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  1. My thoughts exactly on both Elena being a joke for a doctor and the whole universe becoming Damon-centric while poor Bonnie is an afterthought. Really geting sick of this show turning into a competition on who woves Damon more. The only true connection I still buy is between Damon and Stephan.
  2. Yep! Right there with ya. That scene irritated me on the same level as the many unbearable Elena scenes we had to suffer throughout the years. The nerve?!?!?!? Everyone keeps berating Stefan for not doing more on top of what he was already doing for months. And next to Enzo, Stephan was the only other one doing jack shit. What the "eff" did YOU do, Ric?! Oh yeah, that's right, you helped Elena be a coward and forget about her epic wove. Let's see... And you also went back to teaching (note how looking for Damon has nothing to do with teaching). What else? Ah, yes! Let's not forget the anxiety you're experiencing over "losing your game" with the annoying doctor. Tres important things to dwell on in light of feeling so strongly about losing your bestest bestie. Self righteous hyppocrite... Poor Elena, she's only trying to move on cuz dealing with her grief is too painful. But Stephan? Oh, yeah! Total dick! The only one Stephan is being a dick towards is Caroline, which is shitty, because she's the only one who appreciates him. Well, make that past tense, rightfully so. I like ivy as a baby vamp. She's fun. Bonnie sacrificing herself to save Damon is nothing new and is completely in character for her. She would have done the same thing for random brick. Elena and new guy: yawn! Although I do like the actor, he and Nina have zero chem. The Tore hug was made of epic puppy fluff, rainbows and sunshine. Good stuf. Made my jaded, cold heart skip a bit. A bit surprised that in the next episode's preview they didn't show the angst that will inevitably ensue as Elena and Damon reunite after his return and as he learns about her conscious amnesia achieved with the help of his bestest bestie.
  3. Yep! Right there with ya. That scene irritated me on the same level as the many unbearable Elena scenes we had to suffer throughout the years. The nerve?!?!?!? Everyone keeps berating Stefan for not doing more on top of what he was already doing for months. What the "eff" did YOU do, Ric?! Oh yeah, that's right, you helped Elena be a coward and forget about her epic wove. Let's see... And you also went back to teaching (note how looking d. What else? Ah, yes! Let's not forget the anxiety you're experiencing over "losing your game" with the annoying doctor. Tres important things to dwell on in light of feeling so strongly about losing your bestest bestie. Hyppocrite... Poor Elena, she's only trying to move on cuz dealing with her grief is too painful. But Stephan? Oh, yeah! Total dick! The only one Stephan is being a dick towards is Caroline, which is shirty, because she's the only one who appreciates him.
  4. MachuPichu

    S06.E02: Yellow Ledbetter

    For as many ridiculous and outrageous Elena moments this show has begotten, today's episode was the first one that finally made my eyes roll. When she said that Damon killed Jeremy right in front of her and actually had a reaction a normal person should have, I finally gave in and rolled my eyes and said "bitch, finally you came to your senses. All it took was a supernatural lobotomy to drill some sense into you." Overall I'm intrigued by the storyline because it's missing the dreaded love triangle and the super, duper, uberest, baddest bad, and we're back to good ole vampire exterminator dude story line. I'm also curious to see what in the heck is going on with the Bonnie hell. This can't be what her grandmother wished for Bonnie. But some things are the same, such as Stefan not being able to really move on. And of course, he gets crucified for trying, figures. Yawn... Damon being boring, Elena and Damon being boring, Elena being a douche, Damon being a douche. Wait, what? Is there a pattern here I'm noticing? As much as I understand Stefan's desire to move on, I don't like the way he treated Caroline. I was always against them romantically but really appreciated their friendship. I thought that he should have at least given her a courtesy of a conversation to explain that he needs space and distance and then, after she inevitably starts to talk him out of it, to commence the ignoring until she's able to respect his way of dealing with losing his brother.
  5. MachuPichu

