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  1. I stopped underestimating the general public's stupidity (or maybe obliviousness is the better word) when I went into my local bookstore and saw they had put a table outside the bathroom area with a large, prominent sign to leave all un-purchased merchandise on the table and do not bring it into the restrooms. Honestly it never occurred to me until then that people would be likely to take a book or magazine in there, do their business then put it back on the shelf. Obviously though it happened enough that the store had to put up that table, I've seen them in other similar stores since then. Also it made me wonder about everything I'd touched over the years! But that's a public place where you don't even own the stuff yet - this is her house and certainly even if you're running behind or as disorganized as I sometimes suspect she is..........If it's the kids that are the problem her's are old enough to be told stop fooling around at the dinner table, finish your last few bites, I'm setting the timer anything left on the plate after that goes in the garbage and you're done until breakfast. Kids are resilient, they won't starve in one night and they'll learn for next time. If it's her though she just needs to get her shit together, be ready to feed them earlier in the night even if it means they eat before daddy get's home - I wouldn't put it past her to be so joined at the hip to Derrick that if he's out "studying" (I use that word loosely) late she'd make the kids wait to eat as a family until 7pm or something then run around to get two hyped up but overtired boys to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. But with either scenario those last few bits are just not so important that they need to be shoveled into the kids mouths while they're bathing!
  2. If she had just waited two minutes, enough to hear Lauren didn't smack her head going down or wasn't super dehydrated and didn't need to be evacuated which could have stopped the challenge anyway. She may have been desperate that she couldn't wait those two minutes or she'd fall (so not much of a "winner").........; it's an odd grey area of winning or losing a challenge vs. negotiating with an ally or friend vs. what she seemed to want which is just hand me the win because reasons. Things like that bring out the contrary in me, once she started I think I'd have been likely to get stubborn and refuse to budge just because I'd feel like I was being guilted into it by someone I owe nothing to and who owes me nothing Sort of like Margie and Luke arriving at the mat on Amazing Race - Margie said multiple times "I think I need water", she was wobbling and she said her fingers were frozen. They got it on camera but didn't do anything or rush the "You are team number" greeting until she went down. To give Phil credit on that though once she did go down he lept into action, supported her and helped medical. I wonder though was someone filming Lauren and ignoring the warnings or is there a dedicated camera on each person through the whole challenge so they can just edit in what they want to show later - otherwise it seems like if they have one or two guys going from person to person they risk missing a good moment. It brings up interesting questions on how the filming works, how much the contestants are monitored and what their cut off is on when to intercede (or when they know something bad is gong on). Anonymous Player #472 for the win! Seriously, there are a few people that are enjoyable to watch play, sort of, but not anyone I'm sure I'd want to see win (even from the players I like), no clear front runner and if there's a "winners edit" going on I'm not seeing it. I think the uneven wins messed things up in terms of the viewers getting to know the players and the players themselves learning to strategize, align and think long game early on so both we and they are playing catch up now and it makes a weird dynamic.
  3. I agree they might have one "bedroom" as an office in the current house forcing people to double up but that flyer isn't for their current house it's for a townhouse in Philly. Also agree with someone who said the bedrooms are going to be much smaller and storage will be an issue but all I could think when I saw it was the outside inconveniences those types of residences usually have...on street parking and no yard. I liked this as a season finale, so much wrapped up but just enough questions left and not in a cliffhanger way. Why is Kevin living on the East Coast and why has Toby never been to his house? (assumed because of Toby's comment on the house size). When did Kevin have his son and with who? And is he married or was it a surrogate or is he divorced with custody? Is Toby living on the East Coast too and if so why? Because in a previous episode he was in bed in what we assume to be his house, his poster was above the bed, when Randall called and said they wanted him there, he could have flown since they do have some unusual magical travel times in this show but they seemed to indicate he was living nearby. Who is the "they" that are coming with Jack? Is it one of the missing, which ones, who and where are the others? Especially Miguel (leaning towards he has died on that one) How did Nicky straighten out and get what looks like a family relationship that's become close? Looking forward to more of that mostly because I love Griffin Dunne! I can overlook some of the inconsistencies and making people a little too saintlike because I enjoy watching and do actually want to know the answers to these. Just hoping since they have an end date and a plan that they do actually wrap things up well and not mess with us. Also Mandy Moore's makeup at the end was awesome, she didn't look like she was layered in ten pounds of "old people" makeup, they didn't show her for very long but they seemed to have done it right. But Randall having to add "your son" was heartbreaking.
