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  1. re: Kevin being abusive physically hidden through the sitcom filter. I'm surprised no one has mentioned when they had sex in an earlier episode, and Kevin mentions (if I am remembering right) 'doing that thing you don't like to do', or 'doing that thing you never want to do' - something like that - right before they start, and then the cut to her in the bathroom, breathing hard with her makeup all smeared and looking like she wants to throw up. I have the feeling that while there might not be outright violence there is still plenty of cohersion in play.
  2. I thought it was a good episode and that the actor who played Abby was phenomenal. All sorts of people fall through the cracks of the system. Just because white babies usually end up adopted doesn't mean that they all do; if they were then orphanages would never have any white babies in them. Michelle Forbes will always be the Admiral of the Pegasus to me. 🙂
  3. I think that the issue is that it isn't what 'parents' do in this case. If it were about what parents do, then we wouldn't be seeing this set of conflicts. Instead, what is really being said is 'that's what BETH should do'. Beth flat out told Randall that she disagreed on his pursuing the job in Philadelphia because it was the wrong time for him to do it, because she could see coming down the pipe the issues with timing and commutes and their kids really needed stability, and Randall completely ignored her and continued anyway. Now that those issues have come to fruition, Randall is
  4. For me, I didn't find the anxiety attack comment nearly as gasp-worthy as it seems so many others did. I live with someone who has PTSD and a child with anxiety, and it is fucking *exhausting* being the rock. It's not a blame thing - it's just a fact. You can't blame the person for their brain chemistry, and you have no choice but to accomodate it, because it's not a choice that they are making to be that way. But the accomodation is one-way only. My family will occasionally acknowledge this - 'you have to deal with a lot', and they lament that it's not different, but until either their b
  5. I cannot disagree more. I've been in business for over 30 years, and the absolute fact is that the executive decision-making is almost always done socially. Golf, drinks, lunches, etc. The decisions are communicated in emails and boardrooms, and the facilitations are performed in offices. But the decisions? Those are made in social situations.
  6. Personally, I don't think that should matter, because it implies that Randall deserves to judge the relative value of Beth's decisions. *nosewrinkle* I feel like I just said that badly, but it's something that drives me absolutely crazy in real life - the idea that when a person wants something or makes a decision, that they then are required to justify that decision to other people, and that those other people have to agree for that decision to be considered valid. Beth's decisions are valid without requiring Randall's agreement of their worth, and vice versa. That doesn't mean that they'r
  7. I acually find Randall's behaviour pretty plausible, if I take the position that This is Us is trying to show people as they are instead of idealized versions of what they 'should' be. People are assholes sometimes, and unreasonable sometimes, and hurtful and thoughtless sometimes, even if they're otherwise good people. In this case, Randall's tired and has been running non-stop because he's trying to be everything to everyone, and yeah, he has the same sort of internal attitude to Beth's dancing as Jack did towards Rebecca's singing, and he was stressed and frustrated and angry and he lashe
  8. She started off talking to her younger self, which she saw as a reflection. Then, as she resolved her internal conflicts and decided to become her fullest self, she was left facing her own mature reflection - it was HER in the driver's seat, not her younger selves.
  9. I thought it was ok, but I won't be watching. The main thought in my head as she was talking about the plethora of spies in the country was 'Really? Does the media really need to be showing yet another TV series with the main plot driver being generating fear of the people around you?"
  10. The slap pissed me off. I understand that her boyfriend / baby daddy is dead and that sucks, but we're talking about a guy who used her phone to lure her ex to a secluded place for the specific purpose of torturing and killing him, after having been a part of killing two other people earlier the same day. Plus, Junior tried to warn her about him. I think that Junior having to kill Tory was the final nail in the ever having possibilities with Leila, but he's a whole lot better off without her.
  11. So, not only did Meredith break HIPPA by telling Maggie about Catherine, which was then compounded by Maggie telling Jackson... Jackson then went into his mother's medical files without her permission and reviewed all of her scans with Maggie, who is not one of her doctors. I don't care all that much about sex in the ambulances or in the on-call rooms, but the complete lack of respect of patient privacy makes me want them all fired. edited to fix: wandering italics.
  12. Star Wars came out in 1977, not 1967. Empire Strikes Back was 1980, and Return of the Jedi 1983. So, even if Toby is only 40, the movie releases were still when he was old enough to enjoy them himself. There's no question that anyone into fandom these days knows the value of original action figures from Star Wars. it's not like we're talking about Logan's Run or Split Second or some other obscure fandom. I remember the kerfuffle over Empire Strikes Back pretty clearly - and I was only six at the time and living in a tiny town in northern Canada. I agree that following up with Nicky
  13. I sometimes feel like I saw a different ep than everyone else. Like - the pastor didn't endorse Randall from the pulpit. He just said that he didn't feel that there was a wrong choice between the two people running. And the idea that Randall just showed up and made a couple of speeches - the pastor specifically said that Randall had been knocking on every door in the area for weeks to the point that it had become a joke within his congregation. And Beth didn't cave - Randall did. He admitted he was wrong and had decided to drop the whole thing. He refocussed himself on his
  14. Infie


    It's interesting to me that so many people have taken this interpretation of his actions after her death. I didn't see this at all - I saw a man with deep psychological issues, already under a lot of stress, who FAILED and could not process or handle that failure. I didn't see a man in love; I just saw a man with a shattered sense of self who needed to find a way to recover any sense of worth from his failure.
  15. Infie


    There were a bunch of different agendas at work here. a. the political angle Julia was frustrated with her party's waffling and felt that she would make a better PM than the existing one. She made a deal with the Security Service - they would support her against the PM, and in return she would support increasing their role and their power base within the country, removing influence from the police service. Anne Sampson wanted to maintain her power base and to limit the security service's power. She knew that the security service was working with Julia but she didn't know the detai
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