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  1. Emme

    S04.E07: Episode 7

    The whole thing with Helen and the cookbook is part of her continued effort to find out who Sierra’s celebrity mother is. So, I saw cookbooks by Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer - couldn’t make out the other celeb authors. The continuing joke is that Helen is dying to know without outright asking, and Sierra hasn’t given it up. One of those cookbooks was authored by Sierra’s mother.
  2. Emme

    S04.E07: Episode 7

    Thank you! They just ambled out of the desert ? of Joshua Tree, and found themselves in a lush and verdant back yard. My take was sensory deprivation tank = Vik’s coffin underground
  3. Emme

    S04.E06: Episode 6 2018.07.22

    Ok, I’m not proud, but I can confirm that you can receive 2 bottles of wine at once in coach. I experienced this last March. In NYC with my four kids to see Hamilton. Staying with our gracious friend in his 2-bedroom apartment. Massive winter storm hits (24+ inches). We are stuck in the city for two extra days, and two extra nights. We finally get to Newark for our flight. I order a glass of wine as we wait at the gate. Kids have chicken tenders or something like that. Newark has this thing where you can sit at the gate, and order from a touch screen without having to leave your seat! Well, due to weather, we end up spending 5 hours at the gate, my one glass becomes three. When we get on the plane, I order two more glasses of ? Don’t judge! Four kids, small apartment. In my defense, my husband was along and handled the kids. We finally made it home. All good.
  4. Emme

    S04.E06: Episode 6 2018.07.22

    It’s been a while... which character was she on Unreal?
  5. Emme

    S04.E05 Episode 5 2018.07.15

  6. Emme

    S04.E04 Episode 4 2018.07.08

    Yes!! I was completely obsessed with the Thorn Birds! I remember a scene where Rachel Ward is screaming about her son, Not my Dane!” - always stuck with me. Of course a young Cherry (Mare Winningham) was also relieved of her virginity by one young, hot saxophone player - Rob Lowe in St. Elmo’s Fire.
  7. Emme

    S04.E02 Episode 2 2018.06.24

    Re: keeping us guessing - didn’t Noah’s lawyer run a DNA test that definitively proved Noah was not the father?
  8. Emme

    S05.E02: The Break Up Bunch Part 2

    They BOTH reside in suburbia now - both on Daniel Island to be exact. It’s a nice, upscale Charleston suburb. Kathryn in an apartment rental, Thomas has a home there. He sold his downtown home (with the guest/child house). You know who else lives on Daniel Island? Ashley!! Thomas set her up in an apartment there.
  9. Emme

    S05.E02: The Break Up Bunch Part 2

    Maybe you can convince your husband to vacation on Isle of Palms? There’s a nice resort there (Wild Dunes) with a beautiful golf course (as well as tennis, pools, fitness, etc.) - all ocean side. Shep lives just down the coastal road on Sullivan’s Island. Charleston (downtown) is less than 30 I’m minutes (and a trip over the Ravenel bridge) away. It really is a gorgeous city with a rich history.
  10. Emme

    Tori & Company In The Media

    I think Dean keeps calling for Tori’s welfare checks to establish her mental instability. Separation/divorce to follow. Dean gains custody and Tori pays support, based on documented instances of Tori’s mental issues, and possibly substance abuse.
  11. Emme

    Tori & Company In The Media

    I seem to remember reading something in one of Tori’s early books, but now think I imagined it... maybe someone here can help me out. I thought I read that Tori’s parents were not happy about her marriage to Charlie Shanahan (sp?). Am I remembering that correctly? If so, I’ll bet Candy is really regretting not supporting that relationship more. Dean’s appearance in Tori’s life is a train wreck, with serious damages to all of Dean’s kids (and Lola too).
  12. Emme

    Tori & Company In The Media

    Good detective work!
  13. Emme

    Tori & Company In The Media

    Maybe Tori has been trying to get pregnant, but now in her early 40s, it isn’t happening. Perhaps Beau turning one was a trigger - she had hoped she’d be pregnant again by now, and she’s realizing Beau may be her last one. Also, I’ve long suspected she has a pill problem (migraines, accidents, even pregnancy recovery = new prescriptions). Perhaps her supply has dried out? Last thought - whatever happened to her friend Mehran? I’m guessing the crazy got too much and he bailed. He seemed like a good, level-headed influence in her life. And what about the “guncles” (lame title) - are they gone too?
  14. Emme

    Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    I like the name Gideon. I used to babysit a Gideon (in the late 70s). My first baby was 10 lbs. 3 oz. as well! He was born 13 days late via c-section after failure to progress. He was so big, he held his head up on his own, and he immediately wore 3 mos. clothes. Also, the newborn diapers we'd stocked up on were too small! They say subsequent babies are bigger, but I had three more, all smaller than the one before! My fourth was 7 lbs. 30 oz. - three pounds less than number one!
  15. Emme

    S04.E08: Sari, Not Sari...

    Yes. I lost two siblings in a tragic accident that instantly changed the dynamic of the entire family. My mother never fully recovered and was unable to parent fully afterward. Two older surviving siblings have never really recovered either, and have had numerous challenges throughout their lives. My younger sibling always felt as though he was a "replacement baby" after two of my older siblings died. It wasn't necessarily a positive thing for him.