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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! So glad I'm not alone in this. I was wishing I was part of tribal just so I could throw an epic eye roll at Missy for that. I get that Keith and crew are not the most women friendly and I'm not sure they're wrong in saying that some of the females could be working harder. But if you have your head in the game and keep it there you just don't say some of the things they said last night - checking Baylors pulse (not in front of Missy, don't poke the sleeping bear) or "girls" watch the fire (instead of "someone" keep an eye on the fire). BUT - even as a fellow women I think what Missy said was just as bad or worse, you are in a camp using buffs as bra's sleeping spooned against total strangers. You voluntarily signed up to do this and your fine female sensabilities are offended by belching and farting? Get over it lady - you're human that means you belch and fart too. There are a lot of females out there who wouldn't look twice if a guy did that, especially in their current situation. Heck I'm pretty lady like (I think) but if someone can burp and get a good "grape ape" out at the same time they'll get a laugh from me not a nose in the air snob-a-tude. She just pissed me off with that comment and her general attitude but I'm starting to see some reasons why she's been divorced more than once. Player to root for? For me there's never been a season where I didn't have at least one pick by the time they got to adding people to the Jury. There's a lot of people I'm rooting against (Missy, Baylor, couple others). I want to see how Reed plays without his loved one present since he's seemed to be a little more in the background so far. Or maybe I'll just hope Keith wins, not because I really, really want him to, only for the fun factor because I know it'll annoy so many others
  2. Now that the extended promos are up there's a better sense of what the show will be. And the episode name list is available on TNT's site - no descriptions with it but you can get an idea just with the names. Really looking forward to it. I think the general premise, need for multiple librarians is for some reason things that would have been blocked from our world have slipped through - going by John Larrouqettes quick promo comment "now that there's magic in the world" (or magic loose in the world, not sure). Just hoping they don't make his character too ascerbic which could grate after awhile. Also will have to see how it plays out in the first episodes but hoping they get to use Flynn enough - At some point he'll have to grow his Tom Mason beard which takes away from the young look that Flynn usually has (and may keep him out of episodes unless the shooting schedule gives him time from when one ends to when the other begins) but I'm wondering if they get a Season 2 will Flynn/Noah be around more since this is the last season for Falling Skies.
  3. That was the episode where the guys were camping and Howard first told the story of lodging his virginity to his cousin.Also a callback to the episode with Howard and Bernadettes first date when the said how one lost it in a Camary and the other in a Corolla (sp?)......Nice that the writers remembered that and had Debbie mention they were in the car.
  4. Yup - that's all I needed to hook me in (pun might be intended!). The celebrity version of this show relies heavily (or did some years ago when I watched it) on the persons contacts, who can they pull in to show up or help out or donate the big bucks for a task - that is where Kate will crash and burn, she has no pull and no real status in those circles and I doubt there is even a "D" list name she could call for a favor. Still it could be fun to watch her try.
  5. I don't really want to watch Apprentice but I'm going to have to - at least by DVR - until Sig wins or is gone. Unreasonably excited to see him and how he does outside of the captains chair.
  6. Having lost two family members to cancer this year, one who deteriorated for months until we almost wished he would pass just so he could be at peace and one who lasted only two weeks from diagnosis to death before we could even have the first hospice meeting for her I would definitely have voted for continuing with the wedding and hoping my future MIL could attend (or arrage to visit her still dressed for the wedding ASAP after the reception). There's just no guarantee so if they're here with you today do things even if you have to share then through skype, you may not get to share it tomorrow. OK step off the soap box and stop being a downer. Glad I watched this from the DVR - everything that came out of JB's mouth was either annoying, preachy or gross. I'm not sure I really noticed how gross he is before, maybe I just tune him out. Before they got dressed when he was talking to Jill and Derrick about holding hands after engagement and he actually said after the wedding you'll be joined at the mouth...........who says that to their own daughter. And needing a chaparone and hour before the wedding just to have quiet devotion time - I don't know what JB thought would happen but will never believe for a minute that the couple "makes their own rules". I think they are so focused on staying "pure" it's having the opposite effect where they can't stop thinking and talking about what'll happen once those vows are said, it's like they're so repressed they end up with inappropriate school yard humor. Also Jim Bob going on the stage to deliver the kiss the bride part of the ceremony was again another gross and controlling moment and totally unecessary. The dresses were pretty though, Grandma Dugger looked very nice (can't say the same for Michelle with the obvious modesty panel on that dress), her sisters reactions seemed really genuine and of course the flower girls just being kids were great to watch. If only they could have put Jim Bob on mute for the entire day.
