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  1. I had a love hate relationship with this episode. It felt very real in a lot of ways, but I also hated seeing Max and Zoey break up.
  2. The real winner in this story is Deja- her stand alone episode no longer is the worst episode in TIU history.
  3. We know Dottie moved out of Detroit years ago during the big move, so I would bet Bob doesn’t live there. My head canon is that the factory is in Detroit and Bob lives in Grosse Pointe.
  4. Please stay on topic. I just removed the posts about other stars' charitable donations as they have nothing to do with Kim/the Kardashians.
  5. The first episode was enjoyable. It's hard to keep track of all the characters, but hopefully that will get easier. I was a little confused- why did Daphne fall from grace so quickly? Did I miss something, or was it more that the other girl captivated people more so word got around that Daphne didn't have suitors?
  6. I head-canoned to myself that she grief cut her own hair. Because it was horrible.
  7. She also works long hours and has a son. He may now be old enough to be left alone, but Abishola is pretty strict and probably wouldn't want him left alone with the hours she works.
  8. I can't tell if I like Sam or not yet. I have a disposition against her because the actress played one of my least favorite Mad Men characters.
  9. I’m on Season 10 now and Luka is really, really annoying. “I want to go back to Africa. In Africa, we treated the patients this way. This hospital sucks.” Shut up, dude. New nurse Sam’s son is creepy.
  10. I quit watching the show in Season 8 of the original run due largely to being sick of the Abby show. On my rewatch, I'm on Season 9 and feel vindicated that 20 year old me could at least make some good decisions.
  11. I don't care about Mac and Desi. Actually, I don't care about Desi. She has been the worst addition to the show - we replace the charming, funny, heroic Jack with someone with seeming superhero skills other than people skills where she has none. Yawn.
  12. deaja

    The West Wing

    I'm probably going to sign up for HBO Max now that it's available through the Fire stick and Warner Brothers is putting all their 2021 movie releases on there. West Wing is just a bonus and definitely not a sign that I'm too lazy to deal with DVDs.
  13. deaja

    The West Wing

    I think Hartsfield Landing is an episode it is good not to look too closely at, but just enjoy. For starters, the election part didn't make sense as it was a primary - of course Bartlet would win the primary. He was running unopposed for all intents and purposes. Second, the prank war escalated too far and I don't think we should really think Charlie was able to get the desk to do that. To me, it's mainly filler. But enjoyable filler.
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