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  1. I have a feeling that Josh is going to violate his parole and end back in jail
  2. I laughed when Mad Sweeney called Laura 'manky wife' (closed captioning said manky)
  3. In all states, the age requirement to sign a contract is 18 years of age.
  4. Maybe I should sue my neighbors since I have to rake up THEIR leaves from MY yard every year.
  5. I thought she paid the first guy $2K up front. Then she found a guy who finished the job for $3K. She wanted the money back that she paid to guy #1. JJ was trying to explain to the plaintiff that she was already ahead in the game, paying $5K for a job that would have cost her in the high $6K range.
  6. I worked the Medicare call center for years. We would get lots of calls for claims being denied because the beneficiary was incarcerated on the date of service. When I worked billing for an ambulance company, we got the same kind of rejections from Medicare, too.
  7. I also carry full coverage on my 2006 Forrester. I know JJ has scoffed that no one with a 10 year old car carries full coverage. There are 3 colleges in this small town, and the odds are high that some of these kids don't have insurance.
  8. In the last few days, I've seen two commercials for The Church of Scientology. From what I remember, there's pictures of smiling people, a building or two, and then the words Church of Scientology. I don't know why they are advertising. Low attendance? Has anyone else seen this commercial?
  9. I still can't copy and paste, but yes, I will buy a seatbelt cutter/window breaker tool. It makes much more sense. Thank you for letting me know about these
  10. I was watching a rerun today about a woman taking a baseball bat to someone's car. Judge Judy went on and on about there was no reason to have a baseball bat in a car unless your child played baseball. This bothers me. I have no children and there is ALWAYS a baseball bat in my car. Children and pets get locked in hot cars almost every day it seems. That's why I have a bat, and brick in my car at all times.
  11. ___When their dad retired or when he died? ____ Sorry, can't figure out copy and paste on Kindle. My dad retired at 62 when his company closed down. He had worked there 29 years. My kid sister was still in high school. She got Social Security checks until she became an adult. Mom got benefits, too. She never held down a full time job because she was raising 6 kids. My best friend's husband was approved for disability for metastasized cancer. Their daughter was not even 9 at the time and she received
  12. I missed the last 10 minutes. A car commercial is still frozen on my screen. This sucks
  13. WTF? Still frozen on the last commercial. This sucks. Am I the only one who has this problem?
  14. I missed Judge Judy, too. I think this was the first time in years that it wasn't preempted for something trivial like blizzards or tornados that had no chance of hitting my area. Glued to the TV, I had eye surgery the day before. I can't get my eye wet for a week. So very, very hard to do. I'm sure this post is off topic. I came here to see if someone was in a different time zone and watched it. And to pay my respects. Edited due to damned autocorrect.
  15. I have a theory about the repeated postings/removals from Josh yesterday. I think somewhere between the first and the third one, JB was clutching Josh by the throat, yelling "is there ANYTHING more we need to know??? Do you have ANYTHING else you need to drop?" Those releases just gave me the vibe that the "stuff" flying around wasn't a total-all-at-once dump. I'm not sure anyone (but Josh) knew the whole truth when the first one came out . Sorry, but I still don't know how to copy and paste on Kindle....I wonder if the next ANYTHING is going to be a paternity suit against Josh. Add that to t
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