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    Me, after someone (the son?) said "If you gave them a rock, they'd find something to do with that rock": OMG, I wonder if that's a callback! [explains "I had plans for that rock!" to DH] DH: You know what it is, it's about control. As long as he hangs on to that half-lifeing Mountain Dew, and the cameras are on him and people are focused on trying to reason with him, he's in control. He won't give up the Mountain Dew, or any of this other crap, because he doesn't want to give up control. Me: Why is the organizer talking about trust? These people haven't earned anyone's trust. They say never trust a junkie, and hoarders are junkies, in a sense. Never trust a hoarder. DH: [after the new organizer says "Why are we keeping a moldy Spice Girl?" BWAH-HAH-HAH! There's your new tagline, to replace the one about the rock! '"Why are we keeping a moldy Spice Girl?"'
  2. Lorna Mae

    S11.E01: Fake News

    Exactly: it would be stunt casting. When he was 9 and the character was 7, he looked like he could be Candace Bergen's son, but now he looks more like...John Goodman's son. (Too bad he's a little too old to play Jerry Conner!) Besides that, he's gone in a different direction as an actor. Young Skinner on the X-Files revival, for instance. A lot of edgy or broad comedy roles: whatever it takes to eclipse ISDP. I remember the line word-for-word: "Whoa, a little credit here! I was not 'running around' -- I was with one man! One man...one time." And that was Jake. Funny thing is, there was one episode during either her pregnancy or Avery's first year where Jerry tried living with her, as a blended-family kind of deal, but they found out that two abrasive people can't share a household. Anyway, there was no "either": it could only have been Jake.
  3. Lorna Mae

    S13.E02: The Gang Escapes

    Might have been slightly amusing if they'd never been trapped anywhere before. The McPoyles held them hostage; they were trapped in that family's house (epsiode was even called The Gang Gets Trapped); they quarantined themselves in the bar...Kept waiting for some new, unusual take on "The gang get stuck somewhere and have to find their way out". I suppose that would be Dennis's sex dungeon, but even that did not really figure into the plot.
  4. Lorna Mae

    S02.E09: Alone

    Quick question: I'd read, before this season began, that there would be a scene with Gianni and Antonio walking along the beach. Gianni stumbles, Antonio starts to help him up and Gianni panics. "No, you can't! Paparazzi!" But I don't remember seeing that. Was there such a scene, and if so, what episode? ETA: Okay, thanks.
  5. Lorna Mae

    S02.E07: Ascent

    The hotel slippers -- was there a callback (callforward?) to them in an earlier episode?
  6. Lorna Mae

    S01.E06: The Queen's Husband

    Yes, of all the pre-Sanger birth control methods, I did not expect "jump on the sofa". I predicted the copper-coin method, which had some effectiveness. But I'm American and didn't learn royal lineage in school, otherwise I would have known that nothing useful would be suggested, since the first child was born ten months after the wedding. And add me to the list of those who could do without all the Upstairs Downton nonsense.
  7. Lorna Mae

    S02.E07: Matrimonium

    When Margaret was told she couldn't announce her engagement until after Elizabeth's new baby was born, did anyone else hear Jan Brady? "Lilibet, Lilibet, Lilibet! I'm tired of being in Lilibet's [sob] shadow all the time!" Also, nice touch with the lace jabot being tightened around Charles' neck and jerking his head up, like a yoke.
  8. Lorna Mae

    S02.E02: A Company of Men

    That reporter looked a lot like Diana.
  9. Totally not show biz, but I'd happily watch a show about Edison vs. Tesla. Steampunk ahoy, and Tesla was one handsome fella. Also, I'd love to see the Saint Edison myth deconstructed.
  10. Lorna Mae

    Sun Records

    I thought it was "I Want Candy ".
  11. Lorna Mae

    Sun Records

    Is this the end of the season? I don't see an episode 7 in upcoming.
  12. Lorna Mae

    Small Talk: The Possum Posse

    http://wtov9.com/news/offbeat/hoarder-evicted-but-trash-remains-behind What I'm not clear on is, who dragged it all out of the house? The evicted tenant, as a FU to the landlord, or the landlord, in hopes that the tenant would follow? With a lot of hoarders, I get the impression they would choose to die with their stuff. In fact, I think that's been said at least once on this or the other show. So it's mildly surprising that the former tenant is nowhere to be seen. And according to the video, people are scavenging from the heap. Wouldn't it be something if one of them is a hoarder? Imagine a hoarder, hoarding stuff they scavenged from another hoarder's hoard! :D
  13. Lorna Mae

    Hollywood History: The Real-Life "Feud" and More

    Brought over from the Episode 3 thread: Well, that explains something Christina talked about in MD. At a memorial service for Joan, Christina walked in, George Cukor asked who she was, and at her reply, pandemonium ensued. "Myrna Loy got up and left the room. She left her drink, her speech and her mink coat right where they had been a moment before." Christina got crossways with Elvis once, also. She had a small role in one of his films, and was invited to, maybe not Graceland, but one of his houses. At any rate, Elvis pulled out a cigar, and one of his crew started to light it for him. Christina grabbed it and broke it in half. (It would have been a Hav-a-Tampa or Rum Crook, not a real cigar, but still.) "Don't do that." Elvis pulls out another cigar; Christina does the same thing. "I've asked you nicely." "Well, he shouldn't have to light your cigars." Third time, he goes off on her verbally; she throws a drink in his face. Elvis pulls her out of the room by her hair and sends her out the door with his foot in her ass. Later, Christina comes back to apologize. Reason given was "she resented seeing her mother treat everybody who worked for her the same way."
  14. Jackie seemed like the kind of person who never grew out of thinking her life would be like a movie, or a nighttime soap. Glamorous, well-paying job, perfect marriage with beautifully furnished home, or swinging-single social life with fabulous rent-controlled apartment, and every day a new adventure. Any aspect of her life that didn't measure up to that wasn't worth pursuing.
  15. Lorna Mae

    Hollywood History: The Real-Life "Feud" and More

    Guess what I found on the local library's discard sale rack -- My Mother's Keeper. Yes, I bought it. Not because I thought it would give me insight into Bette Davis; only because I wanted to get a handle on daughter B.D. And I sure did: O. M. G., what a bitchy bratty brat bitch. Detractors of Christina Crawford/Mommie Dearest usually say "Well, you're only getting Christina's side of the story; the flip side is that she talked back, acted out and was generally difficult." That may or may not be true, but, B.D.'s side of her own story shows B.D. talking back, acting out, and generally being difficult! I'm only halfway through, but already I'm convinced that B.D. would have delivered that speech from episode 2; probably not in such an articulate manner, but certainly with as much venom. Many of her comebacks in MMK boil down to "Mother, I can't help it if I'm gorgeous and you're old!" I don't blame Bette for wanting to send her to Exile Farm; I'm not surprised that seeing B.D. flirting with crewmembers would set off alarm bells. And this quote cracks me up: "If you want to leave [this party]...you don't have to worry about me; I have a date with Danny Milland to go to another party in Malibu." She must have been a Kardashian before the Kardashians. That said, if Gary Merrill was as she described him, I can cut her some slack (without entirely excusing snottiness and disrespect). I specifically hope the scene with the horse was made up, or greatly exaggerated. It made me cry, and I rarely cry for animals.