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  1. Stuck up for herself for what? She’d had her chance to speak and it was Joy’s turn. Joy should be able to say what she has to say without being interrupted by that self entitled brat.
  2. Why was Whoopi looking at Joy when it was clearly Meghan she was talking about? Look that bitch directly in the eye and tell her that her behaviour is unacceptable. I swear, if I was Joy I would have flipped that table. The rest of them should be calling Meghan out too!
  3. Maybe if she didn't mention her father every 5 minutes, people wouldn't associate her with him quite as much? She could certainly give it a try.
  4. What’s really creepy about the Biden thing is that it’s not just women he’s handsy with, but little girls too. There’s loads of videos of him on twitter where it’s almost like he’s drawn to the little girls in the room like a magnet. Standing behind them, hands on their shoulders, in their hair, whispering in their ears and kissing them. Totally inappropriate and behaviour that should have been called out well before now.
  5. I'm unsure on the whole Biden thing. I watched some clips on Twitter and I must say a lot of them made me feel really uncomfortable. There are a LOT of clips of him standing behind little girls, hands either on their shoulders or on their heads, leaning down to whisper into their ears and kissing them. On what planet is that acceptable?
  6. I saw a clip of Nutmeg on Fox talking about Chelsea and she was less than complimentary. In fact she was a complete bitch. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?
  7. I just caught the Stacey Abrams segment and the way she handled Meghan gave me life. When Meghan tried to interrupt her and she put her hand up and said “no, no, no” like she was dealing with a petulant child? Amazing! She then dropped a truth bomb and the audience started cheering. I actually cackled LOL!
  8. Me too. I much prefer Joy as moderator. Whoopi is way too incoherent. I also love Ana and wish she was there full time.
  9. God, Meghan is so annoying. What is happening to the Palestinian people is wrong. I don’t understand why expressing that view makes someone anti semitic.
  10. As a Scot I understood every word James McAvoy said in the air traffic controller sketch. My husband and I laughed all the way through but we could tell the audience didn’t have a clue what he was saying LOL.
  11. I have to disagree. I think she was fired because Weatherly wanted her gone. With regards to her personality not being right, I bet it's really hard for your winning personality to shine through, when you're constantly being harassed, bulled and gaslit by a co-worker. Weatherly is a horrible man who should be held accountable for his actions. He should be fired.
  12. I wonder if they regret their tweets after reading Eliza's op-ed. I wonder if they've either bothered reading it. I'm genuinely disgusted by what Michael Weatherly put Eliza through on that set. He harassed her, he gaslit her and he bullied her. I really don't see how anyone can defend him now. He should be fired.
  13. “It’s only difficult if you’re a man with something to hide.” Awesome. It really is that simple.
  14. I’m saying their experiences are not comparable. If a man rapes a woman, does it really matter that he didn’t rape his last two girlfriends?
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