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  1. Ugh KILL ME! That preview of Allison Williams singing "I'm flying...." over and over and over again and THERE IS NO ESCAPE. I can't get to the mute before she starts!! I can't take 2 more days of that! I didn't think NBC could do worse than Carrie Underwood, but holy cow, they sure did.
  2. OK, I had to turn off the TV during that extended "dramatic" sex scene with Ben and Abby. Honestly, I would rather have bleach poured into my eyes than watch those two rolling around the sheets. And I'm sorry, but Ben is in denial about his gayness.
  3. He sure does get all heated up around Chad - lots of smoldering, angry stares across the room. Just kiss him already!! I will never in a million years believe that Ben is straight. Not with those eyebrows.
  4. My very favorite Maggie scenes were the ones when she was buried alive and no one knew where she was but Vivian and she wasn't talking. I was so hopeful that we finally might be free of Maggie and her hideous hair (which BTW was perfectly and artfully arranged during her stint in the coffin). But instead, she was gifted with a son who she treats like Jesus Christ Himself walking across the water. And she treats Victor like a child which is COMPLETE UNACCEPTABLE! Doesn't she know what a JEWEL that man is?
  5. Oh yes! I would love to see Anne given more of a role on the show and not just as Jen's nemesis. And I could see Lucas and Anne having a My Girl Friday type of relationship - something with humor, witty repartee and dry, smartass comments. I'm sure that will never happen - it would be too good.
  6. That is wonderful news about BD/Lucas! Even if it means I have to endure more Will.
  7. I hate Maggie. Absolutely despise her. Victor deserves better.
  8. Hey! Hold up now! I think JJ has enough on his hands with Eve and Paige! He's only a kid!
  9. Oh yes and thank god for it! I remember when the Abigail-Sami Conflict Spectacular began and there were a freaking million posts about who was the bigger beyotch and which one most deserved to have their nose rubbed in the dirt and I got to the point where I would just skip anything with Abigail and Sami's name in it because it was like a Facebook war between relatives. I really like Aidan a lot and it's about time that Hope had something nice happen to her. Her husband deserted her, her daughter is the Demon Seed and she has to work with Rafe. Now if the writers can just refrain them
  10. Honestly, Stefano is such a joke right now, why do they even bother? Let the poor man retire!
  11. Oh gosh, I didn't mean to imply that this board is exclusive - I think we have a lot of fun here and everyone is very welcoming to others. There are some awful places out there - I'm glad we have PTV! I just don't want newbies looking in here and leaving because it doesn't make sense.
  12. Ugh. Can't Stefano just die already? How much more of this crap do we have to take? And a great big hearty BOOOOOOO to Jennifer's return.
  13. Someone said up thread (forgive me! I'm too lazy to go back!) that when watching Days, you need to check your conscience at the door. And man, is that the truth. I'm constantly hoping for Jennifer's death or that Abigail gets hit by bus or whatever and I overlook kidnappings and murder and rape because by gosh, I like the character or hate the victim. But I do draw the line at incest. I do have SOME standards, ya know.
  14. Oh, thanks for telling me! How did I miss that? So marginally better, but not by much.
  15. For me, the biggest problem with many nicknames for each character is that it makes the board hard to understand for new or infrequent posters and I do like having new people join in. One of the reasons I stopped reading the GH thread on TWoP was it seemed too much like an insiders club and you had to know all the secret passwords to join. And who the hell has time to read through 100 pages of posts to figure out who everyone is. I am really bummed out about this reveal. I can overlook a lot of bad behavior, but not incest. I have a secret hope that this isn't really true and there will
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