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  1. Right? She gets a sympathetic edit, but.... no. When it turned out the car seat was a Graco, I laughed. Their most expensive car seats aren’t that much!
  2. Ordered as a pilot for NBC this fall.
  3. Please remember that any posts about Shawn Killinger need to be in her thread and not in this thread.
  4. I'm up to Season 6 in my rewatch before it goes off Netflix. I really liked Season 7 Joan, so I had started liking her character better in hindsight, but my full rewatch has reminded me how much I dislike her character. She's mean, selfish, vindictive, and just horrible to almost every other character overall. Yet she views herself as such a victim for many of her plotlines.
  5. deaja


    Looking back at where her story went, she really didn't think it was strange that she was being recruited to join the firm when she was using a fake name and identity and everything?
  6. I did not like a single thing about this episode. It was pretty bad. Lewis has been a friend/manager, but now he "practically raised" Noa? Mateo's pouty dismantling of his studio two episodes after it was such a passion his dad put it together? Noa and Daniel break up already?
  7. In Season 6, (I think?) he was pretty caring to Ginsburg. I think if we're just doing more bad than good, it's a long list. But the ones I consider just bad, have little to no good qualities on the show. It's definitely a YMMV thing.
  8. Add to the "bad" list - I think Jim Cutler was a total jerk and didn't really show any moments of humanity to balance it out.
  9. I love Roger as a character and a lot of it is that he is played so, so well.
  10. I think several of them tipped the scales to being “bad.” They might not have gone out of their way to be evil but they thought only of themselves. Roger falls into that category for me. Sure, he had some redeeming qualities, but the bad qualities far outweighed that.
  11. I think one thing that made Mad Men so compelling is there wasn't really any good character. They were all highly flawed, most in different ways, and some worse than others. But unlike a lot of shows, you didn't have the writers trying to justify anyone's bad behavior (most of the time.... there were things I felt the writers continually glossed over).
  12. I never minded Megan as much as most fans. I know a lot of fans (here or TWOP? Unsure on the timeline) thought she was disingenuous for saying she wanted to learn about advertising when her dream was really to be an actress, but I thought that was fairly realistic. A lot of people have dream careers that they realize they can’t have and move on happily to a second, third, fourth choice. But then when she had a wealthy husband and didn’t have to worry about things like actually making a living, she decided to give her big dream a chance. I think her character got worse as the series went on, but I think Don’s treatment of her did as well, and that was why.
  13. I really don't want Mateo and Vanessa to get together, and it seems the show is heading that way. She dated his brother for four years, and the family didn't like her at all. Then she does an interview slamming Daniel that leads to all these problems. But she's a love interest for his brother? I get this is a soap opera in a lot of ways but that's ridiculous.
  14. In real life, Vanessa would unquestionably be the villain in the situation, but I think they are keeping her around for drama. As @buckboard said, Vanessa caused the problems overall for something that was a non-issue- they literally met for 30 seconds in a bathroom. And then her viewing of Daniel as a narcissist for thinking she was trying to hurt him? She's irritating.
  15. I didn't like that Daniel asked his parents if it was a bad time and when they said yes, he kept going anyway. And then of course, they blew up. But the father is becoming unlikable. Last week, he forced Mateo to work because of Daniel not working because of Noa. Now Mateo is the role model and Daniel is the bad one. The mom's speech was so over the top. Noa isn't to blame for any of their problems. They loved it when Noa got them publicity, Mateo loved it when his music got exposure. But now it's all Noa's fault?
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