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  1. Saw pic of Jensen Buchanan, and doesn't she look like the recently departed Avery Bailey Clark with a few more years on her?
  2. Definitely no MEK sniping coming from here. I am worried sick though about what craptastic Pratt will do to him. Seems like he can take rainbows and turn them into s**t without even trying. There is NO amount of skill that can overcome what he does to the actual fine actors that have been run through his grinder. When you can make Ray Wise look bad, well that takes some sort of special evil, doesn't it?
  3. But, come on, hasn't he (PB) aged like some fine wine? Here's hoping MEK shows us he's done the same. I can't wait- been hoping MEK would return to daytime. Again Pratt, don't f**k this up.
  4. Tad the Cad! He could do the comedic bits so well. I'd love to see him interact with Ian. They could be quite the team. My eye's on you Pratt - don't f***k with Tad.
  5. My Ian is going to be sacrificed for this shit? No wonder I haven't heard from him in forever! I'm going to have to leave a note for him in our secret hidey hole in the Katherine Chancellor Memorial Park. He must be too mortified to even show his darling face.
  6. So Jill comes back to a very tightly defined, her own house storyline? Bah.
  7. Tracey Bregman is going to have a fashion line "Manhattan Malibu". Apparently the site isn't running yet but you can sign up to be notified. Pray to all deities that you pray to that it's not the same stuff she wears, and that badly dyed hair extensions are not a part of the line up.
  8. Oh boy. Now THAT'S some secret. Would it be wrong to say that I find this intriguing? This would be an educational opportunity if played correctly. Congrats B&B, you got my attention!
  9. The original recipe VN WAS interesting, in an awful way. Truly evil, no visible redeeming traits. If they could just admit that, without trying to veil it with "everything I do, I do for family", well then maybe I could generate a little interest. This crock of crap they've been pushing around for the past 20 odd years has not aged like fine wine; it's just crap. What happens to crap when it gets old enough? It turns into nice, dark earth. Get enough of it and the current recipe VN will be buried under it. We only have to wait. Will any of us live that long? One can only hope.
  10. Ian called - he said after reading the last few posts that he's had some regrets and if only he could find someone to sponsor his pardon, he'd like to be considered as TGVN's eventual replacement. Just think of the possibilities!
  11. On General Hospital- Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) was with Franco (who recently purposely overdosed on LSD) and this time when he woke up he believed she was that rascal Phyllis from Wisconsin who is always in some sort of trouble. He was so cute and she was befuddled.
  12. Ian says he would welcome the chance to father Victor's latest grandchild as it would then bring them closer together. Ian is all about closeness and family.
  13. Ian's a vegetarian most of the time. Says its part of a clean, enlightened life. I ignore him.
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