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  1. theFel

    S02.E09: Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done

    I don't think Rachel has babies rabies. I think the issue for her was that a clone had something she didn't. Rachel probably thought of herself as special and even superior to the other clones. After all, she's known what she is and she's a big wig in a big corporation. I think that is part of her major draw to Kira. Plus, the whole Kira being the only thing that can save her at this point from dying like the other clones. Sarah might have been willing to remove Kira's bone marrow for Cosima, but for Rachel? I did love the room Rachel had for Kira. It was pink and little girlish, but still very ordered and sterile. So what Rachel would design for a little girl. When they showed the fire Helena set I totally saw a news reporter going "and 17 children died in a fire last night..." I didn't catch the accent change when Rachel was pretending to be Sarah, but something about watching her face when running just seemed off.
  2. theFel

    Paul Dierden: Monitor Turned Boyfriend

    Just because you consider Paul's encounter with Rachel to be assault doesn't mean everyone does and doesn't mean everyone has to sensor themselves for your feelings. A few things to consider: part of Paul's job of monitoring Beth involved having sex with her. So, in effect, Paul is a sex worker (I'm not making a value judgement here). I think he knew sex with Rachel was going to be part of the job of monitoring her and he took the job anyways. He could have left as her monitor at any time, which he did do later for reasons not related to sex with Rachel. Do you think if he had been sent to monitor another clone (who didn't know what she was) instead of Rachel and told to have sex with her he wouldn't have? Second, look at when Paul really got into Sarah. It was when she took off his clothes, threw him on the counter and mounted him. Paul enjoyed every minute of that and even mentioned it later. Now, you can certainly make the argument that since Paul thought Sarah was Beth, that could count as sexual assault. Paul also got a little aggressive with Sarah when Felix was hiding and watching them. Paul is into sexual power dynamics.
  3. theFel


    "There's nothing in here but a couple of elephant skin rugs..." "Animals in the zoo go in the corner." "The corner! Why didn't I think of that?" "OMG! It's inhuman. Like Hong Kong." "And IIIIII will always love you-" "The humans are attacking!"
  4. theFel


    The ending to the first finale when Leela asks Fry to finish his opera.
  5. theFel

    Past Seasons Talk: Beware Of The Coffee

    I would have to go back and rewatch to catch everything, but that episode had a lot of biblical references.
  6. theFel

    S03.E10: New Hampshire

    The writers for this show are Brits? I never knew that. I give them props; they're doing a damn good job.
  7. theFel

    S03.E10: New Hampshire

    I'm not sure how I feel about this story line. Like someone else mentioned, the big part of the draw at least the first season was that she was powerless. Her and her teams screwups would cause her embarrassment and political problems but there weren't major real world implications. Now her using the wrong first name pissed off Iran (to me a good thing, but to her a bad thing). I have a bad feeling that she is on water skis with a shark in the lake. I thought it was quite obvious she was a democrat but I think they actually handle the political side in a very good way. I'm not a democrat but I've never been insulted or offended by anything said or implied with regard to political issues or groups. That's not something that can be said about most shows about politics in the US. Of course, most of her opponents have been members of her own party. LOL.
  8. theFel

    S03.E09: Crate

    When we found out about the president resigning my first thought was "did this show get cancelled?????"
  9. theFel

    S01.E05: Closer Than Sisters

    I thought the doctor was looking at the wound because she wasn't bleeding. Isn't that a test for a demon? That they don't bleed? This was a weird episode. Since Vanessa isn't one of my favorite characters a lot of it was meh.
  10. theFel

    In The Flesh

    Kieran isn't the first risen. I re-watched Season One and there is actually a scene of him rising out of his coffin. I had totally forgot about it but there is already others shuffling around in the graveyard. Although I can totally see zombie Kieran thinking digging is too hard and taking a break.
  11. theFel

    S02.E08: Variable and Full of Perturbation

    I didn't care for Tony either. To me, the best part of TM's acting isn't that she's all these different people, it is watching her being one clone acting like another. Sarah being Alison or Alison being Sarah you can totally SEE the one clone being the other - exaggerating mannerisms but still having the base being the other clone . With Tony all I saw was Sarah acting like a man. The disconnected opening scene didn't help either. I think it might have been better to just open with Art receiving a phone call and then the surprise of introducing Tony to Felix.
  12. theFel

    S05.E06: Endless

    I stopped watching this show at the end of Season 4 because it just wasn't grabbing me anymore. But I did watch the last episode. I think having a clip show was a fairly good idea but poorly executed. Instead of having it be ONE defining moment, it should have been moments - then they could have mixed it with highlights from previous seasons and new clips of other ideas they had for future episodes. I liked the tap dancing but thought it went on a little too long. I think a better idea maybe would be a meeting set say 20 years in the future with the Warehouse getting ready to move. Artie could be retired (but living at the B&B as crotchety as ever in his wheelchair), Myka being in Artie's job, Steve being lead agent, Pete coming to visit and complaining about his teenage kids, Claudia acting like Mrs. F in front of the other agents, but dropping it and being "Claudia" when its just our guys, and then they could all reminisce about their favorite moments as agents, which would be the clip show. Artie and the apple could be the final goodbye.
  13. theFel

    In The Flesh

    Which one is Victor Halperin? I'm really bad with names on this show. Is he the second doctor who was working on Simon? Not the one who was being kind to Simon but the other one. That's who I think the profit is. He made a few comments and gave some looks that seemed strange. I bet he wants a second rising so he can die and then come back and live forever.
  14. theFel


    We have to destroy her...and erase my memory!!!! This show was great.
  15. theFel

    S01.E04: Demimonde

    ganesh - but he reacted to the murdered women. Unless, he has vague memories of killing them, but doesn't realize that he is a wolf/wolfman when he does it. The other way: It would be interesting if Ethan/Jekyll was strait but Hyde was bisexual/gay. The absinthe would have triggered the switch. That could cause some appropriately awkward scenes.