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  1. I don't even watch Station 19 crossover episodes. I don't really care how the stories end up enough to watch that drek. I tried it when it first aired, and my love and admiration of Ben could not make up for the horrible plotting.
  2. Once again, I vote for 11, 22, 34
  3. I think her type of obesity does end up impacting your life in every way to some degree, but we have seen storylines for her where it wasn't the focus - such as her infertility treatment and pregnancy. Her weight factors in, but it wasn't a driving focus. Similar, when Toby had a heart attack, there wasn't much focus on her weight. Even her pursuit of a singing career, her weight was mentioned but it wasn't really the focus. Overall, I think the show has handled it fairly delicately. Her storyline initially seemed like it was going to be a story of weight loss and when that didn't happen, the show adjusted.
  4. I hope we are finally free of Ghost Georgia. Though I will say that Max has had more chemistry with her ghost than her living self. I know it is kind of the point of the show, but I'm getting sick of the whole "Doctor Max goes above and beyond to find a way to change the system!" He's not just a good doctor - he's SuperDoctor! He will set up a clinic in a barber shop! He'll develop insulin when prices go up! He will visit insurance companies to get surrogacy covered! And if you're in jail? No worries! He'll come there too with a van full of menstrual supplies and a psychologist! We get it. The system is broken. Max cares.
  5. Blake running in to hear about the proposal plans was literally the only part of the episode i enjoyed. If we had a full season, I would be glad we put the impeachment plot behind us, but for it to dominate the last season is sad to me. I thought it must be the last episode and our final scene was going to be that ridiculous protest scene. I'm glad we have one more, I guess.
  6. I know it’s obnoxious but when frank gets annoyed over their mirror breaking, I find it to be so funny.
  7. The most bizarre part was how everyone raved over it like it was such a good gift. Everyone but Frank and Marie. I love the end where they cause a huge disturbance and Ray says “they do care!”
  8. I love the end where Robert makes fun of him for freaking out and then Ray tells Marie "Robert got you a hammock."
  9. The one thing I liked about that one in hindsight is that they were pretty consistent in how they wrote Ray. Over and over, we would see him try to be the peacekeeper, keep people from getting mad, and then it just lead to him losing it and creating a bigger scene than he was trying to avoid in the first place. That episode, the T-ball episode, the Christmas picture episode - it was a recurring theme.
  10. "What's the point of living longer if you're miserable?" "I ask myself that every day."
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