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  1. The Queen's Gambit was nominated for SEVEN Primetime Emmy Awards: Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie: Anya Taylor-Joy Outstanding Directing for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie: Scott Frank Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie: Moses Ingram Outstanding Writing for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie: Scott Frank (teleplay by) Outstanding Casting for a Limited Series, Movie or Special Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series
  2. I haven't a clue why Seehorn continues to get snubbed year after year after year...
  3. As expected, Laura Linney, Jason Bateman, and Julia Garner received Emmy nods (as well as Best Drama, and several directing and writing nods, among other things). Very surprised and disappointed, though, that Tom Pelphrey was snubbed. I thought he was fantastic as Ben!
  4. Very happy that McDermott and Taylor got recognized, but I can't get over Patti LuPone's and Joe Mantello's snubs...
  5. After the glorious first season, I didn't think the show could top it, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I am now saddened by the fact that we will no longer see this wonderful cast on this show again -- except in flashbacks (a la Tommy/Churchill in season 2). Claire Foy is fantastic in every way. How she can communicate with a subtle raise of an eyebrow or a clenched jaw is beyond amazing. I know Olivia Colman will be great as QEII, but I will truly and dearly miss Foy's Elizabeth. Last but not least, I was surprised myself that I would come to like MacMillan so much -- even mor
  6. Ujio


    Jack O'Connell was also nominated in the lead category and the show itself was also nominated in the Best Limited Series category. Yep, it sucks that women got ignored. They wererobbed :-(
  7. Ujio


    I was very pleasantly surprised by the show. I hadn't expected much, not least because western is not really my cup of tea, but the show sucked me in. It was a great ride! As so many of you have already written, I LOVED the cinematography and music. Even though the story was fantastical, everything about the show -- the people, set, accent, clothing -- looked and sounded authentic and lived-in. My two favorite scenes were the one where Alice, Roy, and Truckee brought all the horses into town and the stunning flashback of the fateful day of the mining accident (end of episode 6). Most
  8. Ujio

    S01.E10: The Toll

    Slow-binge-watched it and enjoyed the show very much. As some posters have said upthread, the show definitely reminds me of Breaking Bad and Justified, both of which I LOVED. Ozark, IMO, had the potential to be just as good as those shows, what with the great cast and all, but never seemed to quite get there. And to me, the most frustrating thing about the show was the villains. The Snells were neither charming nor interesting. They were definitely no Boyd Crowder, nor were they anything like Gus Fring or even Tio Salamanca. I liked Peter Mullan in Top of the Lake, and Lisa Emery is supp
  9. I've always liked TCA's choices better (not least because it was the one and only award that appreciated and rewarded Justified), and this year, too, it seems that its nominations are more creative and reasonable than those of the Emmys. Most egregious Emmy snubs this year, for me, are Kyle Chandler (Bloodline), Michael McKean (Better Call Saul), and Michael Stuhlbarg (Fargo). Someone wrote in the Better Call Saul thread that Emmys tend to get "lazy" and keep nominating the same people over and over again. I wholeheartedly agree with that comment. I could rant forever, but I'm going
  10. Ujio

    Fargo In The Media

    Yeah, Big Little Lies and Feud took up most of the slots :-( I'm torn here because I am really happy that Bill Camp from The Night Of got recognized, but Michael Stuhlbarg was one of the best things about the third season, so, yeah, that kinda sucks...
  11. I am very, very saddened by the fact that Michael McKean got snubbed (again) by the Emmys! IMO he was the most impressive part of the latest season of BCS -- at least acting-wise. Congrats to the show, Bob Odenkirk, and Jonathan Banks for the noms, though!
  12. Ujio

    Fargo In The Media

    Wait, David Thewlis WAS nominated. But I agree that it's a pity that Stuhlbarg or MEW did not get a nod.
  13. Hollywood and Broadway actor Ken Watanabe undergoes surgery for stomach cancer. Japanese media have reported that prognosis is good (whew). Watanabe is a leukemia survivor, btw. Hey, it DOES help to go get a physical, y'all!!!
  14. I think shows that aged successfully dealt with cast changes gracefully and intelligently. Simply replacing a character with a younger version of the same character NEVER seems to work (like, you know, bringing in Nancy in Nellie's place on Little House on the Prairie). A show like M*A*S*H introduced completely new characters, not mere clones of the departed ones (a good example of that would be Frank vs. Charles), and that added depth to the series. Of course, taking a miniseries approach to a series helps because it practically "resets" the show every season. I'm not talking about
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