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  1. I do feel sad about Mary - she was just on the side most of the time, she didn't chase fame like her son, daughter in law and, by extension, their kids did (and are) and she seemed like a nice lady. I think it's sweet she was able to hold Ivy and they have that picture - but I love generation pictures like that anyway. Interesting they said she had 21 Grandchildren which would be JB's 19 plus Amy to make 20; I don't think there are any others so they have to be counting Jubilee or Caleb but not both. But then they only state 13 Great Grandchildren so they aren't counting Lauren & Sia's miscarriage either. Only counting one of the two babies Michelle lost is weird. Not counting Lauren's must just burn her biscuits (only because I think she's a drama queen anyway and would bet any other daughter or DIL wouldn't care as much). And how interesting that Joy & Grandma watched Price Is Right, never thought they'd allow Joy to watch much TV or that she'd be hanging out next to Grandma watching a game show. But I really love the mental picture of it! Still Grandma's are special so RIP Mary. Edited to add: And please Jim Bob.............. let Grandma Mary actually rest in peace now. I know it makes good drama for TV but don't film her funeral and all the kids mourning her just so you can have a "Very Special Episode"
  2. IDK I think I like it. I've never been a fan of the dyed blond hair with dark eyebrows look but there are thousands of women out there who style that way so that part isn't weird. I don't think the blond looks too light for her at least not in the pictures I saw maybe because it's not solid and you can clearly see the highlights and darker areas. I'm not sure she can call it a Balayage, it doesn't look dark enough at the roots which I think is the point of that sort of coloring technique (but don't quote me on that I'm not nearly up on the current trends enough to be sure, only going by what I read since I had to look it up). I would have been really impressed if she colored it and when we clicked on the picture we also saw she took six or more inches off. She's already happily wearing skinny jeans, buying a home with a mortgage, moving to Cali, add short hair to the mix and we really might see JB's head explode from the loss of control. I'll give Jinger this though - coloring your hair is really common for teens as they start to express themselves which Jinger didn't get to do much. Little changes but nothing radical certainly nothing that could be termed true self expression. If she wants to try that now even if she's hit and miss on the color choice then more power to her.
  3. That's what I was waiting for too....... the Rachel/Elissa you're team number (not last) HOWEVER (Penalty!) - It was hard to tell but almost certain they didn't wait until they reached that flag before the other one was raking. I wonder though if the Amazing Observers let them do that for just a short time then told them the raker has to stay back for safety purposes? Good for Christie for not sharing that clue - guess it never hurts to ask but there's no way they could or should have expected a yes. Loved Colin acting like a big brother to Becca on the mat; and that's how you handle an animal without going nuclear. I think the last of my skepticism has drained away about whether "new" Colin is real or an act. The u-turn vote goes against all reasons we like to say raaaace. That Amazing Producers really need to find twists that keep the spirit of thee game more intact. Ironically though it played right into Rachel and Elissa's strategy which came back to bite them. They had no reason to play nasty, stir up trouble or pit teams against each other (or against them) basically do anything that treats this game like Big Brother or Survivor; but they did and they burned bridges doing it even if it was something like Chris and Brett's case where it was just ignore them while you plot with others (and calling them the stupid team even if only to the camera was a jerk move too) ......well, surprise, some teams didn't forget that and out you go. I don't doubt if it were a regular u-turn the teams chosen would have been different. Also the vote took away the option from teams who choose not to u-turn at all; I wonder what would have happened if Phil said teams could abstain?
  4. That's where the huge difference comes in - if any of our floors looked like that immediately after the kids ate it would be fine and I'd place no blame or judgement on myself or anyone else for it, some days they get more on the floor, tray and themselves then they manage to actually eat. If the floor looks like that hours or (gulp) days after eating and it's obvious there are multiple meals down there; then there's a problem and yes I am judging your housekeeping skills and general cleanliness (bug city!). Only other time I can see giving a pass is if there's some sort of sickness going through the whole house, it's hard to keep up then and you try but if a good thorough sweeping doesn't get done it's understandable. It's like Jessa and her diaper mound - if you have a dirty diaper laying there for awhile because you're wrestling the kid into PJ's, grabbing a bottle, consoling the other kid who's crying we get it that's just the Mom multitasking dance. If you still have that dirty diaper plus ten others laying around for the whole day or longer instead of going into the garbage we have to wonder about your housekeeping skills.
