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  1. I can't think of any reason I still watch this show. I started watching during a period when most of my other shows were on hiatus and my dvr was empty. It has gotten progressively more treacly and ridiculous. The hair, makeup, costumes and Elizabeth's terrible wig are so distracting. The Hallmark lettering on all the town signs is laughable. The over-acting is so blatant, it seems to be deliberate. The medical stuff....well I can't. Even. I know that Hallmark movies are fully formulaic, by design and I only watch when there's absolutely nothing else to watch. Why they would develop
  2. Probably an unpopular opinion here, but I can't help but feel like I'm being totally jerked around by a show that's taking itself way too seriously. I am, however willing to give it another hour or so before I decide. I guess I have more spare time than discerning sense.
  3. So many things...feeling off balance. Happens to me all the time in life. I could so relate. As a woman in a predominantly male profession, as a step-parent, so often off balance, trying to do the right thing, be the right thing. This ep brought a lot into focus. Then there was Kevin. And vodka. As soon as Randall started searching for Tess, I was panicked. When she popped up in the back seat, I was terrified. And I had another "moment" at the exact same time, thinking about the fuse box/electrical panel and how that's probably what causes the house fire. But now I have to wait a mon
  4. This season has been a treat to the 15 year-old girl in me and tonight's episode was my 16th birthday party! I teared up when I saw Ellis in the gallery. Real tears. In my 60 year old eyes. Cheesey, yes. As only Grey's can do.
  5. I'm sorry but Season Last of Ray Donovan is leaving me flat. What a shame for such a previously great show to go out with such a lousy whimper.
  6. Have to give a shout out to April in the parking lot: "Check EVERYONE for smoke inhalation!". Looks like she really did learn that lesson! Also, do the writers really have to force these characters to act like teenagers and keep the hospital as their only dating hunting grounds? Let's broaden our horizons here, people! I'm jumping on the happy wagon regarding "Men? Ick!" being fired. Finally. Let her slink away quietly and be quickly forgotten.
  7. I was just thinking about how much I dislike the character of Minnick when it occurred to me that some writer somewhere is still giggling about naming a lesbian "Men? Ick."
  8. I am not 12. I do not enjoy watching shows that are ostensibly for an adult audience where the writers provide material that make the adult characters act like they're 12. C'mon Grey's, you used to be better than this.
  9. Maybe after they all graduate Junior High School, they'll be allowed to use lipstick and learn to actually dance instead of just hopping around. We can only hope.
  10. Good story, good pace. I liked it for those reasons, but hated that Alex was relegated to one scene at the dinner table, showing him laughing with all the others. I realize this was Maggie and her mom's story, but they did manage to set up some relationship angst-to-come, with Mer, Maggie and Riggs. Seems like they're trying to show that Riggs is thinking that Mer will never make the time for him yet Maggie needs him. That was the vibe I got anyway. Glad to see that Richard finally told Bailey off. He needed to get that off his chest to allow for air-clearing to occur, which it sort of d
  11. Lovely, lovely episode. Of course the acting is the best I've seen anywhere for so so long, but I'd like to take a moment and give a little credit to the casting, writing and the music folks here. That song. THAT. SONG. Perfection. And how it tied to "I'd rather them remember me looking up, not looking down" was truly masterful. If I had to list the high points for me, it would be the entire script. So many beautiful moments stitched together to make the strongest hour of television I can remember. And I'm old. That's a lot of television. Thanks, TIU, for giving us some quality TV fo
  12. I was thinking about posting a rant about how every time a homosexual character is introduced, they almost immediately become a love interest of the other homosexual character(s) in this show. But then it dawned on me that every time a single heterosexual character is introduced, they almost immediately become a love interest of some other heterosexual character in this show. I guess it's just how they roll. It would be nice, however, to have some characters who are never interested in hooking up, like Meredith and Alex, who back in the day joked about it, but just remained pals. I serious
  13. As an overweight stepmom who came from a hugely dysfunctional family, this episode hit me right between the eyes. The scene when Kate was boarding the plane was truly wrenching. The sadness in feeling left out reflected in step-grandpa's face was truly wrenching. The controlling perfectionist unseen mom on the phone was truly wrenching. Sheesh, these writers were so inside my head that I feel like I deserve a royalty check. This show is tremendous, my biographical information aside. The writing is only bested by the acting. I sure hope they can keep up this quality.
  14. In my state, to change my name, all I'm required to do is start being known by that name. I have to notify institutions like banks, credit agencies, employers, etc. that I have changed my name and start using it for all ID, but no legal action is required.
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