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  1. They could have gone to town on samples of the Amish beef jerky!
  2. Reading Terminal Market is really cool. Our kid goes to school in Philly, that's the first place we go whenever we get into town.
  3. If Colt can't afford a car with A/C, how on earth can he handle the financial side of the K-1 Visa? Same with breakfast burrito Eric.
  4. The real question is whether Eric can afford the financial aspects of the K-1 visa. Or perhaps his ex-wife can co-sign...
  5. Oh I remember, their place was crazy small. But I'm guessing they would figure something out before they let her sleep on the street.
  6. I'm thinking Hazel, her parents, her cousin & baby daddy are all living it up in the fancy new apartment that Tarik just threw down for! Were her parents really going to let her be homeless?
  7. Hazel has to win some sort of award for "the least enthusiastic declaration of love" in human history! Producer: Do you really love Tarik? Hazel: pauses & thinks then quietly whimpers "yes"
  8. If you throw shoes at me, I'll never be a fodder to your kids...
  9. Seeing her family apartment was eye-opening. No wonder she's looking for any way out possible. I hope she finds what she's looking for.
  10. I literally LOLed at the following last night: Pole wisely asks (more or less); do you think our relationship is ready to move along to having a baby already? She naively replies: yes, we'll focus on the baby and that will keep us from fighting and strengthen the relationship I'm guessing 100% of parents laughed at that one as well!
  11. I'm thinking maybe "Melissa" is a part of catfishing ring. They use her pics and gifs, and somebody else does the chatting. They can trot her out as needed when a new $ucker comes into town.
  12. I love how she marrying an American man for the money, while he's all but taking a Greyhound bus to Manila. Poor sucker probably drained his 401(k) just to get over there.
  13. All I can say is thank god for the fast forward button my DVR! This stuff is getting just plain unwatchable. Each episode seems more and more producer driven than the last.
  14. I believe that gold buyer is essentially paying them a "deposit" on the gold. He then will melt it down and pay them the balance of whatever is left after the imputirities are melted (smelted?) out. Win-win, they get cash up front and the buyer doesn't have to worry about gold sellers owing him any money back if their gold is impure.
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