  5. Whistleblower was on last night - what I thought was interesting was how it meshed with what we've seen on Escaping Polygamy. I always thought that like all "reality" shows the things we saw on Escaping were inflated or re-enacted, and maybe they still are at times but......They showed the raids on the Kingston businesses and twice I saw Jessica, Andrea and Shanell there watching; it was from the back but very obviously them. They also heavily covered Washakie and what goes on there which I remember really affected one of the girls (I think it was Jessica?) when they went back, again the work done there talked about on Whistleblower matched with what Jessica said was her experience. The living conditions of their Mom and the pictures they showed last night of homes owned by Kingston families, some of which looked even worse than the Mom's home if that's possible. And the banks, I remember the episode where the tried to get an escaped girls settlement money and, like that girl, Mary the Whistleblower last night had $17,000 in a Kingston bank that she was denied when she left. It did make me wonder who the anonymous source in the clan that was featured on Escaping is. Is that person real and still in the cult, still collecting evidence, are they out now that the arrests took place and the trial is this summer? Did Mary the real Whistleblower know the person? The whole thing was really interesting, I feel sorry for Mary having to testify and have no doubt the Kingston lawyers will try to paint her as some disgruntled former member mad at her family and money hungry (she gets a cut of what the government recovers if the clan is found guilty) but I also thought it was really interesting how her experience and evidence actually made the Escaping Polygamy team that much more credible. I'd really like to know what they thought of the episode. Also if I have the family relations right the whistleblower girl Mary is probably a first or second cousin of the Escaping team.
  6. Loved Season 1 but after watching S2 premier not sure what I think. Losing Novak/AJ Buckley's hurts then to have us invest in Det. Gates and kill him off too that's a big ask. Plus no O'Rielly/Rosie Perez. Now we have the "new" Novak and Perez or so it seems with the two new Detectives Valerie and Octavio. But it was too much, we're supposed to be immediately invested in Valerie's life and kid and divorce drama and how the suicide/murder they're following will (eventually) mesh with Anna and Noah's story. One big win, Christopher Heyerdahl, who I love watching and I do want to see how he's going to fit into all of this. Also Able is alive; the story of how is a little thin but I really liked him in S1 and was pretty mad when I thought he'd been killed so even if it seems a little convenient I'm happy he's back. Anyway that seemed like a lot of complaining and really the premier wasn't that bad but it did seem a bit long, a LOT of introductions, a lot of past and current plot explanations being thrown at us. Maybe it's just that the time jump and the need to set up the coming season made them force too much story into too short a time. Still going to watch and see where this leads but as @Dowel Jones said right now they seem to be repeating last years plot just with a new bad guy and new police investigating it. Hopefully they have a few twists that avoid a full rinse and repeat from S1 to S2. One twist they could do that would make it really interesting (to me at least) is to have Anna fully embrace her new role. Last season she was with Noah trying to take down the cartel to save her community and family. Now that same community has ditched her and at the same time taken in and helped Mrs Lapp who really screwed her over and humiliated her. There's the idea she could go into full on revenge mode and that would be pretty interesting.