  4. Not to get too far off topic but Charlotte Stewart who played Miss Beadle could outdo just about everyone on this show except maybe Daryl. Search for her memoir........let's just say she had access to parties and all the mind alerting substances that went with them and she took full advantage of it plus a very free and easy sex life that included people like Jim Morrison (yes she means The Doors Jim Morrison). And she was homeless for a time. I imagine people like that who can hit bottom, survive and pull themselves back up could also be the ones to make a kick ass survivor in an apocalypse.
  5. An excellent episode as always although I'm not sure if they don't know what to do with Shelia or if the last couple episodes of the previous season, the Christmas special and this episode are supposed to highlight some sort of crossroads for her that is building towards something. They had me for a few minutes; I really thought they were going to kill the triplet. I think the two new Nun's will be OK but I'm going to miss Sister Winifred. Also missing Tom. I prefer to stay unspoiled so I can only say I'm hoping one or both of them come back before the season is over. I wonder how many viewers in the US went running for Google to look up Queen Elizabeth's kids? I'll raise my hand and say I did it even though I was sure they were talking about Andrew. Completely forgot Edward even exists, he seems to be the quiet one who doesn't make the news much.
  6. There was some good; there's always something good. Wasn't much though, for a finale it was a pretty boring trudging episode. I liked Judith's scolding of Neegan coming around "Your leg looks like shit"..."Language Miss Grimes". And when Lydia asked Carol to kill her Grandma Sigma (who is usually confused and only follows half the plot) turned to us and said she can't, it's winter and there's no flowers. And Jerry's attempt to rename Hilltop! The writers tried to build some suspense but after the pike-head massacre of last week there's no way we were going to believe anyone from the caravan except maybe, possibly a red-shirt or two was going to die. What was annoying and confusing was the timeline. The Kingdom was in disrepair, the balcony where Ezekial announced the start of the fair looked to be half gone and some of the buildings looked burnt when they left so we wonder how long has it been? Then we get that info from Zeke and Carol; Henry has been dead "a few months". So with no background or explanation we went in 2-3 months from a fair with precious resources being used to build booths and make freaking candy apples to a crumbling burnt infrastructure? Too bad they skipped over it because that could have been a pretty good story. Then it seems like another time jump without explanation - Alpha and Beta are there with no snow visible but the clue is she says they've had "time away". So again we're supposed to assume that a few months have passed and it's Spring I guess. There are always a few viewers that don't get that plot but you know a show is doing a bad job of making things clear or even slightly obvious when a majority of the people on boards like this or discussing an episode think that instead of a time jump that they just screwed up and the Whispers camp was magically snow free (which could still be the case who knows).
  7. Well I was rooting for Rick but didn't think he'd pull it off...... yet there he was. I'm sure the extra knots advantage helped but IDK I just like the guy, maybe he won't get much further but of the players and the people on EI he was the one I hoped would keep going. Reem please shut up - you're annoying anyway but just because you're on the jury doesn't mean you have standing to editorialize about the votes at tribal. You haven't been in the game for about two weeks and know nothing about what's going on with the tribes except what the latest vote off tells you. There could be alliances and idols you know nothing about and that the person voted off last doesn't know about either so please just sit there and shut up. Anyone know how the Survivor pay scale works now? Because in the past the scale was first person off gets about $3,500 - $4,000 but jury members can get in the tens of thousands range. Reem was first voted off but she's still in the game so it seems like she'd get more than just 1st vote pay for that. , Keith and Wendy left so would that maybe put Keith in the first voted off place and Wendy in second voted off place? Just wondering if the order of pay changes based on when the person actually leaves the game or enters the jury or if they completely changed the pay scale because the extinction island twist completely screws with the traditional first off to last person standing order.