    S11.E15: Winner Announced

    No surprises here on the order in which the finalists were placed, but I did get very nervous there for a moment that Valerie may have clomped her over the finish line.... And then Cat called Ricky's name and all was right in this world. Honestly, I was shocked that the Bollywood boys won the vote. I guess the public wanted something other than hip-hop, locking, crump, street dance-y style. I didn't like the routine. It seemed uneventful and kind of a mess. The group that placed second was far more interesting to watch. JTF was hilarious! Finally, someone said "jidges" on the actual show!! (Unless it's happened before and I totally missed it). Paula, thank you for being such a mess, at least you're consistent. Enrique (what? No last name now?), thank you for showing everyone that you've got mad lip syncing skillz. The last group routine was pretty great. Nobody mentioned the opening number but I thought it was amazeballs! Please, make this choreographer stay, show. You can put Oreo on that flying carpet and make it fly far, far away. The Australian kid was nuts. Want to see more of his dancing. Whoever compared his style to Rudy's, only with more polish and much better technique, was spot on. The twins were sick. Very entertaining and awesome performance. I know I'll be in the minority, but I'm just not feeling jasmine when she's dancing hip-hop. That pharao number with Emilio, I kept watching him the whole time. His moves are so sharp and tight. Hers come across like they don't end soon enough. Not sure if that makes sense but I just feel that her arms and legs take too long to complete a move, they just keep going on and on. This is a great asset for contemporary dancing, but not so much for hip hop. But she has been working with Ciarra even prior to the show, so that just shows how much I know, lol! I just know what I find more appealing. I really hope the show gets picked up for another season. As many stupid things as Nijel may have said, and as much pointless and empty feedback we may have heard from the jidges, I will not complain and nit pick this show apart. I enjoy watching people dance and appreciate being a witness to their journeys from the auditions all the way to the finale. And Nijel can keep patting his back as much as he wants to because, as annoying as it may be for some, I believe the reason he keeps talking about how important this show is, is because it is, people! His heart is in the right place. If you think about it, there is absolutely no other platform that brings dance in such form to the general public (I'm sorry, but DWTS simply doesn't count). So I completely understand when he's trying to drive this point home each and every time he gets a chance to. I'll keep watching the show for as long as it's on and enjoy what it's bringing into my day.
  6. MachuPichu

