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  1. christine falls

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Not to defend Jill, but YT disabled comments on all videos/vlogs that feature minors. It wasn't Jill turning them off. I think their house is ok for what they could afford, as a starter home. And I'm no great housekeeper either. My house isn't really dirty, just a bit cluttered. But you can be sure that if I was doing a video house tour, I would have straightened it up before hand, or kept certain areas out of the video, like the laundry room. Just say what's behind the door. We can all imagine what a laundry room looks like. I agree with others, if they boys are gonna share, give them a bigger room, with room to play. Or make the "guest room" Sam or Izzy's room and put the blow up mattress out only when a guest is staying over. With proper bedding. Izzy could nap in his own bed if he had his own room. He should be ready for a bigger bed by now surely!
  2. Jamie is The King of Men. JillR would not know what to do with him.
  3. christine falls

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I hope Dillwad isn't that crooked though...
  4. christine falls

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I wonder if Jilly would still have included that Kama Sutra book in her photo if she had any idea what the real Kama Sutra was. Nothing wrong with it of course, and I would not be surprised at her posting the intimacy "games" or whatever, but the Kama Sutra is just so odd coming from them, which makes me think Jill didn't realize what that title implied, just thinking this was some sort of cute little mild intimacy book.
  5. christine falls

    The Other Duggars: The Howlers, Lost Girls, Grandma Duggar and Amy

    What gets me is there's all this talk about getting her new body in heaven, and meeting her savior (or whatever), and seeing baby Asa, and not getting to meet all the new great-grandbabies on the way, but nothing about her being reunited with her husband. They really didn't like Grandpa Duggar did they? Sad.
  6. christine falls

    S02.E18: This Life We Choose [Season Finale]

    I hope Angle and Peter are making at least as much as Rob, or more, considering they led the series off, and are going into their 3rd season. Angela and Peter are both listed as Executive Producers on the show.
  7. christine falls

    S02. E15. Ocean's 9-1-1

    Great episode. I figured the ladder guy was probably involved when they had his mid-episode scene. I'm sure they're not going to lock Bobby away, or they won't have a show, so there must be more to his story. And I guess Athena doesn't know what he feels his role was, or she wouldn't have asked for an explanation.
  8. christine falls

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    The jumpsuit DOES look like a prison outfit. I thought Jill was an extra on OITNB. The top half of the purple dress looks like a bridesmaid dress, and the bottom half looks like an Amish or FLDS dress. The dress might be cuter if it was knee length. The billowy bottom half does it no favors.
  9. christine falls

    Season 8 Discussion

    I'm thankful for all of you for re-capping these episodes, because like some mentioned, they are getting insufferable. I come here to get the recap and then delete the episode from my DVR. Wedding dress shopping and over the top engagements are all the same. I'll wait to watch until it's an episode that doesn't revolve around a wedding, engagement or courtship. I know I might be waiting a while ;)
  10. christine falls

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I predict Jinger will have baby #2 pretty quickly, but then wait a while for baby #3.
  11. christine falls

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Jeans under a skirt looks dumb. Just let them wear jeans! A skirt over them doesn't really add extra warmth, and just looks silly. Or if they are going to insist on skirts with something underneath all year long, get warmer leggings for the colder months. I have some fleece lined ones I wear under dresses/skirts in the winter.
  12. The carpet just looks weirdly patterned to me. I don't see massive filth. A couple bits of debris maybe.
  13. christine falls

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    If they were teasing John David of being a Bachelor til the Rapture, it makes me wonder if they tease Jana. I truly hope not, but wouldn't put it past them. Especially Jill.
  14. christine falls

    Cast in Other Roles

    Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs. S) is in the 4th season of Outlander as Jamie's Aunt Jocasta.
  15. christine falls

    S02.E08: Buck Actually

    Don't forget The Cure reference too. :) I loved the older couple, but such a sad ending. At least they went (almost) together. I'm always here for Peter Krause dancing awkwardly. He's the best at white dad-dancing.