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  1. Actually...actually Hilary reminded me of GoGo from Kill Bill Vo. 1
  2. Okay, so the kid's no Daniel Goddard - let's give him a break.
  3. He most certainly can...."pol pol polly polla polla ticks. yeah, that's it!"
  4. I actually like Connor. I just keep waiting for Mrs. Baylock to show up with the Rottweiler.
  5. but her new office is the same as Adam's original office at NE.
  6. Can I do it!? Can I do it!? Okay, Okay. K. "Connor - Chelsea.... is not really your mom. " Bwah!
  7. Of course the writers can change story dynamics to create drama. It's done all the time. Stop complaining. I, for one can't wait to meet Sharon's son, Faith when he comes home from college.
  8. Dr.Will looks like he should be hosting a Saturday night horror movie marathon. One of the best outcomes since Paul's loss, chapter 2. Poor Dickie. Not a happy camper. Maybe he can return to host a comp next season.
  9. Well, Devon's billion dollar empire is operated from his kitchen table. It's a nice table and all but really?
  10. I guess Chloe is in some secret place with Victor giving him tips on how to stay stately in an open casket.
  11. Hmmm. Dark Shadows....Nope, doesn't ring a bell.
  12. you should have stopped at "This show seems incapable"
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