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  1. juneboy44

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Ugh Harlan was ugly and looked dirty! I can't believe that not one but two women slept with him and had kids! Why is this 35 year old loser in school and not working at least two jobs to support his four kids? Oh yeah that's right he thinks living off of government assistance is perfectly fine! Great way to instill in your kids to be self sufficient and not depend on others! And poor grandma: her grandkids messed up the walls but everything else is not her perfect sons fault! Get a clue! Harlan and his spawn will be living with her real soon!
  2. juneboy44

    S01.E01: Pilot

    They replaced the amazing race with this? The first half was boring luckily the second half was better. Hated the two kids! I don't watch much of cbs...are all the procedurals like this? And who the hell is George and why do I care that he's dead? The only reason I watched this was because nothing else was on. Good thing about this: it made me miss scandal! Can't wait til Thursday!
  3. juneboy44

    S16.E38: Live Eviction #14 / HoH Comp #15

    Frankie? That speech you gave was atrocious, sickening but most of all delusional. All your followers must be so proud of you! Why does Victoria get dressed up like she's going to prom? It was cute the first time, not anymore. Poor Caleb, so hot but so dumb.
  4. juneboy44

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Who the hell puts their passport and green card in a storage unit? That made no sense to me at all! And the lady with no insurance with the hideous hair? I couldn't focus on the case because I was entranced with the birds nest that was on top of her head! And don't get me started on homeless dude! What an idiot! Shut up, stop whining and get a job! He's lucky child protective services wasn't called on him.
  5. juneboy44

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    So glad my show is back. Loved the parking case. The plaintiff was a liar! I didn't understand why after being threatened by the defendant that her car would be damaged that she ignored that threat and went in to the fair! Wouldn't a normal person move their car or at least call the police? So glad Judy dismissed her case! Very satisfying!
  6. juneboy44

    Tennis Thread

    Is it me or are these tv commentators kinda rude and mean spirited? From Johnny Mac to Pam Shriver and now chris ever-t was joining in on the rudeness last night. I mean I'm not complaining...I'm used it to after all these years. I just hope New viewers aren't offended.
  7. juneboy44

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Omg! I was flipping channels and came upon the hottie loser 22 year old with two kids who lives with his relatives and pays no child support. All I caught was that he had sold some stuff online from baby mamma no. 2 but had no proof. Anyway I was so mesmerized by his face, muscles and tattoos. Yummy! Can someone give me a recap? Is it wrong that I want to be baby mamma no. 3 for this loser? :)
  8. juneboy44

    David Tutera's CELEBration

    Best part of the Lil Kim episode was at the beginning when she first called him and David said "that's Lil kim?" LOL Anyone notice that her upper lip/mouth doesn't move anymore? Way too much botox and plastic surgery..just my opinion.
  9. juneboy44

    Towanda: Original Secret Squirrel

    I think the frustration that Towanda is feeling is that every other sister has something going on except her. Toni is on Broadway and doing music; Tamar is doing music and has her own show and talk show; Traci is on another reality show and is doing that radio show; and Trina is recording an album. Towanda doesn't have anything, at least from what has been shown, going on which can make her feel worthless. I do agree however that her reaction at Tamar's party was not necessary.
  10. juneboy44

    S03.E10: Blake & Kiersten

    I hope Kendra watches this episode and realizes how much of a horrible person she came off as being. Selfish? Check. Ignorant? Check. No realization that your actions have consequences and can affect people negatively? Check. Horrible dresser? Check. I just didn't get her anger as well. Telling max to shut up? She's lucky he didn't go off on her and cut the whole interview! She's lucky it wasn't me in his place because the producers would've had to hold me back! And then there's Blake. Hot dude trolling online like this and so desperate that he fell for her two fake profiles? I have no words! Oh yeah I do: call ME Blake! Lol!
  11. juneboy44

    S02.E01: Heads Will Roll

    So after all the complaints about the stupidity and ridiculousness of season 1 the producers decided not to change a thing! Why was Linda's hair different? Where has this science teacher been hiding since the past year? And the uncle too? And my big question: why at the beginning when Barbie was in the car with Linda and everyone else did no one think to remove his handcuffs? I mean ignoring the fact that Barbie was about to be hanged without the benefit of a trial and is presumed innocent until proven guilty it made no sense for him to still be in handcuffs! The only reason I watch this show is to look at hot Barbie (yummy!) And snark!
  12. juneboy44

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I just didn't get the tattooed deadbeat dad case. Firstly two women slept with him on multiple occasions? I couldn't get past his hideous beard. And he has 2 kids in America and 2 in Mexico and goes to college and grows marijuana? No wonder he doesn't work because he doesn't have any free time! So am I to assume that I am not only supporting his children but also paying for his education? All at the age of 35? And poor mom looked like she had no problems at all with his abhorrent behavior! And just to add: drawing a Christmas tree on the wall on someone else's property and not cleaning up is considered filth in my mind!
  13. juneboy44

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Toaster strudel: Willie has the car! I just don't know his last name, his address nor his phone number! So when you find him, you can get the car okay?
  14. juneboy44

    S00.E00: Judge Judy Primetime (Special)

    Shame on cbs for reusing old footage from the DVD for this special! Although it made me want to go and watch my copies again! EBay of pigs is a classic! "On your best day you are not as smart as I am on my worst day." How I love you judge Judy! Loved her telling the idiot "bang your head on the table!" Lmao! When will people stop saying that they followed a lunatic driver and got out of their cars to get their license plate number? It never works and belies credulity! And it is just plain stupid!
  15. juneboy44

    S00.E00: Judge Judy Primetime (Special)

    I just hope that they show a worthwhile case. And not some stupid boring case. Are we getting an interview with her?