  8. Just realized Helen is played by Markie Post - never, ever recognized her! Mad because the news story about a month ago about this episode made it sound like they were going to use Partridge Family scenes to make it look like Timmy was there with them at the time and I had been looking forward to that. Not that Danny wasn't funny, the little "in" lines and the Timmy in the well comment were great. Just missing what I'd been looking forward to because that article turned out to be a little off. Pat is fast becoming one of the funniest kids on the show and he does it with just one or two sentences. Also liked the continuity every time Eddie turned around right to the end of the episode he still had that bald spot in the back. But yes Lawrence you can get your own place - he's an adult and he's not going to college is he? Even if he is how come Eddie had to get a garbage man job but Lawrence doesn't seem to be doing anything at all? Hit in the head with clackers! Yes! That was really the only thing they could do consistently unless you were really, really (really) coordinated. And I hate to say it but I sympathize with Peggy, I plan my routes to make the least left turns possible especially if I know it's at a corner with no traffic lights (I call those unassisted lefts). I can manage them fine I just hate it and prefer to avoid it if possible.
  9. She'll have to deliver early or late; if she's on time she risks giving birth at 6am or 6pm and being accused of having satans baby. Damn I was trying for an outcasts sighting during the wedding and reception and I missed seeing her. She recycled her dress? Guess her instafamous clothing push only extends to oversized t-shirts or you know she'd be shilling her "beautiful" formal look and the discount code you can use to copy it. Dillweed would probably have known what Zoolander was but my guess is if he would never actually admit to it. JB sure does like to hear himself talk (and talk and talk). By the end of the "this is where you met" story which he was telling like John himself hadn't been there for it the look on John's face was like he was fighting to bite back a good sarcastic "Thank you Captain Obvious". The wedding was November 3rd so all I could think when I saw Ben was he took no-shave-november VERY seriously. I thought the pregnancy reveal between Jessa and Jinger was cute, it seemed a little more real than most of what we see and looked like Ben filmed it not the crew. Plus Jinger was wearing stretchy pants., not sure but even though we know she wears them in Laredo I think that's the first time she's worn them while visiting home and on the show. Speaking of pants - the flower girls were cute but their dresses weren't that short that they needed to wear capri stretchies under them. Even if they did need something underneath couldn't it have been tights or even the same pants but flesh or dress match color not that obvious white pants all scrunched and buckled around their knees? I'd say that was the one bad look in what was a pretty good wedding by Duggar standards. Henry has the cutest curly hair I've seen in a long time and I loved Spurgeon declaring Jessa was having a boy but his teddy says it's a girl
  10. We came up with a theory this morning over breakfast (because we have nothing better to do around here).......The people Alpha picked to be killed all seem to be the most non-whisper people she met at the fair. Going back over her sneaking around the booths Tammy and her husband walked behind her and it was Tammy that was talking pretty loudly about the baby, Alpha walked past the first aid booth and it was Enid being loud about how to do CPR, the random red haired girl gave Alpha directions. Can't remember where Tara might fit into this theory but there was probably something she said or did that called attention to her. So we think that everyone but Henry was picked just because they were loud and obvious and just like the baby that Alpha made that women leave in the field to not be quiet breaks her first rule. The exception was Henry, very sure she picked him because he escaped from her once and to punish Lydia.
  11. Henry and Enid on a pike...bad. Tara on a pike....good. Sorry but don't like the actress & won't miss her. Also nice fake out with Ezekial not becoming a pike head after going off with Alpha. Looking forward to seeing this bring out pissed off mama bear bad ass Carol though. Assuming Daryl didn't push Alpha off that cliff because she said "her" people were down there too and he knew if he killed her those people would lead the herd to Kingdom, Hilltop and the rest of the communities? Only thing I could think of that made sense. Nice effect with the heads still alive and moving their mouths but.....How did the get those heads up there without destroying the brain I wonder?
