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  1. That might be part of my issue. "Should I root for the one who is consistently awful or who is super inconsistent?"
  2. There were things Madeline where she was out of line (sitting in Sylvie's chair and offering her a seat in her own office, discussing business at a party), things that the show seemed to portray as bad that I thought were reasonable (asking Emily to help her look into Sylvie's dealings), and things that were just bad personal moves (the outfits not fitting the setting, eating rudely, etc). I get that we were supposed to see her as a fish out of water not understanding how things are done in France, but that's not how much of it came across.
  3. Yep. Sylvie has, at best, questionable morals leading to bad business decisions, treated Emily poorly much of the series, but Madeline is an “ugly American” with bad taste so let’s all side with Sylvie. (Not here; I mean the show tone.)
  4. The episode had one extreme or the other. From nothing covering the boobs to a bow larger than a 5 year old child covering them.
  5. Emily is not a likable character for me but the show is likable. Not sure how that works, but it does. At least one episode in to season 2.
  6. Hey everyone... gentle nudge to get back on topic. TWOP histories are best suited for the Small Talk thread.
  7. Please do not copy and paste full articles to the site; we do not want to violate other site's copyright's by pasting their intellectual property.
  8. Please remember that polite disagreement with other posters is fine. However, criticism of fellow posters is not. Nor is making generalized statements about people who like/dislike/are neutral about the Dillards.
  9. If only we could have had cameras in the courtroom just for that part!
  10. It seems to me that these days a lot of people want to be influencers where they make money based on people following their lives but then when the attention is at all negative they complain about not wanting to be in the spotlight. Jana is far from unique in that regard. But I think it is something that comes with making it your money maker. And also, tell your idiot brothers not to post things like "I support Jana Duggar" if you're trying to downplay the story.
  11. She can spare me the victim act. You want a private life? Move out, get a private job, instead of living with your parents who never met a camera they didn't like. You didn't have a choice when you were a minor but you have had a choice now for THIRTEEN YEARS.
  12. Yep. It seemed plausible that they were leaking the “kid slipped out” narrative because it would be seen as an innocent mistake and covering something worse. Once a narrative is out there, it is hard to correct.
  13. This is one of those long lasting, pervasive theories. I don't see any direct evidence to back it up; I also think in some ways, the girls are trained (for lack of a better word) to expect to be swept off their feet and she might not have experienced that. I also think she might know that she has a lot more freedom now than she would if she were to marry and have kids. Maybe she is staying home as a martyr for others, but I think that is just speculation and I don't personally see any evidence of that.
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