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  1. I want to be clear that I’m not saying they didn’t have other reasons for disliking LVP or even Denise. LVP was absolutely manipulative and didn’t like to get her hands dirty. She cared about her image more than her friendships. Don’t even get me started on how unbearable she was to watch on Vanderpump Rules to the point where she was ruining her own spin-off. I am no LVP fan. I found her entertaining on RHoBH some seasons but others she only looked good in comparison to others. I’m not sure what their issues were with Denise but perhaps she did some stuff behind the scenes we don’t know
  2. I just hate the lack of accountability, even from “own it” Rinna and accountable Teddi. LVP is manipulative but she wasn’t holding a gun to their heads and they both played victims on the show. I think the only similarity between LVP and Denise is that Rinna, Kyle, and Erika were jealous of them and that’s why they were targeted. Now they also may have had issues outside of the jealousy (I’m absolutely sure of it in LVP’s case) but what determines whether someone is a target on this show is the other women’s jealousy. They are always jealous of the fan favorite which is what LVP and Denise wer
  3. I dislike Yolanda (I wouldn’t go so far as to say hate—that word is reserved for more vile housewives like Erika or Rinna) but I would absolutely have believed Zayn assaulted her if she hadn’t lied about Ken. I also think she was lying about or, at the very least, exaggerating her illness so maybe I would have had some reservations based on that but I still think I would have believed her if not for the Ken false allegation. I’m not saying Zayn didn’t shove her into a dresser, just that, based on her past behavior, I am not willing to believe her based on her word alone. I knew nothing a
  4. I don’t think anyone deserves to be assaulted. I’m just not sure that Yolanda truly was assaulted. Normally I believe people when they claim abuse until there is evidence to disprove them but Yolanda has already falsely accused someone of being physically violent when there is actual video evidence that she was lying. She has lost all credibility with me. Once someone makes a false claim I am not going to automatically believe them when they claim abuse the next time, and I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Clearly there was some sort of altercation and he was wrong to use such vile language bu
  5. The ratings for this season continue to slowly decline every episode. They’re at 550,000 which means they’ve lost almost 100,000 viewers since the season began. I will be shocked if Bravo renews this mess. The only way I could see them doing it is if they thought they could recapture the ratings glory of the early years by bringing some combination of Stassi/Beau, Jax/Brittany, and Kristen back. I hope they don’t attempt this but Bravo has zero morals so I could see it happening.
  6. They added that part after I read it but it was obvious from his statement that he and Gigi had broken up.
  7. Two points. 1) Given that Yolanda once claimed Ken struck/grabbed/pushed her when video footage showed he merely touched her arm, I’m very skeptical of Yolanda’s claim. 2) Zayn says he doesn’t want this incident to interfere with his ability to coparent his daughter. Typically the term coparenting is used in the context of parents who are no longer together. I have heard it used with parents who are still romantic partners but it’s used much less often in that context. I wonder if Zayn and Gigi split up. It would also be weird for Yolanda to make this claim if Gigi and Zayn were tog
  8. The Dinner Party From Hell: Producer’s Cut is on Peacock. It’s the last episode on Season 1.
  9. I’d love to believe that no one backs Erika up at the reunion but I’m pretty sure there’s deceptive editing involved here. Rinna undoubtedly raises her hand or speaks up in response to the question about them believing Erika did not know anything about what Tom was doing, and I bet some if not most of the others will as well. Erika specifically says “Will someone please back me the fuck up on what I’m saying”. That implies she was saying something not listening to crickets in response to a question Andy asks when she demands back up. Andy does go after Erika much harder than I thought he
  10. Ratings were basically flat from last week. Last week was 640,000 and this week was 630,000. Again, this was a show that was garnering over a million viewers for every episode except the “Secrets Revealed” and “How They Got Here” episodes.
  11. glowbug


    If the ratings don’t pick up they aren’t going to get even one more season. This was the lowest rated episode of the series by far. Aside from the Secrets Revealed episodes, all of the episodes have had at least a million viewers. This episodes only had 600,000 viewers. That’s low even by Bravo standards. Maybe people didn’t know it was back after the long hiatus and the ratings will tick up next episode but they need to gain a lot of viewers. I, for one, am not watching this season, but I am still reading the comments here, at least for now. Nothing anyone has said has made me want to tune in
  12. I’m someone who has multiple chronic diseases, one of which requires exploratory surgery for diagnosis (which I finally had 15 years after I diagnosed myself using Dr. Yahoo—this was before Google existed) and the rest were diagnosed based on symptoms and elimination of other diseases for which we do have tests. My severe pain has been dismissed by both my family and my doctors throughout my life. All that said, I still don’t believe Yolanda. Her symptoms and behavior never added up, even more so after two of her children (but not her perfect precious Gigi) also ended up diagnosed with it and
  13. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Reunion Seating Chart: If this is true, all I have to say is "Oh hell no." Sutton was MVP this season. She should be right next to Andy at the reunion. There is no way Kyle should be next to Andy on either couch based on her contributions. She and Sutton should switch places. Although, if the couches were really reflective of the cast alliances, it would be the four harpies and junior harpy on one couch, and Sutton and Garcelle on the other. Can anyone think of another reunion where the housewife who contributed the second most was placed at
  14. I would argue that Eileen’s analogy wasn’t even bad. Erika turned it into something it absolutely wasn’t to deflect the criticism she was receiving just like she’s been doing most of this season. As for the jewelry, I don’t think it’s being sold yet. I think Erika still has possession of it. She’s arguing that they were gifts and they shouldn’t be used to pay off the debts even though it was all bought by stolen funds. I don’t think the judge has ruled on it yet. She’s such a disgusting person.
  15. When it comes to property, the person who purchases stolen goods unknowingly is known as a bona fide purchaser in common law. In the United States we follow the legal rule nemo dat quod non habe which translates to no one gives what he does not have. This means that the original owner retains ownership of the property because the thief who sold it to the bona fide purchaser did not have the ability to give ownership to anyone else. The bone fide purchaser can sue the thief to try to recover the cost of the property but the property is returned to the actual owner. Here is a short discussion on
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