  12. Just heard the news - so glad it got its own thread or we could really be blowing up the media thread! It's not unexpected, 15 years is a long time for a show like this. Heck it's a long time for almost any show. If you take away things that shouldn't count - non-fiction news programs, game shows, talk shows, cartoons and anything "revived" after a 10 year break - there are not a lot of fiction script shows that have one continuous run like Supernatural has. As far as seeing it go.......I'm on the fence..........I'll sort of miss it but I think it is time, the arch story lines have overshadowed things in recent years, the boys are getting older both in real life and the age they're supposed to be on the show. Just please, please writers - don't screw with us; you have a ton of time to plan and execute this. No ambiguous Angel endings that leave us questioning did they win or lose/live or die. Don't kill everyone either; one or two maybe but not everyone. Somewhere awhile back I did a how should it end dream post where the boys are retired and running things like Bobby used to, answering phones to cover for fake hunter credentials and doing research. That might be a nice, easy way to go out and I have no idea where they're actually going to go with this but my suspicion is they'll leave it just open enough to allow for a couple TV movies somewhere down the line if the ratings and demand is there.
  13. I must be in the minority - I liked it. Or maybe it's just because it was enough of a monster of the week story and I've been pretty vocal about missing the "saving people hunting things" days. They can't go back to the old days now but those were the hunts I liked and this was pretty close to that, guess that was enough for me. Jack acted like a typical teenager. Get's a little attention for knowing about monsters so brings the whole stack of demon research books to show off (I thought for awhile that Tom would read out loud and accidentally summon something). Get's a little attention for throwing and floating a knife and starts flying it all over to show off. It's the one thing that rang true - kids of a certain age will do some stunt or dumb thing that the other kids admire and they like the attention so much they'll go "now watch this" and do something even stupider. And I have to admit Tom watching Ghost Facers and the little clip of Harry and Ed calling out Sam and Dean was pretty funny. That said they didn't really need to B story with Jack, not sure where they're going with it except for fall out later when the boys find out Jack used his power badly and the possibility that Jack burned off another piece of has half-soul to heal Stacy. I do expect though that Dean is going to go to town for the beer and Stacy is going to flip out on him yelling that he needs to keep that freaky kid away from them. The Canadian filming location was showing this week - The bunker is in Kansas but most of the products on the store shelf where Jack was shopping had both English and French labels (easiest to see on the mac & cheese boxes)
  14. They should have had something on the show to fill in the blanks. Rick had to have been given some information so as viewers it would be nice for them to spare even just 30-60 seconds so we could get the basics. At minimum he must have been told these are the people going to tribal. That might have been all, maybe they didn't even tell him if the tribe name or that there are three tribes now........... but he had to know the people so he could decide who to pass the vote to. Even if we saw him with a parchment that said "X Tribe is going to council tonight, you must pass your vote to one of these remaining tribe members" it would have explained a lot. Then, in theory, he would be in a place to save someone he likes or knows or get rid of someone he doesn't like (as in I know Susie will vote for Martin and I want Martin out so I'll help Susie). If he doesn't get back in the game he possibly helps an ally win, if he does get back in the game he can go to that person and tell them what he did giving him an ally for later. That to me is the only way the advantage helps Rick at all but, again, it would have been nice to have seen what was Rick told when it came time to decide who to pass the vote to and what was his logic and thought process in deciding who gets it.
