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  1. Am I the only one confused as to why the cottage cheese is on the plate? Also, besides the Lexis....remember Kody also had a motorcycle?
  2. I really couldn't watch the whole thing (the music was not my thing and it looked really dumb and silly), so I FF to Meri's part. What in the hell was her role? And she just looked like was wearing regular clothes. The first flash of her, she is sitting there with a dumb smile on her face, she looked very amateur. And what the hell was that "chair dance"? Just waving her hands around and then turning her chair to face the other way? Do you think it was choreographed <heh>? Is the cosmic thing about her religious belief afterlife? Creepy.
  3. I'm not as big of fan of lularoe as I used to be (and I think the "special pattern" people clamor for are kind so stupid. But I think the price point ($30 including shipping, $25 if you can buy them direct is not that bad. I looked up the lulu leggings and shit those are over $100. I ant bring my public ser ant job ass to pay that kind of money for weekend wear. (Believe me I wish I could afford it but it is a little rich for my blood. Im off the lularoe band wagon and I think Meir is just doing well now bc of her "fame", but I'm sure the styles will get tired and people will move on t
  4. I'm still scratching my head over Ginger's comment. Ginger states she can't dance and yet she think Alyssa is threatened by her? I was yawning at the judge's comment that Ginger could have a one-woman show, no way. I just don't find anything dynamic or likable about her. I'm glad she was picked to go because I've already seen more than enough of her. Season 5 is my favorite season and at first viewing I was really impressed by Detox. I just finished re-watching the season and after careful viewing I'm just not as impressed by her. She sort of phones it in. BUT I did find her LSFYL more co
  5. Really? I can't stand Raven Symone and her taste is G.R.O.S.S. I watched Katya's RuCall and she said that the judges ripped Adore to shreds, then they took those shreds, braided them together, and started whipping her bones. I wonder if Michelle is in deep doodoo for Adore leaving.
  6. My friend suggested that Michelle and Adore planned out this little scene, escandloso! No really, I'm not sure about this unless Adore is such a great actor and can cry on cue. Eh, who knows? I watched the Final Lap with MV (see? I'm really trying to like her) on the Logo app. She interviewed Coco who I never cared for until after watching, to bad Coco made that CHOICE with the old lady routine, I know want to see more of her.
  7. It looked like she was making it up as she went along. She looked like a very fragile old lady in that outfit. The pale pink lipstick should have been a different choice <Tatiana>. She also needed to put that Dorito compact away. i was reflecting on what a c-word I find Michele to be when I remembered how she started stacking Adore's responses to her "critique" *coughverbelabusecough* it was really, really bitchy for her to say Adore was blahsay about what she said. I could see Adore fighting back the tears. She has a daughter who she states suffers from depression yet she wi
  8. Right? If what she says as a judge is predictable is she really an objective judge? I thought Adore's look was adorable and I would love if my hair was styled that way. Hey Michelle, how about you taking out your 1990's porn star titties? Bc those don't look all star at all. Man, she really pisses me off. (Not to mention on the podcast she knows everything about everything. But I digress) i felt bad when Adore mentioned that was one of her best looks and Bianca helped her put that look together. I thought the whole look rocked. When Adore said she wanted to be the one to go I was li
  9. Ru just did a Podcast with her, so this probably made Naomi's performance of her even more disappointing. Does anyone else fine Robbie just unlikable? She constantly hypes herself up to only give a wet fart performance Her Seattle sisters are fabulously talented, why in the hell do they let her into their circle? I found her baseball uniform underwhelming, all it was was a pink dress that barely represented a uniform. And I agree with Raja and Raven that she could have padded a little. The only reason Robbie got a toot from them was only the fact that she didn't wear a kimono.
  10. I just remember MV complaing that Chad was always too perfect, which I thought was an unfair thing to say. He was in a completion so of course he is going to want to do his best. She really shouldn't be a judge. I loved in Bitch Perfect how she complained that Chi Chi's runway look was too basic and not one of the judges agreed with her. On a side note she needs to get rid of those big fake titties, they are rediculous. Lastly, I'm sick of her tell Derrick to not do Brittney when I want to see more of it.
  11. Thank you! I hate the sob stories! It just seems so pathetic. Like when Roxxy Andrews was on the bottom so she started crying and talking about her childhood (which the story was really sad but it was not the time or place for it). And Willam pulled out a sob story just to appease the judges accusing him of being arrogant. RPDR is the first time I allowed myself to be exposed to drag queens. I always dismissive because I just thought it was about lip syncing to songs and that sounded boring to me. Tharren was roommates with my best friend at the time in Chicago in the 90's. He brought a drag
  12. Thank you for helping me understand why I am put off by Robbie. He is coming off too desperate or something. I did not like his neon dream runway look at all, but then I maybe missing something because Raja and Raven gave it the toot of the week on their Fashion Photo Review https://youtu.be/lkke3KX-zeg It is also interesting to learn, in the FPR, that Bob's neon head drip was added as an after thought when he realized that his look was not neon enough. Funnily enough MV praised that drip to filth, while R&R booted it for not enough neon.
  13. Hello! The gals in that group sported 4 ft high beehive hairdo's. Beehive hair=1950's. Michelle thinks she is the expert in everything. Ever listen to their podcast? She claims she was soooo punk at 13 and Sid Vivcious was her everything, umm yeah. I also thought Thorgy's runway outfit was adorable , not over the top. Did she also have a problem with his perfectly awesome roller girl outfit? Naomi Smalls had an amazing punk look, she should have won. Love her.
  14. I think you just have to set up an account . It aIl free, at least it is with iPhone and iPad. If you get it watch the series Cucumber and the other series Bannana.Yes, @snakenax. I thought with all Robbie's spraying and teasing he knew what He was doing. Nope. I used to curl my hair with a curling iron and spray it with hairspray as it was in the hot iron. Lol. After all of Robbie's bragging and then not pulling through, I was even surprised that he could roller skate. It was fun to watch, but it looked dagerous. Especially when he broke a light bulb. ,
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