  7. I couldn't figure out at first what Rachel and Elissa were complaining about but I think now it was they wanted to pit Nicole & Victor against Team Fun in a U-Turn battle to get those two teams to implode while they sat back and watched so the blame wouldn't come to them and it wouldn't affect their race. That all fell apart on the train when N&V wouldn't accept the story at face value. Rachel & Elissa tipped their hand by becoming way to defensive and argumentative, Victor knew right away that their over the top defensiveness was a con. I LOVED his face when Rachel & Elissa ran up and greeted them in Switzerland. I also think the only reason Victor brought it all up and started the argument on the mat was he thought he was eliminated so why not let it all out, he had nothing to lose then and if they went home it would be the perfect time to vent. I can only hope this now gets back to Team Fun and all the rest of the teams, if anyone team left on TAR hasn't figured out by now that Rachel & Elissa are playing this like Big Brother and Survivor and using manipulation, shit stirring and psyche out tactics to screw with the other teams and get their head out of the game......that team seriously has its head in the sand. The switch from we're on your side we were trying to help when they thought Nicole & Victor were eliminated to nasty sour duck faces when they found out it was an NEL says it all. No way to know for sure but I thought another reason the Afghanimals might have chosen the funicular detour was to rest a little - I don't remember which but one of them was so bent over and out of breath by the time they got to the clue box I really thought they'd be calling for oxygen for him. Not nearly the same in height but I remember having driven to Colorado multiple times and not having any problems I once flew instead and forgot there's no way to acclimate gradually when you do that. I was surprised to be just about knocked on my ass from the sudden change in altitude; can't blame any of them for having trouble with that run and I have huge respect for those that managed it with little to no problem. Have to say except for Rachel & Elissa making it too much about manipulation and drama and not enough about raaace I'm really enjoying this season and I don't think there's any other teams left besides them that I dislike or would be disappointed to see win.
  8. Tuned in just to see what the new judges would be like but I didn't get to see much of the show so I can only observe that the first act (forgot the name) with the "impressions" wasn't that great and I didn't understand the applause. I did think some of his take on Star Wars was funny but the impressions not so much. Didn't like Sophie either, she had a story that was touching but to me she didn't have the talent to back it up, that wasn't really singing, it wasn't rapping either, not sure what it was. Just throwing this news story link in here because tornado warnings and storm coverage was the reason I didn't see more of the first hour of AGT which I assume happened to a lot of people. The story is about a different show but the sentiment is the same - if I have a choice between "we want to let you know a tornado is about to touch down near your house" and "You can see amateur singers and magicians" pretty sure I'm choosing the let me know where the tornado is option. The people who complained about the coverage overshadowing the bachelorette are certifiable, the meteorologist was right to say something about it. And special shout out to the snowflake who felt "personally attacked" by the meteorologists rebuttal, that's some high level me first thinking right there (fyi the twitter link in the news story is a dead end looks like the person deactivated their account). If I was that desperate to know what happened on the bachelorette or, in this case, AGT, I'd get it on demand the next day assuming my house was still standing (which it is, no damage, tornado went south of us). Not going to bother watching the whole show on demand but I think I'll go seek out a video of the golden buzzer act just to see that one. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/im-done-with-you-people-tv-meteorologist-responds-to-angry-bachelorette-fans-following-interruption/70008381
  9. It seems like "Labor" is whatever they want it to be to fit their narrative and maximize press coverage. There's the dramatic I was in labor for 48 hours where "in labor" is defined as the entire time period between I felt a twinge that may have been a cramp or may have been heartburn through here comes the baby. Then there's the It only took 3.5 hours of labor where she decides it's defined as the time she actually spent with active timed close together contractions and pushing. Both could technically be correct but switching it up by deciding for yourself when you say labor begins means you can tell a harrowing "it took days" story or an exciting "it was so quick the midwife/doula/family etc almost didn't get there" story. Spinning for the media at its finest! As for the home birth obsession - I'm convinced it's about modesty and avoiding all those male Doctors and Nurses peeking at their lady bits. Which, as much as I think it's the reason, makes no sense - trained professionals who are male non-relative strangers that forget what you look like the day after they see you vs. semi-professional midwives "treating" you along with every female in your family viewing you splayed out and exposed. Then having to see those same family members every day. But they're all female so that makes it OK. I know some ladies let their Mom's in the L&D room, some even add Mom's in Law but I don't get how the Duggar's are comfortable with having both Mom and 5 or 6 sisters all hovering over them as they push. Seems like the opposite of modest using "but we're all female/related" as an excuse.
  10. Credit where credit is due - I'm glad they had a girl just to round things out and I like the name, cute, slightly different but not "far out there what were they thinking that poor kid" different. US coverage says she was born at home and no mention of any problems or hospital trips or issues. I don't know if that's the best choice after the problems with Spurgeons birth but she's pulled it off twice now and whether it was safe to do or she was just lucky she's OK and the kids seem healthy which is the important thing.
