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  1. If kids are in college full time, you do not have to emancipate them until they graduate. Helper is an apprentice, and that is a unioned position here in NY/NJ area as well as Im sure across US. My ex was a helper when we got married in 92 and made approx 45-50K then as a helper, worked up the ranks in the union and now makes over 200K as a foreman.
  2. Ugh and then Margaret offered her credit card to that sleeze to pay for the broken candle.
  3. Probably fake - like the Chanel Melissa was accused of selling at Envy.
  4. Jordan... eeeww. But in the preview he makes an appearance.
  5. My daughter's best friend goes to Vet School in St. Kitts with Gabby. Its much cheaper to go to school out of the country And Vet schools are very competitive, probably even more so than medical school. The school they attend is renown worldwide. The island suffered during the last few hurricanes as well, which may be contributing to the water saving.
  6. ok what are we to think at the final scene where Pius XIII's head falls to the side?
  7. finally see Tasha without that horrible wig.
  8. My boss does that constantly - its very rude!
  9. so where is Meri now? Assume she must have moved out of the cliff side mansion?
  10. I notice when Christine is trying to be serious she starts over enunciating words and adding "t" or "k" to everything - she is infuriatingk 🙂
  11. Its very 80s - I got one for my high school graduation in 1987! back in the day when you wanted the double name ankle bracelets to signify your "serious" high school romance.
  12. Christine's voice drives me batty - especially when she gets serious whispery. And the way she pronounces - FLAAGSTAAF. UGH
  13. loved it!! going to rewatch because I am sure I missed things.
  14. funny - I said for a woman who can't put her son through college without her sister's money- she is wearing a Moncler coat and her son is wearing a Canada Goose jacket - each easily $1000. Oh not to mention the car she was driving.
  15. Anyone notice that Joe comments on all Tre's IG posts - even refers to her as his wife? i though they were dunzo?
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