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  1. So Braunwyn made Kelly tweet all that disgusting stuff that probably got her fired? GTFOH.
  2. According to Variety, one or two (yet to be named) new women will also join the cast. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/kelly-dodd-heather-dubrow-real-housewives-of-orange-county-1234907794/
  3. I don't understand anything about Sutton, but wouldn't the price of a car at a dealership need to be known? When she goes grocery shopping does she avert her eyes at the price tags and demand the cashier not say the total? Does she need her roller whenever The Price is Right comes on TV?
  4. The worst three from last season are out and the best former is back? Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES! I'm so elated I'd even take Tamra back (NO Vicki though!)
  5. I'll say. $2 million? There's absolutely no way... between Kyle's house and her boutique, she'd be paying most of that in rents.
  6. Well, Sutton's a phony and a hypocrite, so it's on brand for her. (Yeah yeah, I know they all are). Glad that she's behaving now that she feels she did enough in Tahoe to merit keeping her diamond this time. Rinna's come to too many events cloning outfits to be a coincidence at this point. I'm just surprised Kyle agreed to go along with it this time. Even when Kyle's in the wrong, I'll never side with Door-it in an argument. (But sheesh, I'd forgotten about Kyle's incredibly phony "I think we'll be friends for life" when prior to that most of their interactions had been marking their
  7. Ramsey needs to start double-eliminating the blue team every week, this is the saddest bunch I think I've ever seen on any reality show.
  8. If, after exchanging "I love you"s with Benji, Victor closes his eyes and it's a guy he's known for a fraction of the time that he sees a future with instead, then things are irreparably over with Benji, IMO. For that reason I suspect it's Benji he chose, but they've made Benji a bit of an ass in his spats with Victor this year, and there were several mentions of Benji's "white privilege" so I can't help but wonder if the events of the last year and Hollywood's overall commitment to improving diversity representation have made the writers re-assess pairing Victor with a white guy. Plus they de
  9. It was surreal. (Would have been WTF moment for the night until Lisa outdid her with her my-husband’s-ex-friend-the-rapist tale). She had to be trying to set up Crystal. Where was her support roller last year when Door-it wouldn’t let.the.mouse.go.? Or the night before when everyone was out to get her with their seeeeekrits? Or while she was apologizing for the night before? The only thing I trust about Sutton is that she’s at least 100% less fashionable than she thinks she is.
  10. IMO Sutton was on her best behavior at dinner because she wouldn’t dare come at anyone else the way she constantly does to the newbie.
  11. Mad props to Crystal for keeping a poker face while trying to have a serious conversation about Sutton not being crazy while watching her roll her face. I’m sure it’s a legitimate thing but I don’t buy it with Sutton. I still think she’s acting up to procure a diamond this go-round but was saving all the drama for Crystal since she’s the newbie who’s not related to the queen bee. Rather jaw-dropping that Lisa thought it was a good idea to compare her husband turning his back on a rapist (and holy shit who were all these other people who were allegedly rallying the troops to have the rapi
  12. I'm not sure, only because the only two to have a beef with Sutton so far had been Crystal and Door-it (at least before she made a melodrama out of not being let in on the joke immediately. Now all bets may be off). And I don't think Door-it was ever pro Denise, rather she was anti Brandy (because of the "your tits are fucked up" comment). I think Sutton and Garcelle could have been deemed targets simply because of their sophomore status, but I could see the other women being spooked into leaving Garcelle alone considering all that's transpired since last summer.
  13. It was interesting that Garcelle brought up the Paris Hilton always on her phone thing, and Kathy and Kyle explained the reason why, when I could swear I saw articles addressing that very topic a few months ago. In fact it could very well have been right around the time this was filmed. Did Kyle and Kathy give Paris a heads up that it had been put out there in front of TV cameras, and the family decided to get ahead of it? I still can't get over Sutton attempting to spin the double-prank into a mean girls exclusion thing, particularly when the queen bee of the show wasn't in on the joke e
  14. Erika's an awful human being, but her facial expression when Door-it said that was priceless. Child of the world. GTFOH, bitch you're from Connecticut. I don't feel remotely sorry for Sutton. My opinion is that she's playing it up for screentime and feels she needs to earn that diamond this year, and thinks picking fights with the newbie is the way to go. And seeing how emotional she gets makes her look like an even bigger asshole than I originally thought for the way she treated Teddi last year. This may be the lamest "To Be Continued..." cliffhanger I've ever seen. Seeing how.
  15. And even if Sutton was being targeted, I can’t muster sympathy for her after going after Teddi last year for... being pregnant. If anything, I’d guess Sutton is trying to make a name for herself going after the newbie. Hey Sutton, you had your fun, now let the mouse go.
  16. I guess Jonathan Horton only got an invite for some Olympics synergy? Otherwise I figured NBC was long done with him the way they got over Evan "Rocket" Dollard. Was bummed to see Horton miss out, since I'll be very surprised if this year isn't his last appearance. Loved seeing Gil fall, too bad he qualified anyways. I'd say "The Kid" bouncing super early had to be the shock of the night. But with the age limit being lowered, it makes no sense for him to keep the nickname, no matter how much Matt and Akbar say it's his for life. "This is going viral for sure." Shut up, Akbar. At leas
  17. While her age is one thing, I think with the way television and streaming has evolved, and with Marvel in particular, movie stars have had no issue being in series: Elizabeth Olson, Paul Bettany, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner, Oscar Isaac, and Hailee Steinfeld. I'd put Anna Kendrick roughly in the middle of that list in terms of movie star clout. If she's too old at this point for Squirrel Girl, I could see Millie Bobby Brown maybe.
  18. dmeets