  7. I don't have a problem with Rick giving the OK to go to D.C. at the party. From the scenes on the road there were at least two nights between Terminus falling and when they got to the church, Rick had to know the Washington group was going to bring up the need to have the gang take the trip with them because they can't survive just the three of them. I think he's been mulling it in the back of his mind for at least two days and was pretty much decided - he just wasn't going to volunteer his group, he waited until they asked. Not sure I want Bob to die but since he's one leg down anyway it would have been fun if he had been bit and as soon as a saw what they'd done just said well you guys screwed up, lift up the pants on my other leg and take a look..........said with a huge smug grin on his face to wipe the same smug grin of Garrett's face. Payoff won't come that quickly but I can wish. He still could be bit though - the guy in Season 1 (whose name I can't think of), the one who dug the graves at the first camp................He got a pretty deep bite and lasted at least a day before he got a fever and another day or two after that they left him on the road sick but he still hadn't died or turned - seems like they established that how deep and severe the bite is plays into how long before you turn. That's why the Terminus guys didn't kill Bob right away, I think they know if you die you turn....at Terminus they had basically a meat locker room so they could process the bodies right away. In the woods with no storage they seem to know they have to keep the person alive or they can't use the "meat".
  8. It's Lex from Africa again (toned down a bit though) - There was a tribal where Lex got just one single vote and he lost his shit when they got back to camp, ranting and demanding to know who it was and how dare they. Outwit is in the game play for a reason Jeremy, you need to be able to handle getting a couple votes, fake it if you have to and be grateful you're still in the game. Does he not get that acting entitled and annoying these people just puts the bigger target on him (or long term that he may want these same people to vote for him in the end). There seem to be a larger than usual number of players this season (mostly guys) who are tripping over their ego's.
  9. In defense of Derrick's Mom - although she may not want extra screen time anyway ---- she was pretty sick during that time, sick enough that they used an empty wheelchair to represent her at the rehearsal and weren't sure she could manage to attend the wedding. So much as she may not want to participate in the camera circus she probably wasn't in a place where she could manage long counseling or advice sessions anyway. JB and Michelle's yogurt was, to put in nicely, gross - I get that they make those flavors sound awesome and you want to taste each but piling a full serving of every one in your bowl is a stupid way to do it. Not to mention it melts pretty fast and with all the talking he was doing by the time he actually ate and got a quarter of the way down that bowl he'd have 13 flavor grey soup. I'm surprise Derrick can still talk the way he must be chewing on his tongue to stop from saying what he really thinks. As much as Josie seems to have problems and delays her "Over here boys" when they were moving in the furniture was one of the cutest moments.
  10. Easy fan fiction answer - a large train car was filled with shipments of those flameless candles they sell (non-stop it seems) on QVC; a second car was full of batteries.....and the Terminus eternal flame memory room was born. I hate to say that I don't think the show, especially the much touted "first six minutes" was as intense or scary as it was said to be. But I blame that on the pre-views. Even staying spoiler free, avoiding videos that let you see the first two or four minutes and such the regular commericals and pre-view just gave away too much. That Glen would survive because we saw him in what's obviously future forest scenes, that they'd all get out because of endless shots of Rick with his gun and the explosion plus some scenes in a church. This is the one show where you don't say well there's no suspense because they're not going to kill <insert lead actor/actress name>......they'll kill anyone so too much in the previews that are different locations takes something away. But I won't say that means the episode was bad at all - it was awesome and fun and, my favorite, not dragged out with the group stuck in that boxcar for weeks on end. And, of course, the Daryl/Carol reunion is going to get major re-wind treatment for awhile. Even after when she was hugging Rick you realize Daryl's in the background crying, I don't think it's marry me let's have sex love, I can't really pin down what he sees her as, sister, mother figure or what - but I love their relationship anyway.
  11. I have never, never, ever laughed at this show as much as tonight. From what's a quarry to the dentist wrangling his pony to the makeshift clothing barrier to how do you bend a nail (seriously how can a person not figure that out)........but the winner is not just the bouncing jumping sheep but also whichever sound guy got the brilliant Idea to add a "boing" sound to the jumps. Sorry to see the firemen go, they were a middle of the pack team for me but I hoped they'd last longer. The ankle probably would have done them in next round anyway, he could hobble along but he wasn't going to win any foot races on that for awhile.
