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  1. deaja

    The West Wing

    No!!!!!! I mean, I have the DVDs, but I still prefer watching on Netflix!
  2. The only Season 8 episodes that I especially like are The One With The Rumor and The One With Monica's Boots. The One with the Rumor is one of my top 10 episodes of any season though.
  3. Drazen's wife was awesome. I want her to come stay with me. 🙂
  4. deaja

    The West Wing

    Ah, that explains why I couldn't remember the episode. I tend to skip that one!
  5. Okay, now I understand how Drogo was saying with certainty who I was before I had really posted much. I think I kinda sorta get it. 🙂
  6. So far, Kyle Maclachlan is the best part of the show to me. I am not sure if I like Carol or not. She's being pretty inconsistent so far. Second episode, she was very concerned about her patient. This episode she was super insensitive to her patient. I'd like to see some consistency.
  7. Wasn’t the most improved trophy from episode 1? I thought the same thing, but enjoyed it anyway.
  8. No idea what is going on still, but 3 to DL CuriousParker (MarkHB, aquarian1, Lady Calypso) 5 to DL LadyCalypso (Drogo, JTM, trouble, Spruce, deaja)
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