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  1. SassySenior

    S10.E04: Internet Marketing Video

    As if we didn't hear enough "pah guy" this and "pah guy" that last year.... are the judges actually encouraging Loreal to incorporate the "I'm a butcher" story into every on-air appearance???? Its getting old and stale very fast! I can only speculate.... BUT, I think if we all went to Miami, we would not be surrounded by people who ALL have motor-mouth-rapid-fire speech patterns. However, I will say "thanks" for the major beard trim.
  2. SassySenior

    S10.E04: Internet Marketing Video

    Its almost irrelevant who goes home after watching this challenge. This show has tanked and is going under faster than the Titanic.
  3. SassySenior

    S10.E04: Internet Marketing Video

    Lenny without a shirt on.... WHY???????
  4. SassySenior

    S10.E03: Cutthroat Food Star

    Several of the "contestants" are what you could call, somewhat 1. delusional 2. annoying 3. talent-less 4. all of the above
  5. SassySenior

    S10.E03: Cutthroat Food Star

    The best thing about last night's episode was that there was no Giada... but for those who missed her........ with no disrespect to all the adorable pugs out there! AND, Holy cannoli!!! Rosie-Riveter, pleeeeeeeeze do us all a favor, and wear more clothing. That outfit was enough to make anyone who may have prepared and consumed a delicious, competition-winning dish, want to puke! Memo to Bob & Susie: Ditch the idea of having challenges that are direct off-shoots of some of your regular programming.
  6. SassySenior

    S10.E02: Please Try This At Home

    With no disrespect to all the lovely kitties out there.... I really think Giada has grown more teeth since the last season!!! Toooooo many teeth. Skirts toooooo short. Plunging necklines toooooooo low. Cleavage tooooooooo much. She certainly still seems full of herself, too!! Picked up on the judge's love of "granny " references. How many times did we hear the need for a storyline connected to the cooking demos?! Bonus points if it involves an illness, abandonment, demise, divorce, deportation.... well, you get my drift! Have the judges started harping on the "POV"s yet??? "Saaaaaay, Cowboy.... What's yer point of view?" My own personal nit-pik... Straggly hair, long beards leaning over food being prepared. Astonished that the judges aren't picking hairs out of their food/mouths during the taste-testing..... (especially Giada)..... UGH!!!!
  7. SassySenior

    S09.E04: Day 9: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

    DAMN !!!! OWWWWWW!!!!
  8. SassySenior

    S05.E22: A Weird Year

    .....as much as I (we?) would like to ignore poor, not-the-brightest-bulb-in-the-box, Grace. Unless there is a Swiss boarding school in her future!
  9. SassySenior

    S05.E21: The One Percent

    Didn't someone mention that Finn divorced his wife... following a miscarriage, no less??!! One of the "warts" the opposition would cite him for, along with the druggie sister... AND made up story him about sleeping with gov's wife.
  10. SassySenior

    S05.E21: The One Percent

    Sweet cider!!!!!! Why are the writers introducing the red-lipped, sexy vixen intern character? Is she a plant by Castro??? Is Peter really stupid enough to go that road again? How co-incidental that she emerges just as Ms. Lewinski resurfaces! Loved it when Eli read her the riot act! Cliff hanger final scene... but nothing noted in next week's final episode of the season. Pleeeeeeeze make her go away!
  11. SassySenior

    S09.E01: Day 9: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

    I wasn't quite prepared to see Chloe looking so much like "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". Not nearly as stunningly beautiful as Rooney Marra, but spot on with the Goth/grunge make-up, hair and clothes!Nice to see she retained all her special computer skills. For the record, I'm crossing my fingers now that we don't have to suffer through some lame Jack/Audrey story line!
  12. SassySenior

    S05.E17: A Material World

    ENOUGH !!!!! Please let last night be the final time we have to experience Kalinda's overpowering sexuality!
  13. SassySenior

    S01.E13: Finale

    kelslamu, frankly, I don't care what clothes Mondo wears in the future! He can run around naked, since I hope to never... ever wish to see his bitchy face again! Aaaaaack, just typing that gives me the horrible mental image, and makes my eyes burn.
  14. SassySenior

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    For some reason, I imagine the smarmy eHarmony founder being related to Jerry Sandusky.... eeeyewwwwwww !!