  12. I've rarely been so happy to see a team eliminated. Their self-righteous reaction to not getting Boston FD's cab just sealed it. Rest of the teams ? Hard to say so far, a few who grate (dentists) but no clear choose to root for yet
  13. Can we start a club - maybe "Falling Interest"....our motto is we don't give a crap anymore but let's see how you wrap it up. Honestly I want to like it, I liked it the first few seasons but this one was so hit or miss if they hadn't announced next year as the final I probably would have cancelled the DVR and let it go. Still there were some good moments in the finale - and I'm keeping the last episode on the DVR for awhile just to see how many times I can re-watch Pope screaming "Thank You!" before it's no longer funny (so far - it's still funny).
  14. Agree - I must have missed Josh and Anna, I know they talked about it but they didn't seem that mad to me. Jessa though, getting a lot of jealousy vibe from her. I don't think she was even as excited for Jill's engagement as she pretended to be - when she's not guarded and watching herself she really seems to be thinking that everything happening to Jill, the wedding planning, the house from Jim Bob; should be for her and it should have been her first. Maybe I'm more forgiving or just explain things away but I didn't think the hospital chaparone was for the hospital - I thought it was for the drive to the hospital and any other stops they might make because they would otherwise be alone for that part. I figured when she went into the room with them that was either for the camera's to keep the group together or she was being nice to Dericks Mom (or both)....but not that she was watching over him and Jill. Edited to Add: That house was nice though - I don't know if JB did it himself or had some TLC help but from how it looked originally to what they showed in this episode it really did have some nice features and I love the wood trim in the downstairs room. Let's see how long after the baby is born before it goes from "temporary until it's sold and you have to move" to either gift or JB sells it to Derick at a discount
  15. I know, I didn't really mean "who" as in single person, more of a colloquial who. Maybe it's the accents that it couldn't handle. Now if he had time to appear on that he should have time to get going on the next Sherlock! Just kidding, he and Benedict are amazingly busy these days but I think they both deserve the recognition they're getting.
  16. Don't know who did the closed captions but they're horrible unless you want a good laugh. I especially enjoyed at 2:29 where the women apparently says "Richard with you Bollywood". Thanks for posting it though, I didn't even know he was going to be on and I'd like to see what happens so off to see if I can find the whole show.
  17. Good lord - Just read this on TVLine and as soon as I saw the names I wanted to scream. Their bickering and screaming was bad enough when they were running through cities, if they haven't toned it down and tried to figure out how they should act to win Survivor I can't imagine watching them or how any of their tribe managed to tolerate them for three minutes when they're all confined to one camp and beach. Only plus is if it's a team show it's likely they'll be split into separate tribes, maybe being apart will make them more tolerable. Seems like there's a very large pool of former reality show contestents they could have chosen from before they picked the "twinnies" (a word I really never wanted hear again).
  18. I think the key difference though is you choose to eat what you want. He didn't get to choose. I'm lactose too but can tolerate small amounts of certain things. The milk in that pot pie wouldn't have bothered me but I think it should have been his choice. There was nothing to lose by telling him there's milk in the sauce, he tastes it, decides it's great and worth the bathroom risk and eats. But maybe he eats a little less than he did when he didn't know what was in there. The other thing I'm not sure about is she was the one to use the word "allergy" - was she using it in place of lactose intolerence and she knew what his problem with milk was or did she really think he was allergic? Because I think it ups the douche factor times 10 if she thought he was actually allergic but still thought it was OK to sneak it into the food then laugh at his reaction. Maybe this was a one time thing and she'll be likeable in future episodes. On the other hand maybe we should have expected Elliots girlfriend to be as much of a jerk as he is - when you think about it what normal person with their head together would (of their own free will) spend even five minutes dating him. Except for the prop on the TIme Bandit (didn't that boat just get a complete overhaul?) the episode felt like filler. The only sem-exciting thing for me was I don't follow sports much and couldn't remember who won the Super Bowl so I was hoping it was Seattle just so the boys wouldn't be disappointed.
  19. What a difference between him and Kelly. Kelly did everything he could to get off that boat, this guy has a broken nose, bleeding all over the place and he's the one apologizing to Bill, then later saying he wants to be back out there not sitting around. He might just have what it takes.
