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  1. Zander was my favorite and I loved Chad Brannon. It was nice getting to see a glimpse of him. I've always been sad he didn't do more as an actor. He's one of those examples that talent doesn't guarantee success. I didn't know if he was still acting but I was watching a Lifetime movie a couple of months ago and he popped up in it and I was so happy to see him. It's one of those Lifetime movies about girls being kidnapped and their desperate mothers trying to find them. It premiered this year, but I can't remember the title of it. I think John-Paul Lavosier (Rex from OLTL) was in it as well.
  2. I just bought the blu-ray and went have gone through the first three seasons already. Frank Jr. appears later that season in TOW the Two Bullies. I've always wondered if we're too assume it's possible that was Frank Jr. It was from Ross's list. I always think about that when I watch TOW Frank Jr. because as previously mentioned there was the Winona Ryder reference and when Ross mentions Susan Sarandon, Chandler says he doesn't think she'd be a good addition because she'd probably make him "donate two cans of food first" before she'd do it with Ross. And then they both guest star later. That line - and, yes, his line reading of it - always cracks me up.
  3. Shut up, Justin (I almost wrote Ned.) I was glad that Sonny snarked at Victor about him letting Will rot in prison. Who cares if it wasn't helping the situation. That kind of snark is the least of what Victor should be getting on a daily basis. I think Sonny has been far too nice to Victor and was glad to see that he hadn't forgotten what he did to his husband.
  4. I don't really think Brady cares about "status" otherwise he wouldn't have been dating a psychopath like Kristen. I would hope Brady has enough money saved that destroying Titan wouldn't ruin him financially, then again he is a moron. But Brady being a moron doesn't change the fact that what Victor did to him was beyond heinous. He let his own grandson think his child was dead and isn't even sorry about it. It doesn't matter that he's 80 years old. He shouldn't get a pass on the crimes he commits. Brady has every right to want revenge and destroying Victor's company is small potatoes compared to what he deserves. If Isabella reappears she should slap Brady a few times especially for dating Kristen, trying to browbeat others into believing she's changed, and letting her go off with Mickey/Rachel. But Isabella should keep that hand loose and hand out plenty of slaps to Victor for what he did to her son.
  5. You're acting like she's the bad guy here. And how is Brady Xander's worst enemy? What has Brady done to Xander? Sarah is turning to Brady because they've both been hurt and deceived by Xander not because he's Xander's worst enemy. Xander's worst enemy is probably himself.
  6. That's what should happen when you play God like he did. He's losing a job he only gained because he screwed several people over. Will spent a long time in prison and almost lost his husband thanks to Xander's crap. Eric and Sarah bonded with a child and ended up losing her the same time they have to grieve their child. Xander has not lost more than anybody. What does Brady forgiving Kristen have to do with Sarah? Brady was a brain-damaged moron for forgiving Kristen for the things she's done. Sarah should not be emulating that behavior. More importantly, Brady and Sarah are two different people. One choosing to forgive someone for doing something heinous to them doesn't mean the other has to do the same thing. Xander may have lied to Sarah "out of love" but he still lied to her about something monumental for ages. After she discovered his part in sending Will to prison she wanted no more lies but Xander continued to deceive her. She has every right to be pissed with him and to dump him. Xander's lucky none of them people he's wronged are pressing charges. While "immature" Brady and Sarah letting him think they slept together is Xander getting off light.
