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  1. I found those Tripp/Charlie scenes really interesting. I actually loved that about Tripp. It shows he has a lot more humanity than Charlie does. It's possible Tripp was just trying to work him towards the end, pretending to have sympathy for him to get Charlie to be willing to confess, but I think he was actually sincere. I think he was rightly pissed at Charlie and didn't plan on feeling anything for him, but once Charlie started confiding in him, it changed a little. Like he said, he could relate and feel some empathy. Because of how he grew up, I think family really does mean a lot to Tripp, so I think he meant it that he'd stand by Charlie if he did the right thing and confessed. Once Charlie turned hostile again, it made sense his thinking switched to "bad childhood or not, my sympathy only goes so far and I'm not letting you take me down for something you did." Mike Manning is compelling, but Charlie's angst is kind of pathetic. It sucks that his mom didn't give him any love, but to think that is an excuse for most of what he's done (maybe save kidnapping Ava) and that he blame Tripp is just weak. My sympathy only goes so far.
  2. That's not what Steve said. He said he never believed Tripp could hurt a woman like that - meaning rape. Holding a scalpel to someone's neck (and not using it) and holding someone down to rape them are very different.
  3. I agree. I find GH much more of a chore to get through. For the last two or three weeks, I've been eagerly anticipating Days episodes. I won't disagree that most of the storyline are horribly written and some are offensive, and yet I've still been entertained. I think both storylines have horrifically weak points, but I've been enjoying the Abigail/Chad/Gwen story and the Tripp/Charlie/Ava story. I loathe, loathe, loathe Gwen at this point and can't wait for her comeuppance but the actors are all doing a great job and, while I've been sure where this story is going from the beginning, there's still some suspense to it. I actually care about the character of Tripp and I think the actor playing Charlie has been doing a great job, plus its a storyline that's involving a lot of other characters - including vets like Steve, Kayla, and John. Now on days without those storylines, I have been less than enthused, but it's still better than GH most of these days. I've been watching GH a lot longer, and probably care about a lot more characters on that show, but there's only one storyline going on right now that I'd say I'm thoroughly enjoying. I'm sorry, but I'd definitely take these stories over some boring story with Roman - legacy character or not (leaving aside that those other two stories I mentioned feature plenty of legacy characters and vets.) I'd be happy to see them try a story with Roman and see how that goes but if it went like the Roman/Hattie story, I'd probably be bored.
  4. What does one being blonde and the other having dark hair have to do with it? Nicole, and the other people, who now think it's Charlie didn't really randomly change their minds. I think it helps that Allie's grandfather John took part in the investigation and helped put the pieces together. It helps that Ava was found tied up in Charlie's apartment. It helps that Allie has already expressed feeling uncomfortable around Charlie. It also helps that, drugged up or not, Ava has confirmed that not only is Charlie her son (so his DNA could match Henry's just as much as Tripp's) but said that Charlie confessed to her. I'm guessing the same laws that applied to Tripp will apply to Charlie. Right now he's just being charged with Ava's kidnapping. Tripp admitted that he was being stubborn about initially not wanting to take the test because he was mad that Kayla (and possibly Steve) wouldn't believe him without it. He said that he would have given his permission eventually. And, honestly, he probably could have stopped them from reading the results if he wanted to since they had done it behind his back.
  5. Yeah, Kayla's blasé attitude with Steve annoyed me a lot. Maybe she's waiting for more confirmation of Charlie's guilt, but she didn't seem to experience much remorse that she could have been so horribly wrong and accused him of something so heinous, even going so far as to having Steve kick him out of the house.
  6. I'm definitely joining the Carly haters/Nikolas lovers today! I mean Carly calling someone else a hypocrite and ignoring her own blinding hypocrisy is par for the course, but it's still enraging. As if it being Avery's home means her mother's supposed to just let her stay there. Neither Carly or Sonny would have hesitated to snatch Avery under similar circumstances. While I know we were supposed to sympathize with Carly, I'm glad that Nikolas didn't back down, despite her pathetic justifications, and got the last word. His line about respecting Sonny's wishes, but not being ruled by them was AWESOME. I especially loved that Ava ignored her pointed comment to Avery, while glaring at Ava, that Avery needed her sister - like hello witch, that's exactly what Ava said earlier. She wasn't planning on keeping Avery from her sister. They got the hell out of there not letting her get the upperhand. And, I'm glad stupid Jax did not try and butt out and make any comments. Also loved the Ava/Trina scene. She just laid it out for her, without discounting her anger, and got her to see it from Taggert's side of things.
  7. Another thing about today, I really loved the Tripp/Steve scenes (Lucas Adams and Stephen Nichols really do have great chemistry together) and Steve advising him - based on his own past experiences - not to take matters into his own hands. I'm not sure if it's a little sad, or sketchy, though that Steve could have taken that further and reminded Tripp that Steve has his own rapist brother. I wasn't watching at the time, so I don't know how long it took for Jack and Steve to become close, but I wonder if Steve would actually advise Tripp to forgive Charlie or to get to know him, considering that history.
