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  1. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Best and Worst of the Reunion Shows

    This is the finale, not the reunion, but it ties in. I hate the past few seasons with all of Jeffy's cut-ins. We already have enough of his obnoxiousness shoved down our throats during that 3 hours. We don't need any more. Plus it makes the game footage seem very disjointed, IMO. Also, he started doing the cut-ins around the same time as when his short-lived talk show flopped. Coincidence? I doubt it. I think he needed something to try to boost his ego after his talk show failed.
  2. KnitsWithRaceCars

    S01 Borneo

    I rewatched on CBS All Access last month. "Primitive" is the adjective that kept coming into my mind when comparing it to later seasons. I miss the gong as well. I DO NOT miss Jeffy Pooh's challenge comments and commentaries when I watch the early seasons. I find the silence very refreshing. I actually came here to post a link. I found this product while looking at shower chairs this afternoon. I wonder if Dr. Alphabet Voter knows about it. :-) https://www.ils-hme.com/Catalog/Online-Catalog-Product/22799/Superpole-Basic
  3. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Dr. Derek Shepherd: McDreamy

    HUGE Congratulations to Patrick and his teammates for their P2 in class finish at Le Mans!! It's Patrick's second podium finish this year. A couple of videos: http://www.porsche.com/specials/en/international/mission-report/reports/patrickdempsey-insidethefamily/ http://www.porsche.com/specials/en/international/mission-report/reports/patrickdempsey-insidethefamily-webber/
  4. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Dr. Derek Shepherd: McDreamy

    You and me both!! It was Patrick's guest arc on "The Practice" that got me to tune into Grey's. Prior to that, the only thing I remember seeing him in was "Sweet Home Alabama." My friend's teenage daughters were watching it when I was at their house. I walked in when Patrick was on screen and my immediate reaction was "Who's that? He's hot!!" I may have seen "Can't Buy Me Love" in the 80s, but I went to so many movies when I was in high school that I don't remember all of them. I think that his guest arc on "Once and Again" was hands down his best performance. He should've won the Emmy!! BTW, does anyone know how to campaign to get Patrick/Derek nominated for "TV Character We Miss the Most" in next year's People's Choice Awards? I so want him to win that to shove it in Shonda's face!!
  5. KnitsWithRaceCars

    S30: Dan Foley

    If he happens to talk in his sleep, then he probably only has one mode: Obnoxious. I've been calling him "Douche" Foley since the start of the season.
  6. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Season 31 Voting

    From Shane's mouth to Kass' tribe mates' votes, please!! Regardless of the likelihood of her being a goat again, I think it would be a very smart move on the part of her tribe to vote her out ASAP so that she doesn't have a chance to flip at the merge or a pre-merge tribe swap. Also, the sooner that Abi, Andrew, and Vytas are are gone, the happier I will be. I had to resort to voting for people who I dislike, just because I despise these 4 so much. I'm really bummed about Crazy Shane, T-Bird, and Sabrina not being chosen. All 3 of them got my vote every day--Shane for the sheer entertainment value of his antics, and T-Bird and Sabrina because they were likeable and good social players in their first seasons.
  7. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Behind The Scenes: The Drama Behind the Drama

    I agree that the tweets are inappropriate, but Shonda should just choose to not engage. Most of the time she's just as bad as Isaiah Washington was last year when all those pre-teens and teens were tweeting crap to him. And if these celebs can't take the heat, then they should stay out of the kitchen.
  8. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Behind The Scenes: The Drama Behind the Drama

    On what grounds are you basing such a concrete statement? Are you a Shondaland or ABC insider, or do you have someone giving you inside information? These are curiosity questions.
  9. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Behind The Scenes: The Drama Behind the Drama

    Unfortunately there are a lot of people acting that way. The only person I'm convicting of anything is Shonda for writing such a craptastic final episode for Derek and lack of decent aftermath following his death.
  10. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Behind The Scenes: The Drama Behind the Drama

    That was not a "mea culpa, I admit to my past scandals" interview. There was a quote from him, and that part of the article alluded to the possibility of him having one night stands in the past, IF you read into his comments rather than taking them at face value. Also, while the passage of time can allow change, it certainly does not mean a person HAS changed, therefore this article should not be dismissed solely because it is 7 years old. For the record, I am not in a "Patrick is Saint McDreamy who can do no wrong" camp. I know that he's an imperfect human just like the rest of us. I AM in a camp of "Patrick is innocent until PROVEN guilty and there has yet to be any proof of wrongdoing on his part." I am also in a camp of being fed up with people across the internet who believe unfounded gossip about anyone, then go about bashing that person and drawing even more negative conclusions about them. And I'm in a camp of being fed up with people across the internet who find it necessary to post a contradictory (and many times unfounded) comment about anything positive said about or in defense of someone or something just for the sake of arguing.
  11. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Behind The Scenes: The Drama Behind the Drama

    BUT, in the first paragraph, Patrick is described as a "serial monogamist," which means that he would never be with more than one woman at a time, let alone 10. That is an argument against the affair(s). It was the overall gist of the article that I was referring to, not the hair-splitting detail of one night stand vs. affair.
  12. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Behind The Scenes: The Drama Behind the Drama

    This is from 2008, but it's a good argument against the affair gossip. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20199235,00.html
  13. KnitsWithRaceCars

    The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic (The Clinic)

    The last time I remember it being used was when Izzie brought her high school science teacher in. That was season 6. I'm not sure if it was the same episode as when the Chief gave Alex the medical bills or if it was after that.
  14. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Dr. Derek Shepherd: McDreamy

    Yup. She calls him her "birthday twin," and he used to give her flowers on their birthday. I wonder if he gave her flowers this year. ETA: She does it in this tweet. https://twitter.com/shondarhimes/status/599015421283409920 I call major BULL on the tweet, though. If she's so sad, why did she kill Derek?
  15. KnitsWithRaceCars

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media: Incident Reporting

    Just for clarification, I do not expect any of the things that I listed to actually happen, and I'm not going to spend any time hoping that they will because I think it would be a waste of my time. I suspect that the chances of hell freezing over, pigs flying, a real zombie apocalypse occurring, etc. are greater than the chances of any of my listed items occurring. I was simply listing them as things that would pacify me, not as things that I think will happen.