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  1. I don’t consider that to be confirmation. It could just be the easiest way of explaining what was happening for people with vision issues. But if it was just to explain for people with vision issues, wouldn't they say "Wanda stares at the actor who played the version of Pietro from the X-men films"? Think about it--if it really has nothing to do with the X-universe, they're really messing with the vision impaired by describing him like this if it really means nothing.
  2. I thought the same thing about Kaci defending Evan until I listened to last week's podcast -- she pulls no punches and is actually VERY critical of and perceptive when it comes to Evan. She comes across much less naive than I would have thought and I came away from it liking her a lot more than I did beforehand.
  3. Goddamn you both for making me care, Kevin and Astrid!!! And Astrid is freaking awesome; THAT is how you handle a breakup.
  4. I always liked Joe but didn’t love him as much as others...until tonight. The way he handled that twit Kendall was SUPERB, and I hope he never looked back to Paradise because he was made for real women in the real world and we need him here. God Kendall is so annoying, I’d get way too much pleasure from smacking her. When I would rather hang out with JORDAN, you are annoying AF.
  5. I think the fact that she brought up Peter's "mediocre life" quote (which, as someone already mentioned, isn't even what he said) shows that her mind is still on him. And regardless, what Peter said wasn't ABC's fault. She's just coming across so badly here, it's kind of staggering after how fun, intelligent and perceptive she came off in Nick's season (I, too, disliked her more as her season went on, but that always happens so I have to stop being surprised by it).
  6. As a HUGE Michael Knight/KITT fan, I was DYING at that exchange: Roger: "Hasselhoff?!" Riggs: "KITT?!" Suspect: "Do they work here?" Riggs: "I don't even know how to respond to that." Hee!
  7. Back when he was merely Chris, I still had an affection for him in Paris -- and yes, the New England/Boston tie played a part, as did the hatred for Adam, whom I could not STAND on that season. I think Adam grew up a lot after Paris, but WOW was he annoying -- the horrid RAPPING, the attitude toward Mallory because she had the GALL to not be interested in him. He was so entitled. And I honestly laugh every time I think about Leah's flowers that she thought her roommate Chris sent. OH. MY. GOD. I was dying, watching CT take credit for the flowers while asking himself, "Did I get drunk and hav
  8. RHJunkie, THIS! I wanted to say this, but couldn't have done it so eloquently. I was actually impressed with the way Christen laid out to Jasmine EXACTLY what happened with Matt approaching her, but Jasmine just didn't even hear it. It was so frustrating to watch! I wish they'd shown Raven talking to Jasmine about the situation, as she told Christen she would, but of course, we had to have more scallop fingers "hilarity." There's just no sparkle to this season, it's bringing me down.
  9. Ok, I could have SWORN there's been a half-birthday cake on BiP before? Am I delusional??? AHA! I Googled it and Sarah baked Daniel a half-birthday cake last season. I never thought Dean was awesome but I did think he seemed like a sweet guy who'd treat a woman well. And now that I see how willingly he's gulped his own Kool Aid, I actively dislike him and hope for his comeuppance. On another note, I love Alexis, she was keeping me laughing last night and it was really sweet of her to comfort Kristina.
  10. Lacey (WHO???) CRYING over not getting a date card was driving me INSANE. Does she realize that if she did receive a date card, she'd only have the guys in Paradise to choose from? Either you're into one of them or you're not. If you're into one of them, go TALK to him AT THE RESORT. There is literally nothing else to do but interact with one another. You don't need a freaking date card, it only changes the venue. GAH!! Alex annoys the F*CK out of me. I couldn't stand him on Jojo's season, and he's seemingly only gotten worse. He's just...ugh, such a douchebag.
  11. I've cooled on Peter since the 1-on-1 date (I don't know if he's not attracted to Rachel or just so wrapped up in his head that he can't completely relax in front of the cameras), but I was watching Rachel during his rap (I can't watch any of the guys rapping -- on any season -- the secondhand embarrassment is too much) and she laughed immediately after his "hood" line, which gave me the impression that it's something they've discussed. Either she and Peter or she and all the guys -- maybe she told them, "Oh, white guys assume all the time that I'm 'from the hood' because I'm black" and he was
  12. How did no one mention CT IS ON THE LIST?!?!? I don't even care about anyone else, I'll watch just for those eyes/that voice (and the witty commentary). If you'd told me back when I was watching psycho a-hole Chris on RW: Paris that he'd be my favorite BMP cast member of all time, I'd ask for a hit of whatever you were smoking.
  13. This! Like, times a million -- THIS. I actually said to myself after Jenna (when did she become my favorite female competitor?!?!) was eliminated, "Ugh, now I have to root for Nicole." Because as annoying as I find her, I'd still take her any day over Ashley and/or Amanda. I don't think TJ's problem was so much how long it was taking (though the men were absolutely pathetic), it's that they kept calling him over when CLEARLY the rows and columns didn't all add up to 21. I mean, you shouldn't need more than one check. MAYBE two -- but either it adds up to 21 or it doesn't. I was just a
  14. I loved this show when it was on, and just found that it's on Netflix so I started a rewatch last night. Such a shame that it wasn't given a fair chance based solely on the pilot.
  15. Am I the only one who first thought "Evie's mom!" from Out of This World?!?! How many times did I put my fingertips together to try to freeze time... I thought this episode was really cute. I don't laugh out loud very much like I did when the show was really clicking, but I did get a huge kick out of "I love you so much, Winston" and the horrified reactions from Winston and Cece.
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