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  1. I read this on Tumblr and it's hilarious; it's SPN characters as college students. I figured that this was the best thread to post it: https://i-make-fun-of-spn-characters.tumblr.com/post/618291309359333376/spn-characters-as-college-students-doing-a-group#notes
  2. That sounds awesome! Thanks for the rec!
  3. While I completely agree with this sentiment it's infuriating how trolls will try to put a damper on everything. I read this ( asinine ) post on Tumblr this evening: " J and D couldn’t even make themselves play nice and pretend to like each other for their anniversary video. Jensen is an ACTOR and he can’t even ACT like he cares!? That says a lot. Homeboy is done and has been for a while." Not only is the poster an idiot who obviously hasn't seen the original vid and doesn't realize that they replicated it to a T but they're eagerly spewing their nonsense on a thread where everyone is appreciating how great their relationship is. Is this an example of tinhatter bullshit?
  4. You're welcome! 😁
  5. Yes please post more! Great fics that remember that the Winchesters are the heart of the show are in short supply. I thoroughly enjoyed your story!
  6. @ahrtee posted a very amusing fic featuring the Winchesters dealing with quarantine life. Definitely worth a read! (or two): https://archiveofourown.org/works/24049879/chapters/57872731
  7. I just retook the quiz and answered honestly and I still got Dean. Not bad!
  8. You're way less shallow than I am because I totally cheated by picking the obvious Dean answers . 😁 Though I hated that the description of him included "emotionally unavailable". I hate when he's described that way because it's so untrue.
  9. I thought it was pretty cute too and I liked how Jimmy followed up with "he's just naturally beautiful".
  10. I remember that interview. Although I would like to say that Rosie Perez is way too accomplished and awesome to be referred to as "a silly girl". Just my opinion.
  11. *gag* I forgot how much I hated this episode but I think that I blocked it from memory largely because of the moments that you mentioned. Then again I don't remember much of this season since it was an enormous train wreck from start to finish IMO. At least I got to see Jensen all dolled up which is always a treat.
  12. I just had a thought. With the current ( more like last 3 seasons ) tone of the show which is basically Sam and Dean taking a backseat to Jack should we have a new thread to air our grievances about this turn? Maybe along the lines of "Bitch & Jerk vs JackSue and Not!Cas"? Or would this be a tad too bitchy? 🤔
  13. Although I can understand the need to rewrite the finale once they were renewed I would have rather they did so with the original premise in mind to make both brothers instrumental in ending the Apocalypse. Swan Song is still my least favorite finale for this reason.
  14. Exactly right which makes Red Meat even more ludicrous. Personally speaking I'm already doing this. ☹️
  15. I would say that Devil's Trap and No Rest For The Wicked are the best in terms of the brothers being on the same page and working towards the same end IMO. Sam wasn't trying to atone for season long screwups; they were in sync to combat the season's issue ( save John from YED, save Dean from his deal ) and they ended on a cliffhanger that made us anxious to see what came next. The Man Who Knew Too Much was admittedly mostly Sam's hell trauma taking a front seat with the latter half being asshole Cas stuff but the brothers were united in stopping him. Season 7 would have been a great cliffhanger if not for the disappointing and rage inducing season 8 opener. With that being said all of the previous showrunners ( more or less ) before Dabb were able to craft a finale that showed the brothers working as a team. The exception being Swan Song which was insufferable and Alpha and Omega which gave us Mary which is just unforgivable.
  16. With these examples I would argue that they aren't too bad because the brothers were working towards the same end, not against each other. Even if they don't reach the result that they're striving for I prefer that to them being at odds or a one of them feeling guilty for their hand in the events leading up to the finale. That's when it becomes unbearable for me personally.
  17. I can name 20 fanfics that do the brothers more justice than what's we've seen during Dabbnatural ( ™ @gonzosgirrl ). Dabb is such a f!#*ing hack and I hope that he gets laughed at when he tries to find work outside of SPN.
  18. I agree 100%. When I rewatch the early seasons I remember how they would (occasionally) laugh together and wonder why it doesn't happen anymore.
  19. This sums up Dabb's version of Supernatural in a nutshell IMO.
  20. Charles Malik Whitfield ( Victor Henriksen ) was only in 4 episodes. It wasn't enough! 😭
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