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  1. I liked it enough to watch another episode and see if I keep liking it. I wish the three plotlines were "more different." Like, not the same two women involved just in different capacities.
  2. Yes, I think the zoo will. Because overall, there aren’t that many other zoos in the area, so if you want to take your kid to the zoo and you live nearby, you’ll hope it is just a one time experience and go back. Some reports were also that their security team was abrasive and in some cases pushing people. Hard to know exactly.
  3. Kylie and Travis took Stormi to the Houston Zoo yesterday and reportedly had the carousel shut down twice so she could ride it alone. It was shut down for about an hour for this, and the internet is predictably upset. I can see both sides - they paid for a VIP tour and things like this is usually included, but how frustrating to those families who paid to be there, paid to go on the extra ride, waited in line and then were removed from the ride without riding.... twice.
  4. Please remember to limit your comments to this episode only. Thank you.
  5. I hadn’t heard anything about this before turning it on yesterday, but it intrigued me and I enjoyed the first episode.
  6. This is now canon in my head and no one will ever dissuade me.
  7. deaja

    Season 1

    Please don't discuss Season 2 happenings in this thread.
  8. deaja

    Season 2

    I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I think Lorelai treated Max horribly. He was far from perfect, but I think him snapping at her over the key is indicative of how she treated him - as an after thought. He was supporting cast in the Lorelai and Rory show. (I don't mean the literal show. I mean how she acted.)
  9. If you disagree with another poster’s opinion, please either politely express that without snarking on the other poster or keep scrolling. Thank you.
  10. I think it's why I like the episodes where Debra and Marie "work together." It's a nice change. Specifically the one where they get Gianni to take Amy out and Ray is telling Marie how Debra plotted it, and then it turns out Marie was behind it. Or in Favors.
  11. And not only a fish but made a whole Thanksgiving dinner from scratch! That's not easy. It went from portraying Debra as a competent but probably normal cook (ie someone who cooked for her family but it wasn't a passion of hers) while Marie was someone who delighted in cooking, had the old family recipes passed down, etc. to Debra not knowing how to make anything but lemon chicken in contrast to Marie.
  12. Yep. They all became so over the top as the show went on. The first seasons, Debra seemed to enjoy Raymond some but by the end, she didn’t. The first season he helped with the kids but was kind of incompetent at it (ie took the wrong twin to the dr). By the end he didn’t. And Marie went from an overbearing mom to an evil plotter. Robert went from being jealous of Ray’s life to lusting after Debra. I still enjoyed the later seasons but think they took things too far.
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