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  1. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't recall anyone saying Blair Underwood/Robert was gross. There were definitely people who said they prefer the look of David Eigenberg. That's not misguided, that's just a matter of people having different preferences. And, no, I wouldn't say Underwood is undeniably attractive. Do I think he's an attractive man? Sure. But, no matter how conventionally attractive he might appear to many that doesn't mean that there are some people whose boats he just doesn't float.
  2. The closed captions spoiled it for me. I thought maybe it might be wrong that it was Ava with the mask, but the way LG was playing her did feel more like Ava than Gwen.
  3. So, now Gwen knocks Abigail out with a shovel and helps send her off to a deserted island. I wonder how the show is going to twist logic into pretzel to have Jack forgive Gwen for this. How dehydrated will Gwen get crying her crocodile tears to Xander and Jack about how because of her sad, sad, childhood she had no choice.
  4. I thought it worked very well - not that Spencer will listen. Luke had a lot of flaws, but she was mostly right. He came from nothing and he lived independently and he did run a successful business in PC. Spencer is young and it's not too late - and I think she knows that. But, it doesn't change the fact that he is spoiled and entitled. And, given Spencer's stalking of her - and the fact he still hasn't sincerely apologized - I think she is in a position to judge him no matter who she's married to. And it's not like Nik was the one who picked the fight today or insulted Luke. That was Spencer.
  5. I think there is a difference between being emotionally unfaithful and being physically and emotionally unfaithful the way Miranda has been all season. One is categorically worse IMO, especially since intent matters. Steve and Miranda never meant to hurt Robert or Debbie and felt bad about it afterward. Miranda has been carrying on behind Steve's back with no regard to his feelings at all and even after breaking his heart still doesn't care. That was my point. Plus, I don't think Steve and Miranda back then were having an emotional affair. I think her confession in One caught both of them off
  6. IMO declaring your love and sharing one kiss is a hell of a lot different than boinking for weeks behind your husband's back. Plus, one of the issues in this storyline isn't just the cheating itself, but the callous disregard for Steve's feelings. I just watched part of the episode after One and Miranda felt a hell of a lot more guilt over breaking Robert's heart - a man she'd been seeing for a short while - versus now where she barely cares about the father of her child/her partner for decades and what he's going through. She's off skipping through the clouds living through the romcom in her
  7. Being a glutton for punishment, I watched Steve's first episode "Old Dogs, New Dicks" and the first movie again last week. What ended up killing me was during the reunion scene at the bridge, Carrie's voiceover is "And Miranda never looked back." 😫😭😡 (though she does add "well almost never" but that's over a sex scene between reunited Steve and Miranda with Miranda looking back at him.) In the second movie, Steve and Miranda don't really have a storyline together, but it's clear in their few scenes that they're happy together. This show has shit all over that and for what? So Cynthia Nixon can
  8. Spencer is an adult and can decide that he doesn’t want a relationship with Ava, but I don’t think Nik is asking him to have a relationship with Ava. He’s saying accept that she’s part of the family because she’s my wife and I love her. Spencer’s the whiny brat insisting it’s all or nothing and Nik has to divorce his wife to have a relationship with him. As for his inheritance, like others said he’s responsible for losing it. He’s the one who made a big melodramatic production of saying he didn’t want to be Nik’s son, or a Cassadine. Well, not having an inheritance is part of that. He can
  9. I don’t think it was ever written as Johnny or EJ hating each other. Johnny certainly had issues with his father which got worse when EJ kept trying to shove his choices down his throat. EJ wanted to basically mold Johnny in his image. EJ is arrogant enough that I can see him agreeing with “Johnny” that he was being a jerk by not wanting to live his life by EJ’s rules. In fact, one of the things I’m most looking forward to when it’s revealed Johnny is possessed is EJ realizing the only way he got his son to agree with him is because he was possesssed. Did EJ go to jail, or think
  10. I’m seriously trying to figure out how any of them treated Emily as an interloper from the beginning. Like Katy M pointed out Monica was all for that relationship and pushed him to say ILY. And, during the time she was doing that, I don’t remember anyone really saying ‘maybe this is too soon.’ They were all friendly and nice during Rachel’s fake party. I, also don’t remember any of them making a big stink about him getting married too fast. Maybe a couple of comments, but it wasn’t a big issue. I do think they had some sympathy for Emily. And I don’t think it’s astounding they had an issu
  11. Yeah, I thought that was a little weird. I guess it’s for the heightened drama, but I though it was somewhat rude for none of the others to at least make a token comment about leaving to give the two some privacy. Instead, they just gawked and/or commented.
  12. Nicole and Eric offered for Allie to stay there. You don't know that's the only time Allie has helped out with Holly. Since when does having problems mean you can't speak up if you want someone gone from your home? Nicole's only current problem is inexplicably being attracted to her friend's dunderhead boyfriend. If Nicole wanted her gone, she would ask. There is no indication that Nicole has a problem with Allie being her roommate. Why exactly would it be traumatizing for Holly to see Tripp? Again, if Nicole had a problem with it, she would speak up.
  13. I don't think the show has whitewashed it - I think it was one of the reasons given for why Kayla (and Claire) were willing to believe that Tripp raped Allie. He has apologized for that repeatedly and Kayla has forgiven him.
  14. Thank you. Plenty of adults have roommates. it doesn't mean they're not adults, but if you can find a way to save money and live with someone you like, why not? We really don't know if she has, or has not, been paying rent. And, even if she isn't, unless Nicole has a problem with it, I don't see the big deal. It was the whole point of her living with Nicole in the first place. Allie wasn't sure if she wanted to be a mom, or how she would handle it, so Sami and Nicole (and Eric) worked out the arrangement so Allie could stay there with Nicole so she could help with the
  15. Why should she find her own place if Nicole doesn't mind her being there? She's basically Nicole's roommate at this point so there's no reason she shouldn't be allowed overnight guests, especially if Nicole has no issue with it. Tripp is smart enough to see that there is something there with Chanel and Allie, but he's blinded enough by love to believe Allie when she says he is her choice. IMO, it's not a question of whether she has romantic feelings for him at all, but whether her feelings for Chanel are stronger. And, especially the last few weeks, Allie has made it seem like she's all i
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