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  1. I was upset watching the first episode when she didn't recognize "I Think I Love You" (was and still is my favorite Partridge Family song). But then again I like oldies as much as I like current stuff and I think we're supposed to believe Zoey has been too busy to get deep into music since she wasn't completely sure about Mad World or I Wanna Dance With Somebody either. As though she sort of knew them but wasn't sure. Things I don't hate but have trouble with - Zoey not being as interested in Max as he is in her because, well, it's Skylar Austin for pete's sake, can't imagine turning him down. Also Andrew Leeds as David because I can't see him as anything but the evil Pelant who tried to frame and kill Bones & Booth multiple times. Very hard to look past the former character and see him as "nice guy" now. But those are just perceptual things more based on the actors than the show or characters. I like the show, I like the song and dance numbers, some more than others. I like wondering who is going to sing next, why and what song will it be. It is, so far, just plain fun. Also very curious if "I Got The Music In Me" is the permanent opening sequence now or if they'll switch it up (or a mix of the two, the song is permanent but picturing them changing up the ending each time from piano drop to Zoey falls in the bay to being hit by a rogue street car - morbid I know). Oh one other complaint - Mo needs to sing more because Alex Newell has an amazing voice. Don't want to see him or any of the others over used but do want to hear him at least every other episode or so. Basically it's just an hour of fun when things are too serious. Wondering too if it's really successful will they release a soundtrack of the best songs from the series.
  2. I have to admit I'm unreasonably excited to see Rob's face at the next IC when the tribe walks in and Rob see's Amber isn't there. Will he keep the poker face, get pissed, give Sandra the stink eye or keep cool but vent it all in a talking head? As much as I don't want this to be the Rob/Parvati/Sandra season I am looking forward to the screen time Rob might get for his reaction. Tyson please don't make me like you - I'm very comfortable rolling my eyes at that fact that you're even a contestant and you have to go and share something cute and sweet with the "My kids and I made a daisy chain to count down the days" remark. Yul is still a handsome devil and I'm happy to see him go as far as he can. Ethan too because he's pretty nice and chill but I wonder if he's mellowed to the point where it's too much nice not enough game play or if he's holding back. Other than that there was too much going on, too many people; pretty much like the first episode of any season where even though we know these people (some more than others) it's too soon to see who is going to stand out, who really has their game play and alliance's going and who is going to crash and burn early. Also how did half of Sandra's tribe fall for her "I heard so and so throw out your name for the vote" ploy? Have they never seen her play before? She is the last one they should be trusting to tell them the truth especially when it's about something that keeps her in the game.
  3. I can think of one brother who's going to want to pound him into the ground. I can think of a lot of viewers who are going to want to see that <raises hand> I feel both satisfied and let down - waited so long for this episode and what we got was really good. But it wasn't enough, I was ready for a confrontation at the cabin in the teen Kate timeline and a reunion at the cabin in the adult big three timeline. Looking forward to it actually and.......oops, next week folks thanks.
  4. For a show that always has wise pithy comments and serious talks at the ready the one time they really needed it they dropped the ball. Why didn't they have Regina tell Sophie what she needed to hear...Sophie said don't tell her to get over it. Regina should have replied that Sophie doesn't have to get over it but she does have to deal with it and attempt to move forward with her feelings even if just for herself because staying in angry mode for months and months isn't healthy. Didn't see the no scar thing coming. Even if it is a bit too soap opera-ish I still want to see where that's going. Is it bad that I'm more interested in who is going to play Lindsey than whether she's going to be part of a relapse with Eddie?
