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  1. I don’t remember Amy. I do like Alexei. And I like Jihoon’s parents.
  2. Classy on this franchise... Ummmm, Andrei’s father. For certain. And most likely Kenneth and Armando from The Other Way. Beyond that, I’m really struggling. I feel like there was another one I liked somewhere, but it’s hard to find the pearls in this pile of human waste.
  3. Okay, here’s the thing... Yes, it hurts like hell. (Or mine did, anyway.) But it was like two long (Okay, not really long...like 30 seconds), sharp, low in the belly labor pains. It might make your eyes water, you might cry out a bit, and there’s definitely no darling little baby in your arms when it’s all said and done, but it’s not quite medieval torture. Not quite. 😳 When my first was born, I had told my (ESL) doctor that I wanted a natural childbirth. I can only assume that she took me quite literally, as in zero medication at all, because the witch didn’t numb me for an episiotomy or the stitching up that followed. That’s a pain I haven’t forgotten, 42 years later. The endometrial biopsy wasn’t even a measurable fraction of that level of pain. I wouldn’t wish that first ob/gyn of mine on my worst enemy, but I looked her up online recently and she just retired after a long and assumed trouble-free career. I should have sued her ass off.
  4. And now, after seeing the needle used for an intrauterine biopsy, I feel a little woozy.
  5. I had a uterine biopsy last summer, too, and holy hell does that hurt! It’s like labor pains, and at 60 that was something I didn’t need to feel again. And then he did it to me twice, and when it was over I was beyond relieved. I did NOT, however, scream like a banshee. And no one offered me nitrous oxide!
  6. Oh, Angela. The dingy grey bra peeking out of the spaghetti strap tank top. It’s a look.
  7. Where I live, we can’t put trash in the cans unless it’s in a tied off bag. We get ticketed if we do.
  8. My extent of dealing with Ru-girl fans is this board, so I had no idea they were particularly vicious towards queens of color. I never base my like or dislike of anyone on their skin, so it doesn’t occur to my excessively naive self that that should be the case in the drag world, especially. I’m like a primitive robot...”that does not compute.” Shea was amazing in her season and I loved her, but I always loved Sasha just a bit more, I love a brainy queen! If the finale had been the pre-Season Nine format, I wonder whether Sasha would have still beaten Shea. I believe so, because ultimately, Ru chooses who Ru wants, no matter what. But Sasha’s lip sync really sealed the deal.
  9. This. I was thrilled when Shea was announced, but she does seem to behave as though the others are backup dancers to her Beyoncé. Her little breakdown on the runway felt very genuine, but at the same time, I can’t believe that anybody really saw her as a joke for losing to Sasha’s “So Emotional” lip sync. That was just a helluva twist, that season switching up the way the finale was done and then Sasha coming out and gagging us all with those rose petals. If anything, I think people felt a little sorry for Shea for getting screwed by the twist, and I guess that could come across in a way that hurt Shea, but...no, I don’t think the majority of people thought of her as a joke. She’s a freaking fabulous queen!
  10. Frankly, Dan was just so incredibly full of self-importance that he couldn’t believe Betty would dare to kill him. After all, who kills the goose that lays the golden egg? If he had been less pompous, he’d have seen Betty’s actions for what they were and either protected his home and family or tried to diffuse the situation. I will never believe he or Linda deserved to be murdered, but they both loved to feed Betty’s rage and were too full of themselves to think of any other way to behave. Linda keeping Betty’s wedding china (which, by all accounts, was nothing special to anyone but her) was just another bit of vindictive gameplay on Dan’s and/or Linda’s part. I get being pissed at Betty, and I get wanting to stick it to her after she has driven through your front door, called you See-You-Next-Tuesday-face, and trashed your home...but you kinda already did stick it to her by marrying Dan, so give her her damned dishes. And Christian Slater does smarmy sooooo well. If the real Dan was that smug during the divorce hearing, I could almost forgive Betty. Almost.
  11. I mean, I love Kenneth, and I kind of understand the tears because I’m an emotional basket case who cries at commercials, but... I mean, at some point, you need to cut the cord and move along, no? And the daughter with the kid is kind of the worst, trying to guilt trip Kenneth about how she will now have to actually parent her own child.
  12. Dan was an ass. Whatever he was paying his secretary was certainly far less than he was paying his attorney, which is why he made her transcribe the calls, rather than his attorney. Plus, it gives him one more person to whom he could show Betty’s nasty side.
