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  1. What I hated about Marlene sabotaging Fred's wedding is she should have been called out on how selfish she was - She moved to Canada, her sister moved to Australia; apparently it was OK for them to leave and go as far away as they wished but dear old Dad must always stay in the same place. That's not a fair or reasonable expectation especially when it's you who expect something to be done but it's another person who has to make the sacrifices. I couldn't hear what/who Trixie called on the phone - basically it was a suicide hotline? Edit: Samaritans - Thanks to a link in the re-cap that explained this! That moment when Cynthia takes the phone and says she's somewhere safe though was wonderfully done. I thought Chummy would make me cry tonight with her mothers ashes but Trixie did it first with the call but even more with that AA monologue in the end. Delia - I don't know - seems an easy way to make sure a couple (same sex or not) doesn't get a happy ending. I actually thought the saddest part about it was how she kept asking everyone if they were a Nurse since she built a career as one herself and was so independent and even that's gone now. I wonder how many at Nonnatus know or suspect about Patsy? I really think Nurse Crane knows are is nearly sure but if she does I suspect she's one who wouldn't care or say a word about it.
  2. Thanks - that was the one I had and I was looking for one that Emerald was quoted in. Just above the article title though there's a link to Call The Midwife that shows all articles for the show and that's where I saw (can reveal now that it's aired): ""Call The Midwife fans outraged as Patsy's lesbian relationship comes to a tragic end in season finale"" - Although in the end they show telegraphed it anyway with the bicycle talk. But now that it's over may go back and read some of the other articles, they seem to have a lot and it looks interesting. Anyway found the Emerald article - She and Helen George dare each other to go into certain rooms and tried to go to the attic but Charlotte's apparently the most afraid and they're not allowed to mention it around her.
  3. The Stir has an article on JB's most "controversial" quotes. I'd rather call them his unintentionally hilarious quotes since he starts with why smart phones steal your soul and pretty much goes downhill from there. Most puzzling - that they lock all internet access on the kids phones and only have basic apps but it's still difficult because "even on maps there are ways to see bad things" - really? maps? Are the kids going to see a birds eye view of a porn shop or something? http://thestir.cafemom.com/celebrities/185902
  4. I don't want anything - just need to vent that I was on the Mirror website looking for an article I'd heard about where the cast and crew think the building that plays Nonnatus house is actually haunted...................and I saw the a headline of another story that spoiled one of the plot lines for the final episode of the season that's airing in the US this coming Sunday. Had to share my thoughts with fellow fans which were along the lines of "damn, damn, damn, damn, damn". Despite being curious and impatient I've been keeping away from spoilers - there were only two days to go and I can't un-see or forget that headline now. So one more time - Damn. And I never did find the article I actually wanted to read, I heard some of the cast won't even go certain places in the building alone. I think I'll wait and look for it after the show airs - but if it's interesting I'll post a link (or if anyone else finds it and wants to link or just let us know if t's not that good an article after all).
  5. Very glad the bunker didn't go up in flames - We're still pissed that they burned the RV on Grimm but at least Nick still has a place to live. Taking out all the books, history and weapons plus the boys "home" not to mention Dean's flannel shirts - very, very glad they didn't go there. Heavy anvils were falling with Dean's line that the kid had to die even though he hadn't done anything bad yet because "the evil is in him anyway". Once this is wrapped up though I really do hope they ease off the season arc storelines a bit; I know they can't go back to the Dean and Sam they were 8 years ago but a few more "saving people, hunting things" monster of the week episodes would be nice. The angst has created a lot of all talk no action hours to sit through to get to action like we had last night but even then the Stynes didn't feel like a threat, more like something Dean would inevitably slaughter just so we could get to the finale.