  11. I'm going straight to hell for this one but when I saw all those pictures with her holding the barely there yet bump my first thought was can we please get Abbie to explain to her that you don't have to physically hold babies in there for the entire pregnancy; they won't just fall out on their own. Well that makes 5 Duggar girls pregnant this year, should be an interesting season 10 (premiering July or August maybe??). I wonder if they'll include Anna at all? I'm very sure though they'll recap Lauren's miscarriage several times as they cover the current pregnancy.
  12. This might be true - I don't think we'll ever know the full real story but I've always believed that Katie is silent not because the money buys her a good life but that the money and divorce bought her silence. Again we can never know for sure but I think part of the divorce was she had stuff on Tom but Tom had the full CO$ goon squad and lawyers behind him so it was a pretty equal standoff and came down to I won't say anything about you, you don't say anything about me, we both sign the papers now and walk away quietly. I really, really think that divorce decree or a separate agreement has a clause that Tom and CO$ will leave her alone, no surveillance, no fair gaming etc and in exchange Katie will not publicly speak about Tom, specifically about his relationship with CO$ or about her experiences with CO$. And it likely states if she does speak out at all they will come after her big time. Could she have just been a money grabber who doesn't care about those left behind in the CO$ and those who left but need help..maybe. But I still lean toward her having been threatened and bought into silence as the price she had to pay to get out with her daughter and her freedom intact.
  13. Finally saw the premier - I liked it. Definitely they owe much to the Indiana Jones franchise but to me, and some may think this is weird, I feel like it's Indiana Jones meets Leverage (with little shades of The Mummy thrown in). Danny is Nate, Lexi is Sophie and Parker rolled into one, Shaw is a little Hardison but with more comic relief and less computer age of the geek. Might even say Gwen is a cross between Sterling and Nates ex Maggie. Also I definitely enjoyed and want to see more of Father Chuck! One way I knew I liked it was I actually remembered the characters names - for me at least it's pretty common to take multiple episodes to get to know a new show and I know if we're three or four in and I'm still saying things like "the blonde guy who finds stolen art" instead of Danny then I'm not invested in the show. I'd call it so far so good and it does seem to work for a summer fun escapism type show
  14. She made some rookie mistakes there - She didn't fully read the clue, she didn't look at what the other racers were doing and most important she forgot that there is always some indicator of where to go. If she really was supposed to get a rolex watch and clue from a certain vendor the clue would have said something like "find the marked stall" either by name or by amazing flag (making it a navigation through the market challenge). And, worse, she let herself get flustered and she just kept going - she would have been far better off to realize she wasn't getting anywhere and do a sort of re-set; go back to the clue box and take just three minutes to read the clue again as though it was the first time. Yup - it seemed pretty certain but they definitely gave it away the minute the did the zip line that can't change order. I thought maybe the zip line was also to make up for the fake out at the first task with virtual reality instead of actual building jump. Speaking of, the afghanimals sort of fell to the same thing that hung up Janelle in the market - they just kept doing the task and confirming the antenna's on the satellite over and over and never really talked about the question on the test to considered whether to look for something else. Hello Colin! Some episodes back I commented on how I was waiting for him to blow and had trouble believing his transformation and someone else pointed out it's been years and years so of course he's changed. True but we weren't there to see it so for me it was here's hot head, blow his stack at the drop of a hat angry Colin on my screen, blink, new season, here's zen, calm, takes his lumps with a smile and moves on calm happy Colin. Just could not reconcile it but last night I think he proved whatever he's done to work on himself between then and now has worked. If he could keep his cool and not flip out during that wood stacking and all that bicycle wrangling he really has changed for the better. Have to say I'm sort of proud of him, that had to be difficult and now he's putting himself out there in a super stressful situation where if he fails and goes back to his old self it's for all the world to see.........that takes guts and he's keeping it together really well. I think I'm routing for him now. I don't know about routing for him to win but certainly, at the very least, to keep going in the race for awhile. I hate the head to head but am glad they showed it because I love doing that sort of puzzle, doing it live would have been so much fun. It was a bit survivorish but for me it makes up for all the slide puzzles on survivor which I completely suck at, always have; and would lose the challenge every time if I were playing. That said it was only the task I liked not the head to head - one reason I like Amazing Race that makes it different from Survivor is it's pretty much all up to the teams, you either navigate well or you don't, you either read the clues and complete the tasks or you don't. There's no vote or tribal, you're pretty much responsible for being in or out of the game (not fully there are some outside factors but let's be conservative and say it's 80% you, 20% outside factors). The head to head takes that away; sure it can be tense and interesting to watch but to me it doesn't feel like it's in the spirit of a race.