  20. I made her olive cheese bread which is fantastic BUT.....she says in the recipe notes that you won't know the half a cup of Mayo is in there -- You definitely know! All we could taste was the mayo. Tried it again cutting that in half and it worked fine. Between the butter and cheese and the salty olives we don't make it often but it's great as an occasional calorie splurge
  21. Ditto. I even liked the finale. I don't judge Sheldon on how he acts in one episode, if his character is being consistent it's how he grows over all which is at glacier pace anyway. I guess I'd like to think he went off without consulting Amy not because he doesn't consider her but because he can't voice what he's feeling. He just doesn't do change and his way of coping with that is to try and force everyone and everything around him to stay the same. Now he realized that's not going to work forever and he sort of got the idea out loud with Stuart and once he did say it I think it hit him what the problem was (him). To go off and think about whether he can accept the changes and change himself isn't so bad; I'd like to believe he would have texted everyone once he was on his way. I also imagine him safer then when he moved to Montana because with his love of trains I picture him just staying on the train, enjoying the ride and thinking...he probabaly wouldn't even think it worthwhile to get off at the stops and see the sights. Didn't get at first that the comic book store had burned - you could tell it was empty but it was so dark I didn't see the burn marks and thought he was closing and had emptied the place. I'd love to have him say next season he's becoming even a certified home health aide and maybe they can find a way to keep him with "Debbie" Wolowitz (if it's logical)....definitely though make him less pathetic please writers.
  22. I liked it. The kiss between Norma and Norman was perfect - creepy prefect but perfect - it lasted just long enough to not be confused with the quick peck related people give each other, hit that second where you start to squirm and feel uncomfortable then stopped just short of making out. There's starting to be a long tally of people that have to die or be killed if Norman is going to end up the psycho we know and love running his fading motel business with "mother" watching from the house. Norma of course, Dylan and Emma; Romero would have to go also, he'd never fall for an excuse that Norma was just at the house and too busy to see him. They've made themselves so visible to the town I can't see at all how the writers might plan to get us from where the story is now to where it needs to be at the end. Hoping they have a plan and general outline for X number of years and they're not going to drag it out - this S2 finale started the set up nicely with using Mother to spoof the lie detector test (I wonder though what would have happened if they had asked if Norman knew who did kill Ms Watson) and Norman's evil 1000 yard stare to end the episode. These shows often get ignored by the awards people but Vera and Freddie should get Emmy nominations for that scene in the forest alone.
  23. That would be a good plot line. Especially since my first thought for what to do with her was for NIck to call Mom, then I remembered the baby. That keeps her out of the story but she'd be the perfect one to keep Tribble in line and train her. Making her related to Nick would be interesting. Yes - and Yes and Yes again - The story line itself is pretty boring but having Alexis in there makes up for a lot (for now)
  24. I guess it's the clothes and I don't know that he's ever worn anything sleeveless (that we saw for more than a minute) but totally agree. The scene where he was weightlifting and one guy asked to see the muscle - for Kurt it's new but has Chris always been hiding those under there? It made me think of one of the West Side Story episodes when he cried to his father that he'd suddenly realized acting parts would be so limited for him because of "his type"..and now he's trying to break that mold. It might be the less popular opinoin but I think Blaine was right. BUT...only right for now, in this moment, in that situation, at this age. He was right about High School, when they met Kurt had just been truly traumatized and was coming back out of his shell and testing the waters again. Blaine was in a place where he was pretty much accepted and safe, he was the stronger one then and between their experiences he was the one who took Kurt under his wing in terms of protection and support. But what Blaine hasn't gotten is that a year in NY changed that dynamic and I can't blame him for not understanding that yet. He was still in Lima, his perspective and life hadn't really changed so how much was he really going to grow. Kurt on the other hand had a year to deal with NYC, School and more adult responsibilities, he was most definitely going to change and mature. Blaine needs to do the same and he needs time to do it. His mistake was the expectation that nothing had or would change, he and Kurt would both be the same and he'd just swoop into NY and again be the alpha male that Kurt needs. His bigger mistake was not realizing or taking the time to notice Kurt's changes and that he actually didn't need Blaine in that way anymore. I think if they met in a bar right now as strangers Kurt wouldn't even consider dating Blaine. But if the writers let him mature over the school year can the two of them sort of catch up to each other and see each other as equal partners? If they don't completely screw up the story line it would be interesting to see that played out.
  25. It was typical TV fiction of danger - like how they always shoot the hero in the shoulder as though that's the standard body part that heals instantly or requires a sling for two days maximum. Steve also uttered the Tv miracle wound words....it missed your organs and major arteries. Code for we want the viewers to worry about you but we need medium level danger only to keep you moving and talking. Still to me the bromance made up for it....Steve immediately takes Danny's hand and takes it again to reassure before he leaves to find the lever. And off course the love you hug in the end. You know on some level these guys really like and respect each other despite the arguing, showing the love now and then is a nice touch. The Shelburn story can die anytime but I'm just going to suck it up for the rest of this season because it's too late....I don't know,if they're still filming but the episodes are certainly written through the finale so it has to play out. Can only hope the writers take the hint from the fans and tone down that sort of arc story line next season, it's just too soap opera
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