  6. That's really pathetic and makes you wonder maybe the drugs are out of his body but does he truly believe he's an addict and that he will be for life? His actions and choices made him look bad, DIsco didn't need to do anything special he accomplished it all on his own. This sort of problem doesn't just go away, the best he can say now is he's a former-addict and that he's been clean X number of days. So if he really thinks that the downward spiral we're seeing was minor and DIsco hyped it he may not be facing how bad things were for him. This episode did explain why they made time to show the possible drug deal and Jake A's warning last week though. And being one of my favorites both he and Disco would have to do a hell of a lot before Jake A could look bad in my eyes. There's something about him where I just can't help rooting for the guy. Freddie continues to be awesome and Keith continues to be an odd mix of tough guy with anger issues and a softie caregiver. I will also never tire of watching him work his superstions - Love when they're bringing in a pot and he has to do the full ritual; tap a figurine, rub the rabbits foot three times and spit sideways and a few other things.
  7. I noticed too that Mackynzie is picking up the habit (that I hate!) of ending her sentences with "So" or "And Yeah". The J-Girls and Anna do that, they say one of those words then they just trail off and go silent like they don't know how to finish a story. Gender reveal was not interesting considering it's #4 plus we've seen previews and pink all over the place so no real surprise. They're just marking time until the final episode so they can pick up later with Jessa's baby (who will be walking before we get the birth episode) and the next courtship.
  8. I think that's going to become "I learned a lot while I was away" - it's a convenient way to have someone new or confused suddenly be sharp and part of the team without having to show her whole journey or the learning curve (which we already got with Nick anyway). So as long as they don't over-do it and make Trubel a super hero they can now make her as competent as they want or need. As for possible other deaths - I've been wondering about Sgt Franco. He wasn't really in it for awhile but he's popped up in the last few episodes including doing watch time at the Captains house. He'd be a minor death in terms of character, more minor than Bud even although bigger than the current Royal. But he has gotten more screentime lately (which, honestly, could also mean nothing at all - I'm also trying to deflect from the big players that I like too much to see off the show)
  9. Agree - Her character gets to be the strong, stubborn one so often she did such a good job of being vulnerable instead. Expected her to be upset and take blame for the mix-up; did not expect her to go into the prayer room and break down as much as she did and Pam did such a great job in that scene and later in the kitchen. It wasn't fully explained so this is sort of an assumption and take away from the various conversations (and sorry I can't remember names) - I think the angst for the mothers, especially the blonde one was she had become a little posh and snooty and her memory of the brunette mom is she was a little carefree and flighty. The blonde didn't seem to be able to let go of that or acknowledge that people can change and mature. I think between that and worrying about the baby as her own for a time she convinced herself that the brunette didn't deserve the sick baby back because she wasn't mature enough to take care of it. The exchange at the end both proved that wasn't the case and that some of it was in the blonde's head because there was a part of her the envied how free the other girl was in their school days. It actually reminded me a bit of Shirley Valentine - when Shirley meets blond, beautiful perfect Marjorie Majors who she thought would be something like a stewardess on Concord and she finds out Marjorie is a high priced hooker who always envied Shirley's carefree ways. I enjoyed the sub-plot mostly because of the two wonderful actors who played Mr & Mrs Mills. Cynthia seems to be much more confident since she became a nun. Now they just need to do something with Trixie - AA existed in the 60's didn't it? Although maybe alcholism in general wasn't as talked about or was something more secretive then it is today. But also a lot of her drinking is alone now and she hasn't had another episode where she passed out and missed work; they may think she's not drinking at all or drinking under control and that was a one time lapse. Maybe (totally unspoiled here, no idea what's coming) setting her up for a big fall later on?
