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  1. Hi long time lurker here. Now I will admit that I used to think Last Week Tonight was overrated. Everyone kept saying "oh you should watch Last Week Tonight! It's so good!" but since I didn't give a shit about politics, I never did. One day when I was bored, I watched the 2016 DNC episode and left thoroughly unimpressed. I thought John was annoying as hell and the entire tone felt very disingenuous. Basically what I got from it was "here's a rich white Brit bitching about a country he doesn't even live in (I didn't know John was an immigrant at the time) while being in the 1%. No thanks!"
  2. Oof. That might be one of the darkest jokes I've ever heard John make.
  3. I got my 1st Moderna shot two weeks ago and aside from a sore arm and a little nausea here and there, I feel great. My 2nd shot is the week before my birthday and while I'm scared of needles, the fact that I can keep both myself and the people around me safe is well worth it.
  4. What is your favourite monologue from quarantine? Mine is the one from the third night of the RNC. Also, God this show has gotten so much better since the first season.
  5. I'm starting to wonder that too. I remember seeing a tweet complaining about Marcus being too trusting and I think that may have something to do with it.
  6. So I'm not the only one who's been noticing that lately? Especially during last week's episode. Whoever the makeup artist is oughta be fired.
  7. Yep! If I had a failing business, I'd gladly take the chance to work with Marcus. IDK what the hell Christina was thinking rejecting that offer. 2 more episodes this season. :(
  8. Wow. This episode may have been the wildest episode since Swanson's. Sam and Alexa managed to go from a company with great promise to a shitshow in less than an hour. Also, what I find the most hilarious is that Marcus said in one of his Facebook videos that he owns a website called marshmallows.com and was planning to give it to them but will now give it to Sweet Pete's. Wasted opportunity. Next week looks to be even wilder. Hold on to your asses. Shit's bout to get real up in here.
  9. First off, can someone PLEASE make a thread with all of Marcus' facial expressions, more specifically his side-eyes? No one does the side eye better than Marcus Lemonis. Secondly, this was a very interesting episode. J was a bit of a douche and definitely would've been a bad business deal for Marcus. Betty, however, was a delight. A bit on the overly quirky side but still fun.
  10. Oh, Skullduggery. More like Skulldouchery. Ugh, I can't with this episode. The second that clown Steve mocked Marcus during the original negotiation, I knew this episode was gonna be a mess and a half. Also, that NASCAR meeting may have been the most uncomfortable meeting in Profit history so far. If I was Marcus, the second we got off that elevator, I would've punched Steve dead in the mouth. I don't blame Marcus for bolting for a nanosecond, he got screwed over royally here.
  11. Why that scene was deleted, I have no clue. Personally, that should've ended the episode IMO. Let it serve as a lesson: you don't f**k with a billionaire and expect to get away with it.
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