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  1. Yeah, isn't that something? I think it has to do with her finally putting her big girl pants on and deciding that she will not go gentle into that bad Edge of Extinction night. She has an aura and a light in her eyes that was missing before. I never would have thought that I'd be rooting for her to win, but it seems like she has finally come into her own. I'm still rooting for Tony too. How stupid everyone has been to keep him on!!! They could have voted him out and didn't because they're idiots! Good God, what a bunch of losers. How boring to have someone come back from EOE. S
  2. Not me. There's something about her that rubs me the wrong way. She's just not likeable. When she was so rude to Jeremy at TC my GF had a minor tantrum, and our dog thought she was in trouble and got all upset! I'm glad Jeremy called Denise on her bad behavior. Tony is the only one that's really playing, so I hope he wins. I know he's annoying, but at least he's working hard to win this. If not Tony, then Jeremy because he has made some good decisions about his game, and when he hasn't, he's been damn lucky! Not a big fan of any of the women (other than Parv & Natalie) this tim
  3. Yep, me too. I'm especially not fond of Sarah. Just a feeling...
  4. I don't see him that way at all. He's your basic asshole like so many guys I've known throughout my life. Not funny, not cool -- just a total douche.
  5. I agree. I think Michelle still has a crush on Wendell (for God only knows what reason, ugh), so she made Yul look like a sneaky conniver so she could keep her ex with her longer. Even more of a reason to hate her!
  6. Dude, I LOVE it!!! It would be such poetic justice to the other dicks left in the game if ol' portly (lol) Boston Rob were to whip all their asses! Plus, I've always liked the guy. He's arrogant, but not in mean-spirited way like Tyson or Wendell. Kudos to Sandra for leaving. She's pretty old now, and she's still queen. She can retire gracefully and have no regrets. Yul made a big faux pas talking about the fire tokens. The guy's so much smarter than anyone else -- how could he have made such a rookie mistake? So now I'm not really rooting for anyone, except Rob if he gets
  7. It's just so icky -- and he's married! His wife should take a jackhammer to his nuts when he gets home...
  8. Very smart vote -- get rid of the socially adept guy that everyone likes. If Jack were to make it to the final, he would have a good chance of winning. Great play by Kellee in every respect. If asked, she can say she voted for Dean and be telling the absolute truth. The only problem I can see is if Dean rats her out and says she gave him the idol. I'm not sure if she should trust Dean in the future. Kellee's expression when the final vote was read was priceless. What an actress! She needs to win this.
  9. This! I like me some Meryl, but COME ON, please make it so she's not so cartoonish! I also agree with this, but my girlfriend pointed out that it's obvious that these women (both in the series and out in the real world) want people to look at them. Their clothes and hair, except for Jane's, are impeccable, and they wear tons of makeup and heels and drive expensive cars. My gal wears yoga pants and tank tops most of the time, and she's as beautiful as any of the actresses.
  10. LOL, this!!! Nicole Kidman has to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet!
  11. I totally agree. That scream, while jarringly horrible (and quite amusing), was way too over-the-top. Celeste should have thrown her out of the house right then, but Celeste is so passive... If Mary Louise had screamed like that in Renata or Madeline's homes, she would have been crying into her motel room pillow that very same night. I hope that Mary Louise doesn't become a caricature of a "crazy mother." We have enough of those stereotypes in film and television. Here are a few other wishes: 1. That Celeste grows some balls and takes care of her life and her children's mental h
  12. Yep, with the way this season is going, I want one of the chickens to win. That reddish one that was being really noisy is my favorite. I'm feeling snarky and rebellious, so Wendy FTW!!! (The female member of this household wants Joe to win, of course).
  13. Hmm, interesting. Since the Torah prohibits tattoos, something like this makes me root for him (Chris) much LESS! It is disrespectful, even if the guy isn't Jewish. I wonder if he thinks he's cool because he has that tattoo. It doesn't make him cool; it makes him a douche.
  14. It means "God" in Hebrew. Meh. I would be more impressed if he had a Cthulhu or FSM tattoo. Inking GOD on your body in big black letters is so, umm, sanctimonious. That kind of pretension just leaves me cold. Because of that, I'm not rooting for him. Let Rick or Wendy or one of the less beautiful people win this time -- just as long as the less beautiful person isn't Aubry!
  15. Well, then, Joe is back {sigh}. My girlfriend nearly fell to the floor in paroxysms of delight when they showed his leg muscles flexing while he was making the fire. Now it will be another season of "The Joe Show" in my house! I hope Reem comes back and kicks all their asses. They always get rid of the older women first. Such misogyny in this show, and it's not just the males who discriminate -- it's the females too. Sure Reem is a big pain, but everyone is, Warthog and all!
  16. One word: Emily Absolutely! Good riddance to jealous little baby Gabby. You could tell she was jealous by the way she kept saying "true love, true love" like a broken talking doll. And the look on her face was very telling too. Also, even though I like Christian, I'd like to see Davey win. Nick would be okay as well.
  17. So you plot to take care of the Carl situation. You don't open your gigantic claymation maw and scream and have a hissy fit about it! It doesn't matter how young Gabby is. She's a hot mess, and that incident made me lose some respect for Christian as well. Quit defending her bad behavior!
  18. Yes she did! She's so awkward, though, that it made her look like she was fixing to have a seizure. And, what's up with her bawling every other minute? She's like a little toddler who hasn't learned how to control her emotions yet. She's a very ugly cryer too, and that makes watching her meltdowns even more unbearable. Christian needs to get away from her, and fast! For such an intelligent man, he's being awfully stupid concerning her. Maybe he's lusting after Gabby a little bit (ugh). You never know. I'd like to see Nick or Davey win because they've managed to fly under the radar fo
  19. It depends. If you wear loose, thin black clothing, you will actually stay cooler. Sure, it will absorb heat at first, but then it has to find a way to get rid of the heat, and it will. If there's any wind at all, it'll keep you cooler. If I were to participate in the game, I would bring loose, thin black pants and shirts along with a tight-fitting black jacket to keep me warm.
  20. Word. There's something about him that's just comforting and easy. He's the kind of person you could hang with in silence and still have a great time. I wish they'd show more of him.
  21. Natalie has to go to F3 because she is the best goat ever!
  22. Mine too, and I don't like to watch weddings. (Participating in them is even worse)! The look on Mariano's face when he saw Cristina in her dress was priceless. I had to turn my head so my girlfriend didn't see my watery eyes. And Cristina WAS absolutely stunning. She was just beautiful. It was such a special day for her that she was radiant and lovely. Even if the marriage isn't "legal" as some have speculated, it's still legitimate and real to the bride and groom. Let them live their fantasy.
  23. I beg to differ! Sometimes I'll ignore my phone for quite a long time before responding. It does give you a measure of independence because it releases you from the invisible tether of your grasping family, friends and the rest of the world. I've noticed this throughout this forum -- commenters are really hard on Megan and her mother. Kris is a bit controlling, but she has raised her disabled daughter on her own for many years and has done a pretty good job. I can't begrudge her an occasional bit of blindness and over protectiveness where Megan is concerned. And, yes, Megan can be an
  24. Oh God, I think she's hideous! Hate her whining and her slutiness and her alcoholism. I don't find her physically attractive either. And, she looks like she smells really awful -- ugh. Hannah and Adam are the reasons I watch the show, though, because I find both of them to be utterly repulsive.
  25. Some people can spread the infection for as long as 18 months after symptoms show. (The average time is 3-4 months) And, the virus stays dormant in the infected person's body for the rest of their life. Hopefully, Audrey didn't share saliva with anyone during the "Galla." What an ignorant narcissist!
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