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  1. There was a plot, but nevermind. Best unintentional comedy of the summer! I doubt Nic was going for that, but some of his dialogue was just deliciously, hilariously bad. Our beloved Stan, may he rest in peace, was golden and the MVP of the season. He was a master of alchemy, changing lead into Stan.
  2. This episode reached an Ozymandias level for me. I was absolutely gutted by that brother's keeper/trunk scene. Poor Shayla! That moment where Elliott pulls his hood up and bolts was a turning point. I doubt he'll be considered a zero from hereon out. How do you hurt someone like Vera though? Dude is suicidal and will take out his own family! Loved the twist of Tyrell's bathroom power play exploding in his face! He's starting to come apart at the seams.
  3. Great article on Sam Esmail's influences for Mr. Robot. http://www.vulture.com/2015/07/mr-robot-influences-taxi-driver-girls.html
  4. Megalomania seems to be a theme this season. Elliot definitely has delusions of grandeur when it comes to saving the world and the people (and the occasional dog) he's surrounded by. Then there's Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth with the incredible dinner party divide and conquer. I'm dying to see the lengths that couple will go to in order for Tyrell to become the CTO. Everyone is after power, either to obtain it or destroy it. Elliot is a junkie and nefarious dealers are always a factor in the drug equation. I'm curious to see what kinds of obstacles Vera is going to put in both Elliot's and fsociety's path. His extreme self-loathing could lead to a kamikaze style attack in a quest for revenge. When is Chekhov's Raspberry Pi going to finally go off?
  5. NBC is considering bringing Xena back in 2016. "The “modern reboot,” first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, may or may not bring back Lawless, though those involved with the series reportedly would like for her to have roles both in front of and behind the camera. However, she would not appear in her original role." http://variety.com/2015/tv/news/xena-warrior-princess-revival-series-nbc-1201544142/
  6. "It's like blue balls...in your heart." Yes it is, Vincent. That about sums up this season so far. This episode needed more Stan.
  7. Strangest episode of the season so far in a Requiem for a Dream kind of way. I wonder if Elliot will be a more reliable narrator now that he's clean? The opening and closing shots had an interesting symmetry. First scene begins with a long line of morphine that almost looks like a road. The last shot is a long two-lane road where a car is driving toward a mountain on the horizon. It seems like Elliot has a choice in paths, the junkie route or taking out Steel Mountain. Both are destructive. Also, hallucination or not, screw Angela for eating Qwerty!
  8. Maybe he's writing down every word he knows. Rectangle. America. Megaphone. Monday. Butthole.
  9. Check out the language of this filming notice that mentions a simulated protest:
  10. I love how Esmail wears his influences on his sleeve and still manages to make this story fresh. From Fight Club to American Psycho to the SEGA inspired font, this guy is speaking my language! Even the music and cinematography are top shelf. I'm in for the rest of the series. No mention of Flipper in this episode. Is the dog even real?!
  11. Some of the dialogue is approaching a Showgirls level of bad. I don't mind complexity, but the current storyline is too byzantine for me to give a fuck. I'm enjoying Colin Farrell's performance, not sure that's enough to continue hate-watching this season.
  12. Considering Velcoro is in line to become the next chief of police in Vinci, I think those two point blank rounds (rubber, rocksalt, or birdshot???) were to ensure his continued loyalty.
  13. First off, I love the new credit sequence. Leonard Cohen sounds like a one man Greek chorus: "I was not caught, though many tried, I live among you, well disguised." Pizzolatto has been living in California for quite awhile and has a good grasp on the varied geography. I like that we see big industrial areas, farmland, and parts of Los Angeles. That last shot on PCH was gorgeous. All the critical pearl-clutching is premature at this point. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.
  14. Jericho is one of those shows I never get tired of watching. The pilot lays out enough to intrigue but also pushes the story/characters forward. I especially liked Mayor Green being charged 50¢ by the town kook to use the Ham radio. Time to binge-watch, crushing so hard on Skeet Ulrich again!
  15. That episode definitely had a parental advisory before it aired, redlaces. Check out this Variety article from 1994: http://variety.com/1994/tv/news/abc-to-air-roseanne-seg-with-warning-label-118423/
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