    Cruella (2021)

    Yes, Cruella made sure only the Baroness paid for her crimes. And only upped the ante once she found out the full truth. And considering she trained the dalmatians to sit, overriding the Baroness' commands, she probably treated the dogs better. Not really the actions of someone "bad and a little bit mad." The only collateral damage was Roger getting fired which Cruella made up for (apparently?) I'm still confused how she knew or cared what happened to him. Unless there's a deleted scene where he finds out her identity but keeps it a secret which is when he gets fired. At least then the puppy g
  19. No! NO! We're not doing this. People assume I eat nothing but fish tacos and vegan food and only use paper straws and... is that supposed to be me? No... it's called 2021, people! This isn't going to happen!
  20. dmeets

    Cruella (2021)

    Did Horace’s earlier comment about one of the Dalmatians gaining weight mean that dog was a she, and was pregnant? And if so, does that mid credits scene imply that Pongo and Perdita are... siblings? And why did Cruella send Roger a gift? Did he have scenes that were cut from the movie because I don’t recall the two of them interacting at all. I’m assuming that like Maleficent, this is non-canon with the animated movie although if it is supposed to be, being the one who gave both Roger and Anita their dogs would explain why she feels entitled to their puppies. Although I can’t reconcile t
  21. How the heck was Sutton’s relationship with Crystal strained at that point? Woman, please.
  22. Hope Sutton made good use of that flask after the election! Oh and of course Door-it would have to try to compare Tahoe to some quaint Swiss village or resort in order to justify gracing it with her presence.
  23. Nah, I think this episode set in stone the friendzone between Nate and Zari 2.0. I think eventually either Zari 1.0 is going to be able to leave the totem, or Nate will end up inside the totem to reunite with her if Nick Zano ever winds up leaving the show before it ends. I like that Nate ended up assuring Zari 2.0 that when he looks at her, he sees her. Ava did get a chuckle out of me when she noted how remarkably on brand both Nate's and Behrad's adventures were during this mission.
  24. Part of me thinks the team lost when they chose seafood as the theme, meaning that in seven courses they wouldn't be able to serve one of Sarah's yogurt sauces. I'm mostly kidding, although I did notice Padma call out Sarah for using two similar non-dairy sauces. Even though the winning team was a no-brainer, I was still a bit uncertain through much of the service, since the episode opened with Byron calling home.
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