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  1. OwlMilk

    S05.E14: Through a Glass, Darkly

    I've always assumed that A either doesn't want to kill them, or doesn't want to kill them just yet. If uber-A is smart enough to have been tormenting them constantly for years without anybody figuring out who (s)he is, then (s)he must also be smart enough to kill them and get away with it if (s)he wants to, right?
  2. OwlMilk

    S05.E12: Taking This One to the Grave

    That would be perfect, mac123x. Be on the lookout for anything that would place PLL in the Tommy Westphall Universe, too!
  3. OwlMilk

    S05.E12: Taking This One to the Grave

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who was reminded of MLP: FiM!
  4. OwlMilk

    S05.E11: No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

    Spencer asks Toby when was the last time he saw Caleb, and he casually answers, as if it ain't no thang, "Um... a couple of nights after my house blew up." That is why I love this show, you guys. Because in Rosewood, that's not insane. In Rosewood, that's just what we call "Tuesday."
  5. OwlMilk

    S05.E03: Surfing the Aftershocks

    I agree about Lindsay Shaw's hair. She looks like a totally different person than she did in Season 1. In a good way. I assumed the two people behind the smoked glass were Mona and Ali, but I certainly prefer ElectricBoogaloo's suggestion of Noel Kahn in a wig.
  6. OwlMilk

    S05.E02: Whirly Girly

    "All cheese melts" was my favourite part of this entire episode. There were quite a lot of other funny lines in it, too, most of which have been posted in the quotes thread. And I loved not only Aria asking when Ali had time to get a dog, but Mr. DiLaurentis asking, "Whose dog is that?" Um, apparently it's your dog, but no one bothered to inform you of this fact.
  7. OwlMilk

    Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    I was a longtime, on-and-off lurker at TWoP. I never posted there and probably didn't even register a username. I can't remember for sure, but if I did register, it certainly wasn't as OwlMilk.