  7. I think Kristen only sucks slightly more than Xander. You missed him shooting Marlena and almost killing her. As well as him forcing Nicole into marriage, trying to force her constantly to have sex with him, and threatening to kill her. Xander was a very willing accomplice of Kristen's for a long time. The only thing he slightly balked at was faking Holly's death. Kristen barely had to twist his arm to do that and he exhibited no remorse when his role in that was found out. Also, Xander - again with minimal arm twisting - was going to help Kristen raid Sarah's womb until Kristen put a stop to it when she found out she was pregnant. I think he's getting way too much of a pass (here at least) for his role in the baby switch. So what it was Victor's idea and Victor begged him to do it. He's an adult (supposedly) and Victor was not holding a gun to his head. He could have said no but he willingly went along and would have continued with the charade forever. And as Rafe rightfully pointed out, if those two jerks hadn't tampered with evidence the truth could have come out much sooner and some needlessly suffering wouldn't have happened. As far as him not getting anything out of it, that's not true. After willingly letting Brady think his kid was dead, he demanded Victor give him Brady's job as reward for his deeds. And after all that the dude actually gets self-righteous and huffy after he thought Brady stabbed Victor. Without even bothering to think about what would have driven Brady to it (and his own role in that) he promises an unconscious Victor he'll get revenge. This in keeping with him threatening Marlena when she dared speak poorly about him to Sarah. He shot her and yet dares to get uppity because she trashes him. Also, something that feels like it's been forgotten with the baby switch mess, is that Xander and Victor let Will take the blame for the accident. They both gave two shits they let Sonny think his husband killed his mother. And that bastard Xander actually had the audacity to ask Sonny to attend his wedding. He's never really apologized for what he did and basically acted like and Sonny should get over it. That's why I don't buy into Xander's redemption or that he truly feels remorse. He cares that he got caught and is upset Sarah dumped him. He cares about Maggie's and Sarah's pain but doesn't give a damn about everyone else he hurt. He's basically just like Victor in that way. They both want to use Maggie as a shield as if saying "I did it for Maggie" should be good enough to get everyone off their backs.
  8. You're right it probably could have waited, but I understand Michael and everyone else's anxiousness over it. You saying they just want what they want makes it sound like Wiley was just getting a nose job or something silly. It's not like everyone was overjoyed at the prospect of Wiley having surgery. And, I think it does matter if the surgery was a success. Complications could have arisen, and that could have happened whether they waited or not, but it hasn't. Michael doesn't get everything he wants - witness his string of dead girlfriends. I'm pretty sure it wasn't his desire to have his firstborn's mother be a psychopath. I hate Michael in most Corinthos-related scenes but am fine with him in most others. I'm okay with him losing now and then, but certainly not to Nelle. Monica offered to get Nelle second opinions and Nelle wasn't interested, so no, she didn't just throw articles at her. Willow isn't detaching from Wiley because his father knows Wiley loves her and wants her in his life. Willow has barely had any scenes with Wiley since she found out he wasn't her kid. She's not outside the Q mansion with binoculars watching Wiley constantly. Willow and Nelle's actions aren't really comparable. Willow had a legitimate concern and was worried about what Shiloh would do to the baby. While the Corinthos clan certainly aren't safe to be around that wasn't Nelle's concern. If Michael had been willing to forgive her for her numerous lies she would have happily married into that family (and almost did) and stayed with him. She only tossed her kid over to Brad like he was some sort of tradeable baseball card because she wanted to stick it to Carly (and Michael for seeing who she was and being done with her.) She wants to win over her no matter what. That's what the current custody case is about as well. They might not recognize it because they don't see it that way and I don't either. I don't think Willow is twisted at all. You're probably right she should be in therapy and deal with the death of her son, but it wouldn't change her feelings for Wiley. She loves him and sees what a toxic presence Nelle would be in his life and wants to protect him. There's nothing unhealthy about that. She's not delusional. She knows that WIley isn't her biological child, but that doesn't change her love for him. That's not sick. And, she was perfectly fine not marrying Michael. It was Sasha and Chase pushing her toward Michael that convinced her to help Michael.
  9. During that entire year he was helping keep Will in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He also participated in a baby switch. And, then, after helping convince Brady that his daughter was dead, he added insult to injury by demanding Victor give him Brady's job. Yeah, I know the show's excuse was that he was doing it all out of love for Maggie and Sarah but his actions were still disgusting and not really the acts IMO of a reformed person especially since he can barely muster an apology to the people's lives he destroyed (not that I give a shit about Brady and Kristen, but still...) That's how it played to me as well. Ugh, Ciara was so passive-aggressive in her scenes with Hope. It was pretty clear that while she was pretending that she would understand if Hope had a problem with the engagement, she was clearly showing she would be upset if Hope didn't act overjoyed over the engagement. I can understand why Hope didn't want to express her concerns but you could see she wasn't entirely comfortable when she hugged Ciara.
  10. They certainly could have waited a little bit, but nothing negative happened to Wiley after he had the surgery. It wasn't about "wanting what they wanted." It's not like any of them were sitting around hoping for Wiley to need surgery. I'm fine with your best case scenario, but I don't want Nelle to have custody at all. I'd be fine with Carly facing consequence, but that's never going to happen.