  10. I don't hate Juliette - I don't love her or need her on the show though; I just never totally hated her or Bitsie either. But there's nothing the writers can do now to redeem the character and still stay in the real of logic. It seems like Diana will be her undoing but even to give Juliette a tiny but of purpose she needs to die protecting and saving Diana. It's not redemption since she got Diana into this in the first place but it seems like the only way this can go. The worry is will the writers back off and instead do something like having Juliette go off to raise and protect Diana the way Kelly did earlier. Letting her live like that is a cop out. But letting her live to threaten the team another day just won't work; Juliette just isn't enough of a character to become the new "big bad" of the series (as others have said she's not Angel to Angelus material); she pretty much has to die for this to end correctly. That story, especially that accent could have gone horribly wrong but I think Sasha went all out and did a great job. When he turned to Jack just after beating up Wu he even changed his bearing pulling his head in and twisting his body. Silas/Monroe had a story but they dropped it and I'm hoping what we've seen so far with the PTSD was just a set up for something that'll be part of next season and they didn't drop it completely They do both need more to do and the Captain needs to be in this with more than just the Royals plot line.
  11. Anyone know spoilers on the season (now series) end? I want to watch the last episodes and finish it off but I'd hate to have a cliffhanger ending knowing it'll never be resolved. Although I did hear that Warner was shopping around for another network to pick it up but with felling viewers will they get any takers
  12. I was really hoping he'd turn and say: Good luck guys, by the way Carolyn has an idol. I mean once you're voted out and on the jury who cares unless he really, really wants her to win but otherwise why not stir a little shit on your way out (not sour grapes stirring just let's screw with the game a little). I agree Mike only kept on with the ball launcher because he knew it would take Sierra two, three or more try's to get the hang of it and that was time they didn't have. But I hope he explained that to her at some point; it's possible since he does seem pretty aware of the don't piss off people if you need their jury votes rule of gameplay. I said it before and it hasn't changed; Rodney came into this game on day 1 with the attitude that it's his game and his island and he's just allowing everyone else to be there. They're his challanges and his rewards and it all belongs to him and how dare you not recognize his superiority and hand over what he is obviously due right now. I sorta hope Will ends up in final just to see how he'd try to spin that he "played" this game in any way at all
  13. I'd quote you all if I could. Agree with everyone, Scott was calling Elliott both to give him a heads up that he was coming to his door and that he was live miked so no talking. And immediately after Elliott had that wad of cash in his hand and it seemed like he was ready with a flimsy excuse "just going to buy crab pots guys, yup, paying all cash for 'em, nothing weird here". Jake seems to have a lot of compassion and has been through substance problems himself but I need to see that wheelhouse conversation with sub-titles. I think with Scott he was actually trying to help but his talk with Elliott was more of a we all know what's going on you're not fooling anyone sort of warning. Could the footage last night be enough for the Coast Guard or Police to search the Saga or demand they be able to review unedited film from TLC and see if more is going on? Not sure how what qualifies as enough proof to justify a search or raid but wondering if what's been shown so far is implicating enough to get their attention.
  14. It's because they have no exposure. On a much older episode one of the boys was talking about the family bus and he said something about what they do to keep busy doesn't include TV or movies or that "silliness" - they don't watch cartoons, they don't read comic books, no america's funny videos or pratical jokes on each other. It's sad because even if they went with something Christian like Veggie Tales they'd get to see jokes and things that are silly and they don't do that so it's like their humor gene is completely shut down. On the other hand - Did I see Michael running around the house wearing a magician cape and waving a stick around like a magic wand? I don't know where he learned that but I fully approve and hope JB never notices! This was not "Jills Special Delivery" - this was a rehash of the births and babies that they already rehashed for three hours the night before in the babies over the years special plus a good dose of stroking MEChelles baby making ego. It would have been so easy for TLC to stretch Jill's final weeks of pregnancy, the extra long labor, the c-section and the homecoming into two hours; that story is more than enough and probabaly wouldn't have needed filler. I kept fast forwarding, watched 5 minutes, fast forward again, watch 5 minutes again and when the DVR said there was 20 minutes left I started to think it was a total fake out, that at the end she'd say her water broke and we'd get a to be continued. If TLC likes re-living past events and stretching things out so much I can only assume we'll get all the other footage of Jill's labor in the special two part episode they'll have when Anna's next miracle arrives..........where the actual birth will be shown in the last three minutes of the episode. But not to worry because we'll get all of Anna's labor footage plus an extra special call back to Jill and Isreal in the five hour six night event that will be Jessa's birth experience.
