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  1. This. I mean I know why the writers are having Julian act like this (inept writing) but it makes no sense otherwise. Julian used to genuinely give two shits about Sonny's threats and stood up to him. Suddenly, he's petrified of him. It would be one thing if Julian was worried about his reputation (not that he has much of one in town) being destroyed after he's worked hard to turn his life around, but instead it's more of Julian truly being afraid of Sonny. As the rare person on the board who had no problem with Dev, this storyline turn with him is coming off so lame and annoying. I mean I kind of get them thinking they needed at least one of the teens to be a little more gray but this really did come out of nowhere. He turned Joss down with barely an explanation. It didn't seem like he was torn up about it or interested in her. Now, suddenly after one slight brush-off from her he's so desperate for her he's reading her journal, forging entries, and twirling his evil mustache behind Cameron's back. Like someone else said, they've gone from 0 to 100 here and it's especially stupid because the motivation is so slight. It was the same issue with Peter. I think because there was a lot of fan backlash, they decided to move him away from his Faison plotting and turn him basically into some Dudley Do-Right but when that wasn't working they decided the only way to fix it was have him plot a bunch of murders, including of a well-liked character. There's a middle ground they can't find or don't want to find.
  2. Well, for Sarah she could have worn it to work. Plus, she was expecting to have a romantic dinner with Xander (Blech.) I did wonder that about Nicole's dress. I liked the dress and I liked her earrings but it seemed odd for her to be wearing that outfit. She's not working right now so there's no real need to get that fancy. Plus, I would think it would be unwise to wear dangly earrings like that around a baby who might easily grab them. I try not to body shame women, and that's definitely not what I'm doing here, but yeah I think the dress was the problem. I kept getting distracted by it and I've never noticed that with her any times she's visited the show recently. That dress was just not flattering and probably wouldn't be for anyone who isn't a very thin model.
  3. That kind of annoys me but what annoys me more is his constant "I see you!" comments. Maybe it's just me noticing it, or annoyed by it. The first time he did it I thought it was kind of cute but now I feel like he's trying to coin some sort of catchphrase for himself. I don't know much about Skai's background at all but she does remind me of those gymnasts who perpetually like like little kids. Most of the time, it's not their fault so I'm not going to blame Skai for that. Some people just look young.
  4. The name thing with Dante was passive-aggressive and immature, as others have pointed out but for me, I'm okay with it as long as it is just a one-time thing. If they drag it out like they did with Julian's asinine "Ted" thing it will get more than old. I liked Lulu's reaction the last time he did it where she figured out he was doing it on purpose and she should probably be annoyed by it, but couldn't help smiling. So glad Lulu let Dante have it. I get that Dante's head was/is messed up and it's got to be awkward/upsetting to be so visibly confronted with the woman you love having moved on (especially with someone as ripped as Dustin is) but the bitch face and "how dare you" attitude he had during the first half of the episode was too much for someone who forced the divorce on Lulu. Those were great scenes. This show does pointless things all the time but I don't know why they had Dante ask Sonny to keep it from Olivia that he's back, even having Sonny flashback to it as if it was some important plot point. Dante is clearly sticking around and I can't imagine he'll hide from Olivia and he didn't ask Lulu to keep it quiet. Unless Olivia knew Ned and Alexis had sex and was deliberately trying to needle them (which is clearly not the case) I don't know why she was so hell-bent on getting specifics on how Ned and Alexis helped each other. Alexis already said Ned was a friend and listened to her. Not sure why she needed more details than that. It was so obvious Alexis was drunk and I'm glad that Sam, and Olivia, know about it and at least the secret part of this storyline won't get dragged out.
  5. Xander hasn't really changed IMO. Yeah, he refused to kill Ben (the one decent thing he could have done) but after that he participated in a baby switch. He sat back and let Will go to prison and let Brady think his kid was dead. He offered Brady one apology over it and yet still badmouths him and acts like he has any business judging him over anything. I don't think Xander offered Will or Sonny one sincere apology over what he did and instead tried to guilt Sonny into attending his wedding. He shot Marlena and almost killed her and had the audacity to get huffy with her because she badmouthed him to Sarah. He's never apologized to Eric and Nicole for the heinous things he did to them. Xander doesn't truly feel sorry for the bad things he's done. The only reason he was sad after the baby switch was because Sarah was mad at him. That's not true remorse. I don't think Paul Telfer is that great. Decent but that's about it. I was gobsmacked when he was nominated for an Emmy this year. I'm glad he's stopped doing that horrific Woobie face he was always pulling to express sadness but he doesn't have much else in his arsenal. I could easily see someone nice looking with a decent body playing Xander just as well, if not better, than he does.