  8. Claire's motivation was pretty plainly stated today in that she wants to believe Charlie is a good person and that she knows him because he's the first person who has loved her unconditionally (though I wonder about that. I wasn't watching when her and Theo first got together, but she was relatively normal then and he liked who she was. It was only when she got crazier and started doing stupid things that he broke up with her.) But I still find it eye-roll worthy how she keeps talking about how well she knows him and how he couldn't possibly have done it. They've only known each other a short time and just started dating. She knew Tripp for a lot longer and was quickly willing to believe he was Allie's rapist even before the DNA test. I can sympathize with her in some way because she finally has someone who has chosen her, but it's hard to feel too much sympathy or investment given the relatively short nature of this relationship. Though, I was thinking about this the other day, and I wonder if they are setting this up for Claire to forgive him. If there's anyone on the canvas who would understand Charlie's motivation in being crazy jealous of a relative, it would be Claire. She went insane because of her jealousy for Ciara.
  9. There's no way to know if Avery wouldn't have gotten hurt. No, Mike wouldn't have done it intentionally but he wasn't exactly in his right mind and he could have unintentionally harmed her. I think Ava had every right to be upset and I think she had every right to use it to her advantage. As has been pointed out, Sonny and Carly weren't above using family members and their unfortunate situations against Ava. They fought tooth and nail to keep her from Avery. I don't blame her for seeing her shot to use something against them and taking it. If Sonny and Carly weren't baby hoarders (and Carly took great pleasure in telling Ava that Avery called her mommy) she wouldn't have had to resort to that.
  10. I'm not sure if a male character ever has. I know on OLTL (not sure if Carlivati was writing at the time) they toyed with Todd having it, but I think ultimately it turned out that he was faking it.
  11. What annoys me is Ava didn't negotiate for merely more visitation, she went for joint custody and, of course, everyone in Sonny's family treated her as the lowest of the low for daring to use Mike's condition to get custody of Avery. I was so glad when it happened because I thought they were finally putting an end to the interminable custody war for Avery. But, of course, the show couldn't let Ava have a win over Sonny, so now they've just ignored that they're supposed to have joint custody and act like Sonny and Carly are doing Ava a favor every time she asks to see Avery or that she's basically just a babysitter with no rights to her own kid.
  12. I think Lucas owes him a big apology, especially for going after him physically, but the other three played a bigger part in starting this and keeping this going. Nicole was the one who pushed Allie to remember what happened. She was right that Allie was raped, but as someone who was advising her she should have pushed her just as hard to truly remember what happened before starting to throw around accusations. I think Allie and Kayla owe him the biggest apology. Allie was the one who lead the charge in making the accusation and, like Lucas, went after Tripp violently. I can sympathize partly with Allie maybe not wanting to relive her own rape, but if you're going to accuse someone of something so serious you should have more than just some vague memory to go on. Part of why Kayla probably owes him a bigger apology is there were a couple of times Allie expressed some doubt but constantly pointed to the DNA test as why it had to be him. I want to blame the writers more since they're the reason why this half-assed test was used so they could increase "suspense" in this storyline. Obviously a DNA test, in this situation, needed to be done but again, not the test they did. To be fair to Kayla, she did run the test several times, but I feel like as someone who knew Tripp personally she should have questioned things more. I know they have a complicated history, but still she should have had some doubts. She should have explained better that the test didn't prove Tripp was the father just that they shared DNA. She's the one who made it seem like there were no other possibilities and yet when Steve presented the alternate theory that it could have been a cousin of Tripp's finally she pointed at that yeah it basically could have been any other close blood relative.
  13. Rafe (and a lot of cops on this show) have done bonehead things, but I didn't think anything he did today was anywhere close to the worst. I guess I've just gotten used to this show's lax adherence to HIPPA laws and exhibiting real world rules for how police stations would be run. Allie's sucked a lot during this storyline, but I didn't have a problem with anything she did today. I can't blame her for wanting answers. She didn't go in there screaming that Charlie raped her. Yes, we know he's guilty and she doesn't, which is why she has questions. And knowing that Charlie is guilty, I don't care about his rights being violated or that he'll face some tough questions.
  14. Yes, she was referring to John. He's married to her grandmother and considers Sami like a daughter. He's referred to her as his granddaughter several times and she's called him grandpa.
  15. Not that this show doesn't do nonsensical things all the time, and ReRon isn't nicknamed that for nothing, but I don't see them going the DID route. I know people point to the glasses thing, but Charlie has been "good" Charlie and "bad" Charlie whether he's wearing his glasses or not. His personality changes aren't dictated by whether he's wearing glasses. Most alternate personalities do not answer to the host's given name and he's never answered to anything other than Charlie. Yes, the actor is doing a good job of showing how Charlie can sometimes turn on a dime and be more sinister, but that just seems like somebody who's true colors are showing when they're pushed, not as some symptom of an alternate personality. It was especially evident in his scene with Ben where he realized the innocent act wasn't working and got a little more aggressive. If they keep the actor, they'll just have him get away with the rape the same way so many other assholes get away with the things they do on this show. It's still a he said/she said rape, so it's unlikely London would change their mind about pressing charges. They might just keep him around as an antagonist for the younger scene. I am interested in seeing the dynamic play out between him and Tripp.
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