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  1. I am getting fed up with this show. It’s never been realistic so it isn’t that. First season seemed to be a lot of Mad getting creative to solve problems and caring more about patients than bureaucracy. Cool. Now it’s more about him constantly pulling resources away from most patients for the purpose of pursuing him vanity project of the week. Also, courting donors is part of his job even if he doesn’t like that part.
  2. It suddenly feels like a weird rush to make them super serious. Just let the relationship develop. And show us on screen. Is that too much to ask?
  3. I thought Mac quit but I didn't remember the rest quitting/being fired. Maybe all that happened off screen because that's really the best place for important plot developments.
  4. Abishola's jumping to show her excitement was amazing. Overall though, I feel the show keeps introducing plots and then dropping them - two episodes ago, Abishola ended the episode not speaking to Bob. One episode ago, he was unwashed and maybe going back to work? This episode it's "I love you!" I get that they wanted to time it to Valentines Day, but come on....
  5. Also, did I miss an episode or something? I don't remember Abishola and Bob having any kind of resolution to her not speaking to him because of him criticizing her parenting. And when did they go from dates to dating? Because when he seemed surprised she didn't give him a goodnight kiss the one night, I was like "Wait, what?"
  6. It also seemed to me like up until now, we've been shown that Bob runs most of the business day to day. Then with the episode with the will, it was like "Oh, maybe not" but he still seemed to be the only one in the family really working competently. Now it's Dottie has been running it the whole time? Make up your mind, show. You're only 14 episodes in, so it is way too early for inconsistencies.
  7. I thought that was to show that Dottie is delusional and manipulative, but I don't really know for sure.
  8. That was horrible. Dottie and Abishola both were completely out of line. This is the first time I’ve thought Bob should just cut them both loose.
  9. It is thought provoking and I don't think there is an easy answer. I don't think she was wrong to say "Aren't I enough" or whatever it was she said. They were both hurting. They were both coming to grips facing the unknown. There's often a lot of fear in dying, but there is also a lot of fear in losing a spouse. Not to mention, they were both grieving and in grief, bad decisions are often made.
  10. Retirement planning is generally a joint issue which is why the courts tend to view it as such. Spouses may choose to overfund one partner over the others for better investment choices in a plan, better company match, or a number of other issues. And traditionally, if a family chooses to have a parent stay home for one reason or another, it is statistically more likely to be the mother. This is why most pension plans won't even allow a participant to choose single life instead of survivor life without a sign-off by the spouse. For many, many people, making sure your family is taken care of once you're gone is very much their problem, hence the popularity of life insurance. Legally, sure. He was entitled to do what he wanted at that point with his money, but morally? I think he was being selfish, though probably out of shock/fear.
  11. But in a lot of states, retirement money specifically is designed as community property. A lot of states you can't even leave your retirement funds to anyone but your spouse 100% without their notarized consent. If, when he received his diagnosis, she had divorced him, all retirement accounts would have likely been split in half - especially if her earning potential had been impacted by the marriage (i.e. if she was a homemaker for a time, trailing spouse, etc.). He wasn't wrong for wanting experiences, but he was being selfish in not caring how it impacted his wife. She had a long life left theoretically, and him spending down assets that were probably meant to sustain both of them is not right.
  12. I really hate the sex plot line and wish they would focus on parts of Shaun’s story that aren’t relationship heavy. The kilt was funny but overall I just cringed through most of it. They’re playing it with him seeming very young, and like his coworkers are teaching him about sex.
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