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  1. Great episode but I feel like there was a missed opportunity during game time when the answer was Inhumans and no-one said "heard of 'em" or more accurately "never heard of 'em"
  2. When @David T. Cole said Counterpart had money behind it, that it was "shot on location" my first thought was "they shoot here and in the parallel universe?" :D
  3. This was my first impression on the title because the main character cries a lot but still keeps killing in a ruthless and cold manner.
  4. More to the point, why do so many people think it's called Kill The DJ?
  5. I don't mean any disrespect here, but it's possible you missed something? It happens to me all the time with Black Mirror since it can be a deep show, and in the case of Crocodile, the episode felt like it had ended sooner than it did (I very nearly skipped to the next episode thinking it was over before the last two scenes and I wonder if that's what you did because that's where the guinea pig info was). Here's what happened: The lead detective at the scene of the crime says to an officer "I don't have any idea who we're looking for, but it's a good thing you're not asking me." She nods
  6. I had missed b99 when the season started so I've been watching the first half of season five. My fave past time these days is after I watch an episode I look for a Stephanie Beatriz interview on yuotube because I love the difference in her Diaz voice and her real voice :D
  7. This is what I thought too.
  8. While I like the idea of an alternate solution to "detective guinea pig" I think that interpretation @17wheatthins would mean the narrative cheated us. It's cheap to lead with one overt idea if your intent as a writer was the opposite.
  9. The song was written about a specific instance where Wright played a pop tune by Wham! right after reporting on the Chernobyl disaster with the refrain being about the hypocrisy of modern media. Not that Morrissey isn't an ass in his own right but that was the origin of the song.
  10. Yeah quite a few people are having an issue with this as do I. For the sake of maybe 30 seconds of added exposition perpetuated a myth about EC that has some pretty bad social consequences.
  11. "Packer, we ready to fly?" "Uh-huh" (nothing happens) "You're supposed to say something like engage or increase thrust..." "Just fucking go!" (engines rev)
  12. Not quite as convoluted as Black Mirror
  13. The guinea pig doesn't need to provide anything admissible in court - it just needs to provide a face that they can search using facial recognition. Then they go to question the person it saw.
  14. The device is used by an investigator for an insurance company, a company probably more likely to buy a cheaper device that works but is bulkier and doesn't look like a sexy new toy. At least that was my take on it.
  15. I think the point was that no matter the externals (pierced vs preppy vs whatever else) they still picked one another. As for the time frame, if it's anything like the tech in White Christmas they can speed up the time frame. Frank's year with Debbie Downer could take place in the same time frame as Amy's one night stands. Three weeks for one Cookie could be five minutes for the other. I'd have to watch again to see if there were any indications but the tech might use something similar to Facebook's "Nearby" feature - maybe all 1000 simulations happened in a few seconds after Frank
  16. I didn't know Jesse Plemons from anything else so I was calling him Discount Matt Damon in my head. Glad I'm not the only one. Also (and this is not a spoiler) I called Rolo in Black Museum Discount John C Reilly.
  17. Rolo seemed unreliable from the start, at least he did to me as soon as I thought "this actor reminds me of John C Reilly" :D I'm not saying he was lying about everything so much as his lack of empathy meant that his characterization of people would be suspect. Was Carrie really that shrew-like? Probably not, but Rolo wouldn't characterize her any other way. Rolo is a monster but he's a human monster, and even the worst of humanity need their rationalizations (like telling himself Nish's dad was guilty).
  18. This was a major theme in this episode, and the season, the way companies that have experimental tech they want to try take advantage of people in emotional places to get them to agree to something that's not a great idea.
  19. Listening now. Not sure I'd put that particular episode of Black Mirror last, but not sure where else I'd put it either. The first story-within-a-story was too "torture porn" for me, but I liked where the episode ended up. And @Sarah D. Bunting is right about about how gutpunch-y "monkey needs a hug" was :(
  20. I really like what they've done with the parents on the show. One of my only complaints about the book was the blandness of the parents, ie. and the fact that each couple were almost clones of each other (same job, same powers, etc).
  21. I haven't seen season three of Crazy-Ex Girlfriend but my feelings kind of mirror @David T. Cole's. I love the show, the characters and the musical moments - not just like but genuinely love - but kinda felt the show wanted to have its cake and eat it too in the way character turns would happen so quickly. As someone who has suffered intermittently throughout life with very serious depression, it always felt like Rebecca's depression was presented as relatively consequence-less, or that the stakes were too low. I couldn't really put it into words until I started writing about it just now
  22. No, because any true fan would know that come the apocalypse, Tara will be dead. :P That said, Tara singing the show's music was the cutest thing ever.
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