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  1. This was the worst episode of the show yet. What was even the point?
  2. The staff on Chicago Med seem to have as much regard for the laws and rules as the cops on Chicago PD do. Which is to say not much at all. Blech.
  3. I thought the pilot was godawful but allowed it the benefit of doubt of pilot jitters. But this episode has confirmed my fears. Bye bye.
  4. Isn't sharing patient health information with Conrad (a doctor who doesn't work at the hospital) a serious HIPAA violation?
  5. This show started off in a promising way but now I have to bail on it. It's too convoluted and the writers have not tied all these past and present plot lines in a meaningful manner. I have zero interest in doing another Lost. I'd like to figure out at least something when I watch an episode.
  6. Damn it, why didn't Tariq get shot instead?
  7. Tariq is rapidly moving up the ranks to take the title of "most infuriating kid on TV" from that kid on The Strain. By which I mean "needs a bullet in the head pronto" level.
  8. It's the other way around. It will cause a lot of damage and hurt like hell but not leave a bruise. (So the bruising was puzzling.)
  9. I wouldn't mind if Tariq got killed in a shooting accident.
  10. OK, that does it. I'm done with this show. It's just too slow and boring. Might have tolerated it as a Netflix series where all the episodes come out at once, but can't be arsed at this pace.
  11. I can live with Poh and Curtis but I find Maggie Beer annoying with her whole Granny Goodness act (bonus points if you got that reference). Plus she can't handle a hint of chilli in her food and that's going to be a problem when judging. Honestly, I'm not cut up about the judges leaving. I've been questioning their judging for a while now, and when a finale dessert with a broken meringue gets a 10/10, I am fine with some fresh blood. I wish Larissa all the best with her probable ice cream truck venture in the future.
  12. Either they all wanted more money or they wouldn't do the show without George, I'm guessing.
  13. Oh boy, shit has hit the fan! All 3 judges are leaving the show!
  14. I'm pretty sure she said his name is "Stanley" on previous episodes.
  15. He does have to pay the entire 8 million dollars. The 200K is a fine on top of that. Which is a laugh, really. If the situation had been reversed and his employees had been stealing money from him, they would be in jail.
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