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  1. cherbitrary

    Friday Night Lights

    I just rewatched it all, too. Pretty much agree with your whole post, but the quoted part so so much. Not even a mention of the Season 2 stuff...where she insisted on staying in Dillon despite his protests, can't handle it alone and he gives up his college coaching dream to go back and pick up the pieces. I am fine that he let her have Braemore and walked away from Dillon. Just didn't like how she was about all of it. Was reminiscent of when she wanted that big house that he said they couldn't afford. Which they couldn't, but she still made him go see it again so they could decide "together". But other than those things, loved her (more on rewatch than first run) and loved them. I find my southern accent coming out more after spending so much time "in Dillon". Heh. All those Hey Y'all's have an effect. I liked Buddy Garrity a lot more on rewatch. Guess it helps knowing how he is later. One of my favorite scenes is the Lions beating the Panthers and the look on Joe McCoy's face. Yeah, bub, that's what Eric Taylor does. Deal with it! I liked JD his first season. Thought he had a chance of being a decent person with Eric as his coach. All that disappeared when they fired Eric. Kyle Chandler is pretty much my perfect man. Coach Taylor even moreso. Watched Bloodline right before my FNL rewatch. Not sure what I'll watch next.
  2. cherbitrary

    Spring Baking Championship

    That is what I think every time I see him!
  3. cherbitrary

    Family Food Showdown

    I've had a crush on Bryan since their Top Chef season. Loved hearing his dorky laugh multiple times tonight. Liked both families and the food looked good. I don't really like the whole thing with kicking family members out of the kitchen each round. Though, the kitchens are a bit small for 3 people. This was the first ep I've seen & it was the right one to see, since I was all in once I saw Bryan. I did seek it out On Demand after and watched Ep1. Clinton Kelly sure loves potatoes!
  4. cherbitrary

    S11.E13: Who's Got the Power?

    Ugghhh, yes - that smirk. I've been tired of her for a while. Just don't think she's shown anything to justify her smirkiness. Chris was my favorite, so I'm sad to see him go. I didn't think his tattoo was the worst. If the judges were going to use which looked like a bouquet as a judging point, Tim's looked less like a bouquet to me. Too bad Chris didn't choose to do different flowers or at least different colored flowers instead of 3 of the same. But, I guess now I am completely behind Team Cleen (I have actually surprised myself with how much I just...like Cleen. Unexpected! He's just kind of goofy and doesn't seem malicious and seems to value talent in his team members. And he makes me laugh. I think I liked him in his 1st season, but had forgotten that in his 2nd season.). I like Teej & Tim, but didn't like them joining Amanda to gang up on Chris. And Christian is just not a good coach. I know the team complains about his attitude, but when he speaks up they bash him for that. When he doesn't speak up, they bash him for that. Doesn't seem like he can win. And - earlier in the season, didn't he explain to Christian that he kind of needs a little time to himself to wrap his head around things (like the color realistic tattoo) instead of getting into it with the whole group right away? Yet it never seemed like they gave him that space - like sitting there telling him how unfair it was that they had to worry about him and his tattoo instead of focusing on their own. I can see how it would be frustrating from both sides, for sure. Overall, I just think Chris would have been better off on Team Cleen from the start. Or, it would have gone the same way even then - who knows? I felt like Team Cleen got a little too much power from winning that first challenge - particularly with getting to set different style/subject matter for each head-to-head battle. Wouldn't have been as bothered if they had to pick ONE that everyone had to do. I didn't really think the Amanda/Tiffer head-to-head was as close as Nunez was making it out to be. Now, this may sound silly considering the subject matter was cats in biker gear, BUT Amanda's tattoo bothered me because it didn't really look like her jacket was the right size for her cat - looked much too large. Funny that the judges mentioned Tiffer's helmet looking too small, but didn't mention that. Just thought Tiffer won it clearly. Have the judges always been so fond of backgrounds? I feel like they've bashed people in past seasons for throwing in unnecessary backgrounds. This season everything needs to have one and look like a sticker. Or is my memory just faulty?
  5. cherbitrary

    S01.E04: Hope Is Not the Goal

    I was confused by Josie's statement that she & Lizzie don't have magic of their own & have to siphon it. Haven't we seen both of them do magic in previous eps without seeing them siphon it? Josie when she did whatever to her ex gf in the first ep, both of them in the football ep, Lizzie against the gargoyle, Lizzie this ep when Kaleb was running away. Also, the line of witches she comes from - the Geminis weren't all siphoners - isn't that why Kai was considered an abomination? What am I missing? Did I mishear or misunderstand?
  6. cherbitrary

