with Sheldon and Georgie. Sheldon thought Georgie threw away his Halloween costume to be mean and Georgie thought he was protecting his baby brother from being bullied. Sheldon was both right and wrong about Georgie. The same can be true for George. Kids tend to have a skewed view of their parents. Or to quote The Good Place, “Yeah, kids are idiots. If they knew half the stuff their folks were up to, they'd lose their minds.”
  12. Who said it was unbearable? Did I miss a quote? He not asked people to feel sorry for the actors just requesting that fans stop bitching when their favorite characters or storylines are not in more scenes. Do you know what this was in response to? Many of the responses mention characters that really do not seem to apply to the original tweet. ETA: Nevermind. I saw his tweets where he said he wasn’t referring to any specific show. Too bad so many people had to attack him over shows he’s not involved in and are not remotely what he was talking about.
  13. Your figures are the same as they showed in the episode. She never had a chance to benefit. She won in 1997 and the FBI discovered it in 2001.
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