  5. I agree they're cursed into bad luck, no hero, common man status. That isn't their real status and neither is their "regular" life of being the full on hero of everything goes right for them because it's been written that way not because of any skills they have. To me the biggest clue is what was our biggest complaint and topic of discussion in the early seasons (maybe up to S8 or so?)........Which is Sam's incredibly poor fighting skills. He was always the first to be disarmed, knocked out or thrown across the room. He was rusty after walking away and going to Stanford. They built up skills over time they didn't just have it all handed to them by cosmic force. If you take the episode at face value the boys have been written as extra lucky do no wrong hero's from the start. If you take it as Chuck screwing with them or a curse or both the boys have skills that have been added to or improved over the years (cue voice of Liam Neeson having a particular set of skills speech) and whatever has affected them has not only pulled that ability but aggressively negated it. I'm standing on Door #2, boys have skills all on their own. Dean Dancing - worth a re-watch. And I really, really want to know how much of that footwork was his and what was a double. I thought some of the tap dancing must have been a pro double except for that ending on the table seemed to be him unless they CG'd someones feet into the shot. But even if he only did half of it....<clap>, <clap>, <clap> well done Jensen Also Jared has that potential Walker Texas Ranger re-make gig lined up after the show ends. I'm starting to think Jensen should look into a romantic comedy movie or a sitcom. He's been stuck in drama land a long time but he really does do great with comedy, the timing, the physicality, the facial expressions; I'd love to see him in something light and funny.
  6. sigmaforce86

    Fix The Show

    I like this and the no tribes idea. I had a mix-up idea I'd like to see but it's probably too complicated to pull off and they'd need quite a few extra camera operators and crew but: Even number of castaways separated into "tribes" of two. Start out like normal competing for tribe immunity except it would only be the two from the winning "tribe" who are immune. At some point after the challenge all the other tribes are allowed X number of hours (one, two, maybe three) together to plot for tribal council where they all appear together and vote off one person. Since that breaks up a tribe pair the remaining member of that tribe who wasn't voted out then goes back to his/her camp alone and does not compete in the next challenge but is immune for next challenge. Then when the next tribal comes the remaining half of the pair broken up from that vote joins the lone person from the previous vote and they become a tribe pair together. That keeps things even and continually breaks up the players and moves them around. Shakeups, because you know this show loves shakeups and twists, could be things like having two tribes win immunity at one challenge, switching pairs randomly, not joining pairs for two votes then having those two loners alone compete for immunity. But what interests me about this idea is it's similar to the no tribes idea where there's no tribe unity during tribe switches or after the merge. It also keeps most contestants from forming early alliances or even knowing too much about the other players outside the challenges or the hour or two they're allowed to plot together before tribal. But then you'd have a couple players on an immunity run or not getting votes who could be a strong two person alliance at the merge but what do you do with several two person alliances and how helpful or dangerous are they. As I said at the start, it's probably too complicated to maintain 9 or 10 camps for the 18-20 players plus all the camera time for each but it is fun to come up with weird ways this show could mix things up and move from the standard two tribes, tribal immunity, merge pattern they've pretty much followed from day one.
  7. I'll give Noura this, for someone who can babble on and on at camp she has laser focus at any challenge that requires concentration like the final balance blocks or any of the endurance challenges. It's a little like two sides of a coin with no middle ground, either she's bouncing around talking, talking, talking or she is so completely in the zone she's zeroed in on what she's doing like there is nothing around her. That said she managed to keep it reasonable at the reunion and not actually give extended rambling answers sucking up a lot of time. Speaking of time it seems like they didn't cut anything out of the show or reunion but did keep the live portion short to make up for the time lost breaking in to talk about the impeachment vote so they'd still end the show on time to air the 10pm news on the East Coast. In a way that worked out, it did mean some people who should have gotten to talk a bit didn't but a pared down, no filler show was sort of nice. As far as the winner goes, didn't hate it, didn't love it; I'd say this season just "was" and that's all. It's sort of a "well that happened, next" season and not much more. As always it's interesting to see how everyone looks cleaned up but out of all of them I love that Elaine still had her hat and stayed true to her style and herself.
