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  1. Thanks! Glad it wasn't just me that was confused. I guess we'll have to wait until that's cleared up in (likely) trial.
  2. Yes, she was pregnant with MarYella. The downloads happened in May 2019, and MarYella was born in November 2019. * Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but he doesn't have 2 charges beacuse there were 2 files, correct? He has one charge of receipt of CP, and one charge of posession of CP. Those charges cover all the videos and images that were shared via P2P on those specific dates. I think I remember reading that they also found over 200 recently deleted photos on his computer, that weren't part of what was being downloaded that day, so they must have been there before those specifi
  3. It's on the church's facebook page. This is Nurie & Nathan's church in FL https://www.facebook.com/Faith-Baptist-Church-364680196947750/ They are in the video from this morning. The Rod secion starts just after 13 minutes (beware screeching violin). The pastor giving the name away starts about 5 minutes in.
  4. Later in that same video, you can see Jill limping up to play piano. When she goes to leave after her playing is done, you can see what looks like a big bruise on her shoulder. She must have fallen down or something.
  5. Jill's first comment wasn't terrible in regards to being bitchy. Just stated her (terrible) opinion, but wasn't rude to Shoshanna. It was just the PS that was bitchy. I think the PS is what got both posts removed.
  6. The latest episode is based on the 1985 Martin Scorsese film After Hours, which follows Griffin Dunne trying to make his way home in NYC at night after losing his last $20.
  7. That was a picture from Nurie's first courtship (or possible courtship) before Nathan. The guy brought Nurie a bunch of presents that were purple. The gum was just one of those items.
  8. Didn't Jill and Amy supposedly attend some of the first court appearances? I wouldn't be surprised if some of the siblings attend, especially the older girls. Or maybe Jill & Amy on their own, and then someone else to represent the family that is still under JB's authority.
  9. First slide I was thinking, hmm, not sure what's wrong with jeans, then by the second slide, OMG! What is the point of those. Just put the kid in shorts. Those pants are bonkers on a baby (or anyone). I know ripped jeans are a thing again, but there should be more pant to hole ratio. The holes should not dominate.
  10. Yep. The grandson of the pastor of the church they visited. On their trip out to pizza with the family, they only showed that (Kaylee) went with them. No other of their kids were shows. That just adds to the rumor! They were home in Ohio at least by Aug 14th. As pointed out above, the posts are now over 2 weeks behind. They visited the church in Mississippi on Aug 11.
  11. Aug 21. So 2 days shy of a year. 🙂 (I had my spreadsheet open already) 😁
  12. Delightful! What a great show. I'm going to re-watch it all at once now.
  13. Pic 3 is so douchey. And the 2 guys on the right look like their heads were photoshopped on.
  14. All she said when the announcement was made was that she was due in Fall 2021. So we could be waiting anywhere from 2-5 more months. They announced on April 23, and already knew it was a girl, so someone can maybe figure out how far along she would have had to have been at that point, and do the math from there.
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