  15. Praise to whoever decided to keep Valerie in minimal to no makeup for the majority of the episode. It really highlighted her feelings and made her look even more vulnerable. That (cousin?) laying into her during clinic was terrible. And they got me again; I always figure there'll be a tear up moment during the show and I thought I was holding strong on this one up until Sister Julienne said she was going to court with them, Valerie's face realizing all her friends have her back, Sister J's quiet "Where else would I be" (might not be the exact quote, sorry). That was just perfect. Good call getting Miss Higgins and the Sargent together, Phyllis doesn't dislike the guy but he's obviously not for her. A little rushed, maybe but you could see the light bulb go off over Phyllis' head the minute the other two bonded over poetry. And it's nice that little by little Miss Higgins has turned out to not quite be the Secretary Ratchet we thought she was when she started. Yes! The minute it was over I was saying no, too short, I want more. I just try to remind myself in a way we do get more, it's a solid no commercial 45-50 minutes (which could be longer if PBS would quit monkeying around with editing out bits!) where the normal US drama's with commercials clock in at 30-35 min. So we only get 8 episodes but to me each is like a mini movie. And even after typing that I have to admit it doesn't totally placate me...I still want more show, the Christmas episode is too far away!!! The weird thing is that made it worse - I didn't even notice Tim was missing until then. A few scenes of the Turners at home and he wasn't there but it doesn't strike as odd because of his age there's a dozen reason he'd be out. If they'd just left it alone and not done anything or had two quick lines at the dance like: Where's Tim? He's at the punch table with the other boys..... it would have been fine. That "boy who is obviously not Tim/Max" sitting with his back to Dad and a big palm over his face was pretty badly done.
  16. Throwing out an alternate idea on the whole who got shot thing....we should throw the little boy into the mix of theories, it's plausible that he jumped up and ran in front of his Mom as the fun went off
  17. We all know Steve won't die if he get's shot but I'm voting for Jerry as the shooting victim anyway. Long shot second place vote Grover or Duke - I know they weren't there that's what it's a long shot just a "what if" they walked in the door behind Steve and Jerry who both ducked as the gun went off. But I'm mostly voting for Jerry because the Steve shot, Steve in danger has been done just a little too much, I think especially after the multiple bullet wounds and needs a new liver plot that doesn't seem like that long ago (even though it's been a few seasons) to have it be Steve, yet again, is a bit anti-climactic and been there done that. It would be a cool surprising twist if it were Danny - if he somehow tried to grab the women, the gun went off and his dark screen "Oh my God" was him looking down to see he'd been hit. I'll put that at third place super long shot but you never know. Anyway for a season finale it was pretty good, not groundbreaking but fun enough since H5O has always been more about escapism than reality. Actually I think Joey Lawrence makes a great bad guy and the poison on the gloves thing was a nice little twist too. If there was a logical way for him to come back in the future I wouldn't mind. Ballsy of them to do a false alarm missile warning but I guess enough time has passed, it's been over a year since the real false missile alert it's probably not too insensitive to do it now.
