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  1. deaja

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    5 because Rory is irritating me and Richard falls for it. 8 because Rory needs to own her crap instead of wallowing in victimhood after mistreating Dean for months 28 because TJ and Liz
  2. I think the fact that it won "worst writing" explains how it didn't win "favourite drama." Sadly a lot of people were very disappointed with the final season.
  3. deaja

    S03. E10. #truthorconsequence

    I didn't realize the season was only 10 episodes, so I wondered why they were wrapping up certain plots so quickly. This episode was a mess - I didn't need to hear him confessing to his therapist as it played out in flashbacks. I did laugh when the therapist said something about how he treated the White House press - mainly because I see that actor and think he's Danny Concanon from The West Wing. Overall, the season was so uneven. It was like it couldn't figure out a direction or even what the show is about anymore. For the most part, the new characters didn't work for me. The scientist and new computer guy were the exceptions. Isabella was awful. Sasha was okay but underdeveloped.
  4. deaja

    Good Girls

    I feel like the writers tried to write for a morally gray character multiple times and just frankly weren't any good at it. We've seen Beth go from stealing from perceived desperation (and I say perceived because she had plenty of options that didn't involve theft) to being forced into it to liking the additional money and power to quitting multiple times to more desperation to doing it for the thrill to being a victim.
  5. deaja

    Good Girls

    That's the biggest part of the Turner story that has seemed off to me. It seems like along the lines, his motive went from catching the big fish to catching Beth. Which, if Beth is all he could get would make sense - but the finale seemed to be setting him up to make a deal with Rio to get Beth. In what world would an FBI agent make a deal with a bigger crime boss to get a much smaller criminal.
  6. deaja

    WTF moments on the View

    As with other threads, keep all discussion about politicians and their families confined to what was said/discussed on The View. Thank you.
  7. deaja

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    Sookie hugs Norman Mailer
  8. deaja

    S03. E05. #nothingpersonal

    I can’t stand Aaron’s girlfriend so I hope they are done. But to finally get some payoff of him and Emily and it is while he is still with Isabella? Ugh.
  9. deaja

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    Michel hugs Lorelei when Gran dies and then they realize hugging is not for them. Rory hugs Paris when she returns to Yale after Asher Fleming dies
  10. deaja

    "The View": Week of 6/17/2019

    ABC has a show about Family Food Fights? Huh.
  11. deaja

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    12 for the win.
  12. Is she a Grey's Anatomy fan? Because back in Season 3, Cristina referred to the "Dead Dad's Club" when she was talking to George about his dad's death. Basically like "Welcome to the club. It sucks and you never get over it, but you'll be okay."
  13. deaja

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    13 It's funny, but not on the level of the other two moments.