  15. When they yelled for Julia and she stepped up it was like they snuck a new cast member into the tribe - Who is she, Where has she been all this time, Has she ever gotten a talking head? The invisible player! Unless or until said invisible Julia steps up and we see what she's like I'm going to start cheering for Victoria and or Gavin just because. I also like Rick but he seems like a true long shot at this point. Reem there is still not a single person out there who wants or needs you to be their "mommy". The fact that she's still not only going for that role but forcing it on others and that she thinks she's queen leader of EI beach proves she learned nothing from her initial game play and ouster. The only thing she's managed to do is sulk on how she was wronged and take a big dose of bitter pills. If she gets back in the game it won't even be entertaining chaos (that would be Wendy's role). And yes she "gave" that advantage to Kevin, how can she be unaware that saying hey look what is that will send people grabbing the item, especially Kevin, especially after he ran off to find the items from the first map - she's either completely clueless or doubles down when challenged because she just can't be wrong ever. People always watch sitcoms that take outrageous things and inflate them for laughs and say "that would never happen in real life". The next time we have a hapless character who can't handle sports like Niles from Frasier or Howard from Big Bang when he was throwing out the first pitch and someone says that's so exaggerated, people don't throw like that in real life, that would never happen...........I'm going to show them a loop video of Wardog throwing those bolas about a foot in front of himself and straight into the ground like a three year old over and over (and over). And, one last general Survivor rant - the complaining when players actually play; it happens season after season and I've never, ever understood it but there went Chris and, of course bitter entitled Reem again last night when Kevin ran off. Yes it's "fair", no he's not being "sneaky" and nobody is obligated to wait to go searching for anything. Can we remind these people it's a game and only one of them wins, looking for the idol is not sneaking off, getting a map and going for whatever it's leading you to is not screwing your beach mates. That is how the game is played. In general not just this season but over and over I'm tired of seeing and can not at all understand the mind set of the players that complain when someone actually tries to play the game by getting any advantages, immunity or information that they can. It's not a democracy, there's no voting to act as a group so if Kevin lost that vote he'd be compelled to sit at camp and wait and, most important, if you don't want people running off and getting things you want yourself how about not helping them. Rick was just as much at fault for giving away to the group how to fold the first map as Reem was in pointing out the box from the second map. Kevin wants to win, they gave him an opening and he took advantage, that's good game play or, to borrow a very old phrase, you snooze you lose.
  16. I looked at the picture before I read the title or recipe and I swear I thought it was bannana pudding with 'nilla wafers on top. This is NOT an appetizing dinner - and for someone trying to be a blogger or influencer or whatever on-line attention she's seeking.......does she not realize or has nobody told her that we eat first with our eyes so maybe beige food on a white plate on a brown table is a more than a little monotone and pretty gross looking to boot. Does anyone believe this? Does JILL believe this or is she willfully lying? We decided as opposed to TLC kicked us off is really stretching things. On the other hand months after they were let go her "headship" was still insisting they weren't fired and at one point went as far as to say in an interview that it was not only fully their decision to leave but that TLC actually wanted them to stay on. The only consistent thing that Jill is parroting is the "headed in a different direction" defense which is what Derrick also said multiple times so I guess that's the party line they trot out for their followers.
  17. Every now and then there's a dose of actual reality in reality TV. Is there anyone who didn't adore Jer's Grandma? Her reaction to meeting Felicity was so genuine and I have no doubts it was her real feelings we saw not something put on or reenacted. I think I saw Jer's Dad tearing up in the background too. Another little thing - did anyone notice how Great Grandma spoke to Jinger? This might not be said well because you need to hear it not read it but- there was something about how GG said Jinger's name that was so warm and loving it struck me as so different from how the Duggar family addresses each other. Maybe because they're used to their talking heads and because (I suspect) a lot of their "announcements" are either staged or reenacted but their excitement is calculated and sometimes robotic. GG's "Oh Jinger" was the adorably loving opposite of that.
  18. Yes! We're just left with a "that was it?" sort of feeling. All this build up to some super bad betrayal falling out between everyone and the story this whole time was the kids got kidnapped and the world is bad - the governor, the termites, the claimers, the hospital group, the wolves, the saviors apparently didn't teach her that or because it wasn't kids and a former bff involved those groups just weren't as terrible. But this was the big story that we're supposed to believe made her the closed off person she is today? And Daryl helped! He saved Michonne, her baby and the kidnapped kids and had her back the whole time and for that she now barely acknowledges him because................ he's not part of Alexandria I guess? Michonne needs to ask; if the gates are watched all the time and the sewers are barred down how does Judith keep getting out of Alexandria? Does Michonne know she was out wasting bullets and hanging around with Neegan already? Guess not since she was able to steal the gun and wander off yet again - there's a kid sized hole in that wall somewhere. Seems like Judith takes after her brother in the "nobody knows where he/she is" area! Michonne's belly and Alexandria is less built up were pretty much the only clues. Really subtle and not easy to see all the time which made it a bit of a pain because it seemed like we wasted the first 15-30 seconds of each scene looking for the clues on which time it was in. Would have been less annoying to have a really simplistic but helpful "then" "now" tag at the bottom of the screen.
