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  1. Madchen Amick was also in Gilmore Girls as Sherry, Christopher's girlfriend who got conveniently knocked up the first time he and Lorelei tried to get together on the show. She was a type-A crazypants who lost it when she went into labor before her scheduled c-section.
  2. My state. My town. I'm gonna love this, I know. (full disclosure - I am from Albany in Southwest GA, which is majority black and where the racial divisions informed my entire childhood; its frustrations do feel bleak to me. I have lived in the northern burbs since I was 13 years old, but still have a ton of family down home. I am a late-thirties white lady)
  3. We fell in love with the most recent season that aired on PBS and grew such an affection for the contestants (especially Ruby, who generally presented a dish to the judges while telling them how terribly she did until they told her to knock it off, in a loving way. I thought she would explode from anxiety). We've since downloaded and watched the first-ever season, and the one on Nextflix is, I believe, the second season that aired and we are watching that now. The show at some point abandoned Mel and Sue's little field trips to find out how medieval pie was made or whatever, because it wasn
  4. Damn, that bingo meltdown.
  5. Those of us with small children were probably not too taken aback with "zeh-bra" - Peppa Pig is big in my house and she has a friend called Zoe Zebra and they pronounce it the same way. Outside of anthropomorphic animals designed to delight preschoolers, though, I imagine zebras don't come up much, so I can see why it would take someone outside of the episode, a little.
  6. Thank you - I was about to say exactly this when I saw your post. My son is 4 and is in a similar program; it is a 3 hour session. He's very speech delayed (Will is a little ahead of where my son is) and overall, on average, about a year behind where he should be in all the social/occupational/behavioral areas. I did put him in the program with mostly 3 year olds, because 1) the kid still takes a 3 hour nap every day and we tried the other session, during which he lost his nap AND his damn mind, and 2) his birthday is less than a week before school starts in my county, so he'd already be th
  7. They really do, I have no idea how other people get along with two parents, and single parents deserve all the vacations. This is why I love this show. Not all people who divorce have to hate each other. Blended families are replacing "broken homes" and it's nice to see an example of that on my TV screen.
  8. Any time I've seen the older kids write anything (I don't follow them on social media but I see things here and elsewhere), they seem to write pretty well, use decent (if more casual) grammar, and spell things correctly. I'd be interested to see if the younger kids are when they get old enough to be on social media. Clearly, the older kids were given a good foundation of reading and writing; the big unknown is how much of that has gotten to the little ones.
  9. There's a version of Clue called "Clue - the Classic Mystery Game" that you can play with only 2 people. I hope that helps you enjoy the 1985 credits more, since they are delightful.
  10. I could completely see the Josie experience changing her, and then Jubilee on top of it. It seems to have gone from control and delegation out of necessity to brittle detached control freak. I.... may have developed tendencies like that in a 2-year span that included a micro, my husband's 2 hip replacements and the painful degeneration led up to them, and the death of my dad. I realized I was getting controlling about so many tiny things, and (there's no other word for it) brittle, like I was tentatively held together with glue, and I see that in Michelle. I sought out therapy for what was dia
  11. Re: Cameron springing a wedding and baby on Emmett. While I never had a pregnancy sprung on me (still the baby!) my dad remarried twice after he and my mom split, when I was three and when I was seven, and both times it was all like "hey, that nice lady you met a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, we got married and we're going to go live with her now!" Um, okay. He could have made sure they didn't suck, but I guess you'd have to be pretty screwed up to think that's okay. I think I kind of hate Debbie or whatever her name is, based on that. Cameron is clueless and a demonstrated tool, but her lack of
  12. God, I hope the Josie car is like a SmartCar or at least a subcompact.
  13. I hate that thinking, but I know Hannie had a pretty bad injury and was referred in case some possible reconstruction needed to happen; she bit through her lip and her teeth got kind of jacked up IIRC. Jason's injury when he fell in that orchestra pit was more of the "busted chin" variety. I'm firmly convinced the world is evenly divided between those who have busted chin scars and those who don't. But I can see where they would be more concerned about a girl since the curly hair and modest dress is supposed to draw more attention to her "countenance" or whatever. I never knew facial scars
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