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  1. insurance will not decline a pregnancy if it has already started. I dont know why someone would say that. I am an insurance agent.
  2. They know she has this "attacks" and yet they continued to argue in front of her and basically say that they cannot agree on moving to a rental or buying, but like over and over, to the point where I was wondering why they would even get the kids involved in this?? This is an adult decision.
  3. Jennifer is a bully - disgusting behavior from someone whose own child is bullied at school and brother has been suffering from his mother's issues with being gay. How about looking at your own behavior? Marge is right, your insides are ugly.
  4. I took it like "draining the swamp" - once Lenny is ready to put the papal robes back on, literally the pool is draining and all the dirt washing away. But who knows, maybe it was just Sorrentino's way of letting us stare at Jude Law's amazing ass.
  5. I felt that exact way! He looked like a painting.
  6. not here to debate child support laws - every state/situation must be different. My CS was through Court and settlement. I had to appeal for an emancipation waiver, but it was immediately granted as the kids were in a 4 year college. Im sure Kody Brown supports his kids. I dont think they have formal child support orders in place for the "non-legal" mom's kids.
  7. My kids were eligible for child support until they graduated college in NJ. Thats what I mean. They were 23.
  8. If kids are in college full time, you do not have to emancipate them until they graduate. Helper is an apprentice, and that is a unioned position here in NY/NJ area as well as Im sure across US. My ex was a helper when we got married in 92 and made approx 45-50K then as a helper, worked up the ranks in the union and now makes over 200K as a foreman.
  9. Ugh and then Margaret offered her credit card to that sleeze to pay for the broken candle.
  10. Probably fake - like the Chanel Melissa was accused of selling at Envy.
  11. Jordan... eeeww. But in the preview he makes an appearance.
  12. My daughter's best friend goes to Vet School in St. Kitts with Gabby. Its much cheaper to go to school out of the country And Vet schools are very competitive, probably even more so than medical school. The school they attend is renown worldwide. The island suffered during the last few hurricanes as well, which may be contributing to the water saving.
  13. ok what are we to think at the final scene where Pius XIII's head falls to the side?
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