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  1. I am a health insurance broker. You cannot shop for health insurance outside of open enrollment without a qualifying life event. So no idea what christine was looking for. Plus, if you have insurance on the federal marketplace or a state exchange 99% of the plans do not have coverage out of network, or out of state. Now maybe because of a "change of financial situation" she qualified for medicaid outside of open enrollment - maybe she proved during covid they had a severe change of cirumstances and qualfied for free health insurance. I was baffled by her revelation, personally.
  2. Agree! I think I read this book when I was in high school or college in late 80s and it had a strong impact on me. When I saw they were making the series I was giddy! I tried to read Testament but the continuation differed so much from what the show has established in season 2-3 that I had a hard time with it. After watching this episode and considering, and reading the comments here, I did not get the feeling that June orchestrated the van heist alone. They all looked at each other with knowing glances. I think Alma was the first to jump up? I am pissed they did not shoot Lydia, but
  3. For someone with a supposed health crisis every 2 seconds, they sure go on a lot of vacations.🙄 From Danielle IG today, seemed like a post from another Caribbean/Mexican beach resort.
  4. Listen to voicemail 75- its the one where Meri states she is taking steps to get to him... 🤮
  5. I dont agree- at that time Meri was on her way "out" and the divorce played perfectly into her Catfish exit plan.
  6. My takeaways: - communication issues is code for "we have had suppressed honest feelings for so many years and dammit we need to air it all out." That would be the highest rated episode of this mess since the catfish. - The mere fact that Robyn has just "weaned" her 4 year old??? does that mean breastfeeding? with that lumpy thyroid neck issue? GROSS. and to be thinking about even having another spawn? The only reason why she is saying this is because she may have to go get a job. - Why is Robyn in the car on her zoom call? - Wonky editing with Janelle's mouth cancer - i
  7. I feel that this age group of the kids and older kids must know what is filmed and probably have the hardest time knowing the family problems (Meri & Kody no sex, etc..). They can now understand what a jerkoff their dad is and how messed up this whole family dynamic is. No wonder all the older kids go running as fast as they can. But Meri brought Robyn into the family...Isn't that a kick in the ass?
  8. I agree, can't even blame it on corona-quarantine depression/weight gain. Both of them are just so "blah".
  9. My take aways from this episode were that they were rilly rilly fillin things about Kronavirus (per Kodufus). So stressful! So upsetting! His "earth time 3/22/2020" annoyed the shit out of me. Emergency! Tub1 and Tub2 are havin to rilly leave Chicago in a hurry!! leave the Kingsize bed behind!!
  10. Regardless, those two are not "romper bodies". It will look horrendous.
  11. I have learned recently that most dgaf about how convenient or inconvenient their weddings are. The trend here in NJ is mid week weddings now! I recall something financial maybe? I also remember Meri had a job and when the show aired she was either fired or forced to quit.
  12. OMG this episode annoyed the crap out of me. The Covid conversations from a year ago are so dramatic and the music is annoying. And the amount of wrinkles that Robyn in generating from the constant frowning and gloom and doom. FLAGSTAFF...NOW...HAS A CASE...OF THE... CORONAVIRUS. But we now know that Christine is regretting her backdoor entrance. HAHA
  13. please watch this hysterical reinactment of the pizza place conversation with sound on. https://www.reddit.com/r/TLCsisterwives/comments/ly9sz9/the_browns_discuss_the_pink_elephant_in_the_room/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  14. She'd be too tired and unmotivated to make it. The more I think about the timing of taping and current postings from the family, the more likely I am inclined to believe the unreality of this show. They all have parts to play now to keep this going. Kody's angry elf self now is the new "character." Meri spends extraordinary time in the B&B now so she is likely never near the family much. They live completely seperate lives. I actually think that Christine hit the nail on the head and exposed the sham by saying that when Kody comes to her house in the evenings for a few hours (not
  15. Especially now that Hannah is engaged to Des. Like the whole season of Luke will not matter one bit now.
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