  15. OK show you got me - even though it would be a bit of a cliche I really thought Emma was dead, that Dylan would keep walking into the room saying her name only to find she'd died in her sleep and he was too late with the transplant money. Bradley's an easy kill for Norman if he wants - someone whose already dead that nobody is looking for; she doesn't know what danger she's really in. Please wrap up the flash drive story, there's no mystery to it, it's just; is Norma in trouble from this big bad criminal, but since Norma is already always in trouble from about five other fronts it doesn't add much to the plot. Unless there's a bigger payoff coming in how it affects Norma and Romero but with one episode left they maybe need to move that storyline along a little faster. The best part though was the last few seconds of the preview: . Don't want next week to be the end but can't wait to see how that plays out.
  16. When Sister Mary Cynthia yelled at the police and the travelers and basically told everyone to knock it off my first thought was all she needs is a ruler and she could be a Catholic School teacher. But I do like that she's getting more sure of herself and more outspoken. I think the only reason the habit doesn't work for her is she's very petite but has a fairly long neck and the habit should also be a little longer to match that so it's a little nearer her shoulders (even if it means taking a little liberty with the true to life look - I don't think an extra inch or two would be out of place). They didn't wrap up the diabetics story did they? Phyllis said she'd speak up for the boyfriend at his hearing but was there any mention in the end if she did and if he got off or got a lighter sentence?
  17. I thought Mike's only reason for the idol bluff was to trick at least some of them into voting for someone else so if it worked he had Shirin on his side and if it didn't work he had a pretty good idea that Dan would get votes which he can try and use to open Dan's eyes to his position in that alliance (bottom) and get him to flip. Maybe giving him to much credit but that's what it seemed like he was going for. Rodney could be a considered a good player but he grates because he thinks he deserves everything, He basically started the game thinking he was at the top and the rest of them should kiss his ass just for allowing them to play in his game. Whether he makes no move a bad move or a good move the ego never changes. Makes me want to see him go down just for that. What do you mean an African or European howler monkey? (sorry, couldn't resist)
  18. This is why I don't agree with the people saying she should know how to react or asking where her training was - you can't always disassociate with a relative like you can with a stranger and it doesn't seem fair to complain that she couldn't stay calm or keep her emotions under control in the heat of the moment. Josie is mostly her baby and with just Grandma to help her I think she did the best she could. I might not explain this right because it's about how things sound verbally but the way Michelle and even Jim Bob describe things like Josie's seizure in the talking heads is just so............detached is maybe the word. It's like the voice tone never changes, they could be talking about Jessa's wedding, Josie's issues or laundry day and they sound exactly the same. It's like when J-Boy fell through that stage; (can't remember name), if you watch the interview Michelle is like well there was a lot of blood but there's always a lot when you're dealing with a head injury but said totally flat with absolutely no inflection and JB says we didn't know if he had a neck injury "or what" in a way that I swear he could have said we didn't know whether to turn right or left or what and the emotion would have been the same. I don't think they're totally uncaring but there's something wrong with how they express things and react especially when it comes to "bad" occurrences and especially Michelle. Either she's in denial about Josie or she's kept it sweet for so long (or both) that she can't get out of that smiling baby talk mode at all.
  19. Caleb grabbed the gun he'd hidden on the truck and shot the guy nearest them, Dylan grabbed that guys gun and the two of them killed three or four of the guys and it looks like at least two got away. Wondering about the sculpture they had on the truck as cover because it fell off and it's there with the bodies - was Chick lying when he said he sold some of those because if he really did I'm thinking that could lead the police back to them. If I had to guess I'd say Dylan sticks around awhile longer but Caleb dies to save him and maybe save Norma too. I might be in the minority but I don't like the Bob story line that much, Norma and Romero are great but the whole whole flash drive thing bores me a little bit. It would be a good end to it though if Bob ends up in that pit instead. Matching the movie to the series Bates Motel didn't have a pool at all did it?
