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  1. I didn’t think that it was that off. To me a phone is a closer comparison to a walkie than a radio. Besides two-way radios weren’t used in the US until 1933 and even then they were used by police and much larger than a walkie.
  2. The team assumed that Freddy was the thread because his family becomes important to Hydra but the reveal is that it was because he had the serum. Freddy helps transport the serum where it eventually ends up with Dr. Erskine who is forced to make the first super soldier serum turning Schmidt into Red Skull.
  3. So The Morning Show just went from being clearly inspired by Lauer to predicting his moves. Seems appropriate.
  4. For everyone who doesn’t already get Peacock Premium through their cable service NBC is offered a pre-order deal. It’s $29.99 a year for the version with ads and $79.99 a year for the ad-free version. There will also be a free version with less content. The offer is good through July 14th with the launch on July 15th. It seems like NBC has made Peacock unnecessarily convoluted. It’s hard to know exactly what is going to be available on each version. NBC Peacock Free vs Premium: What's the difference?
  5. They’re in the HBO section. There is considerable crossover between the HBO and TCM sections. It looks to me like the “specially curated” part is many of the must see movies from TCM combined with part of the Criterion collection. Then they pulled anything from the HBO section that may have aired on TCM at one point to make it the section appear larger. For now I’m happy with it because many of my absolute favorites are there but I really hope the add more even if the rotate movies out. I’m pretty sure it was a reference to DC comic movies. They have their own section in HBO Max.
  6. I understand and agree to some extent but the whole thing is complicated by covid. It’s easy to imagine a scenario where they saw themselves be about cut off from both their families as borders closed and chose to move rapidly to be near her mom. Circumstances progressed very rapidly after they completed their last official duties. Despite what the press is saying no one really knows where they plan on being a year from now.
  7. I think your right that the others will decide he is more of a liability trying to support himself. If his parents are smart they will leave his inheritance tied up in strings forcing him to stay in line otherwise he will sponge off his siblings and children or make bad decisions. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if he has money hidden somewhere. After all while spend your own money when your surrounded by people willing to support you. Users use even when they don’t need to.
  8. King Arthur sells irish-style flour. It’s hard to find right now but I imagine will be back in stock in the near future. Oh, now I really want to make that. I love Lebovitz’s ice cream recipes. Sadly my kitchen aid ice cream attachment is inaccessible. I may have to try and dig it out.
  9. New Netflix Documentary Alleges That Prince Andrew Groped a Young Woman on Jeffrey Epstein's Island This part of the documentary was probably what led to the most recent announcement. He defense was already paper thin and can’t hold up against another eyewitness.
  10. He says they are going to sell the Chalet to pay the debt. If the Queen was willing to pay it I imagine it would have happened before it became news.
  11. I’m sure that he is going to get a very large inheritance and he has a 75 year lease. Elizabeth has set her relatives up very nicely. Although it seems fitting that the only one of The Queen’s children who desperately wants status is the one who threw it away.
  12. I imagine that’s already the plot of a dystopian YA novel.
  13. Marvel uses the split timeline theory rather than Back to the Future style time travel. Even if they do have a child at some point their grandchild won’t be Deke. They are in a completely different timeline now than the future Deke came from. Which reminds me that AOS has done a better job of explaining Marvel’s time travel theory than Endgame. Deke’s ripples not waves discussion answered some lingering Endgame questions.
  14. Self defense is complicated. For example in California is requires the person be in imminent danger and that they did not use excessive force. Many DV cases do not qualify. Also despite the name the provocation defense is generally used as a mitigating factor rather than a whole defense. It is used to argue that the person should be convicted on a lesser charge while self defense is used to argue that they shouldn’t be convicted of anything.
  15. I think it’s because most people are genuinely horrified is why they bury their heads in the sand. We don’t want to believe that those we care for a capable of doing something that abhorrent. Acknowledging it forces people to face all kinds of uncomfortable facts about the reality of abuse. It’s easier to see as something removed and foreign.
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