    S11.E10: Put up or Shut up

    I hate the no repeats thing, too! I completely forgot about this show last night, but they do have the episodes on the Paramount site. I watched this one this morning. (They have all the seasons up, so I may do a little rewatching of old seasons, too). Cleen's team was certainly more gracious about losing to Christian (in judging, at least). Also liked the Cleen/Christian interactions. The pre-judging convo between Christian and Kyle (? the remaining brother...) was funny. The bit about being able to hold his own against Chrstian, but at the same time saying his tattoo might not be up to Christian's level. It was nice to see everyone tattoo this week (twice!).
  7. cherbitrary

    S11.E09: Tipping The Scales

    Fell asleep right after judging. Can someone fill me in on the bottom 3 and who was eliminated?
  8. cherbitrary

    S11.E08: Chalk This Way

    Painting with the chalk seemed smart & I was pretty wowed by the pink spider. Definitely would have given Team Cleen the win. LOL'd when Nunez said he couldn't believe he was saying it, but yeah, Jimmy was safe. I was right there with him. It wasn't a GOOD tattoo - that wolf head had serious problems and I still don't really understand what he was trying to do with it. But, I did think Angel's was worse. I didn't get that it was all supposed to be under water until Oliver (maybe) said the black things at the top were supposed to be sharks. I feel bad for the poor guy who was really wanting his first color tattoo (but - you go on Ink Master, you have to know you are taking a risk). But, really - not a good design, not a good tattoo, didn't really meet the challenge. Seems like every week, I say "If you can't do x, then you shouldn't be an Ink Master". So many this season seem so limited in everything. I liked Tiffer's & Chris's tattoos. Not really remembering the rest right now.
  9. cherbitrary

    Britain's Best Home Cook

    Just finished this on Hulu. Really enjoyed it. Same feel as GBBO - really nice contestants, judges and host. I don't think there was any one of them I didn't like. Realized in the final 3 I really didn't care who won - they were just all great. Anybody know where I might have seen judge Dan before? IMDB only listed one other thing and that wasn't it. But he looked SO familiar to me.
  10. cherbitrary

    Halloween Baking Championship

    I loved Henson's fava beans & chianti twist fake-out. Because it was weird...but still seemed totally possible as a real twist. Mozart Zac reminded me of an actress, but I couldn't figure out who & I felt mean for thinking it. I liked the mummy cupcakes. Loved them asking the one guy if 90 minutes to him was longer than everybody else. What happened to his scarecrow in the 2nd challenge? I saw him talking about pouring chocolate over ice, but missed what happened between that and his final product. I was hoping somebody would make haystacks for their scarecrow. But I have no idea whether that was feasible in the time allotted.
  11. cherbitrary

    Making It

    I was about to disagree with you, because I do generally prefer that. But, then I saw that you specified FUN people and nobody would call me that ;) I used to love frosting and there are some (coconut, coconut pecan, cream cheese to name a few) that I can't get too much of, but when it comes to things like birthday cake, I mostly just want the cake. And now I definitely wish I had cake!
  12. cherbitrary

    S11.E03: Right On Target

    Well now I feel bad for saying he looks bad. I still love you, Dave. As 2727 said, I'm not sure I'd still be watching without him. He brings far more to the table than looks. My brother struggles a lot with depression and I know it can take its toll.
  13. cherbitrary

    S11.E03: Right On Target

    Yes - I think that musical lion would have been my winner, too. Once again Dave and I are on the same page. Very creative. I said last week I didn't think doing the skull picks was that much of advantage. Wow, did Christian and team prove that. Loved the comment someone on Cleen's team made - something like "Do they know there are names on the skulls?" as if they just randomly handed them out. And I knew ribs would get moved to something easy. Didn't even seem like the canvas fought it at all.
  14. cherbitrary

    S11.E03: Right On Target

    I was not on the same page as the judges tonight. I immediately saw skull on the wildflower skull, but didn't see it on the seashell one (at least not a human skull...maybe Creature from the Black Lagoon skull..). I did not see elephant in JP's tattoo, couldn't figure out what it was until they said elephant. And I did see tree in the eliminated tattoo - not a tree of life, but a tree trunk/branches. I"m fine with the elimination, because I don't love any of these people yet...or know most of their names. If Dave has a stylist, (s)he should be flogged in the town square. If he doesn't, he should get one pronto. I want my sexy Dave back.
  15. cherbitrary

    Season 1 Discussion

    John Krasinski on Colbert