    S11.E14: Top 4 Perform

    Don't bother defending her as she clearly doesn't need it. Having said that, yes, I see someone who's very endearing with the smile that lights up the stage AND, at the same time, so painful for me to watch. You like her dancing, as do plenty of people, but plenty do not and say so on the forum, which is meant for people to share their opinions. Deal with it. It's the same thing with Jessica. Many people here find her to be "boring", "no chemistry", etc and I see her very differently. I thought she was sexy as hell in Spencer's number, which was one of my favorite of the night. So was Zach, by the way. I also really enjoyed her last piece with Robert, also one of my favorites, where I thought the partner connection and acting was brilliant. I thought the finale was a head and shoulders above the rest of the season that I, too, found lackluster overall. I love Zach but I love Ricky just as much. I really like Jessica too so I'll be ok with either of the 3 to win. Valerie, as adorable as she is, is way out of her league compared to the other three and, even though it's America's favorite dancer, not best, I still don't think she's deserving of the title next to the rest of the finalists. I usually don't let Nijel's comments register with me but his word diarrhea about suicide was all sorts of offensive. Having lost your friends to suicide doesn't give you the right to disrespect others who experienced the same and the memory of the ones they lost on the national tv. They may not share your opinion. So bone headed. As much as I found JTF hilarious, he was extra pervy with all the flirting. Must be taking pages out of Nijel's "Old pervy gizzard" book.
  7. Oh, goodness. I am seriously considering boycotting the show if Valerie wins. I'm 99.9% sure Ricky will take the trophy but there is still that small chance, considering Valerie has naver been in the bottom. She gets on my last nerves. I'm one of the people for whom the personality is far from enough and I need a great execution to keep me interested. Although she pleasantly surprised me in her hip hop it doesn't make up for the horrible execution of most other dances. I simply don't care if she has a genuine smile and that lovable personality, and that she exudes joy. Call me jaded but all of these things make me wanna go barf in a bucket if you don't have the facility to back it up with. I really liked Jessica throughout the show but today I was a bit underwhelmed; although, in all honesty, part of it is because of the dances she had: disco and the weirdo jazz?? I was a bit shocked Casey was sent home over Zach. I like them both in a different way, but I was still surprised. Loved Jacque and a Will's dance. Definitely a standout this season. Good job redeeming yourself, Cheesman! Casey and McKenzie made me tear up and that's saying a lot considering I'm a sarcastic and jaded soul and I actually don't think I ever got sappy in all the years watching this show. For christ's sake, I thought Titanic sucked major ass and I couldn't wait for both of them to just die already. So it takes a lot to get me that emotional. And I'm sorry, but McKenzie is a Goddess, period! Everyone who goes "McKenzie who?" can just drop. On a more shallow note, I wanna marry Wildabeast. His choreo, and also his dancing, is siiiiiick. On a cute note, my 4-year old has the most adorable crush on Casey. She said she likes him and that his muscles looks strong, lmao! The finale should be interesting. Looking forward to Kathryn and Robert. Never was a fan of Aaron as he always looked very clunky to me. Him and Valerie should become a Queen and King of clunk. Hope he's paired with her instead of Zach, cuz Zach will wipe the floor with Aaron.
  8. WIN, WIN, and more WIN! That is exactly how I feel. The stuff that Stefan did in moments of greatest weakness PALES in comparison to what Damon does on a regular and yet somehow killing people, and not just any people, I'm talking about brothers and best friends, gets easily compared to "stalking" and raping gets compared to "tricking Elena into a relationship". Like, are you for real? Are we really comparing them side by side? These acts are universes apart!! I must be extremely stupid as I utterly fail to see any comparable similarities between the examples above. And Stefan allegedly thinking that his choice of vampirism is better than anyone else's is purely speculation based on the preference of Damon character as there was absolutely no evidence of him feeling this way. Yes, Stefan was pissed at Damon for hurting people he cares about or carelessly killing people in general. But no shit!!! Anyone having any morals would be upset! This has nothing to do with thinking one is better than the others. For christ's sake, Damon even killed their Uncle What's His Face! If being pissed at him for killing own family, best friend, and a slew of random people means having holier than thou attitude then I'm sorry but I'll have to wash my hands off trying to understand the other point of view.
  9. MachuPichu

    S05.E22: Home

    Damon wasn't feeling an ounce of guilt for killing Aaron. The only reason he was so distraught is because he thought Elena would hate him. Silly Damon. Elena doesn't hate people who kill her friends. She doesn't even hate people who kill her brother, and then threaten his life again. Funny thing is that if Stefan did even 1% of the evil shit that Damon does, we wouldn't hear the end of it from Stefan haters. But since he doesn't, the grasping at straws takes place via accusation that Stefan has a "holier than thou" attitude. Oh, and let's not forget "he needs to own his vampirism" argument. But of course! He needs to drink human blood, even though it has a mind altering effect on him, just like a drug. But at least he owns his vampirism, and that makes it worth it to rip people's heads of. Did I get that right? Instead, Stefan tries to do the right thing and survive by other means because he actually gives a shit about people and doesn't want to hurt them. Nope! Wrong choice! Own your vampirism, they say. But yet at the same time his ripperism is being used against him just as well. Oh, well, you just can't win. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. But even with the alleged "holier than thou" attitude (which I personally think was pulled out of someone's ass in a moment of desperation), I'd take an attitude over brother-killing, friend-killing, friend-raping whiny man child any day.
  10. MachuPichu