  13. 50% of marital assets does not mean 50% of his income. It means 50% of what they accumulated together during the marriage. Also, Dan had custody of all four minor children, and was not collecting any support for them from Betty. $16,000...which was the amount the judge ordered...was approximately 1/6 of Dan’s income, and she didn’t have to pay child support out of that. I could see her being given some more, but what she wanted was over $25,000 a month for life, plus a cash settlement, etc. Whether she “deserved” that or not is a matter of opinion. My ex was bringing home about $6K a month when we divorced. I had custody of both children and was awarded $865 a month in child support, half the assets, and not a nickel in support. I never felt entitled to half of his income just because he was married to me when he began to earn it. Where I do believe she got royally screwed is in the Epstein credits, and in Dan letting his deadbeat brother “invest” and “lose” money for them. Dan was very shady in his ways of hiding money, but if Betty had just hired an attorney and let them do their job, she’d have got her money. I just don’t believe that was her ultimate goal, though. She wanted Dan punished, and she wanted to be the one to do it.
  14. It’s been over 30 years, and I could live very well on the $16,000 a month...not even increasing it for inflation, which would be over $33K a month now. Look, Dan was an ass. But Betty knew he was an ass, and she knew that he was having an affair. She was deluded to think he was going to buy her a ring which I can only assume must have been outrageously expensive at that point in their marriage. He wanted OUT. I don’t like Dan. I think he took great pleasure in seeing Betty squirm. He liked the fight (he thrived on it, in fact). He was not a good parent to those kids or they’d have been better cared for. He had the money to have a nanny to help those boys with their bath times, their homework, and keep them home from school when they were sick. He just didn’t care enough to be bothered. He also used them as weapons against their mother, allowing and perhaps (probably?) even encouraging those phone calls to go to that level. He was a creep...mean, unkind to the point of blatant cruelty, and vindictive as hell, with his little fines against his wife of many years, the mother of his children. He still didn’t deserve what Betty did to him. I understand some of Betty’s frustrations. I divorced my husband of about 14 years in the early 90’s. I, too, had been a stay-home wife and mom. I had no money, no job, no resources. My ex didn’t make anything like Dan Broderick levels of money, but he sure tried to keep every penny he could. I hated his guts at that point (and for a long time after). But I took great pleasure in finding out what all he had squirreled away (while we were married and living on a dime) and In getting my half of it. I loved seeing the bitter twist of his smile when I pointed out in our settlement conference that both attorneys had missed adding in one of the accounts, nearly costing me a few thousand dollars. He had worked hard for “his” money, in his opinion, and I didn’t deserve any of it. Guess again. Bette had a couple of really great attorneys in there, and she could have actually screwed Dan to the wall, if she had been willing to cooperate. But she didn’t just want Dan’s money and their kids, despite her saying so. She wanted to still be Mrs. Dan Broderick, to be attending the parties and the charity events on his arm, to be able to name drop her way in to clubs and parties by virtue of her marriage. Instead, that went to Linda. She just didn’t have the mindset to be happy with a huge chunk of money, the kind that would have given her a great deal of freedom to travel and live well with her children and whatever man she chose. She wanted what she wanted, and nothing else would do. I think it’s really telling that, in interviews for the first several years after her incarceration, at least, she expressed how happy she was in prison, and that she didn’t really want to get out. It was never about living well for Betty, it was about getting her way. And her way was for Dan (and Linda) to not be allowed to live happily together. Mrs. Daniel T. Broderick III was her title alone, and once she made sure that no one else could ever claim it again, she was at peace. Personally, I’d have taken every dime I could get and enjoyed the hell out of knowing he and Linda weren’t getting it. But then, I’m not unhinged.
  15. The Broderick case has always stuck with me, and I’m old enough to remember when it all went down. Not one of these adults behaved appropriately. Dan was an arrogant, self-important jerk. And while he didn’t deserve to die the way he did, I seriously don’t understand why...after seeing your ex-wife repeatedly break into your home and destroy things, after being warned that she had seriously threatened to kill you, after watching her come unglued...why you wouldn’t have a burglar alarm, an attack dog, a gun, and a panic room! You’d be alive today, Dan Broderick, if you had. Linda, well...you can’t steal a husband who isn’t willing to be stolen, so the affair is as much on Dan as it is on her. No matter how much she may have come on to him, Dan would have controlled himself if he wasn’t already over Betty. But I can’t help wonder if a little empathy towards Betty from both her and Dan wouldn’t have helped ease tensions somewhat. Probably not, though, because... Betty. Wow, what a nightmare. I try to feel sympathy for her situation, but I honestly just can’t. She willingly gave her kids to Dan, in an attempt to prove to him how much he needed her. Nope. Then, she claims she wants them back, but only if he meets her terms. And you know, no matter how much money he was making, the fact remains that at the time she was getting a $16,000 monthly check from him. All she had to do was stop harassing him, and grow the eff up. I get being pissed off, but she really had herself to blame for most of her troubles. And on a side note, after reading the excellent book on the Broderick case, I do have to wonder why Dan wasn’t taking better care of those boys! Cold weather and no coats, taking them off to school sick, they were dirty...I just feel like, if Betty had cooled her jets, calmed down, and backed off, she would have soon won custody and child support along with it, and everyone could have lived happily ever after. Except I do believe Dan would be on wife number four or five by now.
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