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  1. What was the special game the mother was playing with Thomas upstairs? Was the mother sexually abusing Thomas? Was she allowing him to dress up in girls clothing? Ray's reaction would indicate that something very bad was happening upstairs. Was Thomas' shame over the gloves the real reason he cut off his hand? I'm very curious and confused about this scene.
  2. I did too. I just watched her "Taste the Nation" series on HULU and I really enjoyed her. For me, Padma is hit and miss the last few years on Top Chef.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. How great if the sous chefs were the winners of their seasons. Michael for Bryan (brothers), Mei for Melissa (besties) and Nicholas.....never mind. But what about Michael for Bryan, Mei for Melissa and Kristen for Steph. All star finale for reals!!!!
  4. Wow Gregory really was hurt! He isn't back for next week! I hope he is ok!
  5. Please Keep Bryan over Kevin. Please.
  6. I want to go to Italy so much right now. The Chicago condo I have been cooped up in with my husband and daughter has never felt less glamorous!!
  7. Gregory and Melissa are my faves, so not crazy about that preview with Melissa.. I thought Melissa said aspergers too!
  8. Padma is also on record saying that Kevin is one of her favorites. I think Kevin has to blatantly screw this up to not win. I stated unthread why Kevin has gone from one of my favorites, to my least of the chefs remaining. This feels a little like the redemtion for Richard Blais all stars. Stephanie kicked his butt in their original season and I hate that he tried to steal that win from her. I'm also bored with the thought of two southern chefs in a row winning Top Chef.
  9. I love Chef's Table. I'm from Chicago and my favorite episode is..wait for it..Grant Achatz. I ate at Alinea and it was amazing. I was stuffed, it was delicious and a it was an incredible experience. Twist, a friend treated us, so I'm not sure if I would have loved it as much if I had dropped $400+.
  10. GREGORY! You scared me. This is the point in your season that you lost your footing. I love you! Get it together! I continue to love Stephanie and her sense of humor! Champagne Padma Forever! Melissa is a bad ass! Melissa? Gregory? I'm almost ok with Melissa. I loved Kevin is season 5. I have always said that his was the food I have most wanted to eat. I was thrilled he was on all stars. I'm totally cold on him now. Was it "I've got people do to this shit for me now"? Was it plate gate? It was certainly "plantation food" I don't see an avenue for me to root for him anymore.
  11. Thunderstorm has been my favorite from the beginning because of his personality, charm and tone; however, I don't think either of his coaches pushed him to grow over the season. Cammwess was most improved in my opinion. I love John and loved happy hour. I hope Kelly will continue with her current look. She looks gorgeous!
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