    S05.E22: Home

    Ok, so again, this is a vampire show, but no matter how far removed a premise is from reality I can never be sold on this. Just no. You may forgive something this atrocious, if you're close to sainthood, which we all know Elena isn't, but you sure as hell don't start dating a man who basically kills your brother, regardless if the brother comes back to life. So yeah, no consequences at all here. Damon snaps Jeremy's neck and he still gets Elena's magic vagina and epic love. Then he's willing to go down the same route again and then what? A whole lot of nothing. It's like it didn't matter to her! And then Damon comes to Jeremy's parent teacher conference? To me this is just disgusting! Elena is a shitty sister. But that is, of course, just my opinion. I'm extremely protective of my family and am incapable of making such a huge mental leap to comprehend how Elena can possibly stand herself as a sister. Whereas this show used to have ridiculous plot points like that just lightly sprinkled over the seasons, this season has been one major fail when it comes to any continuity or rationale. Btw, I apologize for not quoting, I always use my cell and it's not the easiest thing to do in the absence of a desktop/laptop, especially when wanting to quote multiple posters.
  11. MachuPichu

    S05.E22: Home

    I fully comprehend we're talking about a vampire show, but since the latest conversation is about the sibling matters, I'd like to just say what I think about Elena as a sister. If someone snapped my brother's neck I would make sure this person burned the painful flames of hell. He would not have any second chances to as much as look at my brother again. Out of all the idiocies this show has come up with to me this one is, by far, the stupidest one of them all. This wench doesn't deserve a brother, she doesn't deserve a family. The end.
  12. MachuPichu

    S05.E22: Home

    Gingercharm, I so agree with you regarding Ian's acting "abilities", or the lack of thereof. I was cringing so bad when he was talking to Bonnie about how she needs motivation because his brother is dead. He looked like he was struggling to take a big dump, not being emotionally distraught, lol! And I also agree, just because Stefan isn't a man whore like Damon doesn't mean he's gay, lol! We were shown his two relationships with women that were/are platonic. In over 100 years of his life that's not indicative of anything more than simply the fact that he's capable of a platonic relationship. Even though I loved seeing characters from episodes past I still think this finale sucked and I'll be reading recaps next season to see if I want to give this show another chance.
  13. MachuPichu

    S05.E22: Home

    Bleeeeeehhhh! This episode gave me the cramps. I really like all the characters on the show, except for Damon and Elena (although I did like them at the beginning of the show, separately), but the way the writers are handling them makes me very disinterested. Anyone in Elena's vicinity instantly becomes a huge bore, death means nothing so how can you get even a little sad?! My feels have atrophied! I'm not interested in Steroline in the least. For one, even during this season Stephan was still barely staying away from Elena/Kat and, secondly, people should take their amorous adventures outside their friend/family circle. It's getting very eecky. Writers, how about a little less epicness and a little more character development and simpler, but more meaningful story lines with fewer loopholes. Did all your creativity get sucked into the other world and disappeared into whatever is swallowing its residents? You've cooked up a good formula for the Originals: good old family feud and turf wars. Here it's like, how can we top ending the whole world as we know it? Which inevitably results in plots so contrived they become laughable. And when are you going to realize that killing pretty much all your main characters just to bring them back is so stale nobody cares!!
  14. MachuPichu

    S05.E20: What Lies Beneath

    Nobody pointed out Lexi because it'll ruin the "poor misunderstood Damon" BS. The writers are so hard at work trying to shove the idea that everyone is so mean to poor Damon, and it's everyone else's fault that he does what he does. Let's not forget how he blamed Katherine for his whole shitty personality. But no, really, he's such a swell guy deep inside. (Barf!). In what universe will someone feel bad for killing a crazy threatening his life over a fear that his brother will hate him cuz the creep is his friend, who said brother himself left to die once already in order to save himself?? This show is making my brain hurt so bad right now. Bonnie and Jeremy make me feel very eecky. Can Jeremy go back to making out with ghosts? That was hot! I'm only enjoying puddin pop and Tyler's scenes.