  8. From the People article: At one point, Spilo allegedly touched the female crew member’s leg. According to multiple sources, he insisted that the contact was inadvertent and accidental as he lost his balance while trying to get into the boat. If they hadn't removed him for harassment they might have needed to remove him for medical reasons - I mean the guy sure "losses his balance" a lot. If it's not on purpose there must be something medically wrong with him. But it's pretty handy how every time it happens there's a pretty girl right there to grab on to so he doesn't fall. Disclaimer; yes that was sarcasm and no I'm not making fun of what happened. Just thinking how Dan is pretty one note; he has the "It wasn't intentional", the "You misunderstood" and the "IF I made anyone uncomfortable" excuse trifecta down pat. Whatever media attention the reunion gets tomorrow tonight it's going to be an interesting tightrope walk to watch them balance between addressing it because they have to, not saying anything that would get them in trouble legally and not letting it overshadow the reunion show completely.
  9. OMG I am so glad you said this. I was debating whether to ask here or in another topic whether I was remembering this correctly - that Missy and Elisabeth had their own experiences with Dan and downplayed it changing the story only after the vote (to, in my opinion, save their games). Only because this is how the MSN article from today was phrased: Tribemates Missy Byrd and Elizabeth Beisel then made up their own complaints to manipulate other players to vote out Dan, and it became a giant mess, https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/survivor-removes-a-player-from-the-game-for-the-first-time-ever/ar-AAK1ZFL And the minute I read it I thought no they didn't make it up they backtracked. But then I wondered if I was remembering that episode wrong which is why I was happy to see your comment. And that, to me, is a problem. By backtracking people could say well if you take it back or downplay it or say it wasn't as bad as you thought or whatever excuse you make then it probably is reasonable for MSN to use the words "made up" which makes the whole thing sound like a false accusation. The game play makes for this twisted narrative of what is a real world, outside of strategy, this happened scenario and what is an outwit, I exaggerated, moving my game forward scenario. I disagree with MSN's wording, I wish they had chosen something less definite than "made up" but it's weird uncharted territory to have this happen in a situation where things are made up as people push their game forward. There's just a huge difference between made up I went to island of the idols and had to draw a rock to win an advantage and made up he touched me, no he didn't, yes he did.
  10. The second the words came up on the screen I said (yelled nearly), I knew Kellee wasn't exaggerating and the other women downplayed what happened just for their own game. Which is sad really, if the women had stuck together the first time Dan would have been out a lot sooner and his son would have been spared the embarrassment of that happy family visit sandwiched between two harassment claims. The others seriously owe Kellee an apology for the way they backtracked at that tribal even if it was under the guise of "just gameplay" Of course if Dan had gotten the boot that first time we'd never have known he'd do it again and we'd have been debating all of this in a different way but still. I've been wondering about pay, wondering if the contract is written in such a way that Dan gets bupkis or does he drop down to "first voted out" status and everyone that left since gets bumped up one level? Just one of those things that makes me curious. I'll give zero chance of him being on the reunion show but I am also wondering will they address it at all then or let Kellee say anything about it (if she wants to) or just let the elephant hang out in the corner of the room unmentioned I do think that this quote from Probst's E! interview is very, very (very) telling: "When we first told Dan we were pulling him from the game, he was not happy. We talked through everything for quite a while, and by the time he got on the boat to leave he had calmed down and was actually very respectful as he departed." Obviously he went into denial mode but the implication is he got heated about it since he had "calmed down" by the time he got on the boat. But more that he was respectful as he departed ..... which to me reads like he had not been respectful up to then and had maybe been at the very least argumentative before that. I wouldn't be surprised if he took a: who me, they're lying, it was an accident, this is an overreaction stance trying to bully, bluster and bluff his way out of the whole thing.
  11. Wanted to add - Is this bothering me more than it should or is it a legitimate concern? When they were driving to the airport Lauren was in the center back seat and Josiah behind the front passenger (Mom). I thought this wasn't very safe - Josiah had the full seat belt from his seat, shoulder and lap. Pregnant Lauren who has already miscarried once had the center seat lap belt only. If they had crashed or even stopped short quickly enough she wouldn't have flown off the seat but she would have bent in half. Could that have caused another miscarriage or a problem with the pregnancy? Maybe, maybe not but I feel like why take the chance, shouldn't Lauren have been encouraged by her HUSBAND to take the door side seat with the safer seat belt? It is probably not likely to be a problem but I feel like it's a "better safe than sorry" scenario and such a small easy thing for them to coordinate.
