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  1. LMAO. I was actually complimenting this show on doing a few non-predictable things and now they've done the beam knocking Sonny's back thing and this ending today. I will say I didn't see this coming days ago, but it was so obvious with Wu mysteriously whispering something in Jason's ear and then Carly following up on it with Jason not elaborating. At that point it was obvious to me what was happening. Not to mention they're clearly not going to kill Carly and Jason, so there was absolutely zero suspense. Like others have said though, it's gross that Jason allowed this without seeming
  2. What's so wrong with living over a bar? And, he's probably saving money that way. I'm sure Roman is giving him a great discount since he's the father of his grandkids and is the son of the woman he's into. I'm not as enamored with Johnny, or the actor playing him, as many here, but I love him not taking EJ's crap and giving right back to EJ all the attitude EJ throws at him. I think Johnny is being too cavalier about this movie and not really treating it with the care for something that's truly his dream, but EJ has been such a turd about this. If you think it's a passing fancy, so what?
  3. Elizabeth came on the show at 15/16. It’s not science fiction that she could have had friends before that. I think calling them raves was probably an exaggeration, but her dragging her to partieS sounds plausible, especially Liz’s parents - from what we know of them - probably weren’t that attentive. Yeah, Liz was fake acting so they could give Britt a distraction from the wedding. I thought Sam’s line was sort of lame, but him dragging her to the yacht doesn’t prove she doesn’t have some fight in her especially since she was the one killed him on said boat.
  4. I fast forwarded most of their scenes, but I caught some of it and - maybe the show’s heart was in the right place - but so much of the dialogue was so trite and felt like pandering. It didn’t help that it was delivered by VK and RSW - though in their defense I don’t think Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks could have made that stuff any less hackneyed. Also, maybe I’m overreacting partially due to my hate of the character/pairing, but I was somewhat offended they were using such an important, dark topic to goose up Ben’s angst about his serial killing ways.
  5. I agree about Peter and I enjoyed today's scenes. I think a lot of people might be able to forgive her. Lots of people in that town have done way worse than what she's done with Sonny. I would say that maybe it's different because she hurt the "good" mob, but the last time she did something this awful - cutting Avery out of Ava - she also hurt the Corinthos family since she kidnapped Sonny's kid. Valentin will definitely forgive her. I think Obrecht and Britt will as well. Given her history, I would say Maxie probably will. She considers Nina family. She might get pissed that Nina kn
  6. I enjoyed Peter needling Nina today. Still, what an idiotic Bond-esque villain move on his part. "I gotta leave here in a hurry, but let me stay here and mock you for your poor life choices." Multi-task, Peter - mock and spread the gasoline at the same time. Or, better yet, you have two guns - use them to make sure they actually die. What if a customer came around? LOL, okay, Tan-O customers don't exist. But did he not think "Mike" might not come around any time soon? At first, I thought it was stupid Phyllis didn't do more or grab a weapon, but Peter did give her only two minutes and was
  7. I guess I'm the opposite then. Given how prevalent they are, I would assume someone has their phone on them. The only time that wouldn't be my thought is if they were just lounging around at home, which Phyllis wasn't doing.
  8. I don't remember her admitting she was a hypocrite last time. I get that Harmony is trying to be a better person and owned up to what she's done, but this is still a woman who set up TWO of Alexis's daughters to be raped. I think she should be able to handle a little snark. I don't think it makes Peter clairvoyant to assume she had two cellphones considering he knew she also had Mike's phone.
  9. I don't think it's that much of a stretch. Jax/Brenda/Sonny was a pretty popular triangle for a long time and at one point Brenda did pick him over Sonny. Way before the episode was even over, Alexis admitted the hypocrisy and that she couldn't throw stones. And Alexis is pretty much voluntarily in jail because she's trying to make some changes and owned up to what she did. I don't think it's that stupid, at least it's not the same old, same old with this show. Like you said, Dante is already an admitted baseball lover and there's nothing saying Sam couldn't like it, too. I tho
  10. Rejoice, Bonnie, the day is saved and all your problems are solved. Justin, lawyer extraordinaire, is on the case. Wait, did I say, Bonnie? Scratch that. I meant Rafe.
  11. I agree. I've been enjoying the actor's take since he came back from the dead. They probably should have just kept him dead, but since the writing isn't helping him - and he's going to get hate anyway - he might as well have some fun with it. I've been enjoying him needling "Mike" (I love the way he mockingly says it) and Nina. But I did like the character before. I think they tried to course correct by having Peter become somewhat of a goody-goody, but I liked the character and his relationship with Maxie, but once they veered off completely in the opposite direction and had him attempt
  12. He killed Franco on-screen. I definitely don't mourn that character, but that's a pretty serious crime.
  13. Ron is pretty notorious for "promising" actors big storylines to get them to stay or come back. I don't blame KA, or GV, for not buying anything he promised them and deciding to leave.
  14. 🙄🤮 As much as I was hoping it would be a one-off that didn't seem likely given DH warned about a storyline that a lot of people wouldn't like. Why do that if was just going to be a one-off?
  15. Won't he? Hasn't he? It's been so long since Mac was commissioner, but I think he has worked with them in some capacity before. Jordan worked with them not because her character sucked as a commissioner, but because that's how this show rolls. Since Sonny/Jason/Carly are the "good" mob, the police work with them. Anna did it when she was a commissioner. Even Robert's turned to them for help. So, I don't see that changing if Mac becomes commissioner. I assume they'll recast, but maybe not. I mean they have the undelivered divorce papers still hanging out there and I'm not sure wrapping
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