  11. People keep talking about Willow's obsession with Wiley and I'm not seeing it. She thought he was her son and that love for him didn't switch off when she found out he wasn't. She wants the best life for him, yet despite that she didn't jump at the chance to marry Michael. Chase and Sasha had to come up with a plot to get her to do it. There's a difference between a cochlear implant - something that can help but isn't truly needed - and the type of surgery Wiley needed. I'm not a mob apologist either, but I certainly wouldn't shed any tears if someone locked the person who tried to murder me on a roof, especially if I thought my kid's well-being was at stake. Michael didn't put his mother up to it and didn't know about it beforehand. Him not caring that it happened does not put him on the same level as Nelle, who would have thrown someone off the roof if she thought it served her purposes and then acted like that person was to blame and she was the actual victim.
  12. I don't think it's ridiculous at all that she's still grieving her father, but I do think it's ridiculous that she's still blaming Curtis. I know she's grieving and that affects anyone's judgment, let alone a teenager's, but Trina was always portrayed as level-headed enough that blaming Curtis for saving her life - especially with how repetitive these scenes are - looks tired and is annoying. And, yes, her mom should definitely be insisting on counseling, like Liz did with Cameron, but she should also still tell her about how not to talk to the adults around her.
  13. I know it's a soap, but there are still limits - at least for me (generally speaking.) It being a soap doesn't stop me from hating Sonny and Carly et al. for the disgusting things they do. Same goes for Nelle. Yeah, Michael was a dumbass for disclosing what he did in the car, but ultimately, it was what landed Nelle in prison so not completely dumb. And it doesn't mean he deserved to have her leave him burning alive - which IMO is not soapy. Maybe modern soap, but that's one of the major problems with modern soaps nowadays. Nelle's not even a smart schemer. She's gotten away with a lot, but at this point most of her plots are so transparent even Wiley can see through them and she's been caught way too many times to be as smug as she is.
  14. The most distasteful part of the wedding scenes for me wasn't the kiss or the wedding itself, but that scene with Monica and Sonny. I was seriously hoping Monica would get in some sort of snarky line about him killing AJ or not being happy he was in her home but instead she just smiled at him. To make the scene ten times worse, Monica did get indignant but only about the fact that Lucy would be performing the ceremony. Lucy only stole her husband she didn't MURDER HER CHILD. Of course that smug idiot Nelle thinks marrying Julian will somehow equal Michael marrying Willow. At least Willow and Michael are friends and like each other. The whole reason Diane said Michael couldn't marry Sasha was because of her past. Sasha only has the issue with her committing "fraud" and lying to Nina. That is nothing compared to Julian's past. What is wrong with Trina's mom? I know Trina is grieving but she should give her a serious talk about respecting her elders. It's ridiculous that Trina is still that mad at Curtis. I know it's probably just to ramp up the drama when Curtis is revealed to be her bio dad, but it just makes Trina look dumb and petty. Same with her attitude to Jordan. Yes, Jordan is lying by admitting her role in what happened but she's not lying about what Taggert did. Trina is being such an asshole, I'm going to enjoy it when she finds out the whole truth and finds out that, yes, her dad did do what she's been screaming to the rafters he would never do.
  15. He lost the moral high ground? To the woman who tried to burn him alive and isn't sorry for it? He lost the moral high ground to her? Why because he knew his mother locked her on the roof so his son could get surgery to improve his quality of life? For all the talk of Michael being too "white bread" and how he's too perfect somehow it's an issue that he legitimately loathes the woman who tried to murder him. Not unpopular with me. Nelle is heinous and shouldn't have custody of a houseplant let alone a precious baby. I still loathe Sonny/Carly and don't necessarily want them to win, but I'm fine with Michael/Willow winning. This will be a rare instance that I'm fine with a Corinthos getting what they want. That "compromise" was in no way a compromise and in no way generous. Michael is right that Monica and Bobbie would much rather lose their jobs than have Nelle get custody. If she simply offered to drop the lawsuit and offered joint custody that's one thing but she thinks she should get sole custody which is ludicrous. Michael would have been an idiot to take that deal especially since Nelle has no proof for her claims.
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