  12. sigmaforce86


    Just heard Philip McKeon died. Only 55, no details except it was "after a long illness". I remember watching him on Alice as a kid and he hasn't been on TV in a long time so I still think of him as he was on the show. RIP
  13. Lauren has resting bitch face. That does not go well with a drama queen personality. She did manage to smile in the car on the way to the airport but oddly it was a smile facing the camera not anyone else and she somehow managed a thousand yard smile. She really is hard to watch. Poor Abbie, doesn't quite sound like she had hyperemesis but sounds like she was pretty close to it, that has to be the worst. EDITED based on Sew Sumi's post below, didn't know Abbie actually did have HG, it looks like she handled it well but I can't even imagine what it must be like Home birth may have been Jessa's plan all along even while claiming she'd use the hospital but to me Ben's body language and face read like he is just over it and not on board with the minimal medical care, half-trained midwives and relatives overseeing his kids births. Spurgeon insisting that removing Ivy's bow would mean she's now a boy was the absolutely cutest thing, second place to Garret picking daintily at that cake instead of diving into it like everyone thought he would. Also liked Jordan (?was that her?) and the hair color joke - for once a totally age appropriate slightly silly slightly gross mainstream sort of joke you might expect any kid her age to tell. Dad either, that "I'd like to see him do that" comment about JB using his face to smash a cake came across as someone saying I sound like I'm kidding but I totally want him to do that and would actually push his face into the cake if given the chance.
  14. Next week isn't the funeral or the finale. Not sure how they're going to cover it, in the next episode which is E9 - my guess (only a guess) is they'll do Jessa for most of the episode plus the clan meets Ivy then the last 5min or so will be phone calls and people being notified about Grandma Mary and a sort of "to be continued" ending. The next episode airing Dec 17th is TWO HOURS and apparently covers some of the pregnant girls getting together plus another pregnancy announcement (we already know who that is) but the title is "Grandma Duggar Remembered" so I suspect at least the last hour if not more will be dedicated to that. I can't find listings for episodes after that so it's either the finale for Season 10 or a break until after the new year but I suspect it's the finale. Counting On Season 10 Episode 10
  15. I am still unreasonably angry at this episode - and I don't consider myself a big feminist - but that arrest in the bar is just full of BS. The two guy's were clearly harassing Lisa and they placed hands on her trying to force that drink on her. The cop never stepped in then but, she got guy #1 out of the way and she clearly knew guy #2 (a potential threat) was behind her so her being grabbed is a reasonable reaction to thinking that second guy was coming after her. He never yelled that he was police, break it up, no warning at a;;. Did the guys also get arrested and we didn't see it because right now we come away with the impression that it was just her and the reason was decking a cop that basically snuck up on her while she was under attack. I truly hope they don't waste time with a bunch of hearings and we have to go through multiple episodes of her getting lectures and talked down to for this or some crazy "you'll be dishonorably discharged" cliffhanger. Yes as a navel officer she screwed up but it's still not the plot the show needs. The rest of the episode was OK except I'm on the fence about Jason getting a new love interest. On the other hand if it pulls him out of his dirty studio apartment no wife no kids no career funk it would not be a bad thing.
  16. She is exactly the sort of character I hate but not because I'm supposed to hate the character. It's not really new or innovative to use the "misunderstood cop/agent/soldier has a person/division/superior who hates him so they don't listen to anything he says and treat him badly at every turn to their own detriment" as a plot device. In fact to me it's pretty old, over used and, at this point, boring. But throw in a someone who either is written as or the actress portrays her as; so completely over the top she should perhaps be wearing a top hat, black cape and maniacally twisting a thin mustache and it moves from character to caricature. Please show...either tune her down or, better, limit her to just a few episodes then she gets her comeuppance and is gone never to return. Of course they also bring in someone I like and apparently kill him off immediately - I'd love to find out that Shannon survived after all; then maybe he can pop up now and then to help Malcolm out. That was a good episode though and a really good way to go into the holiday break.