  19. All this talk of makeup plus the Tammy Faye & Jan Crouch pictures reminded me of a quote but I can't remember who to credit (might be my old favorite Erma Bombeck): Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not color, but to accept God's final word on where your lips end. Edit: Found the quote - actually Jerry Seinfeld said it.
  20. Maybe we're getting the first little hints of whatever causes her to be in the hospital or nursing home years from now (from the previous episodes flash forwards to go see "her")? Or maybe she's just shocked and worried and low on energy? Even could be a little bit of both. I was surprised nobody ran to get her orange juice when she stood up and got dizzy - food is good, a donut is ok but that sugar hit won't last long. What a kick in the pants it would have been if Kevin had been drinking OJ and someone grabbed it for Rebecca only to find out he'd made his own screwdriver. I wish Zoe had confronted him, when they hugged I really wanted her to say now dump out that water bottle I know what's really in it, call that rehab facility you were in and talk to them first then we're going to find you a meeting and sponsor. Nobody came off good in this episode, some worse than others. The only thing Miguel was guilty of was clunky ways of trying to help and cheer everyone which wasn't much of a crime. Zoe didn't really have any bad points. Randall has always been a little too optimistic and impulsive but I've never disliked him until now - his demands on Beth were incredibly selfish and tone deaf even after he admitted that Beth had already given up a lot during his campaign. And the whole money thing - Beth didn't sign up to fully support the family with her salary while he uses a months worth of gas in two or three days driving multi hours round trip to Philly every day, I can't imagine where his brain is to think he could ask her to give up more than she already has. Have to admit though, the whole pretzel lady thing was hysterical especially Beth and Randall's little talk about it and whoever thought to amp up the sound on her as she opened the bag and crunched the first few was brilliant.
  21. Going by the show only not the books b/c I haven't read them I think they could stick with the same actress using the logic of the viral blood and the so called cure keep her alive either forever (immortal) or for a much, much longer period than a normal lifespan so she will age but not as quickly as a normal human. That way she could be "older" next season and, with luck, the following season and they could write it off as her hitting a vampire growth spurt. Not sure if that logic would work for everyone but it would sound like a reasonable explanation to me. I agree about being disappointed with Carter going all in on the rampage, he did seem like he could come in second place to Amy in the controlling yourself department and he did come across as having some guilt about what he was doing but did it anyway. That said I was missing one thing I'd love to have seen him do - go home and have the first person he goes after be Rachel's husband. If he's going to kill everyone in has path anyway I'm not opposed to him dispensing a little poetic justice for the reason he was on death row in the first place. Great finale, they went all out on the action in the first half and the ending was just closed enough that it could serve as the end of the series and we won't feel like we were left hanging. But just open enough to lead into Season 2. All info is the ratings were a little low for the last episode but I really hope Fox sticks with it and we get season 2 and beyond especially since the announced plan was to go only 3-4 seasons and not stretch out the material infinitely.
  22. OK I think this comment answers the question I came to ask - I don't own the comics so I can't go back and reference them but I've read them and I don't remember the Highwaymen or any characters like them but with a different name. So these guys are a TV show only creation with no apples to apples comic character to compare them to right? If that's the case I get the fuckery comment, what's the point in introducing them? The only ideas I can think of, (and I still like a little surprise as I watch so trying to go with speculating without really spoiling)........................., they're cannon fodder to be killed in place of some of the characters we know the Whisperers kill or they're new special characters to stay living and take the place of people the whisperers kill. Neither makes much sense to me though, as much as I want them to deviate (further) from the comics this time and leave Ezekial alive I think they're heading in the "kill him" direction. But if a few Highwaymen take their place on the pikes instead why would the viewers care when they're new characters and we have no real attachment to them yet?
