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  1. I read an analysis on it and her nails were the same as another poster from this weekend and she’s holding the newest model phone. Have not verified, but that’s what I read.
  2. Probably around the time the twins were born.
  3. Hunter is pretty boring. He felt like a plot contrivance to be different from Hunter, the show’s designated bad boy with a good heart.
  4. I gave up on this show multiple times before finishing it. The main characters are so so unlikable. Hunter, Paul, Nora, and Joe are the only ones I like- maybe Zion.
  5. I’ve said “damn glue stick” in conversation.
  6. I remember being in the minority on the AIS episode (why not aim to be 5 minutes early when you’ve promised it specifically!) and The Christmas Picture.
  7. I really hate Annie's character. She's just awful. Bringing the guy to the auction, trying to show how rich she is, etc. If Ben is lying to her, there's probably a reason. I also hate the kidney family storyline. It was dumb last season and even worse this season. Beth, while your husband is being arrested, it's not the time to ramble on to him about how you're sorry and it's a mistake. Come on. I can't stand the FBI people storyline. The female agent is "right" but has such a weird obsession. The way two different law enforcement agencies have now disregarded the obvious
  8. Yep. She completely invalidated his feelings about her always being late. Even though that one time, it wasn't really her fault, for her to act like he was horrible for leaving upset me.
  9. Having a private moment for the two of them before the big ceremony does not equal “we lied for your own good.” The big wedding was likely the legal one, but it was also the spectacle one.
  10. The raw interview footage was reportedly about 4 hours. It had to be cut down to 80 minutes for the broadcast. Of course Oprah and CBS would rather have time for the more salacious stuff than “did you sign the license that day?”
  11. I think their backyard ceremony was just that- a ceremony for the two of them that they find meaningful. She said they exchanged different vows. I doubt it was legal and think she just didn’t explain fully. They would know that if they lied about their wedding date, it would come out as the paperwork wouldn’t match.
  12. I think they were very limited on time. I heard the full interview was over 3 hours and Oprah had to cut it to 80 minutes. For every minute they could have used to talk in detail about Spotify, that’s a minute they’re not dropping a bombshell. Because the full time seemed like revelation after revelation. And for their deals, I think the more general buzz they get, the better for their projects.
  13. Final warning - this is not a thread to discuss all things royal. If it wasn’t part of the interview, take it to the general Royals thread or don’t post it. The thread will be locked if this keeps getting ignored.
  14. They didn’t move away until they were told being part timers was not an option for them. They said they wanted to live as private citizens, not to live privately. I think they both know they would never be able to live completely privately. Their wealth was inherited- yes, because Harry’s mom was married to Prince Charles, but that’s not something they can undo.
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