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  1. I'm Nazarene, too, and my kids go to their own age group. But we went to a PCA (conservative Presbyterian) church in the DC area and when we moved to a smaller Midwestern town looking for a church home, we called the local PCA and they were very strict and said "we don't require homeschooling by our members but...." and had only integrated church service/classes where kids do not separate from the parents at all during the service. My son has autism, if we didn't send him to his own age group, we would never go to church because he can't hardly handle being quiet and still for the first half of the service he has to sit through--and it has singing and stuff going on that is "noisier" than the sermon half.
  2. I make my husband watch this with me all the time and although I've attempted to explain the Duggar/Gothard/Patriarchy culture terminology, he just constantly says that is isn't 1920 whenever they use the phrase "courting." It is so quaint and cheesy. And my husband is 60. So he's "heard" of courtships in literature or cultural terms, just not Duggar.
  3. She would have done "Fine" with Derrick alone on the street, too, I'm just saying it is her purity rather than her physical safety they care most about. And it is gross. I think an adult female could have gone to Nepal without her papa altogether to meet this guy.
  4. So jimbob cannot leave Jill and Derrick alone but twice the guys left backward, sheltered uneducated Miss Namaste alone twice in the markets of a foreign country!?!?!?
  5. How do you know to think sex might be bad if you only plan on one partner and its God's plan? I doubt these girls think much about whether their particular 'One' is any good at it.
  6. Seriously jealous somebody bought them a keurig....
  7. I thought they were going to be missionaries! My dear friend is a missionary and she and her husband don't even have a 'home' in the US and they live in a small third world apartment with their two kids. They knew their plans pre-marriage and I doubt they registered for much or their parents have very full garages of unused stuff....
  8. She was smiling but Anna's eyes read fury, to me. And Joshie looked peeved, too. But when Anna said the room for Jimbob and Michelle needed to be romantic I almost puked. I TOTALLY get wanting a nice guest room for my in-laws/parents for visits but I would NEVER refer to said room as romantic. Gross gross gross. I was baffled and amused that the romance room was getting bunk beds, though. I love how when Jim Bob was moving Josh and Anna's belongings in nice weather he had no hesitation in being over 24 hours late but when he has his son (with one income, 3 children, and the expense of living in the DC area) is cooking his 40 million kids free food, he is early. Such a prick. I wish Anna had said the food will be ready tomorrow, bust out your credit card and order pizza tonight, JB!
  9. I know some family members of mine who are strict Christians who don't think it is ok to play cards of any kind, but they love dominos :) Everyone has their little semantics. In the case of cards vs. dominos, it seems harmless.
  10. re: footwashing, I'm referring to the fact that Jesus DID wash feet. It is a huge act of humility and hospitality and love. I'm comparing the Duggars "WWJD" moment of mocking Ben as he did chores when he was a guest in their home while they played a game. Because Jesus would have at least helped, he was had a REAL servant's heart toward his fellow man and woman. Unlike the smug Duggars.
  11. I was thinking that baggage thing, too, last night. Jessa and Ben were getting the full "they're next" treatment, so seems to me they're setting up for SERIOUS mental pain if it doesn't go through. I mean, not only their families and friends, but the whole of the USA are in on it. Nothing says baggage like being the Duggar Sister of the Failed Televised Courtship, whether she holds his stupid hand or not.
  12. What would Jesus do? Let's see, I cannot find anywhere in Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John where our Lord and Savior played dominos and told the disciples to wash each other's feet. Way to be Christ-like and let your houseguest schlep the clothing and undies your sister packed for you, Dugger boys! Hey Erin Bates, nice pepto bedroom! Maybe Chad wears his wedding day blindfold in there? I couldn't stand the stupidity flowing when the mothers were fellowshipping about courtships over pickle bologna pop assembly. Maybe if you didn't treat your daughters like chattel to be handed over you wouldn't feel that you were losing them. My relationship with my parents didn't change one iota when I got married, we got over me leaving the nest when I went to college out of state and got used to it when I started my career 1000 miles from home after I graduated. Keeping your 25 year old children living with toddler siblings till you accompany them on every date and participate in every conversation between her and her fiancé really would make the wedding day traumatic and heart wrenching. But it is not natural or necessary!!!!!!
  13. I pretty much loathe everything about the Dugger parents, but I read their first book and am in awe of their/his business savvy and initial hardworking ways. He is a tightwad and wheeler dealer but the description of their working and hustling and finding lucrative ways to support their rapidly growing family without debt or much education is pretty cool. I think now, the TV money and the real estate income paying off has made him fat and lazy. But I do not think he would be broke w/out TLC and I think he could hustle again if/when it dries up. He might not be sharing with his children their cut, but I bet he is using it wisely for the most part and if anything, their nicer clothes and toys and gadgetry are probably his way of sharing the wealth and loosening his very tight fist. And many are adults living and traveling on his dime...
  14. Re: the way the parentals SAY that the courting couple is allowed to set their own boundaries, yet when they quiz them about it, there is an implied assumption the kids will say the 'right' answer such as no kissing, no hand holding. Since last I checked, it is NOT sexual intercourse to hold hands, and 22 year olds can kind of do whatever they want, what would the parents say if Jessa had said,yeah,we will hold hands starting now, and grabbed old Bin's hand? Would the kids have to get reindoctrinated? Would they have to make an argument as to why hand holding is 'necessary'? What about kissing? What if Jill says, we decided to kiss now. Because you and Mom kissed before marriage and you've been married blissfully happy and had 19 kids and are the best Christians of all time so we know it won't hurt us! And start kissing in front of JimBob and Michelle? Turn about is fair play...
  15. I hesitate to cheer too hard about Derrick just because he is older and went to real college. I find it repulsive that any young man, ESPECIALLY one who has lived in the real world in 2014, would willingly participate in the patriarchy processes. Going along with chaperoning and permission getting, and going through the dad...ugh. Jill is a human, not a farm animal or a prize to be won. I don't trust the intention of anyone willing to go along with the cult practices espoused by JimBob.
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