  17. The one believable part (as in not set up or re-enacted with a bunch of hired extra's) was the garage sale. That is exactly how garage sales in my area go; huge swarm the minute you start, early birds trying to shop while you setup if you're not lucky enough to have a garage and are doing it on the lawn and the inevitable haggling, if it's $5 they want it for $2 if it's $2 they want it for a quarter. There is a small empathetic part of me, growing ever smaller that wants to feel sorry for Lauren as a human being that's troubled either physically, in her mind or both. There is a bigger part of me growing more prominent every time she's on my screen that thinks she is a combination of attention whore and drama queen. Two things that are very, very terrible to have together made even worse by putting her on TV. Honestly if I were a Duggar girl and she were my SIL I'd probably be stuck keeping sweet in front of the camera's and when the parental units were present but I would be rolling my eyes and hating on her in private or in secret conversations with trusted sisters (excludes Jill the snitch). Josiah is stuck with her 24/7 but even short times with her must just be so tiring, I'd almost be glad when she went to the couch to lie down if I was part of that group.
  18. Anyone here also watch Supernatural? Christian Kane popped up in the previews; looks like hes' going to be in the December 5th episode.. It's about time we got him and Jensen Ackles in the same place.....acting I mean, they've already done some singing together but........little news blurb says the two will have a hot boys night out and do some singing in this SPN episode also.
  19. Sometimes it's too bad the players have to self-censor themselves to keep their game play intact. When Elizabeth gave her speech that was less about herself and more about supporting Missy and how wonderful Missy is and how great her game play is I kept thinking if I were Karishma my first response would be to tell her that everything she's saying and everything she thinks about her alliance/buddies is only because she has her head so far up Missy's ass they're practically one player with Missy as the brains and Elizabeth as the blind foot soldier. Of course even if Karishma was thinking that it's one of those things you just can't say without looking bad to the jury and the rest of the tribe - Sandra seemed to be giving the benefit of the doubt but Rob called it and I think they both know for sure now; Karishma is well and fully the goat. Missy's mistake was actually common; getting to sure of her alliance, her game play and herself so she lost any diplomacy she had even if it was fake and went full on I'm running this game I will tell (not ask) you what to do and when to do it. Not that I'm sorry to see her go but if she had pulled back and played nice even if faking it and kept up that persona and, most important, used the fake nice to get info on what other non-allied people were doing she probably had the smarts to go further.
  20. Yeah I've been debating between kept Pearson and didn't bother to sign the full hyphened name and why take the time to show the actual form instead of just Kate at the table writing. With any other show I'd say it means something for them to show the form and signature, that it's a wasted shot to do that over the shoulder onto the form thing for no reason. On the other hand this is a show that doesn't mind red herrings and misdirection's. So at this point I guess I'd say it caught my eye and made me think but it could mean a lot or nothing at all.
