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  1. NCChic

    S01.E11: Inside

    Command Central. Where the FBI was. Refresh my memory...who was Mark Raymond that Caleb was impersonating?
  2. NCChic

    S09.E07: The Zygon Invasion

    Anyone else see the picture of the First Doctor on the wall as they were coming down the stairs in the UNIT safe house?
  3. NCChic

    S09.E01: The Magician's Apprentice

    Every time I saw snake guy, I kept thinking "Guy on a Segway." Only was to make him float, I suppose? Guy on a Segway.
  4. Oh, no. I'm scheduled to be in Nashville this week for a conference as well (definitely not this one). Good thing I packed a couple of maxi dresses and skirts.....
  5. NCChic

    Say Yes To The Dress

    And her "less is more" mom! If she really was less is more, she wouldn't have that hair nor those extremely fake lashes. But what bugged me the most was how she looked so much like the actress fro. "Drop Dead Diva" only more vapid. Also, what has happened to this show? It used to show more normal people with more realistic stories. Now its just like every other show - drama, fakery, etc. I miss the old show and consultants.
  6. NCChic

    S01.E07: SNAFU

    Can anyone point to if that's available online? I've wanted to see it (Bradley Whitford fan) and can't find it. If anyone has seen Kingsmen-The Secret Service that movie theatre scene was quite familiar. That's what I thought of anyway. RIP Chirf Dooley. Didn't expect him to die. And, according to commentary from Stargate SG-1 DVDs, if you have an accent, you are automatically considered evil. So I think that when someone comes on screen if I don't know the character first.
  7. NCChic

    Doctor Who in the Media

    Well.....hold the phone.. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2852588/Doctor-s-Jenna-Coleman-reverses-decision-quit-Christmas-special.html Spoiler(?) for what could have been
  8. NCChic

    S04.E07: The Snow Queen

    Was it just me or did it look like the Duke of Weaselton's mustache wanted to fall off during the final scenes?
  9. NCChic

    S08.E12: Death In Heaven

    Moffat has become Aaron Sorkin, in the sense that he's an egomaniac who trolls the Internet and puts something in the episode from their trolling (Aaron & his beef with TWOP posters & Moffat with the posters about Clara being in charge aka The Doctor). Except Moffat doesn't have the talent that Aaron does (or did during his West Wing days).
  10. NCChic

    S08.E12: Death In Heaven

    It aired towards the end, when The Doctor & Clara were saying their goodbyes. Speaking of goodbyes, Clara chose now to say that she felt special traveling with him. You see end to hate every moment with him and bossed him a around as if he were a four year old. I just couldn't get over her characterization this season. And memo to Stevem Moffat: Stop with the bashing of America. We get it. We also helped make you big over here with Doctor Who and Sherlock. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, Sir. I think I'd rather watch any season again other than this one.
  11. NCChic

    S08.E11: Dark Water

    To Clara, the companion I liked in 2013. RIP. I will miss you. To Clara, the companion I loathe in 2014. I wish you'd get upgraded to a Cyberman. And take Mr. Pink with you. Then you can cyber love each other through eternity. Now, let me preface this by saying that I've only been invested in Doctor Who since the reboot. And for this entire series, this is only the second time where the companion has had to deal with a new Doctor. I saw Rose as being firm in wanting her "old" doctor back. But by the end of the episode, and through the action of the Doctor in saving Earth, she believed in him and wanted to travel with him again. It was her choice. Fast forward to Clara, who wants a double life - to have her cake and eat it too. YMMV, but I always think that if you want to be a companion, you need to give it 100% and not when it suits you. The relationship between Doctor and companion does not have to be romantic. I loved Donna's relationship with Ten. They had fun, she got to reign him in (in a way) and saved the Universe. I hated that she had to lose her memories. I understand that Clara wanted the Doctor to rewrite time - I'd probably have asked for it too if it was someone that I loved. But blackmail? This man is the Doctor - he's very, very clever (or was). Did she expect that only keys would open the TARDIS? I agree with the others about wondering where the snapping of the fingers went. I guess Moffett just doesn't care too much about cannon or that we'd call him on it. Can we just get this season over with, so that we can find a better suited companion for Twelve?
  12. NCChic

    S08.E09: Flatline

    See, now I've gotten an image in my head of The Doctor going all Willy Wonka on Clara and turning her into a big blueberry. Hee! Add me to the list of Anti-part time companions. You used to have to be all in or nothing. Granted, you got to go back and visit family (Jackie, Wilfred, etc) but you were there to travel the Universe, see any point in time. It was partly why I didn't like the Ponds. Clara was okay until she turned into this demanding little person.
  13. NCChic

    S08.E08: Mummy On The Orient Express

    I liked Clara with Eleven - they were a fun pair. This Clara is too much. I know Rose wanted "her" Doctor back as well, but she quickly warmed up to Ten (and, for me, a lifetime with 10.5). Martha pined over Ten until she woke up and left on her terms. Donna flat out said No, but they were the best of friends, which is what Ten needed. I didn't really like the Ponds, but would actually go back and watch them over Clara and Twelve. I think what it boils down to is that I don't like part-time companions. We're supposed to see the Universe through the companion's eyes and we can't really do that if they need to pop back home in time for dinner. YMMV.
  14. NCChic

    S08.E07: Kill The Moon

    I know Moffet trolls the internet, because the new opening came from someone who created something like it online. I can't say for certain, but don't people complain to the BBC in regards to what they see on their networks?