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  1. I don't blame Janet for trying to make up with Dan. She was so thoroughly gaslighted by Missy and Elizabeth that she probably isn't sure at this point what the truth is about Dan's behavior. I don't think Missy is a bully. She is pushy and bossy, but not a bully. She just wields her intelligence and self-confidence like weapons and weaker minds can't handle that. Karishma probably thinks people are yelling at her all the time when they really aren't.
  2. I think Jamal assumed that his alliance with OldVokai was solid, so he thought that Karishma would just be voted out on the re-vote. He didn't know that Kellee gave Dean the idol or that more than just Dean had thrown a wonky vote the first time around. Playing the idol on Noura would make her happy, he would keep his alliance strong, and Karishma would be no great loss to him. It was a risk, but I was actually impressed that he put together a possible way to save his entire alliance so quickly. I would have been panicking and not thinking clearly in the same situation.
  3. I like Tori. She's just as dorky as Sarah Rice, but, unlike Sarah, she embraces her dorkiness. Sarah always got on my nerves because she is clearly one of those people that drag around their baggage from high school until the day they die. So, yeah, I like Tori and I may or may not have teared up a little because she was so happy. I'm not so sure about her taste in men, but I don't have to live with him.
  4. Cara gets more and more sour every season she does. She needs a break.
  5. Missy. Aaron, Elizabeth, and Elaine should all agree to throw the next immunity challenge. Even though Dean and Karishma probably aren't planning on working with OldLairo if they meet back up, there would still be value to them in getting out as many of the OldVokais as possible before the merge. And this is probably the least risky time for them to throw a challenge. They know that Dan, Lauren, and Tommy definitely don't have idols. If they did, then they would have used them at the last tribal council. The next person going to IoI and potentially getting an advantage that could shake things up is on the other tribe. All they would have to do is keep a close eye on the OldVokais to make sure they don't go idol hunting, and they can be reasonably assured that throwing the immunity challenge won't bite them in the ass.
  6. This just makes it even more stupid/hypocritical for all of them to be so damn mad at Aaron and Missy for sticking with their original tribe.
  7. I think she probably could have blocked his vote privately in the booth, but I sure LOVED that she made the announcement at tribal instead. That was some good television. I think maybe Rob was involved with building the structure at IoI, but he probably had a group of PAs helping him. Who knows what the PAs have to entertain themselves with during all the downtime they must have.
  8. That's one up on me. I completely missed Jamal saying it was a "buff" because I was too busy thinking, "Do rag? What the heck is a do rag?". As someone with no associations to the term in any way, I appreciated Jamal and Jack's talk as a genuine human moment. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Even though what Lauren said about Elaine was not cool, I really appreciated that scene because it was proof that Elaine's shtick is working. I just don't know if she is consciously playing it up to make people underestimate her or not. I'm not sure what I think about Dean immediately tattling to Jamal about Noura. On the one hand, Noura probably wouldn't be a reliable ally. On the other hand, you are down 2-5 on that tribe. You should keep as many doors open as you can. On the third hand, maybe you just opened a door with Jamal who probably would be a lot easier to work with. But, then again, Jamal is the type that could have been the leader on his original tribe and how could Dean know for sure that Jamal wasn't the leader on OldVokai and wouldn't just thank him for the information and still plan on pagonging him? In other words, I could never be on Survivor because seeing so many possibilities would make me utterly indecisive while driving me crazy at the same time. I don't find Aaron attractive because he looks too much like my brother in the face. He has a nice body but I can't appreciate it, because ewwwwww.
  9. I think my favorite moment in this episode was Janet not letting Dean off the hook about whether or not he took the time to talk to her. It was fun watching him squirm.
  10. I doubt that Applebee's is Karishma's favorite restaurant. She is just the most susceptible to producer pressure. If there is another product promotion later in the game, then that product will probably be her favorite too. Regarding Dean's face: That guy is a total Picasso.
  11. lilabennet

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    I think they were testing Noura. They came to the decision to bench her really quickly, so I'm pretty sure there must have been a conversation at camp along the lines of: "We know we have to sit someone out. We'll pick Noura and, if we are allowed to bench her, then we'll know for sure that she's full of it." I was on board with Missy up until the point that she started belittling Karishma at TC. What was the point? To force her to switch sides at the first opportunity? To lose a jury vote? Missy lost about 25 IQ points in my estimation from the beginning of the episode to the end.
  12. Funny story: When I was volunteering after Katrina one of our homeowners was an 80-year-old man who busted out of his attic (metal roof) with his cane. The funny part was that all the guys on the demo crew were having a hard time taking off the roof even though they were using giant crowbars and the homeowner spent the entire time sitting in a lawn chair in his yard laughing at them. I was really rooting for the guy stuck in his attic. I know Jennifer Love Hewitt gets a lot of flak, but I think she does a good job on this show.
  13. When he was discussing the fire report with the chief Bobby specifically said that he had confessed, so he didn't understand why he was cleared of wrongdoing.
  14. I think Cody was the "aloof houseguest just staring blankly out into the void".
  15. In theory, HOH part 3 is supposed to test how well the HGs know the other players, but it is a crapshoot because the jury can make up stupid, uncharacteristic answers just to mess them up. Instead, I think HOH part 3 should be similar to the What the Bleep comp. That comp bleeps out parts of things that all the HGs were present to see. HOH part 3 should be clips of the jury from in the BB house that neither of the 2 in the comp were present for, but that are characteristic of things the jury member said a lot. That way it will be a true test of whether or not they know the other players and it can't be tainted and turned into a crapshoot. And while I am talking about ways to improve the show: Each summer there should be two seasons with 16 players each. The number of shows can be the same as past summers, but each individual season will be condensed so that the play is fast enough to never be boring. There will have to be more double evictions which will improve ratings and the late season ratings slide may not occur. No more jury battle back. Feeds should be up as soon as they walk into the house. No more scripted DRs. Have Nots should be a punishment for repeat rule breakers.
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