  20. Nope, still pissed.....watched it late last night and that trailer burning was just so wrong. Not just the books but the weapons and family history. I'd accept any excuse, any ret-con even a spell that reverses time if the writers can come up with a way to get that trailer back. They don't have to bother getting Juliette back - I like the trailer more
  21. The Amazing Editors deserve an Emmy just for the Blair/Haley exchange of positives negatives on the bicycle Blair: This is so pretty Haley: I smell poop Blair: Look at that windmill Haley: I'm freezing Blair: What a beautiful day Haley: I need gloves When this whole thing started I thought he was a dismissive jerk - now we know he'd spent five minutes with her and we were already seeing the first on camera reaction to the screeching.
  22. Entertainment Tonight has jumped on the "could it be twins" train. Hoping no for Jessa and Bens' sake. On the other hand to see the look on Michelle and Jills faces at the announcment even as they try to keep it sweet would be awesome. I think Jill does see herself as superior and a bit of a queen bee no matter what front she puts on.............if Jessa was having twins and ended up with a home birth besides - now that would be interesting. I think even an easy home birth of a single baby will, deep down, irk Jill at this point. http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/are-jessa-duggar-and-ben-seewald-having-twins/ar-AAbvpi9
  23. And I'll give him points for at least trying a few words in the local languages, even if it was just please and thank you at least he did it and he tried (especially since even non-fundies fall into the "everyone should speak english" trap when traveling). When I went to Notre Dame I cried - it just sort of happened after already being awed by the outside when I saw the inside and started to walk around, the architecture the stained glass; it was suddenly really overwhelming. I'd like to hope that off camera Jessa had a little more of a reaction than "cool" Biggest clue that the homecoming was staged was Jessa and Ben had no luggage, not even a purse when they got out of the car. No matter how tired you are after a vacation you immediately drag at least one suitcase in with you to get the unpacking over with. As usual Jim Bob was the grossest person on my screen. I'm sure that contractor was just thrilled at having a gaggle of untrained kids to "teach" his skills to.....................in other words if you show us how to do this next time we won't have to hire you and save the difference. And the minute Jessa and Ben get home he just has to bring up pregnancy - he really has an unhealthy interest in his kids sex lives; like stalker pervert level of unhealthy.
  24. Elliot - it's everyone else and the editing - Neese hasn't changed a bit and I expect it'll be more of the same this season which just means he's on permenant fast forward status for me. They don't even mention Jake Harris anymore; I think the last thing I saw him on was at J. Anderson's wedding and he looked really rough. It's sad but I can't help think he must be deep into his problems now because even if he wanted to stay out of the spotlight if things were even the tinyest bit good for him there'd be a mention of something; a quick "Jake is working; doing his own thing on land" or something. At the end when the showed quick snips from the upcoming season (looks like there'll be some storms!) did I see:
  25. It's sweet and heartbreaking to watch Sister Monica Joan have her lucid moments, she wanted so much to help, to just be useful in some way and her plea to Trixie that she knew helping with those kids wouldn't bother her because she'd done it so much in the past. She can be so naughty sometimes (loved how Sister Evangaline called her out on using cakes to "haze" the new nurses) but other times she gets such a look of love and compassion on her face. When Shelagh was talking about needing to do more and help more I was completely certain she was going to ask Patrick if they could look into being foster parents. They'd need a bigger house of course but it would have made sense if she wanted to do that after seeing those neglected children. If Chummy is going to go run an unwed mothers home can we just get a spin off please. "Chummies Mother House" - I would so watch that!! Something in a cute little village where Peter can be the local constable too. So far the new Nurse seems like a good fit. I think they get another next week that I'm not to sure about only because in the quick preview she looked (for those who've seen the Harry Potter movies) a bit like Delores Umbridge. Not the same actress just a simiar look and bearing and I'm hoping that doesn't also mean a nasty attitude.
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