  21. There are going to be a lot of WTF reactions to the future plot with that 9 month time jump near the end but for me the biggest was the quickest moment - Kate signed that police form with the last name Pearson. In just nine months? That is huge, very much need to know what the deal is going to be with that. Edited to add: Also, Griffin Dunne for the Emmy please
  22. OK you guys win, all of you and I am going to take away all the previous benefits of the doubt I ever gave Delilah; that she's stressed, she's hormonal blah, blah).....Nope, she just sucks. Because when you get down to it she is not asking Katherine to be a "good person" and she's not asking Regina to be a good friend, she's demanding that they see and do things her way and only her way. Logic be damned, future consequences be damned and others emotions be damned. Eddie wants a relationship with both his kids and that they know they're brother and sister so they can have a relationship; too bad, Katherine want's both family's stable with some sort of visitation and custody so they can all plan their lives; sorry, do things on my schedule and I'll just ask you to "babysit" when it's convenient for me, everyone says just rip off the band-aid tell Sophie and Danny and help them start dealing with it; sorry I'll keep the secret forever because that never, ever backfired on anyone. Seriously her quest to be perfect and right has made her completely selfish and she's backed into a corner and ganged up on because she painted herself into it with her actions. Well, the show is going very on the nose, in your face with it but Delilah is about to get in a headbutt with reality when the exact scenario she's trying to avoid comes after her in the form of PJ and John and PJ's family. Normally I'd say that plot is a little to obvious but at this point Delilah has become so insufferable I sort of welcome seeing her get that info and link it to her own actions........ let's see what she thinks of keeping secrets then. I think Mitch is abusive; not physical but emotional.......From how he's been presented he seems short tempered and controlling. PJ is nearly 18, born in 2002 he can't be more than a couple of months away from being a legal adult. But Mitch still has his buddies telling him they saw PJ in this or that area of town and Mitch doesn't just ask what did you do today he grills him on it. He stopped PJ during the dog search and his questions were more probing than "hey watcha up to?" and now he was going to Rome's place demanding to know where his son is. When you read it out like that it doesn't sound tooo bad but I feel like it's how he says things and how he loses his temper; there seems to be a certain need for control above and beyond the normal watching out for your kid.
  23. Just want to add one more thing then let this whole episode go............This creates an extremely awkward situation for potential F3. Dan can't win, in theory Dan can't win. With that knowledge though he could be taken to F3 as a goat. But I say "In Theory" because I feel like, right now; with what we've seen and with what we know the tribe has experienced and said, there is the possibility that some of the guys like Aaron actually would vote for Dan. Maybe he can't win or get enough of them on his side but if you take just this episode and project forward to an F3 that includes Dan it seems like there are contestants who would still potentially vote for Dan. I have no spoilers and don't think Dan will make it much further but if he did it would be incredibly awkward watching him in final Q&A, the potential blow back for anyone who did vote for him - the whole thing just puts a negative mark on not just Dan but anyone who plays with him or supports him going forward. Even if they "need" him to further their game it's an incredibly awkward guilt by association scenario.
  24. I'm sorry but I don't believe this - I know Jeff was there and we should trust that he has insights we don't but..........Elizabeth told Janet she was uncomfortable with Dan when they were having a private conversation and strategy didn't come into it and Missy told Kellee the same thing during their beach side chat. It was only when Lauren started to manipulate Missy and convince her that Kellee was just conning Missy so she could vote her out that the backtracking began. And Elizabeth said straight out she'd down play or blow up the situation depending on what was best for her game. So Jeff saying now that they both embellished seems to ignore some of the honest conversations (i.e. when they were being candid and not really in full game play mode) that each had with a tribe mate. It's hard to say because we know we're not seeing everything but I don't believe they would have shown everything they did and had the on screen text explanation of what was happening if Dan were being accused "unfairly" and if Kellee were the only one affected and Missy and Elizabeth embellished (lied) about what they experienced.
  25. I don't know what I would have said if I were there when Aaron made the "They didn't tell the guys" comment. That crap is exactly why women don't tell, it's never oh I'm sorry that happened what can we do it's...are you sure, did you misunderstand, maybe it wasn't meant that way and (my favorite) what were you wearing. I feel sorry for Kellee, at least the others had a chance to talk it out, she had to sit and listen at tribal and couldn't interject anything. And Missy was bad but Elizabeth was worse having straight out said she'd use this to her advantage and down play or escalate depending on what would help her. So before the boards blow up - They should have gotten rid of Aaron before the merge, they're just now figuring out he's going to be a challenge monster but the harassment issue meant nobody discussed (that we saw) how he's gone 2 for 2 now and that's going to be a problem. And what happened with Dean and the fake advantage? They never said what Jamal wrote on the paper, when Dean was supposed to "use" it or how it would trick him or ruin his game other than the obvious it'll put a target on him with the tribe which didn't seem to go anywhere anyway.
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