  18. Well that's done - can we retire edge of extinction now. Do I hate Chris for winning - no. Do I think Chris should have won - hell no. There was no outwit, outlast or outplay in his win. The only thing edge of extinction did was turn the game into "make friends". Oh and did they have a rough time on extinction in terms of shelter and food - yes so I won't discount that. BUT! Big, Big, BUT..........they still didn't "play", especially those voted out early, they didn't have to go through individual immunity, who's in my alliance, who are we voting for tonight, am I in trouble, they didn't have to outplay tribe mates in challenges. What they did get to do, again especially those voted out early is commiserate with those voted out later, tell them how they understood, it's tough, I'm on your side buddy and all sing kumbaya. And to put them in an even better position the earlier you were voted out the less the rest disliked you, after all you had no hand in their ouster. I thought the whole point of the jury is get people who you voted out, blindsided or even back stabbed to vote for you in the end? How well does that apply if you were out first and never voted for them at all? Again not hating Chris, he's not terrible (I think I'd have felt that way if it was Wentworth or Reem or a few others who returned) and he did hustle and play for the few days he was back. But the idea that you can not actually play and win over those who had to fight at every tribal whether going tough through idols, manipulating alliances or just playing the goat? That just doesn't sit well as part of the Survivor we know and have watched.
  19. sigmaforce86


    Pure: "Based" on a true story of Mennonite families involved in the creation and distribution of Meth from Mexico to Canada. Season 1 was very good and we are about to roll into Season 2, premiering May 28th. Creating a topic for the show hoping others are watching (or will be inspired to watch) and want to discuss.
  20. Didn't see it coming - even after Grannies speech to Dr Turner how she would like to have been a nurse but couldn't in the time she was brought up still didn't see it coming. Even when Auntie Fran called, thought it was just Grannie was visiting her and had gotten a fever from the infection or collapsed or something. Of course the minute they walked into that room that all went out the window and it was holy crap adorable loving grannie is the abortionist, probably the one they've been hunting all season. All credit to Jennifer/Valerie - her initial response of near tears quiet shaking, her argument with Grannie after Trixie and the ambulance left and her breakdown outside Nonnatus at the end; she nailed it. Also points to Trixie for keeping it together and staying calm - it was never stated (maybe next week?) but in the back of her mind Trixie HAD to be thinking that this could be the same woman who caused the death of her good friend Jeannie. If she was though she pushed it down and took care of the problem in front of her.
  21. I'm on the Deven's train too. If he doesn't win I'd be OK with Victoria or Gavin but right now it's Rick all the way. That thing about the idols though - I've never understood why players make looking for an idol a bad thing. They sit and bitch and moan that so and so is looking and say things like so and so is "sneaking around searching for it" and never make a move to go find one themselves. It's an advantage, the same as winning reward and getting extra food or winning a pillow and blanket so you're more rested. Except it's bigger than either of those but it's still just part of the game. Why do we seem to see players season after season who make it sound dirty and negative to even think about looking for one. And, worse, your primary target is looking for it, if he finds it he stays in the game and you.........sit around the fire and complain about it. Know what works really well? Get off your ass and look yourself so you find it before he does! I just don't get it. The only problem I had with Rick messing with them when they finally did decide to go into the jungle was the waste of energy. It was sort of funny and if I could offer another reason or defense for Rick doing that; it probably relieved some boredom (what is there to pass time at camp but sleep, water, rice repeat). But with an immunity challenge coming up it doesn't seem like the best use of the energy you have especially on short food rations is to tire yourself out running all over the island. Aurora was right that the rest just fell right into Rick's plan with his idol for Julia speech, on the other hand I'm glad to see her go. Again, Rick was the only one searching for that idol, out of all of them Aurora should have been right out there hustling for it, there's no way she didn't know she'd be at the bottom of that four person alliance. I guess it boils down to Rick may be over confident, it may bite him in the end but he is definitely playing an "outlast" game with his immunity and idol hustle and an "outplay" game the way he's schmoozing the jury every chance he gets (which they're eating up by the way). Heck even Aurora made the case for him last night at tribal, she hates him, wants him out, wants to beat him and still basically said he deserves to win! It was like she was making his final council speech for him in advance!
