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  1. John Barrowman Apologizes for Regularly Exposing Penis on 'Doctor Who' They also quote an anonymous source that things improved after David Tennant joined the show. Of course, that also coincides with Barrowman’s exit from Doctor Who. It makes it sound like Barrowman changed during Who when is behavior clearly continued on Torchwood. Barrowman didn’t even join the show until the tail end of season 1 and was written off at the end of the season. Was he reprimanded or was he given his own show where he was the lead so people wouldn’t complain? The answer seems pretty clear. I lov
  2. I feel exactly the same way. Perfectly said. There are those movies that hit so perfectly on an emotional level that it feels flawless and Captain Marvel was that for me. It’s more meaningful because we had to wait for it and I love knowing that little girls now get to grow up with what I never had. I really love that Marvel is willing to let each movie be it’s own thing even if it narrows the market a little bit.
  3. So, if a post is a perceived slight against Meghan it’s true and if it’s a perceived slight by Meghan it’s not true? Personally, I’m uncomfortable believing anti-royal family stories but dismissing anti-Meghan stories when they come from the exact same sources. If Charles is being petty and should realize how his post looks than so should Harry and Meghan.
  4. I love the composition but kind of hate this picture. Simple black and white would have worked much better than sepia. Although, someone in H&M’s camp has a wonderful eye for photography composition. You can find the exact same type of stories after every single birthday post involving the Sussex’s or the Cambridge’s. Every post is perceived as an insult to someone. It’s not a sign of anything other than how toxic the conversation has become. For example: People are pissed about Meghan and Harry's birthday message to Princess Charlotte Meghan and Harry face ba
  5. Charlotte and Louis didn’t even get an official birthday acknowledgment from Charles and Camilla’s Instagram. Most of the time this stuff just isn’t that deep or meaningful. I find the idea that Charles puts any time into choosing photos for Instagram amusing. That stuff is handled by his PR people. Usually his account only includes the person whose birthday it and occasionally Charles. There aren’t plenty of nice photos of Charles with Archie that include Meghan and have been released to the public. His options were the one he used or the more impersonal group christening photo the Cambri
  6. That’s because she’s not in the slightest. She’s made a few statements in support of inclusion that have been twisted to be interpreted as her hating white men and wanting to take things away from them. I’ve wondered the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brie was one of the ones pushing for the change. She has been very vocal about wanting a female team up movie. She has also said that she turned down CM multiple times because she didn’t think she would be comfortable with that much attention.
  7. My problem is less that it ended quickly but that the show didn’t do the proper setup for the actual breakup. If they had broken up because Mo wasn’t comfortable with the kids or because Perry felt he was to similar to his ex it would have worked better based on what we saw. In a way it reminds of the racism episode in that it felt too contained in a way I usually associate with a “very special episode”. This show has a bad habit of getting me invested in plots and relationships and then rushing the ending.
  8. Interesting. I was hoping they would add mid-week premieres now that they are going to have Star Wars and Marvel series releasing at the same time.
  9. In that case it took so many accusations because officials didn’t allow them to become public so they could raise red flags. Many of the coaches didn’t even know about the accusations and US Gymnastics system was set to up to isolate the girls from the parents during training. It was really only two victims speaking to the press that caused the flood gates to open.
  10. Dani

    Loki In The Media

    Not much new but a promo aired last night.
  11. He was too high up in the line of succession to not get one of the approved royal names but low enough to have a little bit of flexibility. According to Diana, Charles wanted Arthur and Albert but she though they were too old sounding. Originally, Harry was the Middle English pronunciation of the French name Henri. If you listen to a French person say Henry it makes a lot more sense than from the English version. The close ties between the royal families of France and England led to English royals named Henry but called Harry. It is believed Henry I of England was named after his mother’
  12. No one should have a copy because it has been sealed by the courts for years. Britney’s lawyer requested it be made public but that hasn’t happened.
  13. That’s not accurate. The person Britney is asking to be made conservator permanently is who the court appointed to the position while her father was having health issues. It’s not someone Britney handpicked but a third party with experience handling these types of things.
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