  6. I don't see Robert/Olivia matching at all. Despite them forcing this adventure storyline with Olivia tagging along for no reason, Olivia doesn't strike me as action/adventure girl. And as cute as Robert has been with Violet, I can't see Robert settling down and raising Leo. I can see why Ned and Olivia work and why they mesh well together, but I don't see what Robert and Olivia have in common.
  7. Armie is not vanilla and he can play brooding just fine.
  8. I could be wrong about this - so someone correct me if I'm wrong - but didn't the show premiere's last season also do pretty well? Thanks to the controversy over Spicer. But as the season wore on - and got worse - so did the ratings. I think people are looking for feel-good entertainment - and there's not much else on - but if they're not enjoying it, they won't keep tuning in. Plus, I think the ratings bump is not just curiosity about Tyra, but curiosity about people like Carole Baskin. I definitely don't expect the ratings to stay at this level now that people's curiosities have been satisfied, but we'll see.
  9. Definitely not the only one. I loved it. Never read the book, but I'm familiar enough with the story. I think there was a Lifetime movie that was basically a remake without being officially labelled one.
  10. I think simpering is a pretty perfect description for Liz. Liz has been an outright witch to Ava, so I don't see any reason why Ava would have nice things to say about her, especially when she's trying to goad Nikolas. If Liz chooses to cheat on Franco, that's on her. No matter how much "pushing" Ava or Nik does, they're not putting guns to their heads. I think Ava would feel a little bad for Franco's heartbreak but would mostly think if Liz is a cheater, Franco is better off without her. It kind of makes a little sense since Nikolas made her think she was going crazy and taunted her by telling her Kiki was in hell. I think if he hadn't done that she would have reacted more warmly to his return.
  11. I don't think the show is playing it that way anymore IMO. At first, when they first had that post-nup it was obvious that Ava was trying to push Nik and Liz together and make veiled comments to Franco about Nik and Liz's bond but I haven't noticed her doing that since the show came back. I think she obviously wants that Cassadine money, but ultimately doesn't care who Nik cheats with, as long as he does. As she told Nina at the Nurses' Ball. If Liz cheats with Nik, she'll be fine with benefitting from it, but she's not actively doing anything to push it along.
  12. In that way, I do agree it would have been smarter to sweet talk her but beyond that, I don't think Michael needed to be kind to her. It doesn't make him not decent to treat the person who tried to murder him like he can't stand her.
  13. Nelle didn't deserve decency from Michael just because for one second she was supposedly being vulnerable. Michael fell for Nelle's sob stories time after time after time and all it earned him was almost being murdered by her and thinking his child was dead. Maybe if Nelle was a decent person, and wanted to be treated decently, she would have pretended to have remorse for her actions. If someone did to me what Nelle did to Michael, she'd be lucky I didn't spit in her face every time she was within spitting distance let alone caring about that person's feelings. I'm not sure what in Nelle's history or in her writing that suggests she would have relented given time. A doctor could have pretended to care but knowing that Carly wanted the surgery would have superseded everything for Nelle. Monica wasn't fired for being unprofessional to Nelle. Hell, she wasn't even fired for whatever her part in was in Carly's forgery. She was fired because Cyrus needs her out of the way. My only consolation is she'll probably be reinstated once this Cyrus storyline winds down.
  14. She had every right to information what she didn't have any right to was any of them treating her like they gave a shit about her. You have to earn respect to get it and Nelle in no way earned it.
  15. Michael isn't a decent person because he didn't sob over Nelle's story? This is Nelle. Nelle who tried to BURN MICHAEL ALIVE and then on top of that let him think his kid was dead for over a year. Michael had every right to treat Nelle like shit and think the worst of her. IMO Nelle was reacting from a place of selfishness. She couldn't put aside what had happened to her when she was a kid to think about what was best for Wylie. This is the same woman who after kidnapping Wylie spent not a single second holding her kid and just being grateful about the potential future she could have with her kid. Instead, she spent that whole time listing her grievances and about how happy she was that she "won" against Carly. Again, Monica offered to print out information for her and offered to get her a second opinion and Nelle didn't care. I will agree the surgery could have waited a day or two but there is no way Nelle was changing her mind when she knew it was what Carly wanted.
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