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  1. To piggyback on what I said earlier about all the elderly hoarders on the show lately, I wonder why that is. It could be that there are fewer young hoarders than there were 10+ years ago, due to increased awareness of hoarding. People might be better able to recognize hoarding tendencies in themselves and others, and check themselves or intervene before it gets past stage 1. Or it could be that TPTB want big hoards, floor-to-ceiling, filthy or both, and for that you need to find those lifelong/second generation hoarders.
  2. The problem is that so many of these hoarders are elderly. They’ve spent decades building their hoarder habits. And as far gone as they are, seeing their grandkids is not an incentive. Dolores is in her seventies, and doesn’t seem to have hobbies or interests other than hoarding. What’s she going to do with herself in a clean house? I wish they’d go back to younger people/families; enough of these seventy-somethings. ETA: I also noticed the adult diaper. And the box of feminine products. I wonder, was that actually a box of pads? Or did she get the empty box from a bin, like at Cos
  3. She doesn’t have a cousin. I think it’s clear now that Andy doesn’t exist. And speaking of disappearing offspring, will we see Big Little Ed again, or was he a two-episode wonder?
  4. A lot of people did, though. I'm convinced that the popularity of coin spots (polka dots in the US) in the '80s was because of her. I know her circa-1981 hairstyle was much copied. As far as the Fairytale episode, when Diana chose the blue ring, I said, with the correct accent, "Sapphire has been assigned!" (I've been watching Sapphire and Steel on streaming.) And do you think they had enough foreshadowing shots of Diana in a car? I think there was even one going through a tunnel. ---------------------- The late Mike Royko, columnist for various Chicago papers, wrote about Char
  5. Maybe to show that it's happening at night, and that she spends a lot of time doing this?
  6. Eh, I wasn't denying the existence of the Balmoral test. Just saying that a weekend with any close-knit group will be a test, whether deliberately set up or not. You either mesh with them or you don't. I think I see this cold-bloodedly because I have a set of cousins who were very close with each other, and highly insular. I couldn't get beyond the superficial with them because I hadn't been to any of their events nor met any of their friends, and since that's all they talked about, we didn't talk much. And? By the time I was 18, I figured, forget them. I didn't need people like that. I
  7. It was excellent shorthand, IMO. I'm American, but I was a teenager during that era. What we saw of this guy, whether or not it was true to his life, matched up with the movies Rita, Sue and Bob Too and Riff-Raff*, and the Adrian Mole books, and the TV show The Young Ones, where Rik Mayall's character was constantly ranting about Thatcher. Someone upthread summed it up pretty well, how Fagan was caught in a bureaucratic loop, along with so many others. *Early Robert Carlyle!
  8. I can't get past the idea that a lot of what was happening at Balmoral was just what the Windsors liked to do. And while "test" elements like "Don't sit in that chair that's right out in the open!" are unfair, pursuing your favorite activities is not necessarily setting someone up to fail. Some people are into hunting. Some people can take the stick out of their arse long enough to take part in a drinking game. I mean, drinking games aren't something you try to win. If you never mess up, you don't have to take a drink, and where's the fun in that? When you think of all the folderol they
  9. IRL, she did contrive to meet him. He came to the Spencer estate for a shooting party, and Diana, who had been ordered to stay away, lurked on the grounds (not wearing a costume!) and struck up a conversation. Charles was charmed. And the "sorry about your uncle" convo also happened, at a polo match. Charles was won over, or at least a good way there.
  10. Getting back to this, you've nailed it. At the time of the reboot, I was interested to see what DJ had been up to, because the original series ended with him wanting to be a filmmaker. (And what happened to that? 9/11, maybe, but we don't know.) I was also curious about what A&J would look and sound like, but for the novelty of it, not because I had a frame of reference. Also, what Patti said: Andy's absence makes it appear that Jackie has left no footprint. ETA because see how little they resonate?
  11. Heh...Have you ever pointed that out to them? Sorry to hear of all the nonsense you guys get from your families! But it does make me feel better, knowing I'm not the only one. -------------------------------------------- Was also going to say, could be that the costumes Ben was wearing might once have been Dan's. They're both large guys, and it would be a passing of the torch.
  12. It's in the 9-to-12 age that kids start wanting to be more involved with their families. They'll pull away again starting at age 13, of course, but in the tween years, family means a lot. Which brings me to something that kind of bugs: all the "Screw Andy and Jerry!" posts. Not denying anyone's right to their opinion, but speaking as the Jerry in my family, I have forgiven but not forgotten the way my family pushed me away when I was trying to be part of the group. I was never trying to be the center of attention, just didn't think I should be sitting in The Other Room reading while they
  13. Cyndi Lauper was my guess for Popcorn last week, but now I think Molly Ringwald. In the clue package, there were candles arranged in the shape of a 1 and a 6. Sixteen Candles. There's no connection between that film and Lauper, and Ringwald can sing, and in that style. OTOH, nothing in the backstory fit what I know of Ringwald. Does she have any ties to the LGBTQ community? 🏳️‍🌈 If it's not her, this is a long shot, but Patti Smith had a song on the 16C soundtrack.
  14. I finally watched the HBO Watchmen series, and I'm sure I caught an SNL reference. Not to spoil anything, but there's a scene where someone presses a button on a remote to open a trap door and drop the person sitting in the chair on top of it into an underground lair. There was a brand name on the remote: Wilson. I can't prove that it was a deliberate callback, but they didn't have to put a brand name on it at all. 😉
  15. To avoid the possibility of Claire's knowing someone named Harrison, McCartney or Lennon in this time. (Or O'Lennain; John's family was Irish a few generations back.) There can't be anyone named Ringo or Starr in colonial America.
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