  23. I'm going to start with the good because there's so little of it and it's easy to get it over with: All on the Laredo group, Felicity is adorable, her face in the jump-up was so cute, Jeremy seems like a good hands on Dad even if I allow for some of it to be just put on for the camera's, I love that they have Jake the cat and, last but most important, the kid is allowed to wear pants too and I see a lot of loosening of the Gothard standards and a swing toward more mainstream Christianity/living in that house. Second place goes to Abby who at least said she's OK wearing scrub pants even though she could wear skirts and others at her work do that. It show's a little bit of thinking for herself and being practical based on the activity (yeah) As for the rest - Say it in big, red, glowing letters: The. Waste! The incredible, hypocritical, don't you buy used and save the difference WASTE. A pop up dress shop with mannequins is bad enough but making a platform and a giant mirror too. I don't care if Miss Renee or TLC production paid for it, it still comes across as indulgent and wasteful especially when you compare it to the thrift store make your own detergent ways they try to advocate. And the flour bombing; gas for the plane and of course the flour itself, what an over the top wasteful activity. If they keep trying to one-up themselves by the time Justin or Jackson get's married it'll be "We're flying to Mt Everest where we'll jump out and para-glide from the summit, we'll then land directly on a pack of camels with saddles which we'll race across the Gobi desert, the first three across the finish line get to go to dinner at Applebees Honolulu" (yes I know none of those things are near each other but the Duggar's don't know geography anyway so....) Jessa really let her bitch flag fly in this one. Even when she was unpacking the mannequins and said something like "it's really skinny". I know it could just be a comment not a dig at Abbie but it comes across as a dig and there's just an undercurrent of everyone else is beneath me in nearly everything she does and says. She has to go with the I and Me statements; when I was breastfeeding, at My wedding. She has to pull attention to stay relevant and part of the show and, to me at least, she increasingly comes across as queen bitch / ace narcissist of the family.
  24. I've always disliked Brett Butler but when she first came on the show I didn't even recognize her and, at least for the few episodes she's been in, I like her character and how she's playing it. I enjoyed the funny in the episode, Jerry whispering to Ezekiel then the sword request, Carol's slow build to get their interest with the movie offer and lead Highway Man's "Seriously?" delivery. I've seen the preview with lead Highway Man walking around The Kingdom multiple times and honestly never thought about it hinting at more new people or a new group because every time they showed that I thought it was Luke I was seeing. It was nice that, for once, things were dealt with quickly and fairly reasonably my hope is these guys just turn out to be a group that needs a purpose and become friends not just another foe of the week the group(s) have to fight. There was some discussion in the Sigma household whether Beta is dead or not but we decided to go with not dead, not a walker. We based on, first, what we saw on the show - when he got up his movements were more purposeful than a walker's would be and there was none of the gah ger noise they make. And second just because none of us believe they'd cast Ryan Hurst in that role then waste him on two episodes (as a human even if he popped up again as a walker). That sort of casting is either a one off cameo or multi episode character. As much as I'd love to see Beta wander into the Whisperers camp as a walker I believe he was alive at the end of the episode. Now whether he should be and whether he should have more than a few broken bones and a decent head injury from that fall well that's a different thing that might need a little TV magic hand waving to get past.
  25. I know I have to suspend belief when watching this show and I usually do because it's mostly entertaining and I like the actors on it but they really stretched it this week - are we supposed to believe that when the Mother was murdered there were the first police on the scene then some backup officers who had time to put up the yellow tape and call the detectives. Then the detectives had to get to the apartment too and in ALL of that time nobody cleared the apartment or even thoroughly searched it? So the daughter sat in that closet for how long unnoticed by everyone until Danny heard her crying? Seems like that was some sloppy reprimand worthy police work there. This was hey it's that guy week too - Had just finished watching The Passage where James Le Gros recurs then moved on to watching Blue Bloods (I know I'm way behind on my DVR shows!). Had to do some quick brain shifting to go from his Passage character Horace (who I am sincerely hoping is killed) to the Blue Bloods character Don.. Then I got a looks familiar vibe from the sister Heidi who turned out to be the actress who played young Christina in Mommy Dearest which makes me feel very, very old.
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