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  1. Yeah, they went way too far too quickly. Speaking of going too far, I liked how when the ex crossed the line, Abishola squashed it so quickly. And effectively.
  2. She also probably shouldn’t have started a rumor he was gay just so other women wouldn’t be interested in him.
  3. I really, really hate the Tag storyline. It is one of the reasons that Rachel is probably my least favorite of the Friends. She’s not only unprofessional but she’s creepy. If Ross had been hiring an assistant, and passed over a qualified man for an unqualified woman, taken pictures of her during the interview, etc it wouldn’t be seen as funny. Then it just continued once she hired him.
  4. I picture the writers sitting around talking “hey, this season has been an absolute mess. How can we make it even worse?” One of them says “I know! Boomer!” Because that is the only reason it makes sense to bring him back at all.
  5. She was. She looks familiar but I don't think I've ever seen her in anything. Overall, I was underwhelmed by the episode. I also think it was bad timing to have an episode about triggering disasters to eliminate a large portion of the world's population, but they likely couldn't control that by the time things got how they are.
  6. The part where she threw it in the garbage truck itself though.... that was the part that was super contrived.
  7. Melendez has become my favorite character so of course they had to get rid of him.
  8. For discussion of COVID-19, please visit the topic under Everything Else. It is not on topic here.
  9. deaja

    The West Wing

    One of the season 1 episodes had Josh worrying about smallpox but it was more a hypothetical because he got a card from the secret service.
  10. I disagree that this can be pinned on Dean. The show has tried to paint him as the bad guy since the start, but I don’t buy it. Crappy husband? Absolutely. But being a horrible spouse is not reason for your spouse to try to run a criminal empire out of your home. Her actions got him shot season 1, almost to him arrested season 2, so he’s not the bad guy for being over it. Beth has lied to him so many times about the whole thing he didn’t even really have reason to trust her when he confronted her.
  11. The show needed to do that. Would have preferred he shot Annie, but what can you do? Rio has never been a nice guy on the show and it was getting more and more unrealistic to try to keep him as an "option" for Beth. I know nothing about the show is realistic, but overall, Beth and Co have faced such little consequences for all their misdeeds, that it makes sense the show needed to show them seeing some.
  12. I liked Bob's line about the Lions and what kind of a God would punish people for that long. Of course, I'm from Michigan, so I know what he means.
  13. Didn’t we already have this plot once in the first season? Are they out of ideas? I did think immediately “is that Maddie?” but thought they wouldn’t do that again. And then on the preview it didn’t show or mention Maddie. Very weird.
  14. I disagree with much of your post, but we are in complete agreement on this. 🙂
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