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  1. Watch Sonny next throw rolls — two each — of paper towels at Phyllis and Jax. His generosity knows no bounds.
  2. Someone mentioned earlier that Bobbie could give her grandson Spencer a room and a menial job at Kelly’s, but since when is she his grandmother? She’s neither SWWNBN’s mother nor Nik’s. (And forgive me for screwing up the acronym for his mother, but I — thankfully — haven’t used or seen it in quite a while!)
  3. Just heard that contract negotiations for Moss fell through, and it has been dropped to recurring status (I.e., Jax’s coffee table). You see, Frank discovered Lilies in the flower kiosk in the supermarket parking lot and signed them to a contract…
  4. You know who needs to return from the grave? Faith Roscoe. Imagine the Three Families having two wimmins on equal footing (Ms. Wu/Faith)?
  5. If Willotonin keeps growing her hair, she’ll start being mistaken for Esme (and vice-versa). I can see some awkwardness coming ‘round the bend…
  6. First of all, I agree that the Luke & Laura wedding was the best soap wedding EVER…but followed closely by Sean Donely and Elsie Mae Krumholz’s nuptials. Second, whoever came up with the best new portmanteau for Sonny, “Sphoenix,” as he rose from the ashes of The Tan-O, is a fooking genius!
  7. I was in the green room during JB’s first and last GHFCW. She was lovely (and if I can ever figure out how to post some photos, I will) and MB was visibly supportive. JZ posed for some cute pictures with her latest daughter. MB — and let me tell you, I am not a fan — later begged the luncheon attendees to “just give Jennifer a chance.” I think she was off to Shady Brook a few months later.
  8. Sonny’s secret sauce ingredients are aphrodisiacs like oysters, etc., so if he’s serving it to a woman, he can be reasonably assured that a seduction will occur. Those dimples don’t do all the heavy lifting! And now I will never be able to look at red sauce the same way, because Sonny. Ruins. EVERYTHING.
  9. Now THAT was a teen scene! Loved Jagger, Brenda, Karen, and JasonQ. Robin was a tad younger, but I guess they let that slide, as Robin was Brenda’s “little sister!” And Brenda and Karen’s rivalry (not to mention Brenda took snaps of Karen in the shower, blew them up, and wallpapered the high school with the salacious shots) was fun. Dynasty, Jr.
  10. If Ryan Murphy likes you, it’s almost as good as Dick Wolf liking you. He used Bechtel as Rob Kardashian in the American Crime Story: O.J. and now in AHS. Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and many others have thrived with Murphy. NB bugged the crap out of me, but good for him — he may yet have a career!
  11. Yes, I, too, still have my dinosaur of an AOL account, so I was able to bring up the IG post by Ingo. I’m so done with him now. Maybe Jax and Peter can shoot each other to death, but not before their wildly flailing bullets cause collateral damage to Smike, Milquetoast, Willow, Spence, Esmeeeeeeeeek, and Child of the Corn. Ingo, I once crushed on you, but now? You’re an absolute asshat who shouldn’t have been allowed to procreate. Go catch a wave down to Davy Jones’ Locker. Ta for now!
  12. I hope Frank does give RBud the moon. Let’s see, he just saved a few bucks by killing the dude at the Tan-O…perhaps he’ll get rid of whomever gave SBu the COVID cooties (please let it be Eeyore and his frrrriendds). Let the Budig Budget Cutting commence! Seriously, her mom’s been murdered, her name’s being anviled like the crane at the construction site that took out the strooker, and the father of her child is available. Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I think it’s going to happen.
  13. You know, I swear I saw KMo shooting some sensuous looks at Dante yesterday, the kind I haven’t seen from her since her days as a groupie for a Vampire boy band led by Caleb Morley. They both appeared engaged. Maybe this pairing could work (ducks and cowers for cover).
  14. NAOMI: Are you a mother? SAM: (thinks for a moment) Allegedly. (TM Silas Clay 4EVA)
  15. That’s what I meant when I said the internet didn’t exist for most people. Guess I should have been more specific.
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