  22. This, this, this; times a million! And that was after she bitched and moaned that the taxi driver was "trying to get directions from some 107 year old guy). I guess in her world you have to be young to know which street something is on. Honestly her whole attitude is not just entitled it's elitist and snooty and any other "I'm higher than you on the social ladder, better than everyone, nose in the air" descriptions you can think of. I thought I wanted Rachel and Elissa gone but was cheering them to the mat in the end - sounds like I wasn't alone in that. Both teams did provide the laughs though - Elissa saying she'll be good at the motorbike thing then taking off in a straight line, not even partly turning along that figure eight but just straight across it more than once was hysterical. And Corinne and Eliza thinking they had to stand up in the boat was great. Am I just as much of a mean girl as they are because I was happy the fell in? Nope, gonna mark that one under Karma's a Bitch. I don't remember the exact words but Colin said something about choosing Irritation as the challenge and how he would have failed it years ago but it doesn't bother him now. And then....it actually didn't bother him, not the guys blocking and splashing them, not having to go back for the basket, nothing. I find this so weird, I keep waiting for evil Colin to pop up and just blow his stack but he's just so pleasant now. The guy is actually making me like him.
  23. Have to admit I loved that part - the look on Isabel's face when she realized how she'd been played. And the threat in Frasier's Bellow's tone was, as said, cold. She's naive but no dummy, the idea that he'd honor any "lay low for a year then come work for me at the AG's office" statement when the year is done is laughable and she knows it. My sincere hope is she has even just one e-mail, memo or voice mail that implicates him and that she goes straight to Easy with it and the offer to testify. Now that Bellow's gloves are off and he's shown his true colors even to Isabel; that's when I look forward to a good solid does of Karma for a character like his. So the bombshell at the end was Levi is going to testify against his sister. Maddy may have been shocked hearing that but no way can we believe he's going to implicate her in the end. I don't know how the real legal system works but his plea deal can't specify that he HAS to say she's guilty or that she killed Rosemary can it? Because it seems like a deal like that could lead to perjury or leading/buying off a witness. It would have to only say that he agrees to appear for the prosecution and tell the whole truth no matter what wouldn't it? I can't help it I still like the show and still want a season 2. Despite that I am glad the Rosemary murder is wrapping up now and not a multi season plot, that would get tedious. Also Bodie needs to dump his girlfriend - he could try more but a lot of this is new to him and he would have no way of knowing the sister/bio mother was stalking the kids school.........and how about you share that info Nikki, tell him not to leave the kid alone at all because bio mom is a kidnap threat which she also could have shared with the school who would arrange an escort and hand off if needed. If her default response to every little mistake, especially when she doesn't fully communicate, is "maybe we should break up" maybe Bodie should take her up on it.
  24. I've downloaded it, and I'm going to read it after I'm done with the book I'm currently reading. As you probably know, it's a 3-book series and from what I've heard, the 1st book (The Passage) is very good, and then it loses it. I'll have to find out for myself. Agreed, really enjoyed the first one, book 2 was a slog, didn't bother with 3. Hmmm, makes me worried - I'm reading Book 1 now. I just got to the part where: I can see the similarities from book to TV show, where they followed pretty closely, where they switched things up and where, (at least from my mostly through Book 1 perspective), they didn't follow the books at all. I like the first book and was looking forward to getting Book 2 from the library on Monday or Tuesday; I still will but now hoping I can get through it and move on to book 3, sounds like a lot of people found it challenging. Except for possibly knowing the end of the show, assuming it stays on long enough to get an "end" so far I don't feel like the book is spoiling the show for me. As for the show itself, definitely hoping we get positive renewal news and a Season 2 announcement soon.
  25. I really liked this episode but I have to admit it was mostly because of the guest stars. Kripke is always a win and there's no way that seeing my favorite suicidal doctor and my favorite hobbit go at it over thesis papers, lake cabins and ex wives wouldn't be funny. The rest was a little forgettable but the way everyone froze at dinner when Sheldon asked about telling a secret was the best part for the gang. They've had plenty of time to fully plan out a finale season plot so based on the last few episodes especially this one I'm really starting to wonder who in the writers room did Kunal Nayyar piss off? He's in every episode and paid by appearance not number of lines so I guess you could say he's making money regardless but other than a quick scene with Anu last episode or the one before he's pretty much been relegated to the background these days with couple sentences, a one liner joke and no real connection to the other characters stories as couples.
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